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2018-3-19 Once saved, Always Saved: Once Saved, always saved is not biblical, but you recommended Dave Ramsey once, & he's a firm believer in that.
2018-3-19 Lake of Fire: Do you believe the lake of fire is literal, & is it the 2nd death? Is satan going to die for the 2nd time? Isn't fire for purification, restoration? [Revelation 21:8]
2018-3-19 Angles Ascending & Descending out of Heaven Jacob saw angles ascending & descending out of heaven on a ladder, & then Jesus said the Son of Man would be ascending & descending, that what Jacob saw in Genesis was refer to Him. [John 1:52, Genesis 28:12]
2018-3-19 Nathanael: What was Nathanael doing under the fig tree before Philip called him? Was there something significant about it? [John 1]
2018-3-19 inerrant Word of God: The Word of God is inerrant in the original text that it came in.
2018-3-16 Not Willing that any should Perish: Not willing that ANY should perish, but why did Joshua wipe away every men, women & children?
2018-3-16 Idolatry in Restaurants: What is your take in eating in restaurants with Idols & Statutes in them?
2018-3-16 Melchizedek: Who is Melchizedek? Is Jesus part of Melchizedek or is He superceding him? [Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 7]
2018-3-16 Studying the Bible & Smoking Marijuana Simultaneously: Is there anything with reading the Bible & smoking marijuana at the same time?
2018-3-16 Calvinism: This passage of Scripture in Acts seems to support Calvinism. What do you say about it? [acts 13:48]
2018-3-16 Gift of Prophecy: People think I have the gift of prophecy
2018-3-16 Holy Spirit-The Comforter: Why couldn't the Holy Spirit be down here while Jesus was here? [John 16:7 7, John 7:32-39]
2018-3-15 Resurrection of Israel: Is Ezekiel 37:1-14 a real resurrection or metaphorical, where it talks about the bones being resurrected?
2018-3-15 Contradiction of Passover Meal: There seems to be contradiction when the passover happened in the gospels. Luke says they had Passover dinner before Jesus was arrested, John seems to say it was after His arrest, but others say it was at the same time. Which was it?
2018-3-15 Passover Animal Sacrifice as Jesus' Crucifixion: Do think He was crucified on the same day they killed the literal lamb?
2018-3-15 Serpent Seed Doctrine: I heard that Cain & Abel were twins, that Cain was conceived by Satan, that Abel was conceived by Adam, & that Cain's race made it on to the Noah's Ark.
2018-3-15 Satan Fall like Lightening: "I saw Satan fall like lightening", was this literal, & what does it mean? [Luke 10:18]
2018-3-15 Eating the Literal Body of Jesus: The Catholics believe they are eating the literal body of Christ in the emblems they eat & drink? Didn't Jesus say do it in REMEMBRANCE of Him?
2018-3-15 Jewish Calendar: Can you explain the new moons & the Hebrew Sabbaths. I thought the calendar interrupted the 7th day Sabbath?
2018-3-15 Dying in Sin: if someone dies in sin, are they still a Christian, are they still saved?
2018-3-15 Satan & Music: Someone said that Satan was responsible for all the music of the earth. Is this true?
2018-3-15 Prediction of Jesus: Is the chute referring to Mary? I know the branch is referring to Jesus. Is the Holy Spirit wisdom? [Isaiah 11:1-2, Proverbs 8]
2018-3-14 Jesus' Atonement: Do we as Christians really understand the full benefits purchased by Christ until we see Him? Did Adam & Eve understand it better than us?
2018-3-14 Rebuking a Brother: When is the best opportunity to rebuke a brother?
2018-3-14 Cremation: Is cremation acceptable?
2018-3-14 Adam & Eve & Noah: How old were Adam & Eve before they started having children? What about Noah & his wife?
2018-3-14 Eastern Orthodox Church: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff switching over to eastern orthodox church? How can he possibly still be a legitimate host of The Bible Answer Man?
2018-3-14 Knowing Koine Greek: Just because you understand New Testament Greek does not mean that you know all the truth, error-free.
2018-3-14 Adam & Eve Reproducing: God had a time plan to when Adam & Eve started reproducing, the caller thinks.
2018-3-14 The Forbidden Fruit: Was Eve the "forbidden fruit"?
2018-3-14 Limited Negatives: Could Matthew 5:17 be considered a Limited Negative? [Matthew 5:17, Ephesians 2:14-15]
2018-3-14 God Speaking through Dreams: Can God really speak to us in dreams? My daughter thinks she had a dream of a particular person God wants her to marry.
2018-3-13 Loving your neighbor as much or more than yourself: Paul says to love others MORE than ourselves, but Jesus only said to love others as MUCH as ourselves [Romans 12:10, John 13:34, Philippians 2,3,4]
2018-3-13 Walking in the Light: Walking in the light & living a sinless life, is he talking to Christians or non-believers? [1 John 1:9]
2018-3-13 Freedom of Speech: How important do you think freedom of speech is as a Christian? How much of a decline in Europe do you think is a result of freedom of speech?
2018-3-13 Jesus' first Miracle & Wine: Was Jesus' first miracle the turning water into wine & are Christians allowed to drink alcohol?
2018-3-13 Paradise & life after Death: What & where is paradise? Where do we go as soon as we die?
2018-3-13 The book, "The Secret": Do you have any thoughts about, "The Secret"?
2018-3-13 John Dominic Crossan: John Dominic Crossan, and other "apologetics", what do yo think of them?
2018-3-13 Islam-Muslim: How did islam start? Is it a cult? What do they believe in? Are they saved?
2018-3-13 Millennium, varying views: Can you please explain the differing Millennium views? Amillennial, Premillennial & Postmillennial?
2018-3-12 Discipleship: When someone is discipling you, what does that mean? [1 john 2:27]
2018-3-12 Jacob Wrestling with God: How could Jacob wrestle w/ a Man for such a long time? How could he possibly win against God? [Genesis [32:24-30]
2018-3-12 Seeing God: There seems to be a contradiction in Scripture here because it says that Jacob saw God face-to-face, yet when Moses encountered God, God told him no one can see Him & live. [Genesis 32:30, Exodus 33:20]
2018-3-12 613 Jewish Laws: The 613 laws, were those from God or man?
2018-3-12 Tithing in the NT I've been listening to Doug Batchelor & he quoted a verse in Matthew that talks about tithing & says that tithing is for the New Testament Christians also. What do you think? [Matthew 23:23]
2018-3-12 Calvinism verses Arminianism: How can you reconcile, "no one can come to Me, unless the Father draws them" w/ your view of Arminianism? You asked a hypothetical question in one of your lectures, What is the difference between person A & person B, if it's about Free Will & a person choosing of their own ability to believe? [john 6:24-25]
2018-3-12 One Book in the Bible: If you could only have access to ONE book from the Bible, which one would it be? (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Romans, Acts & so on)
2018-3-12 Hell & Annihilationism: I was talking to a friend the other day who holds to the position of Annihilationism of hell, but when I read the parable of the sheep & the goats, the goats go to EVERLASTING/eternal punishment or hell.
2018-3-08 Dispensationalism & Steve Gregg: What made you change your views about the pre-trib rapture?