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2018-10-25 Solomon & His 700 wives & 300 Concubines: Why did Solomon have concubines in the Bible? Was the purpose of a concubine for childbearing?
2018-10-25 Physical Blessing & Spiritual Blessing: A type & antitype, physical blessings parallel to spiritual blessings today, do you think that is right? [Deuteronomy 30:15-20, Ephesians 1: 3-14]
2018-10-25 Christianity Statistics: By the year 2023 only 5% of the population is going to be Christian? Do you have to actually believe in Jesus or would your conscience be enough?
2018-10-25 Blessing Israel: Caller feels we need to bless Israel, whether it's pagan or not. [Genesis 12:3]
2018-10-25 No Hell in OT: There's no mention of hell in the Old Testament, so doesn't that stand to reason that it's not going to be bad as some people think it is of an eternal torment? Wouldn't you think God would do everything they could do to warn people?
2018-10-25 Hell: Isn't there a 4th view of hell, eternal separation from God?
2018-10-25 Differing Views of Hell: What about people who have never heard of Jesus, or, who just are not ready to accept Him yet?
2018-10-25 Judged by Faith or Works or both: Are we judged by faith or works, or faith & works?
2018-10-25 Jesus going to Hell: Did Jesus really descend into hell?
2018-10-25 Mormons & JW's: What do you think of Mormons/LDS & JWs?
2018-10-23 Chronological Bible: Is there such a thing as chronological Bible or chronological source I can get that puts everything in the OT in Chronological order?
2018-10-23 Numbering the People: Why did Chronicles include the story of David "numbering the people" and not Samuel?
2018-10-23 Jesus Emptying Himself: Did Jesus give up His deity on the cross? Did He give up some of His divinity when He was here? [John 5:30, Philippians 2:7-9]
2018-10-23 Armor of God: What does it mean to put on the full armour of God? How do you walk in the Spirit? [Ephesians 6:10-20]
2018-10-23 Bible Translations: What is the best translation of the Bible?
2018-10-23 John the Baptist & Humility: Is this is talking about John the Baptist & having humility? [Isaiah 40:4]
2018-10-23 Can't Lose your Salvation: Eternal security, once saved always saved discussion, nothing can separate from the love of God (opposed to ALWAYS saved) [Romans 8:35-39, Proverbs 2:6]
2018-10-23 Gospel over Testimony: The gospel in & of itself seems to be more powerful than personal testimony.
2018-10-23 Illegal Immigration: What is our duty regarding the insurgence of illegal immigrants from Honduras?
2018-10-22 Man of Lawlessness: I was listening to Kenneth Gentry & he thinks the Man of Lawlessness was Nero. If it wasn't him, then who was/is it? [2 Thessalonians 2:1-8]
2018-10-22 Gambling: Am I contributing to other people's gambling problems doing what I'm doing in gambling by being proficient at playing Poker?
2018-10-22 The Anti-Christ & the Abomination of Desolation: The image of the anti-Christ & the abomination of desolation, is this in the middle of the tribulation? [Matthew 24:25]
2018-10-22 Demon-Possessed People: Are demon-possessed people inherently lost? In other words, can Christians be demon-possessed, because I thought they were supposed to have the Holy Spirit?
2018-10-22 Giving Someone a Glass of Water: What does this verse mean about giving someone a glass of water? [Matthew 10:42]
2018-10-22 Interlinear Bible: I'm looking for a good interlinear Septuagint bible that has that has hebrew, greek & English. Do you have any ideas?
2018-10-22 Gambling might be a good thing: Caller thinks you can legitimately gamble to help build a church.
2018-10-19 Me-Too Movement: What about this Me-too Movement, some women falsely accusing people of rape.
2018-10-19 Feed My Sheep: "Feed My sheep", is this negative or positive connotation here?
2018-10-19 Pride: What is pride? Is there a pride that is not a sin? How do we define it?
2018-10-19 The Book of Ecclesiastes: Who was Ecclesiastes written to & why?
2018-10-19 Dispensationalists: Dispensationalists trying to pull scripture to support the millennial sacrificial system
2018-10-19 Mllennium: Did you say some church fathers also were premillennial?
2018-10-19 Calvinism & the Sovereignty of God: The Calvinist definition of God's sovereignty discussion.
2018-10-19 Lectures on Relationships: Where can I find your lectures on Relationships?
2018-10-19 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit, Mary's pregnancy. [1 Corinthians 14:33] (Editor's Note: I frankly have NO idea what the caller is talking about!)
2018-10-19 Marijuana Use: What can you tell me about marijuana use? I think I keep thinking I have victory over it & then don't.
2018-10-18 Differences of Opinions: How do we know how to determine when it may be acceptable to disagree and when it is dangerous?
2018-10-18 Studying the Bible: Is it possible studying the Bible is a bad thing? What is required when studying it?
2018-10-18 Original Sin: Are we born sinners?
2018-10-18 Dispensationalism: Can you please explain Dispensationalism?
2018-10-18 Job & His Friends: Job friend's Elihu, Bildad, Zophar & Eliphaz, Ehilu didn't have to repent at the end because a prophet?
2018-10-18 Jesus Second Coming: Is Jesus on the white horse or do we meet Him in the air?
2018-10-18 Salvation in the Old Testament & Samson: How were people saved in OT times? was samson saved? Is Jesus on the white horse or do we meet Him in the air?
2018-10-18 Eating, Drinking, & being Merry: Why would God allow so many people to not be saved? Only a few people are going to be taking the Narrow Path, why does satan's way seem more appealing?
2018-10-18 Being Blinded: The god of the world blinding the mind, what does that mean? [2 Corinthians 4:4]
2018-10-18 Women Leadership: So women can't have authority over a that true? [Timothy 2:12]
2018-10-17 Calvinism-Election: I was at church the other day & Calvinists seemed to be reading way more into this passage of Scripture than should be. What do you think? [Acts 18:9-11]
2018-10-17 Christian Lifestyle: Attempting to live an obedient life but the pull of the world so overpowering.
2018-10-17 Trinity: Trinity, disagrees about the "One", wasn't Jesus begotten prior to the Incarnation?
2018-10-17 Having Children: What does Steve think about having children in this day & age? [Psalms 127:3-5]