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2021-9-02 Jesus Resurrection & Passover: Would you talk about the resurrection, and the day of the week relative to the Passover? [Psalm 16:10].
2021-9-02 God Changes Hearts & Calvinism: Does this verse about God changing hearts support the Calvinist position?[Deuteronomy 30:6, Ezekiel 36:26, Ezekiel 11:19, Jeremiah 32:39-40, Hebrew 8:10].
2021-9-02 God Taking Pleasure in Destruction Contradiction: Would you talk about the apparent contradiction in this verse about God talking pleasure in the destruction of the wicked? [Deuteronomy 28:63, Ezekiel 33:11].
2021-9-02 Gnostic Gospels: Is there a possibility that the Gnostic Gospels could be trusted?
2021-9-02 Mithraism & Other Pagan Religions & Sources: Could you talk about Mithraism and the other Pagan Religions and their beliefs?
2021-9-02 The "Gospel of Judas": What do you think of the "Gospel of Judas", and the idea that Judas might have been a good guy? [John 6:70]. NOTE: Steve misspoke the source would be Nag Hammadi instead of Ras Shamra.
2021-9-02 "Gifts & Calling of God without Repentance": Would you talk about "the gifts and calling of God are without repentance" in Romans 11? Could your calling still remain on your life, no matter what? [Romans 9-11, Romans 11:29, Romans 9:6].
2021-9-01 Jesus' Human Characteristics: What do you think about Jesus' humanity-His qualities and emotions? [Philippians 2:7].
2021-9-01 Glorifying the Holy Spirit: Is there anything in scripture that indicates that we should glorify the Holy Spirit?
2021-9-01 Christians Obeying the Ten Commandments: What is the most direct way to answer someone who thinks we should obey the ten commandments, and worship on the Sabbath, as Christians? [Hebrews 8:13, I Corinthians 9:19-21, Genesis 2:3, Matthew 5:18, Hebrews 7:2, Matthew 28:20].
2021-9-01 Regular Church Attendance: What are your views on regular church attendance? [Hebrews 10:25]
2021-9-01 The Trinity & The Word: Caller shares his view of "The Trinity" and Jesus as "The Word." [John 1:14].
2021-8-31 Identifying the False Prophets: If those in other religions are our brothers and sisters, then who are the false prophets in the New Testament?
2021-8-31 Faith as a Mustard Seed: Regarding "the faith of a mustard seed', is Jesus saying that the faith of the disciples was so small that it wasn't as large as a seed? [Matthew 17:20-21, Revelation 8:8].
2021-8-31 Open Theism: Would you talk about "Open Theism"?
2021-8-31 Catholic Tradition plus the Scripture: Catholic caller disagrees with Steve about the importance of tradition in our Christian faith in addition to scripture. [2 Thessalonians 2:15].
2021-8-31 Women Submitting & Greek Language: Could you clarify the meaning of the passage about women submitting themselves, particularly in light of the grammar and the Greek? [Ephesians 5:18-22].
2021-8-31 Persecution Resulting in Lawsuits: Since Jesus said it is blessed to be persecuted, is it wrong for a Christian to bring a lawsuit to avoid persecution?
2021-8-30 Ambassadors for Christ: Is the reference to "Ambassadors for Christ" talking about us, or is it speaking about Paul and his companions? [2 Corinthians 5:20].
2021-8-30 Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Children as Tests: Are all the earthquakes and hurricanes, and subsequent lootings, just God testing us? [3 John 1:4].
2021-8-30 Predisposed to Sin: Why did God make us predisposed to sin?
2021-8-30 Good Churches Hard to Find: Caller laments not finding good, New Testament churches today. How does one find one? Recommended topical lecture; "Some Assembly Required".
2021-8-30 Tithing on the Gross or the Net: Do you think it is acceptable to tithe on your net rather than your gross? [2 Corinthians 8:3].
2021-8-30 Reliance on Catholic Tradition: How do I refute the Catholic idea that we need to rely on tradition in addition to scripture?
2021-8-30 Re-baptism in the Lutheran Church: Should I get re-baptized in the Lutheran church, even if they believe in infant baptism.
