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2018-7-26 It Take Two to be Guilty in Act of Adultery: it takes 2 people to commit adultery, so why do women seem to be held more accountable than men? [John 8:1-11]
2018-7-26 Yeshua Why is Jesus' name "Yeshua" not used, why is it hidden?
2018-7-26 Being Transformed: you change your thought processes by reading the Bible & focusing on Jesus, right? Saul becoming paul, he seemed to never have another relapse
2018-7-26 The Whore in Revelation: Is the whore in revelation 17 the catholic church being used by the muslims?
2018-7-26 Donald Trump Prophecy: That prophecy about Trump predicted by Mark Taylor is true, the caller thinks.
2018-7-26 Calvinism-Light & Total Depravity: Can you comment on Calvinism about God giving us Light, & we can all choose, & why 1 Corinthians 2 is NOT talking about Total Depravity. [John 1:4-9, John 3:19, 1 Corinthians 2:14]
2018-7-26 Laying on of Hands to receive Holy Spirit: I've been listening to your lectures about Christian Foundation, & do I need to have the laying of hand to be filled w/ the Holy Spirit?
2018-7-26 Demon Phenomenon: A story about Demon Phenomenon, Is it normal to go through what he went through?
2018-7-25 Christians & Politics: Should Christians try to influence politics? [1 Thessalonians 4:11, 1 Thessalonians 5:12]
2018-7-25 Idolatry: What is idolatry? [1 John 5:21]
2018-7-25 Calvinism & Arminianism: Calvinists believe that people have no choice, but still have to go to hell if you weren't chosen? That's like a person who is born blind being punished because he can't see. If Calvinists believed in annihilationism, that'd be ONE thing, but to think that you are predestined to Eternal Torment, that is another.
2018-7-25 Believing in the Name of Jesus: What does it really mean to believe in the name of Jesus? [John 1:12, Acts 5:40-41]
2018-7-25 Ceremonial Law or Moral Law as our Tutor: What was paul talking about in Galatians 3, the ceremonial or moral law or both? [Galatians 3:24-25]
2018-7-25 Laying on of hands on people: The laying on hands on of people, is this descriptive or prescriptive? [Acts 8:14-17]
2018-7-25 My ex-wife going to Bethel: My ex-wife going to a Bethel church, & I want to help her, & called the pastor if he would do counseling with us, & he said I had to go through a program called, Sozo, an inner healing program. What do you think?
2018-7-25 Pre-Pribulation Rapture: The Pre-Tribulation doctrine will make people not ready, catching them off guard.
2018-7-24 Dispensationalism & Amillennialism: I've heard you talking about Dispensationalism & Amillennialism, what are these?
2018-7-24 Prevenient Grace & Irresistible Grace: Can you please tell me the difference between "Prevenient Grace" & "Irresistible grace"?
2018-7-24 Home Church Network in California State: Is there a network on a Website you can go to find home churches in California?
2018-7-24 Melchizedek-King of Salem: Melchizedek, the preincarnate Christ, King of Salem, King of Peace, High Priest who lives forever [Genesis 14:18]
2018-7-24 Seventh Day Adventist: I had become a Christian through the Salvation Army. What do you think of the SDA? Is there a reason we shouldn't see them as true Christians?
2018-7-24 All Sins Covered by Atonement: Are all our sins, for all eternity, covered by the atonement? Charles Stanley holds the view that one cannot lose their salvation.
2018-7-24 Eternal Security: How come you didn't use a couple examples in the Bible in refuting the Once Saved, Always Saved Doctrine, especially the Prodigal son story? [Luke 15:11-32]
2018-7-24 Christians & Military Duty: Should Christians be a pacifist?
2018-7-24 Churches in the Santa Cruz Area: Do you know of any good churches to recommend in Santa Cruz area?
2018-7-24 Coming Back to Christ: So you say you can lose your salvation, but can you come back under any circumstance?
2018-7-23 Pastors receiving a Salary: Should pastors receive a salary? [Matthew 10]
2018-7-23 Eternal Security: Once saved, always saved, glorified & sanctified in God
2018-7-23 The Trinity in John 1: In the beginning was the Word, is this about the trinity? questioning the repetition of the first two verses. [John 1:1-2]
2018-7-23 End of Prophecy: Are there still prophets & prophecies today based on Hebrews 1:1? [Hebrews 1:1]
2018-7-23 Mark Taylor Prophesies: Mark Taylor prophesies Trump will stimulate a revival?
2018-7-23 End of Life Ministry: I'm working with people who are in their last days, but i'm wondering some firm Scripture I can give people are on their deathbed.
2018-7-23 Life & Death is in the Tongue: Do you believe that life & death is in the tongue? [Proverbs 18:21]
2018-7-23 Jesus Calling Himself Messiah: Why didn't Jesus ever call Himself the Messiah?
2018-7-23 Paul Tillich & Don Cupitt: Have you ever heard of these people?
2018-7-23 Righteous by Obedience or by Faith: Are we made righteous by obedience or by in faith in Christ? [John 5:29, Romans 3:10]
2018-7-20 Abrahamic Covenant: Is the abrahamic covenant unconditional? Unconditional & conditional promises from God
2018-7-20 Mercy upon whom I will have Mercy: I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, can I embrace this promise even though God was talking to Moses & setting the terms? [Romans 9:15]
2018-7-20 Jesus' Words on Paper: Did Jesus know His words would be written down?
2018-7-20 Paul's Writings: Do we rely too much on Paul's writing? Paul's insight and directives as binding? He was the chief advocate for the Gentiles?
2018-7-20 Steve's Most interesting Experience from the Bible: What is the strangest experience you had involving the Bible?
2018-7-20 Transcendental Meditation: Caller relays a story about transcendental meditation.
2018-7-20 Trinity: If you deny the Trinity, you can't be saved, is that true? It is a heresy not to believe that, people tell me. How can I refute that?
2018-7-20 God is knitting us love: The bride's garment is a metaphor for us; righteous deeds, to please God or just us acting naturally once in awhile? [Colossians 2]
2018-7-20 Institutional Church: If the institutional church is not important then why does Paul emphasize deacons & elders so much?
2018-7-20 Death Penalty: What do you think of capital punishment, the Death Penalty?
2018-7-19 Dispensationalism: Dispensationalism has legalism within the group that is causing division, that if you don't believe their paradigm your salvation is in question. What is Darby's primary point that the whole system is constructed on, & how can you refute that point?
2018-7-19 Panhandlers: What do we do about panhandlers? How do we respond to them?
2018-7-19 Homosexual Lifestyle Accepted in the Church: What do you think about Churches that are embracing the homosexual lifestyle?
2018-7-19 Ray Comfort: What do you think of Ray Comfort's ministry's evangelism method?