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2013-11-04 "The Word" Was God: Can you please interpret John 1:1? Is it "a" god or the God? [John 1:1]
2013-11-04 Esau & Jacob: Can you explain how God chose Jacob over Esau? [Romans 9:11, Genesis 25]
2013-11-04 God Choosing us before the Foundation of the World: Caller was wondering what it meant that God chose us before the foundation of the world? [Ephesians 1:4]
2013-11-04 Predestined to be Adopted by God: So you don't think God just chose come people to be saved before the ofundation of the world?
2013-10-31 False Religion but Sincere: What happens to people who are in false religions but really think they are following the truth & would follow Jesus if they knew about Him?
2013-10-31 Verbal Inspiration: I've been reading A.W. Tozer's book, "The Deeper Life", & he mentioned "verbal inspiration", & what does that mean, the verbal inspiration of Scripture or being inspired it as we are reading it?
2013-10-31 Praying for a JW on their Deathbed: How can I pray & share my witness to a Jehovah's Witness who is on their deathbed?
2013-10-31 Homosexuality: What did Jesus say about homosexuality? Anything? I already know about Romans. [Matthew 15:18]
2013-10-31 All Saints Day: What is All Saints Days? What do you think about Halloween? I heard that the wiccans New year's is today? Is that true?
2013-10-31 Telling Time in Jesus' time - 12 Hours in a Day: The hours were longer or shorter than our hours, is that correct? [John 11:9]
2013-10-31 Telling Time in Jesus' time - Watchmen at 3 am: How did the watchmen know when it's 3 am in Jesus' time? [Mark 13:35]
2013-10-31 Trinity: The Water Analogy, & tries to give another example of DNA.
2013-10-31 Halloween: Caller thinks we should stay away from Halloween. We are a separate, perculiar people.
2013-10-31 Telling Time in Jesus' Time: Caller was responding to a previous caller on the show about how they could tell time in Jesus' time. (
2013-10-31 Feast Days representing Jesus' Comings: Caller mentions about how feast days predicted Jesus' first coming & will predict Jesus' second coming.
2013-10-30 Age of Accountability: What happens if a child dies before the age of accountablity?
2013-10-30 John MacArthur's "Strange Fire": Dennis the Millennialist talks more about the conference John MacArthur's just had called, "Strange Fire", & talkd about the idea about being able to fellowship with different theological understandings.
2013-10-30 Not Everything that happns to us is God's Will: A speaker at his meeting said, "God is not in control of everything that happens to us, & not everything that happns is not God's will", & there was a big gasp.
2013-10-30 Witchcraft & Evil Increasing: Doesn't it say somewhere in the Bible that there's going to be an increase in withcraft & that kind've stuff at the last days? [2 Timothy 3:1-5]
2013-10-30 Sin Happening in Eternity: Since sin happened in the Garden of Eden, is it going to be possible that sin will happen again on the other side of glory?
2013-10-30 Crime & Evil: What are we supposed to do as Christians when we know somebody is committing crimes?
2013-10-30 Apostle's Creed & the 10 Commandments: What do you know about the Apostle's Creed? And the 10 Commandments? Is the Apostle's Creed the same thing as the Apostle's Doctrine?
2013-10-30 Revival: Having a revival.
2013-10-30 Origin of Satan: If God didn't want Adam & Eve to fail, then why would He make a permanent "tester" by giving them Satan?
2013-10-29 Being Justified: Where in the Bible does it talk about justfication? [Genesis 15:6, Romans 3, Romans
2013-10-29 Sinful Nature: Michael the Buddhist wants to talk a little more about sinful nature like he did last time he called.
2013-10-29 Inerrancy of the Bible: How we know the Bible is inerrant?
2013-10-29 Taking the Bible Literally: How do we know when we are supposed to be taking the Bible literally? [Genesis 1-2]
2013-10-29 Outer Darkness: What is Outer Darkness? [Matthew 8:11]
2013-10-29 Baptism: What is the form that Baptism should be done in? Is getting baptized required for Salvation?
2013-10-29 John MacArthur not Believing in Miracles: Isn't John MacArthur by not believing in the gift of healing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? [Matthew 12:24]
2013-10-29 Age Qualification for Baptism: What is the minimum age a child can be before they get baptized?
2013-10-28 Steve's Comic Books: Where can I find your comic books that you keep talking about?
2013-10-28 Oneness Pentecostal: Are Oneness Pentecostals Christians because they don't believe in the Trinity?
2013-10-28 The Precious Fruit of the Earth: What is the Fruit that God is being patient for? [James 5:7, Galatians 4:18, Colossians 1:28]
2013-10-28 Following the One True Christ: All denominations & cults claim to believe in Jesus, but won't eventually God call them out of the quagmire they are in, to unadulterated truth? [Hebrews 11:6]
2013-10-28 No Law, No Transgression: [Romans 4:17]
2013-10-28 Jews' Messiah: Since Jews don't believe in Jesus, who IS their Messiah?
2013-10-25 Paul Pre-conversion Experience: Isn't Romans 7 talking about Paul's pre conversion experience? Are there 3 different levels of people, the natural, unregenerate kind, the carnal Christian & the Spiritual Christian? [Romans 7:14-15, Romans 8:6, 1 Corinthians 3:1]
2013-10-25 Love of the World is Emnity: There seems to be a lot of ministries/ministers in love the world, let alone people individually. [1 John 5:2, James 4:4]
2013-10-25 Trinitarianism: Did the Apostles believe & teach the Trinity? [1 John 5:7]
2013-10-25 Can not See God & Live: [Exodus 24:9-11, Exodus 33:20]
2013-10-25 Angels Created: When were the Angels Created?
2013-10-25 Holy Spirit Origins: Has the Holy Spirit always been or when was He created?
2013-10-25 Lucifer & Fallen Angels: So you don't think Lucifer was a Fallen Angel? Where did he come from then?
2013-10-25 Bible for Kids: Do you a recommendation of a good Bible that a kid could understand?
2013-10-25 Missing Bible Texts: Is there a real good Bible that the missing verses from some manuscripts?
2013-10-25 Tithing: Aren't we supposed to give at least a portion of our money to our local church?
2013-10-24 Oneness Pentecostals: Being baptized in Jesus' name is acceptable.
2013-10-24 Romans 7, pre or post Conversion: Caller explains that he thinks it's Paul Pre-conversion experience from Romans 7:15-25.