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2016-3-04 Fellowship Circles: In fact, just how far can you actually fellowship with people who don't see stuff the same way you do, especially unbelievers?
2016-3-04 Holy Spirit & the Trinity: How do we deal with people who don't believe in the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity?
2016-3-04 Jesus Descending to Hades: Caller thinks Jesus descended to hell like the Scripture seems to indicate because it was the "sign of Jonah". Steve's thoughts to that? [Ephesians 4:9, Matthew 12:40, Jonah 2:1-2]
2016-3-04 12 Tribes of Israel & Jewish Purity: Where did the Tribes of Israel come from & are there still tribes that are completely of the pure Jewish race? Are the Native Indians descendants of Jews?
2016-3-03 Forgiving an Unrepentant Person: What about forgiving someone who hasn't repented to you? [Luke 17:3-4, Matthew 18:21-35, Revelation 6:9-10]
2016-3-03 Informing the Guilty Party: What if the guilty person doesn't know they they need to ask for forgiveness, repentance?
2016-3-03 Sacrificing for your Enemies: So you'd sacrifice yourself for ISIS?
2016-3-03 Catholics & Protestants Believe in Same God: Catholics & Protestants might get their information from different sources, but they believe in the same God. But the question is, if you say some books aren't part of the Bible, aren't you also following tradition?
2016-3-03 Taking Care of Widows: Who should take care of the widows?
2016-3-03 Demonology & Auras: A fortune teller told me that I had a darkness, a lot of demons surrounding me. Is there anything to this?
2016-3-03 Calvinism: I have some friends that believe in Unconditional Election yet also believe in Free will. What do you think? Isn't that sort've a contradiction.
2016-3-03 Outside Sources of the Bible & Jesus: Is there anything outside the Bible that proves the existence of the Bible & Jesus?
2016-3-02 Don't be afraid to Call: Steve makes the announcement about not being afraid to call the show to ask your question.
2016-3-02 Forgiving ISIS: What about unconditionally forgiving ISIS?
2016-3-02 Forgiving Others & Unconditional Love: Unconditional love, forcible resistance,
2016-3-02 Passover Date Conflicts: It says in the synoptic gospels that Jesus & His disciples celebrated Passover the night before His Crucifixion, but the gospel of John points out that it wasn't until the actual trial day. How come? [John 18:28]
2016-3-02 Spirit will Return to God: What does the word, "spirit" mean in Ecclesiastes? [Ecclesiastes 12:7]
2016-3-02 "Gather Together": In 2 Thessalonians 2, what does, "gathering together of believers" mean? (synagogue) [2 Thessalonians 2:1]
2016-3-02 Life More Abundant: According to a verse in John, what does it mean to have life & have it more abundantly? [John 10:10]
2016-3-02 Joy Dawson & Inner Healing: What do you think of Joy Dawson & Inner healing?
2016-3-02 Steve Gregg's Handling of Difficult Calls: How is Steve Gregg doing & how does he deal with all these hard questions while remaining with a firm footing?
2016-3-02 Taking Parts of the Bible Literally: How do we know what to take literal, especially numbers in Revelation?
2016-3-01 Anointing Houses: How we are supposed to anoint/bless objects such as houses?
2016-3-01 Demons Attaching to Inanimate Objects: Does the Bible say anything about demons that are attached to objects?
2016-3-01 God Making Himself Known: Why doesn’t God reveal Himself in a way that can’t be refuted?
2016-3-01 YHWH-Yahweh-Jehovah: The tetragrammaton YHWH has been made into Yahweh & Jehovah, I have a real problem with the made up word "Jehovah" for God, & we aren't supposed to take His name in vain.
2016-3-01 David & Goliath: Someone says there's contradiction about who really killed Goliath. [1 Chronicles 20:5, 2 Samuel 21:19]
2016-3-01 Israelites in Egypt: Is there evidence of Israel actually being slaves in Egypt?
2016-3-01 Health & Wealth Doctrine: What about this phenomenon of being called out from the congregation & being prophesied over that you are going to be healthy & wealthy. [1 Corinthians 14]
2016-3-01 Spiritual Knowledge but "Given Over:: What about a person who seems like a Christian because of their spiritual knowledge but seems to be anything but a Christian?
2016-3-01 Reprobates Unqualified: Are reprobates rejected from being saved? What is a reprobates? What about homosexuals?
2016-2-29 Christians Sinning: Why do believers choose to sin after they are saved?
2016-2-29 Free Will & No Sin in Eternity: How will we have no sin on the other side of glory, but yet still have free will?
2016-2-29 Forgiving People: So if we forgive others & their sins, even Hitler, God will forgive them? [John 20:23]
2016-2-29 Psychology: Why do so many Christians even have trouble with calling sin sin & call it mental health issues?
2016-2-29 Dealing with JW's friends: What is the best way to deal with friends who are Jehovah's Witnesses?
2016-2-29 Jewish Sacrificial System: How often did the Jewish people have to animal sacrifices?
2016-2-29 Forgiving People who don't Repent: In order to receive forgiveness we have to repent, but what about people who don't repent, but I still have to forgive them, doesn’t that make me more merciful than God?
2016-2-26 Psychiatric Medication: Psychiatric medications for Mental Illness, but some of these mental illnesses can be physical so require medication.
2016-2-26 Binding & Loosing: What was the Binding & Loosing that Jesus was talking about? [Matthew 16:19]
2016-2-26 Tell No Man I'm Christ: Why didn't He want people to know He was Christ? [Matthew 16:20, Matthew 26:41]
2016-2-26 Alcohol & Street Drugs not a Moral Issue: A lot of social workers try to say that alcohol & street drugs are not a moral issue but a disease issue, what do you think?
2016-2-26 People Chastised for Good Works: Why are the people who say, "Lord, Lord" being chastised for doing good works? [Luke 6:46, Matthew 7:21-22]
2016-2-26 Perfection: What does Jesus mean to be "perfect"? [Matthew 5:38]
2016-2-26 Speaking in Tongues: Was wondering what you could tell me about Speaking in Tongues? It didn't really jive with what Scripture is talking about it.
2016-2-26 Steve's Position on Hell: What is your position on hell?
2016-2-26 Man of Lawlessness the anti-Christ: Is this "Man of Lawlessness" the anti-Christ? [1 John, 2 John]
2016-2-26 Son of Perdition & Man of Lawlessness: Son of Perdition & Man of Lawlessness, are these the same or 2 different people? [2 Thessalonians 2, John 17:12]
2016-2-26 Spiritual Attacks or God's Testing: I'm trying to differentiate between having spiritual attacks from the devil or is God orchestrating testing?
2016-2-25 Conrad Mbewe: Have you ever heard of Conrad Mbewe out of Africa? I thought he was pretty good.