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2020-2-07 After the Victory, Why the Fight Continues: Would you clarify your thoughts on the victory of David in Isaiah, but the necessary "mopping up" that follows?
2020-2-07 Mental Illness & Medications: Caller shares her story and stands in agreement with Steve about directing a previous caller to consider spiritual causes for his angry teen.
2020-2-07 Only Begotten Son & Name of Jesus: Would you explain what is meant by believing on "the name of Jesus" and the "only begotten son"? [John 1:12, 3:16-18, Acts 16:31, Ex 34:5f].
2020-2-06 No Marriage License: Is it possible that some friends who have been together and have kids are married even though they don't have a marriage certificate? They do not profess to be Christians. What do you think I should share w/ them?
2020-2-06 Sex Before Marriage: Where in the Bible does it say that sex before marriage, is a sin? [Malachi 2, Luke 8:21, Matthew 12:50, Mark 3:35, Exodus 22:16, Deuteronomy 22:13-30].
2020-2-06 No Man Comes to the Father Except Through Christ: Scripture plainly indicates that people are saved only through Christ, so what about those who have not heard of Christ? [John 14, 2 Peter 3:18, TItus 2:14].
2020-2-06 Not Forcing Our Faith on Others: How should we balance not forcing our faith on others and fulfilling the commission to go and teach everything that Jesus commanded? [John 6:44].
2020-2-06 God's Domain & the Extraterrestrial Beings: Is God transcendant and apart from the heavens? Is God possibly from another planet? {Genesis 1:1, Luke 17:21, John 15:19, 17:16, Philippians 3, I Peter 2, 2 Corinthians 5, Daniel 2, ].
2020-2-06 Bible Study Suggestion: What Bible books would you recommend we go to next after we just finished the epistles of John?
2020-2-06 No One in Heaven Yet: Is John 14 actually telling us that no one is in heaven yet? [John 14:2, 16, 23, 16:7, Hebrews 3:6].
2020-2-06 Creation Story About Only our Planet Earth: Do you think that Genesis is not really about the beginning of all things, but really about just our planet? [Genesis 1:1, 16].
2020-2-06 Christian Suicide: How should we council and think about Christians who are contemplating suicide? [Galatians 5:16, 6:2, I Corinthians 12:21].
2020-2-05 Financial Management-Descriptive or Prescriptive: Do you think that some of the financial references in scripture is more descriptive, rather than prescriptive, particularly because of special depressed circumstance? [Acts 11].
2020-2-05 Giving & Stewardship: Could you talk about the gift of giving, and how the early church dealt with their finances, giving, and communal living and care for one another? [Acts 2:44, 4:34, 5:4, 11, 2 Corinthians 8:15, Exodus 16:18].
2020-2-05 Double Fulfillment of Prophecy: What do you say to the suggestion that some of the prophetic passages paralleled in Mark & Matthew, are going to be fulfilled again (double fulfillment)? [Mark 13, Matthew 24].
2020-2-05 Loving Food: Is loving food a "sinful desire of the flesh"? [I Peter 2:11].
2020-2-05 Preincarnate Jesus-The Word: Isn't the Eternal Word not really the Son until He was born in Bethleham? [John 1:1].
2020-2-05 Trinity: Is it not easy to believe that the Holy Spirit is actually just the spirit of God rather than a separate person? [John 14].
2020-2-05 The Day of the Lord: Is is reasonable to parallel this passage in Zechariah to "The Day of the Lord"? [Zechariah 14:1-2, Joel 2, Malachi 4]
2020-2-05 Condemnation of the Heart: Should my heart be condemning me? Is there a difference between being convicted and being condemned [I John 2:1, 1:9, 3:20f, Hebrew 9:13-14].
2020-2-05 Trinity Doctrine Mistaken: Isn't the spirit of truth, simply the spirit of Jesus, rather than another person? [John 14:6, 15-18, 15:1-10, 7:17, Colossians 1:27, I John 2:1].
2020-2-05 Transgenderism: If transgender people have always been drawn to the interests of the opposite sex from childhood, did God make a mistake?
2020-2-04 Prophecy in Psalms: What do you think about the prophecy in Psalms? When David describes crucifixion, is he speaking of himself? [Psalm 22, 2 Samuel 7:12-16, Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:25, 2:15, Luke 24:44-45, Hosea 11:1].
2020-2-04 Selah: What does Selah mean? [Psalm, Habakkuk 3].
