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2014-3-06 Creating your own Reality: So you can't have faith that you have something even before you have it to sort've show you have faith that you will get it?
2014-3-06 Kenneth & Gloria Copeland: What can you tell me about Kenneth Copeland?
2014-3-06 Correcting Wrongs: We should be proactive & speak against certain things the government does, but ministries who are under a 501c3 seem to be hampered from doing it.
2014-3-05 Unprofitable Intercession: If the most righteous people were interceding for Judah, that couldn't stop God from destroying Jerusalem? [Ezekiel 14, James 5:16]
2014-3-05 Cessation of the Gifts: Is the office of Apostle still for today, or did that actually cease w/ the original apostles in the 1st century?
2014-3-05 Israel & Peace Agreement: The start of the 7 year tribulation starts at the signing of the peace-agreement & the antichrist will be revealed. What say you? [Daniel 9:26]
2014-3-05 Becoming a Christian: How do we become a Christian? [John 3]
2014-3-05 Hinduism verses Christianity: Does God seek us or do we seek Him?
2014-3-05 Incognito Christian & not understanding everything: If we are threatened w/ death for being a Christian, can we pretend we are not, even though we are? What if I don't understand everything as a Christian? [Luke 17:33, Matthew 10:39, Matthew 16:25 25, John 12:25 25, Mark 8:35 35, Luke 9:24]
2014-3-05 God's Sovereignty: Why does God have complete control or authority over us?
2014-3-05 Witnessing to Atheists: How do explain the God of the Old Testament to atheists who think He was an angry God as Richard Dawkins believes? Where is the starting point to engage w/ Atheists, such as Jesus being the Son of God?
2014-3-04 Age of the Earth & Human existence: If the earth as old as a lot of people think it is, how come there's not more of a record of people being here beyond 10,000 years ago?
2014-3-04 Revival: What are your thoughts on TRUE Revival? Do you believe revival is for the Body of Christ, or does mean a mass amount non-Christians being born-again? Can you give a few examples of past revivals, especially in the Jesus Movement?
2014-3-04 Martin Luther & Anabaptists: Isn't Martin Luther just getting a bad rap for being against the Anabaptists when he really wasn't?
2014-3-04 Lot's Children: Did Lot have sons? [Genesis 19:12]
2014-3-04 Activating one's Faith & Chronic Pain: How do you activate your faith? God seems to always answer my prayers, except for this, my chronic back pain.
2014-3-04 Distressing Spirit & Prophesies: What does it mean that Saul was given a "distressing spirit" & was able to prophecy? [2 Samuel 18:10, 1 John 4:1]
2014-3-04 Horn: What is the "horn" that is being referred to in 2 Samuel [1 Samuel 2:1, Psalm 3]
2014-3-04 Changing God's Mind: Can we change God's mind? [1 Samuel 3:19]
2014-3-03 Gift of Tongues: I want to understand what the Bible says about Speaking in Tongues, Where the phrase came from, what's the difference between speaking in tongues & what happened at the Tower of Babel & do we have to have an interpreter in order to be able to speak in them? [Mark 16:17, Acts 2:4, Acts 19:6, 1 Corinthians 14]
2014-3-03 Will of God: What if God seems to never direct you in certain way, never answers what He wants you to do?
2014-3-03 Faith & Religion: What is the difference between Faith & Religion?
2014-3-03 Olivet Discourse: What can you tell me about the Olivet Discourse? [Matthew 24]
2014-3-03 Lord's Prayer: "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil", what does this phrase mean? [Matthew 6:13]
2014-2-28 Homosexuality: I've always known homosexuality is wrong, but some people try to say that's only talking about male pedophilia. What are your thoughts on this? [Romans 1:26-28, Genesis 2:24, Malachi 2:15]
2014-2-28 Long Hair: What is it about nature that teaches us that long hair for men is wrong? [1 Corinthians 11:14]
2014-2-28 Death: What happens after we die? There seems to be conflicting verses. Are people in the grave or heaven? [John 5:28-29, 2 Corithians 5:8, Luke 16:26]
2014-2-28 Amillennialism: The problem with being an amillennialist is that Revelation wasn't canonized until at the Council of Trent in 1545. Do you have information on that?
2014-2-28 They overcame him by the blood: Who the "they" in [Revelation 12:11]?
2014-2-28 Trinity: I don't believe in Trinity, but i'm not heretical for not believing that, am I?
2014-2-27 Financial & Marriage difficulties: How do you take care of yourself in order to help someone else, namely my wife, since we are both having financial difficulties right now, & I don't know what to do.
2014-2-27 Paul Being whipped: Paul being whipped the first time, but when he said the second time that he was a Roman Citizen he saved himself from being whipped, and they were in great trouble for whipping. [Acts 22:22-29]
2014-2-27 (Secret) Rapture: What is your opinion on the (Secret) Rapture? [1 Thessalonians 4:13-18]
2014-2-27 Soul going to Heaven: Does a soul of a Christian go directly to Heaven after death?
2014-2-27 Soul going to Hell: So then where does the soul of a wicked person go? [Luke 16:19-31]
2014-2-27 One Resurrection for both wicked & righteous: I disagree that there is only one resurrection, the wicked and the righteous being resurrected at the same time. My Bible tells ME that first the righteous & then the wicked a 1000 years later. What say you? [Revelation 20:5-6]
2014-2-26 Commentaries: How come you didn't like a certain commentary a previous caller mentioned?
2014-2-26 Sunday Worship: Following what you just said about not being influenced by outside sources other than the BIble itself, where do people get the idea that Sunday Worship is mandated?
2014-2-26 Apostles, Marriage & Children: Were any of the apostles married & did they have children? [1 Corinthians 9:5]
2014-2-26 Judging Brother & the Law: What does it mean not to Judge your Brother otherwise you are speaking evil of the law & judging it? [James 4:11-12, 2:8, 1 John 4:20-21]
2014-2-26 Christian Contemporary (Rock) Music: I have a friend who is vehemently against Christian Contemporary Music, & I asked him why he was so against it. He says it does havoc on onee's emotions, dancing music is wrong, makes you think of drugs & sex & so on. What are your thoughts on loud, Christian type rock music, (& music w/ a beat to it)?
2014-2-26 Legalism: What can you tell me about being legalistic?
2014-2-26 Bible throwing curve balls: I really believe in the fundamental essentials of Christianity, such as Jesus Christ &, the main & plain things, but then the Bible just throws weird things out there that we have to believe like literal creation, people burning in hell, & God creating Satan. Can you help me with the weird things that it seems to teach?
2014-2-26 Music (follow-up): Spiritual music should appeal to our spiritual nature & not our fleshly nature, according to the caller.
2014-2-26 Rich Man & Lazarus: Jesus wouldn't use a story that would introduce false or deceptive delusion that would cause us major confusion. [Luke 16:19-31]
2014-2-25 Canonicity of Scripture & Peter: Do you believe Peter wrote the 2nd epistle of Peter?
2014-2-25 James & Jude & Hebrews: Authorship of James, Jude & Hebrews, & how do we know to accept those books?
2014-2-25 The Nag Hammadi Library - Chenoboskion Manuscripts: Was this just a collection gnostic books or books of the Bible also?
2014-2-25 Ecclesiastes & Wisdom: Is the Book of Ecclesiastes (& Proverbs) just conventional wisdom, but not necessarily to rely on in reality?
2014-2-25 Solomon's Story in Ecclesiastes 9: What is the point Solomon is trying to make in the story or parable that he mentions in the latter part of Ecclesiastes 9? [Ecclesiastes 9:13-15, Luke 14:11-14]