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2017-3-07 Soon, the Time is at Hand: Seal up the book of Daniel because it pertains to the time of the end , Revelation, the time is now at hand, but was soon & time is at hand referring to soon in the beginning of the Book, but not the last part of the book?
2017-3-07 Eternal Life: What will we be doing in eternity, & what will it be like?
2017-3-07 Calendar Change: I've heard that BCE & CE is in place of A.D. & B.C., what's up w/ that?
2017-3-07 Jesus Coming up with a New Commandment: Why did Jesus come up w/ this "new" commandment about loving your neighbour as yourself? [Matthew 22:39, John 13:34, Romans 12:10, Philippians 2:1]
2017-3-07 Being Assertive & not Being a Doormat: Is there a place in the Bible where it talks about it's okay to be assertive, not being a Doormat.
2017-3-07 Bridling Your Tongue, No Anger & having a Perfect Religion: What is James saying when he's talking about bridling your tongue, not having anger, & having pure religion? Is he coupling all that together? [James 1]
2017-3-07 Aborted Babies: What about babies who are aborted?
2017-3-07 Our Days being Numbered: Can you tell me some verses about God knowing how many days exactly we have? [Psalms 139:16]
2017-3-07 Two Gods: Caller thinks there are 2 Gods, in reference to the Trinity.
2017-3-07 Loving our Fellow Man: Caller think this verse is a good verse about loving your fellow man. [Isaiah 55:8-9]
2017-3-06 Calvinism: Calvinism & being drawn by God. [John 6:65, Romans 9]
2017-3-06 2 Natures of Christ: 2 natures of Christ, Him being fully Man & fully God, how can they co-mingle?
2017-3-06 Christ's Omnipresence: Was Christ omnipresent while He was here earth?
2017-3-06 Calvinism, Predestination & Election: Calvinism, the chosen, the elect, a category of people or individuals? [2thess 2:13, 1thess 1:4-5]
2017-3-06 Seed of Men: What is the meaning of "seed of men" [Daniel 2:42-44]
2017-3-06 Trinity: (followup) Trinity discussion
2017-3-03 Kingdom is Yet to Come - Part II: Disagreement about eschatological events about the immediacy of them.[Matthew 16:28, Acts 9] (Last call of previous show)
2017-3-03 Blue Letter Bible Website: Blue Letter Bible Website Endorsement.
2017-3-03 Slapping on the right cheek: Slapping on the right cheek. [Matthew 5:39]
2017-3-03 Two Witnesses of Revelation: Can you explain the 2 witnesses of revelation 11? [Revelation 11]
2017-3-03 Turning Over the Tables of the Money Changers: During the moneychangers turning of tables, did Jesus exhibit physical violence?
2017-3-03 Forgiveness Towards the Devil: Should we forgive the devil? What about being angry at the devil?
2017-3-03 Forever Not Meaning Forever: the word forever not being "forever" & the land of israel, conditional promises, Jerusalem no longer the center of the world/worship
2017-3-03 Calvinism Faith & God's Will: Calvinism discussion, God being the one who grants faith, does He give more faith than others, God's will vs our will
2017-3-03 Remembering Loved Ones who didn't make it: Will we be grieved on the other side of glory for people who didn't make it?
2017-3-02 The Shack, Movie & Book: Discussion about "the shack", the movie & the book, it deviating from the Bible, does the end justify the means?
2017-3-02 Not Seeing Death Til These Things Happen: This generation not seeing death until He came back, what did Jesus mean here? [Matthew 16:28]
2017-3-02 One Taken, One Left: One taken & one left scenario, what did He mean here? [Matthew 24:40-42]
2017-3-02 Dispensationalists Before 1948: What did Dispensationalists do with themselves before Israel officially became a nation in 1948?
2017-3-02 Speaking in Tongues: Speaking in Tongues (carries on after the break).
2017-3-02 Eternal Security: Can you really lose your salvation? Isn't it once saved, always saved?
2017-3-02 Jesus as Michael the Archangel: Is Jesus Christ michael the archangel or not?
2017-3-02 Kingdom is Yet to Come: Disagreement w/ answer to caller #2 re: dispensationalist [Matthew 16:28, Acts 9]
2017-3-01 Steve Gregg & the Post Office: Steve shares an interesting experience he recently had at the post office.
2017-3-01 Uniformity in Doctrines: Is uniformity of thought critical in certain doctrines regardless of scripture, as in Romans 14? [Romans 14, Matthew 28:20]
2017-3-01 Ordaining Elders: How & who should people become elders?
2017-3-01 Evangelizing Your Own Family: How do you evangelize your own family? [Matthew 10:14]
2017-3-01 Prophets without Honor in Their Own Country: Prophets not respected in their own country, why did Jesus say that? [Mark 6:4-6]
2017-3-01 Spirit of Elijah being Fulfilled in John the Baptist: The spirit of Elijah coming, being fulfilled by john the Baptist, but dispensationalists don't REALLY believe it was fulfilled. [Malachi 4]
2017-3-01 Elders only Men: Elders should ONLY be male, right?
2017-2-27 Loving God & your Fellow man, & loving Self: loving God w/ your whole heart, mind & soul & loving others, self-love?
2017-2-27 Adam & Eve: what happened to Adam & Eve? Did they repent?
2017-2-27 Mormonism: What do you think of Mormons?
2017-2-27 Soul & Spirit & Death: What's the difference between the soul & the spirit? What happens after you die?
2017-2-27 Not Liking Your Pastor: Aren't there places in scripture where it says to support your pastor instead of making a scene? Can't someone go somewhere else if they don't like him? there are so many options nowadays if they don't like him
2017-2-27 Doctrine of Imminency: How come so many people don't want to talk about the Doctrine of Imminency?
2017-2-27 Golden Rule: Self-love, & love for your neighbor (agape), & in john 13, & is this only to be given to believers or everyone? (follow up to a call he heard earlier.)
2017-2-27 People liking to be Heard: Hypocrites liking to be heard, that verse is confusing to me. [Matthew 6:5]
2017-2-24 Israel's & Judah's Split: When was there a split w/ Israel & Judah?
2017-2-24 Sinner's Prayer: Just saying the sinner's prayer some think you're automatically in, & caller suggested you weren't, & one person told me there are carnal Christians. [1 Corinthians 3]