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2014-7-03 Edom: Where do you get your information that Edom was taken out before Jesus' time?
2014-7-03 Future Temple: Is there a Future Temple to be built? [Ezekiel 40-48]
2014-7-03 Evangelical & Charismatic: Are Evangelicalism & Charismatic in harmony w/ each other?
2014-7-03 Finding a Church & the Music played in them: How do you go about finding a good church at an older age, or, what if the church you used to go to has radically changed since you last attended there in your youth?
2014-7-03 Wesleyan Church: What can you tell me about the Wesleyan Church?
2014-7-03 Finding a good Church [Steve lost internet connection right as she was invited to start speaking] Caller just wanted to comment about finding a good church. She feels the Lord's recovery founded by witness lee and watchman nee is that perfect church. [that was very wise of her to just continue talking!] [& then he lost connection again at the end of the conversation.]
2014-7-03 Elements Melting w/ Fervent Heat: How's the world going to be different than it is today? [2 Peter 3:10, Revelation 22:3]
2014-7-03 Grass-Roots Churches: You said something about setting up a list of churches in areas of like-minded believers. What were you saying about how to coordinate that?
2014-7-01 Being anathematized & not using Study Bibles: Martin Luther was anathematized because he left the church, & you say we shouldn't be using Study Guide Bibles.
2014-7-01 Divinity of Jesus & 2nd Godhead of Trinity: Don't you believe in the Divinity of Jesus & that He's the 2nd part of the Godhead?
2014-7-01 Self-interpretation of the Bible: Isn't it sort've scary to have self-interpretation of the Bible since you can be learning about the wrong Jesus? Isn't the Church a pillar of the truth? [2 Peter 1:20]
2014-7-01 Amillennialism & End time events: As an Partial Preterist, 5Amillennialist, do you know of any signs that are to happen right before Christ comes back?
2014-7-01 The state of Israel being formed in 1948: What do you say about the miraculous events of Israel being able to become a country again?
2014-7-01 Unbelievers & the Bema & White Throne Judgment: What happens to unbelievers at the end? What is the difference between the Bema & White Throne Judgment?
2014-7-01 Modern-Day Apostles: Caller claims he is ordained by God as an Apostle, & explains his story & explains what he thinks is the difference between Apostles & the other offices in the church or spiritual gifts. The one main difference being able to retain or remit sins.
2014-7-01 Roman Catholic Church & the Bible: It's true that the RCC claims they believe in the Bible, but they need to READ the Bible & learn & do what it says.
2014-7-01 Traditions of the Catholic Church: How to make people see beyond the Veil of the Roman Catholic Church, that is the problem.
2014-7-01 Being a Disciple of Christ: You are only a Disciple of Christ if you have LOVE for one another, isn't that right? What are you if you are NOT truly a disciple of Christ?
2014-7-01 Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses: I've engaged in conversation w/ JW's....they seem to have a lot of knowledge even though misguided.
2014-7-01 Disowning Christ or Remaining Faithful: Christ might not deny us even though we deny Him, so we can't really lose our salvation, can we? [2 Timothy 2:11-13]
2014-7-01 Refuting the Bible was just written by men: Do you have anything that I could have people who say that the Bible is just a common book, just written by men, listen to?
2014-6-30 Being Redeemed from the Depths of Hell: Can you expound on the people who will never be redeemed because of the clutches of evil they found themselves in?
2014-6-30 Jesus' Second Coming: Nowhere does it say that Jesus would be coming w/ the saints but the angels only. [Acts 1:9-11, Matthew 25:31, 1 Thessalonians 4]
2014-6-30 Marriage & Divorce: If you marry, get divorced, get remarried & then repent, how can you be remain in the 2nd marriage if you truly repent & your first spouse is still alive? Wouldn't you be guilty of adultery? [Mark 10:1-12]
2014-6-30 Joy of the Lord: Joy of the Lord amidst turmoil.
2014-6-30 Meteorology: Can people help support my short program for meteorology so I can make a living? I have to make more than my social security.
2014-6-30 Glitch of the air: There seemed to be a glitch on the radio program over the air when you were answering my question about hell.
2014-6-30 Messianic Prophecy: Is this a Messianic prophecy about Jesus being born in Bethlehem? [Micah 5:2]
2014-6-27 Parable of the Wheat & Tares: Is the Parable of the Wheat & Tares talking about End of the World or the end of the Old Jewish Covenant? Who are the Wheat & Tares? [Matthew 13:24-52]
2014-6-27 Christian Martyrdom: What is the best book on Christian Martyrdom?
2014-6-27 Steve Gregg Debates: Have you ever debated Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses or Muslims?
2014-6-27 Blessings & Woes: Can you please tell me about the Blessings & Woes in Luke because I seem to align myself w/ the woes but not really the blessings? [Luke 6:20-26]
2014-6-27 Books of Acts complete: Was there supposed to be some more things after the last official of verse where Paul was preaching about the Kingdom of God? [Acts 28:31]
2014-6-27 The Sonnini Manuscript - Acts 29: Have you heard of the Sonnini Manuscript that include an Acts 29? Is it a valid chapter?
2014-6-27 Apostles & Prophets: What do you think about the Spiritual Gifts of Apostles & Prophets for this day & age? [1 Corinthians 12:1-11, 2 Corinthians 8, Romans 12:3-8]
2014-6-27 Foundation of Apostles & Prophets: Some think the cessation of Spiritual Gifts has happened, has stopped, because of a verse in Ephesians. What do you say? [Ephesians 2:20]
2014-6-27 Six literal Days: Isn't time Relative? So the 6 days of Creation doesn't have to be 24 literal days, does it? [Genesis 1-2]
2014-6-26 New Great Commission School: What's going w/ your Great Commission School? Haven't heard much about it lately.
2014-6-26 Dangerous Views of Hell: Aren't the alternative views of hell that you teach doing a little bit of a disservice, saying that you will just be annihilated or that you have a possibility of repenting in hell?
2014-6-26 Forgiving Others: We aren't supposed to forgive people who don't forgive others, isn't that right? [Ephesians 4:32, Matthew 18:23-35]
2014-6-26 Hell: Caller comments his version of why it has to be eternal hell fire, because of the Light of God radiating.
2014-6-26 Ananias & Sapphira: Regarding hell "scaring people into Salvation", isn't that sort've what happened during the incident of Ananias & Sapphira & throwing fear into the church? [Acts 5:1-11]
2014-6-26 R C Sprouls & the Reformed Church: I was wondering what the United Reformed Church was being "reformed" from?
2014-6-26 United Reformed Church: Do you do you know anything about the United Reformed Church?
2014-6-26 Forgiveness: Supervisor has a shady character. How do you deal w/ somebody who is very questionable?
2014-6-26 Studying Early Church: Studying Early Church History is so beneficial.
2014-6-26 Hell & Forgiveness: If God commands us to forgive forever, doesn't it stand to reason that God would do the same thing....even though someone just happens to die?
2014-6-26 Logos Coming on Jesus when Born: Would Jesus still have been able to function as a Man if the Logos hadn't come upon Him when He was born?
2014-6-25 Babylon being the Vatican: What do you think about Babylon being the Vatican, "Come out of her, My people"? [Revelation 18:4-5]
2014-6-25 Discipling Children: What is the Biblical way to disciplining your children? [Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 22:15, Proverbs 23:13-14, Proverbs 22:6]