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2015-8-13 Blood Moons: Does Steve know anything about the Blood Moons that are coming up? What does he think about them?
2015-8-13 Man of Sin Dwelling in the Temple: What about Man of Sin that is going to be dwelling in the Temple? [2 Thessalonians 2]
2015-8-13 Mark of the Beast: Caller thinks the end of the world is actually happening now because there's so much talk about the 3rd Temple, but also wants to know what Steve think the Mark of the Beast is going to be? A microchip?
2015-8-13 End Time Distractions: So much time wasted in worrying about if it's the end times or if Jesus is coming soon instead of just focusing on Jesus, loving Him, worshipping Him in the here & now! What about LIVING for the Lord! People are all willing to DIE for the Lord, but what about living for Him?
2015-8-13 Demonic Signs & Wonders: Are the Lying Signs & Wonders of Satan in every case & where is that in the Bible? [2 Thessalonians 2:9]
2015-8-13 Seducing Spirits: What about Seducing Spirits? Whenever the caller thinks of the term "seduction", she thinks of sex, so sexual sins. [1 Timothy 4:1]
2015-8-13 Y2K: People thought y2k was the end of the world & it wasn't. All this time wasted worrying about stuff that had nothing to do w/ anything! It's like crying wolf one too many times!
2015-8-13 Atheist Berkley Professor Converts: There was a guy who had a cable show who was a professor of Berkley who was an atheist & converted to Christianity. Could it have been Gene Scott, Steve wonders.
2015-8-13 Holy Spirit vs the Carnal Man: The Man of Sin is some sinful tendency in a Christian.
2015-8-12 Supersessionism (Replacement Theology) & Judaism: Steve equates Judaism w/ Islam & Satanism, Judaism was instituted by God, Islam & Satanism never were. By Steve's logic, reading the Torah would be the same thing as reading the Qua'ran or a Satanic Bible.
2015-8-12 Prophet Killed By Lion: What is the whole story about the Prophet of God being killed by a lion? He prophesied against the Golden Calf. The older prophet lies to the younger one, making him sin. The Lion kills the younger prophet, but was still honored. [1 Kings 13].
2015-8-12 Application (Ap for The Narrow Path): Is the guy who is in charge of the APP for the Narrow Path ever going to be able to get the lectures about the 3 Views of Hell on there?
2015-8-12 Charts: Where can he get the chart for the Millennium & Israel? (Editor's Note: The answer is, at True, that wasn't the answer when then question was originally asked, but anyone who sees & hears this question NOW will know.)
2015-8-12 Judaism: Judaism is the true religion because it talks about the coming Messiah?
2015-8-12 All Prophecy Fulfilled in Relation to 70 AD: 70 AD suggests that all the prophecies have been fulfilled. Is there ANYTHING in Revelation (or Daniel or any other eschatological chapter of the Bible) that has NOT been fulfilled yet?
2015-8-12 Signs of the Times: It says in the Bible that when you see the clouds approaching that you'll know it's about to rain & that's what the caller thinks, you can see it all culminating together. [Matthew 16:32-33, Revelation 17:10-11]
2015-8-12 Believing Existence of God: Listener really wants to believe in God but needs more evidence, especially when a lack of answered prayer & miracles happen.
2015-8-12 Being Gentle in Delivering Truth: How does Steve have the ability to be gentle & have humility w/ people who don't quite believe what we believe yet? How do we get people to read the Bible?
2015-8-11 Satan Putting Thoughts in Mind: Can Satan put thoughts in our mind, & does that mean he can get in the mind of a Christian, & can he read our thoughts?
2015-8-11 Abandoning Judaism to Follow Jesus: Did Jesus tell the Jewish people to abandon what they believed & to follow Him?
2015-8-11 Age of Accountability: Can Steve please explain the "Age of Accountability"?
2015-8-11 Calendars: When did we start keeping calendars? How far back would we have to go?
2015-8-11 Website Forum: Is there a place one can go on the website to ask questions?
