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2017-1-12 Jesus not being God to the Jews: Why didn't the Jews recognize Jesus when He came?
2017-1-12 Bible interpretation in Romans: vine's expository dictionary, the word "use" in rom 1:26, natural use for
2017-1-12 Providence of God: Coincidence or providence of God? Does God orchestrate our lives?
2017-1-12 Women Teachers: Women teaching the church; what did the church look like in the 1st century? Is the church in the role of the husband to those who don't marry?
2017-1-12 Bible Translations: I like using different translations of the bible, especially the Living Bible & the New Living Translation, & want to talk about the words "judging", "giving", etc. [Matthew 7]
2017-1-12 Grief Lectures: Where are your "grief" lectures?
2017-1-12 Word of Faith: The Word of Faith damages the faith of believers?
2017-1-11 Knowing God: Experiencing & Knowing God, not just having an intellectual knowledges about Him & having a routine in prayer & worship.
2017-1-11 Law still Binding: Is the law still applicable because I just got done reading Isaiah 2:1-4, & it is a prophetic passage & says, "out of Zion shall go forth the law", & it's talking about the future, so doesn't the law continue? [Isaiah 2:1-4]
2017-1-11 The 7 Spirits: What are the 7 Spirits of God that are in the throne in Revelation? [Revelation 1:4, Revelation 3:1, Revelation 4:5, Revelation 5:6, Isaiah 11:2]
2017-1-11 Woman Preachers: Are woman allowed to pastors? How about teaching?
2017-1-11 Christian Psychology: Should I listen to Christian psychologists? Should we read secular literature, have you ever read Paradise lost
2017-1-11 Cessation of the Gifts of the Spirit: Speaking in tongues, having the Holy Spirit, being filled w/ the Spirit, do the Gifts of the Spirit still exist for today?
2017-1-10 Lion lying down with the Lamb: The lion lying down w/ the lamb, was the King James Bible supernaturally changed because it doesn't say that anymore! [Isaiah 11:8, Isaiah 65:25]
2017-1-10 The Calendar: Jesus was born 4-5 bc? Why did we start using BC/AD for the calendar?
2017-1-10 Fear of Torment in Hell: How biblical is the doctrine about torment of hell fire? Fearing God because you are afraid of hell fire is not a good way to get saved!
2017-1-10 Power in Christ: Our "authority" in Christ, being saved, prayer, word of faith
2017-1-10 Squandering your Life: What if you've squandered most of your life from serving God? [Luke 15:11-32]
2017-1-09 God "trying" to Kill Moses: Why did He "try" to kill Moses? [Exodus 4:24-26]
2017-1-09 Seeing God & Living to Tell about it: How come some people got to see God & live when it says that if you see Him die?
2017-1-09 12 Week Program on Dispensationalism: My church is putting on a 12-week study on end times, especially the pre-trib rapture, & I'm wondering if i should attend?
2017-1-09 Judas Iscariot a Genuine Follower of Christ: I tend to think that Judas Iscariot was a true apostle, & wasn't a fraud like most thought, but let satan enter him later
2017-1-09 Historic Premillennialism: Historic Premillennialism viewpoint, amillennialism viewpoint discussion & Satan being loosed on the earth in the end times.
2017-1-09 Darik Frank & the Let Lion Roar: I'm wondering if you've ever heard the video by darik frank, let the lion roar that emphasizes on the jews & Israel?
2017-1-09 Evidence of God: Can you give me some wisdom on what to do w/ doubt or lack of evidence of there being a God, etc.?
2017-1-06 Kings of Isaiah 14 & Ezekiel 28: I heard you talking about Satan & the kings in Ezekiel 28 & Isaiah 14 the other day, I missed one of the kings you mentioned. Will you talk about them again?
2017-1-06 Being gods: Why in scripture does it call people "gods"? [John 10:34-35, Psalms 82:6]
2017-1-06 Steve Gregg's Devotion Life: What does your daily devotion look like?
2017-1-06 Bible Interpretation in Hebrews about Willful Sin: Could you elaborate more on Hebrews 10:26? [Hebrews 10:26, Hebrews 6:4]
2017-1-06 Replacement Theology: You were recently talking about your rebuttal video to jack hibbs on replacement theology; can you actually defend you position?
2017-1-06 John Calvin Executing Heretics: Did John Calvin or martin Luther actually participate in the execution of "heretics" & was it justifiable?
2017-1-06 Holy Spirit in the OT: Are there different relationships w/ the Holy Spirit, especially in the New Testament verses in the Old Testament?
2017-1-05 Mental Illness & Schizophrenia: Would you please talk about demon possession/mental illness?
2017-1-05 Satan being a Fallen Angel: If Satan was an angel, how could he have been a snake?
2017-1-05 Transformed life as a result of being Born Again: When people are born again, how often are they actually changed, it changing their lives.
2017-1-05 Jesus' Resurrection: Why did Jesus have to be resurrected? To conquer both spiritual & physical death?
2017-1-05 Jews & Isaiah 53: If Jews don't believe that Jesus was Messiah, how do they interpret scriptures like Isaiah 53? [Isaiah 53]
2017-1-05 Saved by Animal Sacrifice in the OT: Were the Jews saved by Animal Sacrifice in the Old Testament?
2017-1-05 God Permitting Suffering: Why does God allow suffering, especially illnesses, physical problems?
2017-1-05 Spiritual Maturity at Death: When a believer dies, have they reached their full maturity/perfection that God wants them to be at? [John 15:2] Incomplete(?)
2017-1-04 Book of Revelation Symbolic or Literal: Is revelation, especially chapter 13, to be taken literally or symbolically? [Revelation 13:15-18]
2017-1-04 As a Man Thinketh Book: "As a man thinketh" by James Allen, do you know anything about it?
2017-1-04 Literal Creation Week: If the creation "week" was done in 6 literal days, why the sun & moon & the stars not until the 4th day? What was the "Light" before that? [Genesis 1-2]
2017-1-04 Mental Illness & Demon-Possession: Counseling about mental illness, depression, anxiety, demonic-possession
2017-1-04 Revelation & Mark of the Beast: I think Revelation is referring to things about today, everything is falling into place right now. [Revelation 13] (Editor's Note: Sort've hard to hear.)
2017-1-03 Pornography Addiction: Are addiction problems biblical or is it referring to people who are just out of control?
2017-1-03 Cain's Age when He slew Abel: So Cain & Abel were in their 100's when he killed Abel?
2017-1-03 Cain's Relationship with God: "I will be hidden from your presence", Cain said. So did Cain & God have a regular conversation with each other like God did with Adam & Eve? [Genesis 4:13-15]
2017-1-03 Seth: And how many children between Cain, Abel & Seth?
2017-1-03 Formulation for Baptism: Is it okay to be baptized in just Jesus' name vs just saying "Father, Son & Holy Ghost". [2 Timothy 3:15, Matthew 28:19, Acts 2:38]