2021-8-30 Re-Baptism: Is it biblical to get re-baptized for to gain more power of the Holy Spirit?
2021-8-30 Angels Masculine: Are angels masculine in the Bible?
2021-8-30 Tithe, Widow & the Mites: Caller comments on the tithe and the widow and the two mites. [Luke 21:1-4].
2021-8-30 Source of Job's Trials: Were the tests that fell on Job come from God, Job, or Satan? [Job 2:3, Job 23:10].
2021-8-27 144,000 & the Great Tribulation: Who are those that came out of the "Great Tribulation?" [Revelation 7:9-14, Revelation 14:4, James 1:18, Matthew 24:21].
2021-8-27 Leaving Dispensationalism: How do you get people to move from Dispensationalist views to the more biblically correct view of Revelation? [Zechariah 14:4].
2021-8-27 The Tree in Eden: Was the tree in the garden a literal tree? [Genesis 1-3].
2021-8-27 The Trinity & Marriage: Could you restate your analogy between "The Trinity" and marriage?
2021-8-27 Jewish Feasts Symbolize Christ & His Ministry: Some Christians believe that the holidays in the Old Testament are symbolic of Christ and His ministry. Do you think so? [Leviticus 23].
2021-8-27 The Millennium: What do you think "The Millennium" is referring to, if it is not literally 1000 years? [Matthew 12:28, 2 Thessalonians 1:8, Revelation 20].
2021-8-27 Religious Exemption to Vaccine: Do you think Christians who use their faith as a religious exemption to avoid the vaccine, are abusing that right?
2021-8-27 The Narrow Path Phone App: Would it be possible to put a playback speed option on the phone app?
2021-8-27 3 Days Between Friday & Sunday Problematic: Could explain the problem with the 3 days not adding up between the crucifixion and the resurrection? [Matthew 12:40].
2021-8-27 Genesis Story: Are you familiar with a teaching about the possibility of the man and woman in chapter 2, is not the same as in chapter 1? [Genesis 1-2].
2021-8-27 Raptured Church Before the Tribulation: Since scripture indicates that He has not appointed His church unto wrath, so why do you think the church will not be spared the tribulation? [I Corinthians 15, I Thessalonians 4, John 6, John 17:15, Psalm 91:10].
2021-8-27 Mark of the Beast & COVID Vaccine: Do you think that this COVID vaccine could be related to the "Mark of the Beast"?
2021-8-27 Religious Exemption for Vaccine: Prayers for someone who filed for COVID religious exemption and whose husband suffers from having gotten a debilitating vaccine previously.
2021-8-27 Understanding Matthew 24: Isn't it necessary to read the preceding chapters to understand Matthew 24? [Matthew 24].
2021-8-26 The Word "Lost" Relative to Salvation: Is Jesus talking about salvation when he talks about being lost in John 17? [John 17:12, Acts 1, John 2:25].
2021-8-26 A Christian Continuing Buddhist Meditation: Do I need to drop my Buddhist meditation practice if I were to pursue Christianity? [Philippians 4:6-7, John 16:33, Psalm 1:3, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Proverbs 4:23].
2021-8-26 Day of the Lord: What is "Day of the Lord" referring to in 2 Thessalonians? [2 Thessalonians 2:1-2, I Thessalonians 4:15-18, Matthew 24:27].
2021-8-26 Unproductive People Who Claim God Will Provide: How does one respond to someone who justifies their unproductiveness claiming that God will take care of them? [2 Thessalonians 3:10, Colossians 3:17].
2021-8-26 Judas' Betrayal: Wouldn't have God made another way for us to be saved, even if Judas had not betrayed Him? [Luke 22:21].
2021-8-26 Unconditional Love & Salvation's Conditions: When we speak of "unconditional love" are we actually saying that love is unconditional, but salvation is not?
2021-8-26 Equal Punishment for all Unsaved: Regarding two unsaved men who lived very different lives, is their punishment going to be the same? Recommended topical lecture; "Three Views of Hell" or book by Steve on Hell. [Revelation 20:15, Luke 12:27-28, Ezekiel 18:19-20, Matthew 10:15].