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2016-12-07 Glorifying God: How do you glorify God? How do you bear fruit? [John 15:8]
2016-12-07 The Book of Revelation: Can it be seen as a courtroom throughout the book? (general discussion of the various topics in the Book, letters, visions, 7 seals & trumpets).
2016-12-07 Gold & jewels described in Heaven: Even though man likes those metals down here, why would that be enticing for us? Just foliage of living green would be more enticing.
2016-12-07 UFO's in Scripture: In Ezekiel 1:4-15 is it talking about a UFO? [Ezekiel 1:4-15]
2016-12-07 Heresies in "Christianity Today": The Christianity Today magazine had an article in it called, "Our Favorite Heresies", & Caller thought it is was a little weird.
2016-12-07 Cain's wife: Where did Cain & Abel get their wives?
2016-12-07 Death - Presence of God or Soul Sleep: Caller doesn't think it makes sense that we go to heaven after we die since we are going to be resurrected when Jesus comes back?
2016-12-07 Eastern Orthodox Church: Praying for the dead, & praying to the dead?
2016-12-07 Prophecy: What is role of the spiritual gift of prophecy for today?
2016-12-05 Mormons: Are Mormons Christian, Christian heretics or a cult, & can they be saved if they are a cult?
2016-12-05 Unbelieving Wife/Secret Rapture: Wants to save my wife, make her have an interest in Jesus, & thinks the "Secret Rapture" would actually help her & so hopes he can stay behind & help her. He prayed for that. Was that wrong?
2016-12-05 Reincarnation: Caller's sister believes she can prove reincarnation from the Bible. Caller wants to be able to show her from a Christian perspective it's not true.
2016-12-05 Where the Body is, show will the Eagles Be: Caller wants to know what Matthew 24:36-44 is exactly talking about. [Luke 17:26-32, Matthew 24:36-44]
2016-12-05 Laughing Pastor/Strange Doctrines: Caller went to a convention, preacher started laughing, the whole congregation started laughing, why all this "strange doctrine" in the church?
2016-12-02 "In the world, but not OF the world": What does it mean to be "in the World but not OF the world"? [john 17:14-16]
2016-12-02 Father of Lights: Why is it plural "Lights" in James 1:17? [James 1:17]
2016-12-02 Partial info given in each Gospel: Are there examples where Jesus says additional information from what He says in one gospel like He does when talking about cause for divorce?"
2016-12-02 Tracts only havsing Limited Information: Caller concerned that there's not enough information in a tract on how to become a Christian, only saying a sinner's prayer.
2016-12-02 Jews vs Gentiles accepting gospel: Why does it seem the Gentiles accepted the gospel more readily than the Jews?
2016-12-02 King Solomon: Did Solomon die in his sins or climb out before he did?
2016-12-02 Hebrew Israelites: They believe Salvation is only for the Hebrews. What is a Gentile? Caller would like more evidence that the gospel is for the Jews also.
2016-12-01 Resurrection on the Last Day: Is the Resurrection on the last day for both the righteous & the wicked? [John 5:24, Rev 22, Daniel 12:2]
2016-12-01 Rulers Contradiction: Is there a contradiction between Hebrews 13:17 & 2 Corinthians 1:24 about submitting to others? [Hebrews 13:17 & 2 Corinthians 1:24]
2016-12-01 Benny Hinn: Does Steve have any thoughts on Benny Hinn?
2016-12-01 Converting Spouse: Caller has been trying to expose his wife to Jesus, & have her accept Jesus, & would like advice from Steve the best way to do that.
2016-12-01 Reincarnation & Resurrection: The difference between reincarnation in contrast to a judgment & a resurrection.
2016-12-01 Positive & negative thinking: Caller wants to point out that the way you think affects the way your life turns out. [Proverbs 23:7]
2016-11-30 Recognizing people in Heaven: Are we going to recognize people in heaven?
2016-11-30 Samson Breaking Vows: The Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson & he would often break his vow. [Judges 16]
2016-11-30 Rapture: Did I hear you right-That you do not believe in the "Rapture"?
2016-11-30 Atheist Question number 1 - Bible Confusion: If God's not Author of confusion, why is the Bible more confusing that anything else in history?
2016-11-30 Atheist Question number 2 - God's Omnipotence: If God is omnipotent, how could He change something?
2016-11-30 Old Friend of Steve Calls (Ed): Ed just wanted to call & say hi & reflect on old times.
2016-11-30 Samson (Calling to disagree): Caller calling to disagree w/ what Steve said earlier in the show about Samson.
2016-11-30 Second Coming of Jesus: Dead came out of the grave when Jesus rose, so when He comes in again, will it be the 2nd coming or the 3rd coming?
2016-11-30 First Love: Caller wants to find his first love & fire of Jesus that he had before & wants recommendations on how to do that!
2016-11-29 Apostolic Succession: The Catholic or Eastern Orthodox seems to think they have the succession of apostles from Peter. Do they have any evidence?
2016-11-29 Constantine & the Catholic Church: The Catholic church didn't even exist until Constantine, so no bishops of Rome before then, is the caller's thought.
2016-11-29 DIDN'T believe in Jesus: Shouldn't be in verse 31 of John 8 say that they DIDN'T believe in Jesus in relation to the rest of the passage of Scripture in John? [John 8:31-59]
2016-11-29 Lawsuits: Are Christians allowed to sue people?
2016-11-29 "Eat My Body"/Communion: What did Jesus mean by "Eat My Body" & why did so many people leave Him as a result of Him saying this? [John 6:40, 54]
2016-11-29 Love & war: Caller is having trouble harmonizing loving your enemy but then war being acceptable?
2016-11-29 Unpardonable Sin: No one mentions blaspheming the Holy Spirit as saying that Jesus was Beelzebub, why not? Is it just denying Jesus to the bitter end? [Matthew 12:25-32]
2016-11-28 Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles by Steve Stiles: Caller is getting Steve's book on the 4 views on Revelation, & wondering if he co-authored the book with Steve Stiles called "Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles".
2016-11-28 Conscience: Michael the Buddhist wonders about your own conscience verses what the Bible says to do or not do & eating animals.
2016-11-28 Gap-theory & Lucifer: There is a gap theory, & Lucifer was created during that time (as opposed to being evil from the beginning).
2016-11-28 King Saul: Why did God give Israel Saul as the first king?
2016-11-28 Regret in Heaven: Even though a person might be saved, is it true they won't be happy if they fail to really obey God while down here on earth?
2016-11-28 War in Heaven: What heaven is this in reference to regarding this war, how do angels fight, and is it them we are fighting with now in spiritual warfare? [Revelation 12, Ephesians 6:12]
2016-11-23 Praying in the name of Jesus: Why are some prayers not answered if we are promised that if we ask in His name it will be answered?