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2015-9-21 Calvinism: How can someone who is God-hating & dead in their sins choose Christ?
2015-9-21 Atheists: Are most Atheists former Christians?
2015-9-21 Same-sex marriage & Homosexuality: Caller likes Steve's lectures on the biblical reasons why homosexuality & same-sex marriage are wrong.
2015-9-21 Teaching, traveling, lectures: Caller appreciates Steve's ministry, his ability to be able to teach across the country, have lectures that are the perfect length, etc.
2015-9-21 Amillennialism: Caller thinks that the reason people USED to believe in Amillennialism is because they couldn't see Revelation being fulfilled like it is 1,800 yrs later, but thinks Dispensationalism is unfolding before her eyes.
2015-9-21 Ronald Dart - Soul Sleep: What does Steve think about Soul Sleep? (Caller revealed later that Dart was part of the World Wide Church of God, not SDA)
2015-9-21 The 10 Virgins Parable: Since the Virgins all "rose" at the same time, isn't that proof that they were all believers? [1 Thessalonians 4:16, Matthew 25:1-13]
2015-9-21 Revelation being fulfilled in present time: Are we in the period of time of?, the caller would like to know. [Revelation 3:9]
2015-9-17 Zechariah Study: Did Steve finish the Zechariah study that he had been working on?
2015-9-17 Israel & the Church: Isn't Israel still God's special people?
2015-9-17 The Nation of Israel: Isn't it a miracle the nation of Israel forming into a country in 1948?
2015-9-17 Lord's Supper in the New Covenant: Where can I find out about the Lord's Supper & the New Covenant involving it? [Matthew 26:17-26, Mark 14:12, Luke 22:7-22, 1 Corinthians 11:17-34]
2015-9-17 Passover & the Lord's Supper: Are the Passover & the Lord's Supper the same thing? [Matthew 26:26]
2015-9-17 John Paul Jackson: Is John Paul Jackson a good preacher to listen to?
2015-9-17 Revelation & Slaves: This is about the 3rd time this caller called to talk about Revelation & Slaves. [Revelation 22:18-19]
2015-9-17 Christianity & the LGBT community: Why are Christians so harsh to other people, including to the LGBT community?
2015-9-17 God of the OT & NT: Why did God seem so much harsh in the OT more than Jesus, also God, was in the NT?
2015-9-17 Roman Catholics & the Eucharist: How can people think they are literally eating & drinking Jesus when they participate in the Eucharist? [John 6:40-65]
2015-9-16 Jehovah's Witness & only calling God Jehovah: Why the insistence of only calling God "Jehovah", translating it as such, by the Jehovah's Witnesses?
2015-9-16 JW's & Jesus NOT being God: Just because people bowed down to Jesus does not mean that He's God, a JW claims.
2015-9-16 Blood Moons: Can Steve please talk about the Blood Moons, even though he may have already talked about them?
2015-9-16 Roman Catholic Church & the Vatican: Why does the church pray to Mary, among other things?
2015-9-16 Communion: What is Communion for, what are we supposed to do with it, how important is it? Why has it become so ritualistic?
2015-9-16 Steve Gregg makes a comment Re: Question about Communion: Re: the last Q, Steve makes an announcement that a lot of people might disagree w/ him about what he just said about Communion (or might disagree on something for that matter), & wants people to call in & say what their disagreement is on that or ANYTHING & is not saying it w/ any bravado.
2015-9-16 The Modern Nation of Israel: Can Steve please expound on Ezekiel 37 & Romans 11, if Israel is not going to be a major player, have a nation again, in the end time? {Ezekiel 37, Romans 11:22-32]
2015-9-16 The Church as a Moral Authority: What does Steve think about the church as being a moral authority for society today?
2015-9-15 Church Buildings & Organization: Caller has just read, "Pagan Christianity" & was wondering about Church buildings & organizations, & fundraising for it. What does Steve think about that?
2015-9-15 Jewish ancestry: Caller wanted to discuss the religion or culture of the Jewish nation, especially Judah.
2015-9-15 The Dating of the Book of Revelation: What is the ONE thing that makes Steve think the book of Revelation was written before 70 AD?
2015-9-15 Jews being still being God's Chosen People: Is Israel still God's chosen people?
2015-9-15 Sabbath or Sunday: Are we supposed to worship on Sabbath (Saturday) or Sunday?
2015-9-14 Souls & Spirits: What exactly happened during the resurrection of people rising the same time Jesus did? Were there spirits & souls in the them? What does this have to do w/ soul sleep, a conscience existence, etc.? [Matthew 27:52-53]
2015-9-14 End Time Events, Obama, Establishment of Israel: Caller was listening to a lady who had some pretty specific scripture for stuff that has been happening in the last days & wants Steve's thoughts on it.
2015-9-14 Being Aware of the Gospel: Everyone seems to have at least a somewhat knowledge of the gospel, but what are going to happen to the people who had never heard the gospel, people from 3rd world countries?
2015-9-14 Gospel being Preached to all the World: Is Jesus here talking about just the nation of the Israel here or the whole literal world? {Matthew 24:14]
2015-9-14 Calvinism: Did God preordain people to be saved no matter what, sovereignty verses free will?
2015-9-14 Graven Images & wearing a cross on a necklace: Is wearing a cross on a necklace considered worshipping a "graven image"?
2015-9-14 Prepping or Storing Food: Are you a believer in storing/prepping of food, etc. for a time of trouble?
2015-9-14 God "trying" to kill Moses: what was happening w/ God trying to "kill" Moses in [Exodus 4:24]?
2015-9-11 Free Will: Caller shared a story involving Lisa Cook & her grandfather who didn't accept Jesus even on his deathbed.
2015-9-11 Teaching Steve's book on the 4 views of Revelation: Caller is about to teach a class using Steve's book & wants some pointers on how to do it, Revelation, Dispensationalism, Replacement theology, Supersessionism.
2015-9-11 Map to Heaven: The Bible is the only way to Heaven. cute comments by a 9 yr old who had called 2 days prior about God creating us.
2015-9-11 Request for Prayer: Request for prayer for 9/11/01 victim's families.
2015-9-11 Tree of "Wisdom" (Knowledge of Good & Evil): Why did God put the Tree of "Wisdom" (he meant knowledge of good & evil) if He didn't want them to partake of it? For tempting? Testing? Was Adam an atheist?
2015-9-11 Disagreement about Canon of Bible: Little convoluted in what his actual disagreement w/ Steve was on the Canon of Scripture....slavery, & other stuff.
2015-9-11 Wealth & The Ministry: What is wrong w/ ministries getting a lot of money?
2015-9-11 Transgression vs Sin: What is the difference between "Transgression" & "Sin"? [Genesis 6:1-13, Romans 4:15]
2015-9-10 Davidic Covenant How does Israel's rejection of Jesus affect the Davidic Covenant, whether you're a Premillennialist or an Amillennialist? [2 Samuel 7:12]
2015-9-10 Premillennialism vs Amillennialism: Can you please educate me on the difference between Premillennialism & Amillennialism?
2015-9-10 Baptism Should baptism be done in only the name of Jesus or the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit? [Acts 2:38, Matthew 28:19]