2020-2-04 Baptized with the Holy Spirit: When a believer is baptized with the Holy Spirit, is it a different spirit, or is it simply getting in touch with the Holy Spirit one already has inside? [Romans 8:16, John 7:37-39, Acts 1:8, 2:4].
2020-2-04 Appointed for Eternal Life: What does it mean to be "appointed for eternal life"? [Acts 13:46-48, I Corinthians 16:15].
2020-2-04 Dating something B.C.E. & C.E.: What does B.C.E. and C.E. mean?
2020-2-04 Woman Taken in Adultery: Would you talk about the story of the woman taken in adultery in John 8 and the question of it being possibly added later? [John 8:1-12, Luke 23].
2020-2-04 All Jews Saved: Could you explain why the Bible says that all Jews will be saved? [Romans 9:6, 27, 11:17-26, Jeremiah 11:16, 23:5-6]
2020-2-04 The Holy Spirit as Third Person: Is it not more reasonable to think that the Holy Spirit is simply the spirit of Jesus in the believer, rather than thinking of it as some magical event that is a separate event with a third being? [John 10:18, 14:15,19, 20:22, Galatians 1, 4:6, Genesis 2;7, I Peter 3, Romans 8:9f, 2 Corinthians 3:17].
2020-2-03 Prayers Offered for Us by the Saints: Do you think that the Catholics view about saints offering our prayers for us is justified by scripture? [Revelation 5:8, 8:3-4].
2020-2-03 Secrets Only Given to the Disciples: Why would Jesus only reveal His message of salvation to only a select few? Does He not want all to be saved? [Matthew 13:11f, 23:37, 16:24, 10:28-30, 7:6, Isaiah 6, Luke 13:34, 19:41-44, Mark 4:34, John 6:44, 12:32, Matthew].
2020-2-03 Curse Under the Law: Can I tie scripture in Galatians 3 to Deuteronomy 28 regarding the curse of the Law? [Galatians 3:10-14f, 4:13, Deuteronomy 28:15].
2020-2-03 God a Spirit: Is God a spirit? [John 4:24].
2020-2-03 No Has Ascended into Heaven: Would you explain the verse about "no one has ascended into heaven" except Jesus? [John 3:13, Proverbs 30:1-4, Philippians 1, 2 Corinthians 5, Revelation 6,20].
2020-2-03 Shroud of Turin: Wasn't the burial shroud of Jesus' in two pieces? Does that refute the Shroud of Turin? [John 20:7].
2020-2-03 Apostles of Jesus: Did either of the ones up for replacing Judas have contact with Jesus? Isn't personal contact with Jesus a requirement for apostleship? [Acts 1:21-22, Luke 10]
2020-2-03 Trinitarian, Binitarian, Unitarian: Why do you think that the trinitarian view makes more sense than either binitarian or unitarian view of the Godhead?
2020-2-03 Lazarus & the Rich Man: Does the parable of Lazarus & the Rich Man relate to caller asking about people going to heaven?
2020-1-31 Approaching Church About Improving: What is the best way to inform your church leadership about your concern for heightening their ministry and help me grow?
2020-1-31 Study Bibles: What would be recommend as the best study Bible? And which ones should I avoid?
2020-1-31 Gambling: Is gambling a sin?
2020-1-31 Christian Universalism (Hell): Considering the various views of hell, what is your view of "Christian Universalism"?
2020-1-31 Full-Preterism: Do you disagree with the Full-Preterist view? How do you refute some of their claims about the end of the age, and the judgment on Jerusalem? [Matthew 24, 24:3].
2020-1-31 Before the Foundation of the World: Could you comment on the verse in Revelation about "slaying of the lamb, from the foundation of the world"? [Revelation 13:8]
2020-1-31 Biblical Movies: Do you think Biblical movies like those of Cecil B. DeMille, and posting of The Ten Commandments, is actually a good influence?
2020-1-31 None Has Seen God: If the Bible says that no man has seen the Father, then are the appearances in the Bible? [John 1:18, 6:46].
2020-1-31 Sanctification = More Human: What do you think about an author who claims that the birth of Jesus was the end of the world, and sanctification is us becoming more human?
2020-1-31 Shroud of Turin: What do you think about the "Shroud of Turin"?
2020-1-31 Christians Standing for Truth in Politics: Caller just encourages listeners to take a stand for truth and considers recent political events may be evidence that we can prevail.