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2016-3-30 Animals Vegetarian before the Fall: If animals before the Fall were vegetarians, why the claws & teeth of the lions, for example?
2016-3-30 Trinity: Caller has thoughts about the Trinity, resembling it to the family down here. Does Steve agree or disagree.
2016-3-30 Cyrus the Great: What is the Christian view on Cyrus the Great? Was he ultimately saved? [Isaiah 45:1]
2016-3-29 Unpardonable Sin: Is there an Unforgiveable sin that can't be forgiven, such as the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, because doesn't Jesus forgive all sin?
2016-3-29 Tithing for the Modern Era: Is tithing for the modern church today?
2016-3-29 Mosaic Law Severity & Jesus' Mercy: There seems to be a disparity between the severity of the penalties in Leviticus & the loving forgiveness of Jesus
2016-3-29 7 Spirits in Revelation: What are they 7 spirits that are found in Revelation, angels or what? [Isaiah 11:2] Revelation 1:4, Revelation 3:1, Revelation 4:5, Revelation 5:6]
2016-3-29 Giving Your First Born: What is the idea about the giving of your first child?
2016-3-29 Atheist on his Deathbed: A caller's friend is on his deathbed & doesn't believe in God, telling the caller that he needs to read the book, "The Tao of Physics", basically describing the Law of thermodynamics, all matter or energy is transferred.
2016-3-29 People Resurrected during Jesus' Resurrection or Death: What exactly happened here during the resurrection of all the people?
2016-3-29 Sword Contradiction Statements by Jesus: In one place in the Bible Jesus says that if live by the sword you'll die by the sword, but then later He tells His disciples to get a sword. Why the contradiction? [Matthew 26:52, Luke 22:31-38]
2016-3-28 Comforting a loved one with Diagnosis of Cancer: I have a relative who has just been diagnosed with cancer, & I was wondering how to comfort them.
2016-3-28 2 Angels & 2 Cherubs: Mary went saw 2 angels at the sepulcher, one at the head & feet, any correlation in one cherub at the head & feet of the mercy seat? [John 20:12, Exodus 25:19]
2016-3-28 Mary equal with God: Where does the Catholic church get their idea that Mary is equal with God?
2016-3-28 Priests Forgiving Sins: Where do they get the idea that the priest can forgive sins?
2016-3-28 Christians Needing or not Needing a Doctor: Are doctors really necessary for the Christian? Don't these verses indicate that we don't, that we will be healed? [James 5, Acts 20:9-10]
2016-3-28 Adulterers Stoned: Was there any sacrifice or peace offering you could give God in the Old Testament on laws that you break that required the death penalty such as adultery? [Leviticus 20:10]
2016-3-28 Abraham's Bosom: Can you please explain Abraham's Bosom? [Luke 16:18-31]
2016-3-25 The Angel of the Lord=The Holy Spirit: Is it referring to the Holy Spirit when it says, "THE" Angel of the Lord as opposed to an Angel of the Lord, which just means messenger?
2016-3-25 Holy Spirit Feminine: Is the Holy Spirit feminine? Where do they get that idea? Does it come from the "Wisdom" Scriptures where it talks about "he" & "she"? [1 Corinthians 1:30, Proverbs 8]
2016-3-25 Peter the First Pope: Is there any evidence from Bible or the Church Fathers that Peter was the first pope? [Matthew 16:18]
2016-3-25 Entire Sanctification: Is there anything in the Bible that talks about entire sanctification, that once we reach that level we will no longer sin?
2016-3-25 Kingdom of God Now or Later: Is the Kingdom of God right now or not until the future yet? Didn't it officially come into being right before the death of Christ on the cross, because during the Lord's Supper He said He wasn't going to take it, & even rejected it once on the cross, but right before He died, He accepted it, so was that establishing the Kingdom right then? [Matthew 26:29, Matthew 27:34, Matthew 27:48, Luke 22:15-16]
2016-3-25 "Perish by the Sword": It says in Matthew that those who use the sword will die by the sword, so what about people who are in the military? [Matthew 26:52]
2016-3-25 The Whole Battalion: Just how many soldiers were at the crucifixion of Christ? Did Jesus have to be deal with 600 soldiers? [Matthew 27:27]
2016-3-25 Wine or Grape Juice: Was the miracle Jesus performed of turning water into wine, was that only grape juice or real wine? [John 2:1-12]
2016-3-24 Half of program archived: (The first half of the show is an archived program)
2016-3-24 PBS Special on Noah's Ark: I was watching a PBS special on the Flood & Noah's Ark, & they said that it happened Epic of Gilgamesh which was written way before Genesis, so Moses just got it from that. Is that true?
