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2016-4-01 Narrow Path Lectures: Caller is concerned about the lectures he wanted to listen to that just cutting off. Technology not quite working as well as it's supposed to.
2016-4-01 The White Horse in Revelation: Is the White Horse in Revelation 19 Jesus or what? (Jesus' second coming or an extension of the gospel.) [Revelation 19:11-19]
2016-4-01 Angels being told to Worship Jesus: Jesus as "the Son", part of the Trinity, but angels were commanded to worship Jesus. Why did they have to be told if Jesus was God? [Deuteronomy 32:43, Psalms 97:7, Hebrews 1:6]
2016-4-01 Anti-Calvinism Material: Do you have any anti-Calvinism resources that are against the idea of Calvinism? (Lecture Series called, "God's Sovereignty & Man's Salvation", under Topical Lectures, at the website, (Steve said the caller could e-mail him & get the notes for those lectures, but now all you have to do is go to to find those.)a
2016-4-01 Judgment has already come: Caller thinks there's going to be no future hell, that there was already a judgment, a consuming fire that took place when Jesus came. [Romans 2:5, 2 Peter 3]
2016-4-01 "Lord, Save Us from your Followers": What was the name of the documentary you were talking about involving homosexuality? (Lord, save us from your followers)
2016-4-01 Christian Lesbians: There is a lesbian couple who goes to the same Christian class as the caller, & they said that God put them together for a reason, & that they were just going to have to disagree with caller. What does Steve think about that?
2016-4-01 Jesus' Body not Decaying: So caller thinks the shorter time of Jesus' death & resurrection, not 3 complete days, is more accurate because it says in the Bible His body would not be corrupted, that is, so He wouldn't decay that much. What does Steve think of that idea? [Acts 2:27]
2016-4-01 Satan having but a Short Time: Can we link these 2 verses together about Satan having a short time? What does Steve think about this idea? [Revelation 20:3, Revelation 12:12]
2016-3-31 Determining if you are Chosen: Is there a way someone can know they are Chosen?
2016-3-31 Kneeling to Pray: Do we need to kneel to pray?
2016-3-31 Cosmic Warfare: Was there Universal war? Planets with holes, could there have been a war of the worlds? Could asteroids have been used as weapons? [Revelation 12]
2016-3-31 Date of the Book of Revelation: When was the Book of Revelatoin written & what style was it written in? People say it's very similar to Jewish writings before Jesus.
2016-3-31 Having Doubt: Caller considers herself a Christian but is still a skeptic, still finds that she has a lot of doubt.
2016-3-31 Dan & Ephraim: Why are the tribes of Dan & Ephraim missing in Revelation? Numbers were used in uniform, a whole, for symbolic reasons in Revelation, so they had to maintain 12, even though there were 13 tribes?
2016-3-31 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Do we receive the Holy Spirit immediately upon receiving salvation/conversion or not until later? [Acts 19, Romans 8:9, Acts 2:4]
2016-3-30 Christograms such as Fish: Is there any type of taboo of making our own Christogram, like the fish?
2016-3-30 Unicorns in the Bible: Where it says in Numbers about the trength of the unicorns, it seems like they've actually discovered unicorns, validating the Bible even more. [Numbers 23:22, Numbers 24:8]
2016-3-30 Word of Faith: I used to be in the Word of Faith, but it seems that no matter what church I go to, the Word of Faith still seems be being peddled.
2016-3-30 Unfulfilled Prophecy in the OT: what, if any, prophecies are there that remain unfulfilled in Old Testament?
2016-3-30 Ahijah the Prophet: Caller wants to know if all of the names of "Ahijah" are the same person. [1 Kings 12:15, 1 Kings 14:2]
2016-3-30 Angel meaning Messenger: The Greek word for angel is "messenger", but in Hebrew did they use the same word?
2016-3-30 Sin in Hebrew: What about the word "sin: in greek, is it the same as Hebrew?
2016-3-30 Abraham Blessed: Why do you think Abraham was so blessed?
2016-3-30 We Becoming Blessed: Is there any way we can become blessed like Abraham was blessed by God?
