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2014-7-11 Keith Green: What kind've guy was he, & can you talk about his music?
2014-7-11 Mansions of God: Wondering if you could tell me more about us being Mansions of God? [John 14:1-4]
2014-7-11 Church History - Eusebius: There's a story that Eusebius tells about King Abgarus writing a letter to Jesus about his sick son, wanting Him to come heal him, & Jesus replying that He'd send one of His disciples to heal him. Do you know anything about that?
2014-7-11 Sanctification - Protestantism vs Eastern Orthodox: Do you know the difference between the Protestants concept of Sanctification verses the Eastern Orthodox perception?
2014-7-11 The Blinding of Paul: is it safe to say that Jesus was the one that blinded Paul on the way to Damascus? [Acts 9:3-9]
2014-7-11 Olivet Discourse & the 3 Questions: The 3 questions the disciples asked Jesus, "When will the signs be? What shall be the signs of your coming? When will the end of the age be?", weren't the last 2 talking about the end of the world? [Matthew 24:3]
2014-7-11 Calvinism & Dispensationalism: What is the difference between Calvinism & Dispensationalism? You used to be a Calvinist or a Dispensationalist but not anymore? [Editor's Note: I think she obviously meant Calvinism & Arminianism.]
2014-7-11 Cyrus rebuilding the temple: 400 year gap, so the temple was still standing during King Herod's time?
2014-7-11 Interpreting the Book of Revelation based on the date it was written: So it's pretty important the Date of the writing of Revelation for partial preterists then?
2014-7-09 Dispensationalism: Is this a fair definition of Dispensationalism: Is their belief that when the Lord of glory returns, He's going to rule for 1000 years out of Jerusalem, & there's going to be a rebuilt temple & animal sacrifices?
2014-7-09 The Millennial Reign: You don't believe in the a literal millennial reign, but how do you then explain [Zechariah 14:16]?
2014-7-09 Sabbath Commandment in the NT: So you just admitted that the taking the Lord's name in vain commandment is not found in the NT, but that we still have to obey it, but then say the Sabbath commandment isn't found in the NT, but we still have to keep it, just like not taking the Lord's name in vain isn't, but still obey that. [Matthew 24:20]
2014-7-09 Taking the Lord's name in Vain in the NT: Where does it say not to take the Lord's name in Vain in the New Testament?
2014-7-09 Sabbath Obligation: Caller believes we still need to keep the Sabbath, & goes into a discourse as to why. [Colossians 2:14-18]
2014-7-07 Calvinism & 1 Family Member Saved: So is it complete orthodox Calvinism to think God only selected ONE member of a family & no one else?
2014-7-07 The (Secret) Rapture: How did this idea of a Secret Rapture all of sudden become a major doctrine?
2014-7-07 The Mother God: Not the Mother OF God (Mary), but God being called Mother God.
2014-7-07 Shem, Ham & Japheth: Who was the youngest son of Noah, Shem, Ham or Japheth? (Genesis 9)
2014-7-07 Pre-Tribulation Rapture: Jesus wasn't talking about His church when He was talking to His Apostles, & quite a lengthy discussion on why he's a dispensationalist. [Matthew 10:5, Ephesians 2:11-12, Acts 2, Acts 9, Romans 9-11, Matthew 28:18-20, Romans 16:25]
2014-7-07 Pre-tribulation Rapture & a Great Deception: Caller disagrees w/ a Secret Rapture, & discloses w/ his ideas.
2014-7-07 Open Theism: Did God dispense w/ SOME of His omniscience so He could truly give people Free Will?
2014-7-07 Pre-tribulation Rapture: We shouldn't divide over eschatological differences, but it's the love of Christ that is the really important, essential thing!
2014-7-03 Earth being Fired w/ a fervent heat: So is the earth literally going to be burned up or just restored? [2 peter 3:10]
2014-7-03 Meteorology: So it has nothing to do w/ real Meteorology then?
