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2021-1-15 Living too Casual a Christian Life: Can you help me sort out the criticism I receive regarding living too casual a life as a believer? [Proverbs 28:26, 2 Samuel 5:19].
2021-1-15 Modern Prophets & Prophecies Regarding the Election: What do you think about all the modern prophets and prophecies regarding the elections?
2021-1-15 Continually Praying: Is it a poor choice of words to use "continually" regarding prayer? [I Thessalonians 5:17, Romans 1:9, Luke 18:1].
2021-1-15 Jesus Movement: Could you talk about the Jesus Movement of the late 60s and early 70s?
2021-1-15 Best Gospel to Grasp for Beginners: Which is the best gospel for beginners to grasp (Rec: Gospel of Matthew)?
2021-1-15 Speaking in Tongues: Could you explain "speaking in tongues", now as opposed to Pentecost? [Acts 2, Acts 10, Acts 19, I Corinthians 14:22, I Corinthians 14:2-5, I Corinthians 14:26-28].
2021-1-15 Benefits for a Believer Listed in Psalms: Are the benefits for believers mentioned in Psalm 103, still applicable to believers today? [Psalm 103:2-14].
2021-1-15 Not Taking Action as Believers in Current Events: How can God forgive us for neglecting the truth and not taking action against the evil actions in current events-in the political maneuverings and human trafficking, etc.?
2021-1-15 Separation of Church & State: Has not the phrase "separation of church and state" been misused?
2021-1-14 Critical Nature-Blessing or Curse: Can you help me sort out the blessing and curse of having a critical nature? [Ephesians 4:15, Revelation 2-3].
2021-1-14 Worship Music & Song: What do you think about a lot of the current worship bands, music and songs, coming out now? It seems rather self-centered. [James 1:17].
2021-1-14 Demon Exorcism: Do you think that a new technique using iron to help exorcised of demons? [Matthew 17:19, Ephesians 4:26-27, 2 Corinthians 2:11].
2021-1-14 Prayer & Laying on Hands: Is praying for someone in another room, just as effective as laying on hands? [Acts 19:12].
2021-1-14 Literal Prophecy Fulfilled at Second Coming: If hundreds of prophecies were literally fulfilled when Jesus first came, why would some doubt the literal fulfillment of prophecy about His second coming? [Matthew 2, Isaiah 9, Hosea 11:1, Isaiah 66:7-8, Daniel 12, Revelation 12, Ephesians 2:15].
2021-1-14 Yahweh & Elohim: What is the difference between Yahweh and Elohim? [Genesis 1:1].
2021-1-14 Various Translations of the Bible: What are the differences between the various translations and which do you think the best for beginners?
2021-1-14 Christian's & Life Insurance: What is the Christians position on having life and other insurances?
2021-1-13 Satan Defeated at the Cross: If Satan was defeated at the cross then why did Paul say we wrestle against principalities in heavenly places? [Revelation 12:10, Luke, Ephesians 6:12, John 12:31, I John 3:8].
2021-1-13 The Gatekeeper: Who is the gatekeeper in scripture? [John 10:3].
2021-1-13 Founding Fathers-Deists: Were the founding fathers not Christians, as I am reading that they were Deists?
2021-1-13 Cremation: Can you still go to heaven if you are cremated?
2021-1-13 Can't Recall Scripture: As a mixed martial arts competitor, I suffered some head injury and cannot remember scripture, what should I do? [Psalm 119:11, Matthew 6:21].
2021-1-13 Founding Fathers-Deists: Caller shares a resource from David Barton, "Building on the American Heritage", that denies that the founding fathers were Deists.
2021-1-13 Liberty Bell Scripture: What was the scripture on the liberty bell? [Leviticus 25:10].
2021-1-13 How to Study the Bible: What is the best way to get familiar with and study the Bible (rec: go through the Bible at
2021-1-13 Responsibility of the Overseers: What does Acts 20:28 mean regarding the responsibility of the overseers for the church? [Acts 20:28, Matthew 20:25-27, Matthew 23:8-9].
