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2017-4-12 No Jewelry: Can't wear gold, does that mean any type of jewelry? [1 Peter 3:3]
2017-4-12 Seeing God's Full Glory: People can't see the full glory of God until we are in our new bodies?
2017-4-11 Best Bible Reading Plan: What do you think is the best Bible reading plan?
2017-4-11 Textus Receptus or Alexandrian Text: What text do you think is better for the bible, textus receptus or that alexandrian text?
2017-4-11 Freed from Babylon: Was the return from Babylon a type of repentance?
2017-4-11 Praying for the Downfall of Your Enemies: Praying for downfall of your persecutors.
2017-4-11 The 3rd Eye: What's this about a 3rd eye involving greed? [Matthew 6:22, Proverbs 22:9, Proverbs 23:6]
2017-4-11 Their Name Adam: In Gen 5 it says, "calling their name Adam", what does this mean? [Genesis 5:2]
2017-4-11 Attending Gay Wedding: I think it IS acceptable to attend a gay marriage ceremony. [Matthew 5:13-15] (follow-up from 1/30/17)
2017-4-11 Cain: Do you think the curse that God put on Cain was dark skin?
2017-4-11 Attending Wedding of Divorced People: You just said we shouldn't attend a gay marriage/wedding, what about attending one of people who've been divorced?
2017-4-10 Bumper Sticker Controversy: I was asked not to park in the church parking lot because of bumper stickers on my car, they are not offensive.
2017-4-10 Dying Eggs in Pagan times: Pagans dyed eggs in children's blood?
2017-4-10 Neil Cole & the Book Organic Church: Have you ever heard of Neil Cole, & his book Organic Church? What do you think about his ministry?
2017-4-10 Fallen Angels: Caller wants to make a case for Fallen Angels. [Genesis 6, Luke 10, 2 Peter 2:4]
2017-4-10 Playing the Lotto: Is it wrong for christians to play the lotto, & if you happen to win, is it wrong to give a portion of the proceeds to church?
2017-4-10 Seventh Day Adventists: What do you think of Seventh Day Adventists?
2017-4-06 Catholic Church teaches false Doctrine: Roman catholic teach doctrine
2017-4-06 Calvinism: Discussion about calvinism & Romans 9. [Romans 9]
2017-4-06 Jesus after His Resurrection: When did Jesus get His heavenly body? Did He go back to heaven in His earthly body? Why did He tell Mary not to touch Him, but it was okay for Thomas to do so, so what was the difference? John 20:17, John 20:27]
2017-4-06 10 Commandments & the Ceremonial Law: Trying to distinguishing between the moral law (10 commandments) the ceremonial law, can/should we?
2017-4-06 Jesus' Trial, 2 different Laws: Jesus' trial, differentiating between romans law & the jewish law. [John 18:1-32]
2017-4-06 Sinning Against the Body: Communion, the Lord's Supper, discerning the body, sinning against the body, what does 1cor 11:9 mean? [1 Corinthians 11:9]
2017-4-06 Curses: Are we free from curses? [Numbers 5]
2017-4-06 Humans Only ones to Fall: Was mankind the only creature that fell under the curse?
2017-4-06 Update on the Surgery Caller just had: Caller gives an update to the surgery he just had.
2017-4-06 God Drawing People: God draws all men to Him? Going to drag themdd
2017-4-06 Meditation & Contemplation: What is the difference between meditation & contemplation?
2017-4-06 Prayer & Meditation: What is the difference between pray & meditation,
2017-4-05 Etiquette When Calling a Radio Talk Show: (Commentary about how to ask a question or disagree on the radio)
2017-4-05 Extreme Unction: Can you tell us about "extreme unction" in the catholic church?
2017-4-05 Tithing: Disagree w/ you about not tithing because what do you do w/ Gal 5:13, & what are you going to do with the money?
2017-4-05 God Hardening People: Does God still harden people in the New Testament like He did w/ Pharaoh in the Old Testament, & if He does does that mean it's lights out for them?
2017-4-05 Visiting a Catholic Church: Even though I'm not one, what do you think about me visiting a Catholic church once in awhile?
2017-4-05 Demons not being Fallen Angels: I heard that demons are not the fallen angels & I'd love your opinion on that. [1 Peter 2:4, Jude 1:6]
2017-4-05 Eternal Security: Why do you think people are so obsessed w/ eternal security, once saved always saved, & not feeling saved if going through trials
2017-4-05 Catholic are Christians: Catholic caller calls back re: some catholics are true Christians.
2017-4-05 Church Leadership: Are Elders, Bishops & Pastors all the same thing?
2017-4-04 Capital Punishment: Corporate Punishment going to a gentler, kinder kind of punishment.
2017-4-04 Universal Reconciliation: George w. Sarris about hell, are we going to be get out of hell eventually like he suggests?
2017-4-04 Philadelphia Church of God: The Philadelphia Church of God, world-wide church of God, can you explain about them?
2017-4-04 Paying Tithe: Going to Hell if you don't pay tithe, is that true?
2017-4-04 Territorial Demons: The Prince of Persia preventing prayer, does that mean territorial demons? [Daniel 10]
2017-4-04 Worldwide Church of God & Herbert Armstrong: Worldwide church of God no longer a cult.
2017-4-04 Capital Punishment (Spanking): Capital punishment (spanking) works.
2017-4-04 Upkeep of the Church: So what about the upkeeping of the church when you pay tithe?
2017-4-03 Wives Should ask their Husbands: I don't think you should answer questions from other men's wives because that's the place of the husband! [1 Corinthians 14:35]
2017-4-03 Differing Views of Hell Have you heard about George w. Sarris who wrote an interesting book about hell?
2017-4-03 Life Expectancy of 120 Years: God decreasing life expectancy to 120 years. Can you explain that? [Genesis 6:3, Genesis 11]
2017-4-03 Spiritual Meaning about River in Ezekiel: Is there a spiritual meaning to the river? In verse 7 why did he go back up out of the river? [Ezekiel 47:1-7]