2016-3-24 Paul & James' Gospel of Faith & Works: There seems to be contradiction in the conclusion of what actually saves us, Paul saying in Romans that it's completely by faith, but James says it's both Faith AND Works. So is it POSSIBLE that just like the Church Fathers had a lot of latitude in what they believed, is it possible that the apostles did too? [Romans 4:1-4, Romans 2, Romans 5:6, Romans 5:1, James 2:24]
2016-3-24 Sharing the Gospel with Mormons: I've been working with some Mormon missionaries, so what is your approach when talking to Mormons, & how to you talk to them on their level?
2016-3-23 God's Wrath in the OT: I don't understand the violence in the Old Testament, especially since God is a God of love. It almost seems like what's going on with ISIS? [Joshua]
2016-3-23 Bowing Down to People: Joseph's brothers bowing down to Joseph, or Nebuchadnezzar bowing down to Daniel, were those instances inappropriate, bowing down to them? [Genesis 42:6, Daniel 2:46]
2016-3-23 The Prince of Persia: The Prince of Persia in Zachariah are both referred to as men & angels, that it is interchangeable. So he thinks Isaiah & Ezekiel is talking about the devil, Satan, once being Lucifer. [Zachariah 1, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28]
2016-3-23 Jesus Coming back Contradictions: These 2 passages here about the second coming of Christ (so the caller believes) seems to be saying opposing things, & so can Steve explain the difference? [Mark 13, 2 Thessalonians 4]
2016-3-23 Angel of the Lord: Caller wants to discuss the Zechariah 1 discussion Steve just had & point out that it is apocalyptic language & that it was possibly a theophany/Christophany.
2016-3-23 Authority over Angels: Do we have authority over Angels?
2016-3-22 Doctrinal Disagreements of Moral Significance: I was listening to your lectures on "strategy for unity" & was wondering what you thought about disagreeing with doctrinal disagreements of moral implications? What about war, divorce & remarriage, forcible resistance, heresy, & false prophets? [Romans 14]
2016-3-22 Women Pastors: Does God allow women to be in pastoral positions?
2016-3-22 Catholic Eucharist: I was invited by a Catholic to partake in a Catholic Communion. But the problem was, they said I had to go to confession first. Should I participate?
2016-3-22 Frequency of the Lord's Supper: How often should churches do Communion anyway? Ours only does it once a month.
2016-3-22 "Let US Make Man": Why does God use plural in Genesis when He was about to create man? Was He talking to the angels? To the animals? [Genesis 1:26]
2016-3-22 Catholic Communion: Caller who just called about communion calls back & wants to talk about the Transubstantiation of communion in the Catholic church, the bread & wine turning into the body & blood of Jesus' body. [John 6]
2016-3-22 Taking the Lord's Name in Vain: What does it mean to take the Lord's name in vain?
2016-3-22 Socialism & Capitalism: Caller would like a biblical perspective when it comes to Socialism & Capitalism.
2016-3-21 Faith & Works: "Faith without works is dead", so what are some of the kinds of works are we supposed to do in order to be exhibiting that we are Christians? [James 2:14-25, Galatians 5:6]
2016-3-21 Christian but Gay: Can you still be a gay Christian & go to heaven?
2016-3-21 JW's & the 144,000: Is it true that Jehovah's Witnesses believe only 144,000 will make it to heaven?
2016-3-21 The Light of the Body: Jesus was talking about the eye being the lamp of the body, was He talking about the Aura? [Matthew 6:22, Proverbs 30:17, Matthew 20:1-16, Mark 7, Proverbs 23:6, Proverbs 22:9, Proverbs 28:2]
2016-3-21 Hell-Annihilationism: Caller has been studying about the 3 views of Hell, & is coming to the conclusion of Annihilationism, would like Steve's take on that view of Hell.
2016-3-21 Not being Confused: Comment about not being confused.