2014-7-03 Sun going dark & moon turning to blood: In Revelation, what is your opinion of the Sun going dark & the sun turning to blood? [Revelation 6:9, Isaiah 13:9. Ezekiel 32:7]
2014-7-03 Glory Invasion by David Herzog: Do you know anything about the book called, "Glory Invasion" by a David Herzog?
2014-7-03 Witnessing to Hostile People: People are so hostile out when witnessing to them out in the streets, i'm beginning to think Jesus only died for His people, His church, His bride.
2014-7-03 Edom: Where do you get your information that Edom was taken out before Jesus' time?
2014-7-03 Future Temple: Is there a Future Temple to be built? [Ezekiel 40-48]
2014-7-03 Evangelical & Charismatic: Are Evangelicalism & Charismatic in harmony w/ each other?
2014-7-03 Finding a Church & the Music played in them: How do you go about finding a good church at an older age, or, what if the church you used to go to has radically changed since you last attended there in your youth?
2014-7-03 Wesleyan Church: What can you tell me about the Wesleyan Church?
2014-7-03 Finding a good Church [Steve lost internet connection right as she was invited to start speaking] Caller just wanted to comment about finding a good church. She feels the Lord's recovery founded by witness lee and watchman nee is that perfect church. [that was very wise of her to just continue talking!] [& then he lost connection again at the end of the conversation.]
2014-7-03 Elements Melting w/ Fervent Heat: How's the world going to be different than it is today? [2 Peter 3:10, Revelation 22:3]
2014-7-03 Grass-Roots Churches: You said something about setting up a list of churches in areas of like-minded believers. What were you saying about how to coordinate that?
2014-7-01 Being anathematized & not using Study Bibles: Martin Luther was anathematized because he left the church, & you say we shouldn't be using Study Guide Bibles.
2014-7-01 Divinity of Jesus & 2nd Godhead of Trinity: Don't you believe in the Divinity of Jesus & that He's the 2nd part of the Godhead?
2014-7-01 Self-interpretation of the Bible: Isn't it sort've scary to have self-interpretation of the Bible since you can be learning about the wrong Jesus? Isn't the Church a pillar of the truth? [2 Peter 1:20]
2014-7-01 Amillennialism & End time events: As an Partial Preterist, 5Amillennialist, do you know of any signs that are to happen right before Christ comes back?
2014-7-01 The state of Israel being formed in 1948: What do you say about the miraculous events of Israel being able to become a country again?
2014-7-01 Unbelievers & the Bema & White Throne Judgment: What happens to unbelievers at the end? What is the difference between the Bema & White Throne Judgment?
2014-7-01 Modern-Day Apostles: Caller claims he is ordained by God as an Apostle, & explains his story & explains what he thinks is the difference between Apostles & the other offices in the church or spiritual gifts. The one main difference being able to retain or remit sins.
2014-7-01 Roman Catholic Church & the Bible: It's true that the RCC claims they believe in the Bible, but they need to READ the Bible & learn & do what it says.
2014-7-01 Traditions of the Catholic Church: How to make people see beyond the Veil of the Roman Catholic Church, that is the problem.
2014-7-01 Being a Disciple of Christ: You are only a Disciple of Christ if you have LOVE for one another, isn't that right? What are you if you are NOT truly a disciple of Christ?
2014-7-01 Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses: I've engaged in conversation w/ JW's....they seem to have a lot of knowledge even though misguided.
2014-7-01 Disowning Christ or Remaining Faithful: Christ might not deny us even though we deny Him, so we can't really lose our salvation, can we? [2 Timothy 2:11-13]
2014-7-01 Refuting the Bible was just written by men: Do you have anything that I could have people who say that the Bible is just a common book, just written by men, listen to?
2014-6-30 Being Redeemed from the Depths of Hell: Can you expound on the people who will never be redeemed because of the clutches of evil they found themselves in?
2014-6-30 Jesus' Second Coming: Nowhere does it say that Jesus would be coming w/ the saints but the angels only. [Acts 1:9-11, Matthew 25:31, 1 Thessalonians 4]