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2019-3-15 Heaven & Judgment: Isn't it going to be a bittersweet experience when we go to heaven, because of the judgement?
2019-3-15 God as 2 Persons: Does scripture seem to indicate that there are two different entities; the King of Israel & His Redeemer, the first & the last [Isaiah 43:1, 44:6]?
2019-3-15 Hebrew Roots: The Hebrew Roots movement and the Melchizedekian Doctrine.
2019-3-15 Forgiveness & Unforgiveness: If you don't tell someone that you forgive them before they die, are you lost? What is forgiveness and reconciliation for? [Mark 11:25].
2019-3-15 7th Day Adventists: As a former 7th Day Adventist, I have watched your debate with Doug Batchelor, and your lectures and want to share with my family, but there is so much material, and so much to tackle, where would you suggest I start? Comments about the World-Wide Church of God and its changes and relationship to the Hebrew Roots movements.
2019-3-15 Unbelievers after death: What happens to an unbeliever immediately after death? Since they are not in the lake of fire until the judgment, where are they now? [Luke 16:19]. Distinction made between Hades and the lake of fire.
2019-3-15 The Wall in New Jerusalem: What purpose does the wall serve in the New Jerusalem [Revelation 21, Isaiah 60, Zechariah 2:5, Ephesians 2]? Discussion of the symbolism of the walls equaling security.
2019-3-14 Radio Directives: friendly reminder of normal radio call-in procedures
2019-3-14 Demon: Are demons afraid to be sent into non-existence (or the depth)? [Luke 8:30-33].
2019-3-14 Healthy Churches: What would you suggest to help keep a ministry strong and healthy? Can you share your observations and what to watch out for?
2019-3-14 Charging Interest on Loans: What are your thoughts about Christians charging interest on loaned money?
2019-3-14 Doctors & Medical Insurance: Do you think it is a compromise in your Christian faith if you go to doctors or carry health insurance?
2019-3-14 Jesus before age 30: What was Jesus doing the first 30 years before His ministry started?
2019-3-14 Jesus the Son of God: How do I understand the relationship or overlap of the Father and Son, and how His omnipresence and omniscience worked?
2019-3-14 Catholic Christian: Is the Catholic church a Christian church? Have you ever heard of Alpha course?
2019-3-14 Church Fathers: What are good sources for reading the church fathers?
2019-3-14 Crucifixion Discrepancies: How do you resolve the apparent discrepancies regarding the time of the crucifixion of Jesus? [Mark 15:25, John 19:14].
2019-3-14 Writing of Revelation date evidence: Is there evidence that Revelation was written after 70 AD?
2019-3-14 Baptism: Should I be re-baptized, if I was baptized before?
2019-3-14 Holy Spirit: How do I become baptized with the Holy Spirit?
2019-3-14 Salvation: How do I know if I am saved?
2019-3-13 John 2 Why is there so much repetition in John's writing [I John 2:12-14]?
2019-3-13 Living Together, Unmarried: What would you say about a committed Christian couple who live together, but decided to remain unmarried for the financial benefits?
2019-3-13 Exodus: During the exodus, the people were limited to manna and quail, why didn’t they eat their livestock and not just sacrifice it?
2019-3-13 Weak Christianity in America: Caller position is that many mainstream preachers don’t teach very solid material, and that American Christians need to speak out about some of the about the church's objectionable political changes.
2019-3-13 Timeline-Decrees: Can you clarify the timeline regarding the rebuilding of the temple, Artaxerxes and Zerubbabel. and the decrees? [Ezra 4, Nehemiah 2].
2019-3-13 Eternity: How does one understand; Christ as the image of the invisible God, and Jesus as "The Word" from the beginning? [Colossians 1:15, John 1:1].
2019-3-13 Israel-God's People: Who are God's people? Isn't Paul saying that God's people are identified as national Israel? [Romans 11:1, 28, 8:29, 9:27, Chapters 9-11].
2019-3-12 Omniscience: Does God choose not to know everything? How does this fit in with "openness theology"
2019-3-12 Strange Behaviors in Church: What do you think about all the strange behaviors taking place in the church in some circles (speakers that were “stoned with the Holy Spirit”, acting drunken, “tokin’ the ghost”, or giving “healing hugs”).
2019-3-12 When good kids die young: If honoring one's father and mother suggests a promise of long life, why do some good children die young? [Zephaniah 6:1-3, Ephesians 6].
2019-3-12 Mark of the Beast: Could the "mark of the beast" really be referring to an image on a coin due to mistranslation?
2019-3-12 Omniscience: Does God know every outcome, yet still allows for free will?
2019-3-12 Sabbath keeping: Is it okay to keep the Sabbath and the festivals, if you want to? [Romans 14:5].
2019-3-12 The Narrow Path Why is it a "narrow path"? Why is it taking so long for people to find Christ? Is it because the path is so narrow? [Matthew 7:13].
2019-3-12 Commitment to Christ: Should we understand that praying the sinner’s prayer is like taking an oath of committing oneself for a future endeavor, like the military?
2019-3-12 Hell-Annihilation: Does scripture really allow for the view of hell called "annihilation"?
2019-3-11 Foot Washing: Why is foot washing not practiced in the United States since it is clearly demonstrated in the Bible? [John 13:14-15].
2019-3-11 Two Ages in the Bible? What is Don Preston's (a full-preterist) view of the resurrection? Are there only two ages? [Acts 2:7-9] neither marry or given in marriage/ Luke 20:34
2019-3-11 Foot Washing: Regarding foot washing, was there some more symbolic connection to the priest washings?
2019-3-11 Catholic traditions: So you think that some of the traditions in the Catholic Church seem to be bordering on idolatry?
2019-3-11 Scripture relevancy to today: Why do we think some scripture applies to us, when it was written to specific ancient people [Zephaniah 3:17]? Old Testament verses identified in the New Testament, as applying to us now. How to distinguish ones applicable to us today? [2 Corinthians 1:20].
2019-3-11 Seven Churches (Revelation): Are the seven churches in Revelation, equal to "seven ages" many have been taught? [Revelation 1:11].
2019-3-11 Incest: Didn't Adam & Eve's children have incestuous relationships?
2019-3-11 Polygamy: Where does the Bible indicate that we should not practice polygamy? [Ephesians 5:22-32, Matthew 19].
2019-3-08 Heaven or New Earth: Where will believers end up living, ultimately? Will it be in heaven or on the new earth? [Psalm 2, Matthew 5:5] Do believers ever get to go to heaven? What does "absent from the body, present with the Lord" refer to? [II Corinthians 5:8, Philippians 1, I Thessalonians 4:14}.
2019-3-08 Is God in Control?: Is God really in control, or has He given control to man? Is He protecting His people? [Psalm 91:11, Psalm 34:7].
2019-3-08 Revelation-3.5 years: Would you help clarify the timeline in Revelation relative to the 70th week of Daniel [Daniel 9] and the 3.5 years in Revelation?
2019-3-08 Adam & Eve: Were Adam & Eve the only people on the planet when they were created? Where did the children get their spouses? [Genesis 5:4]
2019-3-08 Temptation: Is it true that God will always deliver people from their temptations [I Corinthians 10:13]?