2015-8-11 Trinity: Can Steve please explain the Trinity? [John 1]
2015-8-11 Shaking of the Heavens & the Earth (Follow-up): Caller thinks the shakeup might be Jews having victory over their Adversaries. [Haggai 26, Acts 2]
2015-8-10 Curses: What does this Passage in Malachi mean? Who is to come? What is the Great & Terrible Day of the Lord? [Malachi 4:5-6]
2015-8-10 Atonement: Steve doesn't believe physical healing is in the Atonment, but Spiritual Healing, but Dr. Michael Brown disagrees w/ that. [Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:17]
2015-8-10 Church Division: Did Steve say that the leadership over-sight has the power to limit what a speaker says?
2015-8-10 Abomination of Desolation: Steve thinks the Abomination of Desolation is the armies surrounding the city of Jerusalem but caller has a problem w/ a man or a person constituting the abomination of abominatio of because of certain Scriptures in the Bible. What is the "it" if it's the armies? [Matthew 24:15, Mark 13:14].
2015-8-07 12 Tribes of Israel: Steve said the 12 Tribes of Israel couldn't be identified after Babylon, but if that's the case, what about the 144,000 in Revelation?
2015-8-07 70 AD Holocaust: How many Jews were living in Judea right before the 70 AD Siege? How many died? Does it having any bearing on [Zechariah 13:8]?
2015-8-07 Fossil Record: There's Fossil Record that animals ate each other & had deformities before the Fall, so how can there Death & Disease before the Fall?
2015-8-07 Book of Enoch: What does Steve think of the Book of Enoch & how come it's not included in our canon of Scripture?
2015-8-07 Swords: Why did Jesus tell His disciples to get swords & then told them not to use them? [Luke 22:36-38]
2015-8-07 Homosexual Marriages: Caller wanted to do Bible studies on Homosexuality, find all the verses that talk about it, w/ his church leadership, because of the things that are being allowed, but they said no.
2015-8-07 Adultery (fornication) & 10 Commandments: Anything outside of marriage is adultery, but caller means to say fornication, but she thinks obeying the 10 commandents would solve the problem.
2015-8-07 Taking up Swords: Caller wants to chime in about taking up swords, causing division in the Human race to follow Him, some people would obey Him, some would not.
2015-8-06 Equality w/ God - Trinity: (followup from day before) "Isn't Equality w/ God talking about the Trinity? Steve never mentioned about the Trinity, she says.
2015-8-06 Sprinkling for Baptism: Where did this idea of Sprinkling for Baptism originate? [Ezekiel 36:25, Joel 2:29-29]
2015-8-06 Parable of the 10 Virgins: Can Steve please explain the 10 Virgins Parable & how do we determine if we are the 5 foolish ones or the 5 wise ones?
2015-8-06 Parables of Jesus: Are the Parables that Jesus shares a result of true, real stories?
2015-8-06 Gospel of John: Who wrote the Gospel of John?
2015-8-06 Lazarus: Did Lazarus possibly write the book? Was he an apostle?
2015-8-06 Jack Gregg: Are you related to a Jack Gregg who I worked for for 20 years?
2015-8-06 Jesus Becoming Aware of who He was: When did Jesus become aware that He was the Son of God?
2015-8-06 Jesus Returning: When Jesus comes back is He going to be in a flesh, physical body & is EVERYONE going to see Him, including the wicked? (Acts 1:9-11)
2015-8-06 4 Headed Beasts in Revelation: Is this talking about the way the Levitical Priests went through the desert, & so Revelation 5 having something to do w/ that? [Revelation 5]
2015-8-06 Transformed into Christ: What is the purpose of going through process of the trials & tribulations in order to be transformed? Why can't we just skip it all & be in the image of Christ immediately? [Romans 8:29, 12:1-2, Hebrews 2:10]
2015-8-05 God forgets our Sin: God forgets our sins, it says in the Old Testament, the Sea of Forgetfulness, but it also says every idle word will be held against us? [Micah 7:9, Matthew 12:36]
2015-8-05 Loving Your Enemies: God was pretty severe w/ His own people, let alone His own enemies, but how do we reconcile the way He is in the New Testament?