2016-3-30 "Let Us": Who is Jesus? Who is the "us" in Genesis? [Genesis 1:26]
2016-3-30 Elohim: What about the name "Elohim"? Is it only a Jewish name they use for God? Why is it plural & singular at the same time? [Genesis 1:1]
2016-3-30 Rabbis Rejecting Trinity: If what you said about "Elohim" is true, you'd think they wouldn't have had so much trouble in accepting Jesus.
2016-3-30 Crucifixion Time Contradictions: It says in Mark that Jesus was crucified in 3rd hour (9 am by our reckoning), John says He was crucified the 6th hour (12 pm noon by our reckoning), but both can't be true, How do we deal with this contradiction? [Mark 15:25, John 19:14-15]
2016-3-30 Animals Vegetarian before the Fall: If animals before the Fall were vegetarians, why the claws & teeth of the lions, for example?
2016-3-30 Trinity: Caller has thoughts about the Trinity, resembling it to the family down here. Does Steve agree or disagree.
2016-3-30 Cyrus the Great: What is the Christian view on Cyrus the Great? Was he ultimately saved? [Isaiah 45:1]
2016-3-29 Unpardonable Sin: Is there an Unforgiveable sin that can't be forgiven, such as the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, because doesn't Jesus forgive all sin?
2016-3-29 Tithing for the Modern Era: Is tithing for the modern church today?
2016-3-29 Mosaic Law Severity & Jesus' Mercy: There seems to be a disparity between the severity of the penalties in Leviticus & the loving forgiveness of Jesus
2016-3-29 7 Spirits in Revelation: What are they 7 spirits that are found in Revelation, angels or what? [Isaiah 11:2] Revelation 1:4, Revelation 3:1, Revelation 4:5, Revelation 5:6]
2016-3-29 Giving Your First Born: What is the idea about the giving of your first child?
2016-3-29 Atheist on his Deathbed: A caller's friend is on his deathbed & doesn't believe in God, telling the caller that he needs to read the book, "The Tao of Physics", basically describing the Law of thermodynamics, all matter or energy is transferred.
2016-3-29 People Resurrected during Jesus' Resurrection or Death: What exactly happened here during the resurrection of all the people?
2016-3-29 Sword Contradiction Statements by Jesus: In one place in the Bible Jesus says that if live by the sword you'll die by the sword, but then later He tells His disciples to get a sword. Why the contradiction? [Matthew 26:52, Luke 22:31-38]
2016-3-28 Comforting a loved one with Diagnosis of Cancer: I have a relative who has just been diagnosed with cancer, & I was wondering how to comfort them.
2016-3-28 2 Angels & 2 Cherubs: Mary went saw 2 angels at the sepulcher, one at the head & feet, any correlation in one cherub at the head & feet of the mercy seat? [John 20:12, Exodus 25:19]
2016-3-28 Mary equal with God: Where does the Catholic church get their idea that Mary is equal with God?
2016-3-28 Priests Forgiving Sins: Where do they get the idea that the priest can forgive sins?
2016-3-28 Christians Needing or not Needing a Doctor: Are doctors really necessary for the Christian? Don't these verses indicate that we don't, that we will be healed? [James 5, Acts 20:9-10]
2016-3-28 Adulterers Stoned: Was there any sacrifice or peace offering you could give God in the Old Testament on laws that you break that required the death penalty such as adultery? [Leviticus 20:10]
2016-3-28 Abraham's Bosom: Can you please explain Abraham's Bosom? [Luke 16:18-31]
2016-3-25 The Angel of the Lord=The Holy Spirit: Is it referring to the Holy Spirit when it says, "THE" Angel of the Lord as opposed to an Angel of the Lord, which just means messenger?
2016-3-25 Holy Spirit Feminine: Is the Holy Spirit feminine? Where do they get that idea? Does it come from the "Wisdom" Scriptures where it talks about "he" & "she"? [1 Corinthians 1:30, Proverbs 8]
2016-3-25 Peter the First Pope: Is there any evidence from Bible or the Church Fathers that Peter was the first pope? [Matthew 16:18]