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2015-2-17 Free Love: During the 1960s it seemed to go completely against the Bible, that if you hadn't had a sexual relationship before you were married, you were insane.
2015-2-17 King David - Polygamy: The other day the caller heard Steve saying how there was no specific commandment against Polygamy in the Old Testament, but he cites a passage in Deuteronomy. [Deuteronomy 17:16-17]
2015-2-17 Fellowship & Doctrines: It doesn't seem to be about fellowship, but it seems to be about differences (of doctrine) in the church nowadays. Why are we so divided?
2015-2-17 Interpreting the Bible: How do we interpret the Bible? Using the Bible for current Social Issues.
2015-2-17 Possible Fulfillment: Is Matthew 27:52-53 a fulfillment of Ezekiel 37:12? [Matthew 27:52-53, Ezekiel 37:12]
2015-2-17 Biblical Interpretation - Coming Messiah: What is the meaning of Isaiah 32:2? [Isaiah 32:2]
2015-2-16 Old Nature vs New Nature: So if you have the Holy Spirit in you once you accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior, what makes a person still sin? [Galatians 5:17]
2015-2-16 Holiness & Sanctification Process: Every 5 years the members of a church have to go through the process of elders asking them questions about their personal life.
2015-2-16 Governing of Man: The Government making up laws that are not biblical, is that okay?
2015-2-16 The Book of Philemon: Can Steve explain the book of Philemon, especially in relation to slavery, and also explain verse 6? [Philemon 1, Philemon 1:6]
2015-2-16 Head Coverings: A woman caller thinks her conscience is telling her that she should wear head coverings. [1 Corinthians 11:3-10].
2015-2-16 Head Coverings: Isn't the head covering the actual hair itself?
2015-2-13 Pastor's Family: Should the entire family (wife, children) of the Pastor be saved, or can they be reckless, just as long as he's saved? [1 Timothy 3:1-7]
2015-2-13 Pastors, Elders & Overseers: We hear about appointing Elders & Overseers, but what about Pastors? Ephesians 4:11 is the only place it talks about them. [Ephesians 4:11]
2015-2-13 Calvinism: You said that God wonders why people do bad instead of following Him, so, people can decide to do good or bad. What verses do you have that debunks Calvinism?
2015-2-13 Being Selected as an Elder: What is the proper way to be chosen as an Elder of the church? What about the laying on of hands when you choose people for leadership of the church?
2015-2-13 The word "quickly" in Revelation: What about the word, "quickly" on both ends of the book of Revelation?
2015-2-13 Jesus' Resurrection: What day of the week was Jesus crucified if He was supposed to not have risen until the 3rd day, which most people believe to be Sunday morning?
2015-2-13 Pastors: Is Steve suggesting that having one Pastor for a church is wrong?
2015-2-12 God Creating Humans: So God took a gamble by creating us, not knowing if we were going to pass the test or not of eating the forbidden fruit?
2015-2-12 Tribulation & Rapture: Are Christians going to go through the Tribulation or part of it before the Rapture happens?
2015-2-12 Calvinism - Repenting: If someone has the power to repent & another doesn't, doesn't that mean you are a better person than them or taking glory in your repentance?
2015-2-12 "The Way of the Master": What does Steve think of using "The Way of the Master" method in witnessing?
2015-2-12 Forgiving: Do I still have to forgive someone who never repents?
2015-2-12 Tithing: We still have to tithe, don't we, so what about all the other law & commandments of the Old Testament?
2015-2-12 Attire in Church: Does it dishonor God to come to church in casual clothing? Is it biblical or mandated that we have to come in our best clothes?
2015-2-12 Abandoning the Old Testament: Since we are no longer under the Old Covenant, shouldn't we just abandon the Old Testament altogether?
2015-2-11 Angels Ascending & Descending: Is there a record of this actually happening, Nathaniel seeing angels ascending & descending on the Son of Man? [John 1:47-51, Genesis 28:12]
2015-2-11 Binding & Loosing: Does binding & loosing have to do with more than just church discipline? [Matthew 16:18-19]
2015-2-11 Final Judgment - White Thone: Is there ONE judgment, for both the righteous & the unrighteous? Wouldn't it take forever & forever to go through millions or billions of people? [John 5:28]
2015-2-11 Heaven: What is Heaven, where is Heaven & what will we do there?
2015-2-11 Salted with Fire: Does this make sense, being "Salted with Fire"? [Mark 9:42-49]
2015-2-11 Capital Punishment: Did Jesus abolish capital punishment since they stopped stoning for a whole score of offenses that you'd get stoned for in the Old Testament?
2015-2-11 Hell - Eternal Separation: How can Steve not know the answer to, "How can we be in Heaven worshipping God if our loved ones are being tortured by Him?"
2015-2-11 Holy Spirit & Differing Interpretation of Bible: How can there be SO many interpretations of certain Scripture verses, & them all claiming to have the same Holy Spirit in them?
2015-2-10 Dragon or Beast in Revelation 13: In some versions of the Bible it says in Revelation 13:1 that it is a "beast" & some versions say it's a "dragon". Which is it?
2015-2-10 Calvinism & Capitalism: Did Calvinism encourage a work ethnic to make sure they were part of "The Elect"? Could this be what prompted Capitalism in this country?
2015-2-10 Adam & Eve & the Fall: If Adam & Eve hadn't succumbed to the eating of the Tree of the Knowledge, isn't it possible that someone eventually would have?
2015-2-10 King of Tyre or an Angel (Lucifer): It seems it is talking about an angel in the latter part of [Ezekiel 28].
2015-2-10 A. W. Pink & Calvinism: What can you tell me about AW Pink? Was he a Cessationist, & was his book, "Sovereignty of God" strongly Calvinistic?
2015-2-10 People in the Bible-Applied to Us Today: Even though they are not written to us, we can relate to stuff that happened to other people in the Bible?.
2015-2-10 "Coming in the Clouds": "Son of Man of coming in the clouds" of heaven. [Luke 21:27]
2015-2-10 Miracles & Unbelief: Was the reason that Jesus did not do miracles at times because of their unbelief? [Matthew 13:58]
2015-2-10 Tithing: Is it unbiblical to divide the 10% to different churches instead of just one church?
2015-2-10 Pastor Father & Son Relationship: Caller feels very alone, that he can't even talk to his father who is a pastor, & trying to figure out why.
2015-2-10 Baptism: Is it necessary to be baptized in order to go to heaven?
2015-2-10 "Heaven is for Real": Does Steve give credence to the movie, "Heaven is for Real"?
2015-2-09 God being Unisex: So He made Adam unisex until God separated Eve out of him, & both were equal, until the curse, then man took headship, until the resurrection of Jesus?
2015-2-09 Grace over the Law: Are we still supposed to be absolutely obedient to Christ even though we are under grace, which Martin Luther believed we were under.
2015-2-09 Wesleyanism - Wesleyan Theology: What are the distinctives of the Wesleyan Church? I know they believe in "Total Sanctification", & they ordain women, but what else?