2021-1-13 Disillusioned with the Church: Can you help me in my struggle with being disillusioned with the organized church and religious people? Do you think that this is why we may be facing persecution? [Matthew 20:26].
2021-1-13 Jesus' Crucifixion-God or Jesus' Will: Whose will was it that Jesus be crucified? [John 10:17-18, John 13:1, Matthew 26:39, Matthew 26:53].
2021-1-12 Conscientious Objection to Government Requirements: Could you talk about conscientious objection to not do what the government requires in light of scripture? [Acts 4:18-20, Acts 5:20].
2021-1-12 Revolutionary War Compared to Today: Could you comment on the revolutionary war and what we are seeing in political developments and potential civil war today?
2021-1-12 Calling a Brother Fool: Caller comments on calling a brother a fool. [Exodus 22:1-7, I John 3:15, Matthew 5:22].
2021-1-12 Good Works Unacceptable to God from the Unsaved: What do you think about saying that good works are unacceptable to God unless we are converted? [Colossians 3:17, Acts 10:31].
2021-1-12 More Missionaries Needed: Why doesn't the Holy Spirit move more people to become missionaries?
2021-1-12 Lamb's Book of Life: Can one's name be blotted out of the Lamb's Book of Life? When is our name written in there? [Revelation 20:15, Psalm 69:28, Psalms 139:16, Revelation 13:8].
2021-1-12 Doing Good of God: What does it mean that those that are "doing good" to be "of God"? [3 John 1:11, I John 2:29 ].
2021-1-12 Seeking God: Does anybody "seek God", and does all the religiousness of most societies reflect that they are in that search? [Romans 3:10-17, Psalm 14:1-3].
2021-1-12 Shutting Down a Church-Forsaking the Assembly: Is it wrong to shut down a church and forsake the assembling together of the saints? [Hebrews 10:25].
2021-1-11 Vatican's Involvement in Election Fraud: Have you heard about the Vatican's involvement in the election fraud?
2021-1-11 Must Have the Holy Spirit to Go to Heaven: Where does the Bible say that you must have the Holy Spirit to go to heaven? [Romans 8:9, I John 3:24, I John 4:13].
2021-1-11 Government, Patriotism & Current Events: Would you talk about current political events, like mask compliance patriotism, and protests? [Romans 13, I Peter 2:14-14, Philippians 3, Luke 3:19].
2021-1-11 The Millennium: Could you talk about when the millennium comes, or is it now? [Revelation 20].
2021-1-11 The Narrow Path Phone App: How do I get you in Idaho?
2021-1-11 Pre-existence of the Soul: Does our soul exist before our bodies are formed? [Jeramiah 1:5].
2021-1-11 Believing Lies: Is the scripture about people believing lies applicable to our country today? [2 Thessalonians 2:11-12, I Timothy 4:2].
2021-1-11 Birth Control for the Chrisitian: Could you talk about your view of birth control being less than desirable for the Christian? [Psalm 127:4, Romans 12:2].
2021-1-11 Predestination: Is "predestination" biblical? [Romans 8:29-30, Ephesians 1:5-6, Romans 12:2].
2021-1-08 Making Amends: Is Jesus talking about making amends in this life, or the next life? [Luke 12:58-59, Matthew 5:23-24].
2021-1-08 Taken Out of the "Book of Life": How can one be taken out of "The Book of Life"? [Revelation 22:19, I John 3:1-5].
2021-1-08 Calling God by His Actual Name: Caller suggests that one needs to address God by His actual name, and because we are not doing so, we may be seeing His spirit departing from us.
2021-1-08 The Rapture: Will we be raptured? [I Thessalonians 4:16-18, I Thessalonians 1:10, John 6:39-40, John 6:44, John 12:48].