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2021-8-10 Sons of God, Fallen Angels, Book of Enoch & the Nephilim: What do you think of the view of the fallen angels having children with women? [Genesis 6].
2021-8-10 Changing Family Location & Relationships: How can I balance what my wife and family wants in changing locations & jobs?
2021-8-10 Returning to Faith: Can someone who leaves the faith, ever come back to faith? [Hebrews 6:4-6, James 5:20, Luke 1:37].
2021-8-10 About Lileth: Could you tell me about Lileth? [Isaiah 34:14].
2021-8-10 Adding to the Bible in the Future: Do you think there will ever be any upgrading (or adding to) the Bible in the future?
2021-8-10 Baptism in Unusual Circumstances: Caller shares the story of the baptism of her unconscious mother, and suggests that one could baptize oneself if necessary.
2021-8-10 Attaching Evil to Inanimate Objects: Can someone attach evil, or curses, to an inanimate object, such as a Bible? [James 4:7].
2021-8-10 Bible Providing all Information that is Needed: Caller comments on the need for people to trust the Bible for whatever information they need. [Ephesians 4:4].
2021-8-10 Most Read Translation of the Bible: What Bible translation is the most read?
2021-8-09 Forgiveness: How does one forgive a Catholic and pastor who doesn't teach people that they are sinners and need salvation?
2021-8-09 Calvinism-God Doesn't Love Everyone: How does one reconcile verses that seem to indicate that God doesn't love everyone, and yet there are others like John 3:16, that indicate that He does? [Psalm 5:5, John 3:16, Romans 5:8, Proverbs 6:16-19, Ezekiel 33:11, Romans 9:13, 2 Peter 3:9, John 15:13, I John 3:15].
2021-8-09 Chronology of the Writing of the Gospels: What order were the gospels written in, and did the later gospel writers get some of their information from the earlier?
2021-8-09 History of Water Baptism: When did the practice of water baptism begin? Where did John the Baptists get that idea? [John 3:26].
2021-8-09 Ham's Sin (Noah's Son): The Bible doesn't say what Ham's (Noah's son) sin was specifically, but can you speak on that? [Genesis 9:24-25].
2021-8-09 The Word of Faith Movement: What do you think of the "Word of Faith" movement? Recommended Topical Lecture; Word of Faith (set of 4).
2021-8-09 God's Omniscience: If God is omniscient, would he not know who would choose Him (Caller thinks he disagrees with Steve). Recommended Topical Lecture; "God's Sovereignty and Man's Salvation."
2021-8-09 Three Views of Hell: Could you share the three views of hell? Recommended Topical Lecture; "Three views of Hell"
2021-8-06 Authorship of the Gospels: What do you think of the theory that the writers of the gospels were not the actual authors?
2021-8-06 Holy Spirit (Old vs New Testaments): Are Old Testament saints regenerated like the New Testaments saints are? Do we have the Holy Spirit the same way? [John 3:5 I John 4:13, I John 3:24, John 7:39, Romans 8:16, Acts 2:17, Joel 2:28].
2021-8-06 Hearing God's Voice: How does one hear from God? Recommended Topical Lecture; " Knowing God-Divine Guidance."
2021-8-06 Praying: Should I pray to all three persons of the Godhead (Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit)? [Philippians 4:6, John 16:26].
2021-8-06 Apostasy (Falling Away): If you can fall away, or have the Holy Spirit, doesn't that prove the predestination idea (of Calvinism)?
2021-8-06 Holy Spirit Departing because of Sin: Do you believe that because of your sin, the Holy Spirit will walk away? [Hebrews 6].
2021-8-06 Forgiveness & Repentance: Could you help me understand what is required to have forgiveness? [Luke 17, Matthew 18, Mark 11:25, 2 Corinthians 5:19].
2021-8-06 The Narrow Path App for your Phones: Caller shares his enthusiasm for the phone app for The Narrow Path.
2021-8-06 Authorship of the Gospel of John: Caller starts to defend his view that the Gospel of John was not written by John. Call incomplete.
2021-8-05 Purgatory: Caller corrects Steve about the reality of purgatory. [I Corinthians 3:11-17].
2021-8-05 Taking Vacations: What does God think about someone who would take a vacation? [I Timothy 6:17].
2021-8-05 "Sons of God" in Genesis: Caller makes a case for who the "Sons of God" were in Genesis 6?
2021-8-05 The "First Resurrection": Could you clarify what is meant by the "first resurrection" in Revelation 20? [Revelation 20:5, John 5:24-29].
2021-8-05 Paul-Did He Fall Away: Were you saying that Paul fell away from God yesterday?
2021-8-05 Alternate View of the Creation of Adam & Eve: Caller presents his view on the creation of mankind and Adam & Eve that is unusual.
2021-8-05 Cain & Abel: Who was Cain afraid of and who did Cain and Abel marry? [Genesis 4:25, Genesis 5, Genesis 3:20, Acts 17:26].
2021-8-05 Humans Created Before Adam & Eve: Caller agrees with Steve that there could be no creation of humans before Adam & Eve. [Genesis 1-2].
2021-8-05 God Sending the Damaged to Hell: How responsible will God hold someone who has had abuse and now has Alzheimer's?
2021-8-05 Sanctification & Maturation: Will we reach a point in our growth and maturity that we will be eventually be eternally secure-as in sanctification? [2 Peter 3:18, 2 Corinthians 3:18].
2021-8-05 Sealed with the Holy Spirit: How does "Eternal Security" work? Are you sealed instantly, or does it take place over time?
2021-8-04 King Saul in heaven?: Do you think that King Saul is in heaven or hell?
2021-8-04 Southern California Bible Study Fellowship: Caller offers and opportunity for others to join a Bible Study fellowship in Oakland Hills CA, with Steve Gregg lecture homework.
2021-8-04 Supporting Steve Gregg financially: Caller encourages listeners to give financial gifts to support Steve Gregg personally.
2021-8-04 Song of Solomon: Could you talk about the purpose of the Song of Songs (or Solomon)?
2021-8-04 Vaccine & Loving Your Neighbor: Caller shares her view that getting the vaccine is practicing "love your neighbor as yourself." [Mark 12:31].
2021-8-04 Called to Ministry: How does one know if they are being called into ministry?
2021-8-04 Enoch: What happened to Enoch?
2021-8-04 Sons of God & the Nephilim: What about the "Sons of God" and Nephilim? [Genesis 6].
2021-8-04 "Once Saved, Always Saved": What do you think of "Eternal Security" or "Once Saved, Always Saved"?
2021-8-04 Addictive Personalities: Do you think there really is such a thing as "addictive personalities"?
2021-8-04 Good Way to Evangelize: Do you have a good tract that teaches how to evangelize?
2021-8-04 Vaccines & Obeying Government: Regarding the vaccines, is it not correct to obey government officials? [Romans 13, Jeremiah 17:5, Psalm 2:1-2].
2021-8-04 Soul Sleep & Purgatory: Upon death, do people remain conscious or do they sleep (in light of the Catholic view of purgatory)? Ref: "Not by Faith Alone by Sungenis [2 Corinthians 5:8, Jude 1:7, Matthew 18:34].