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2013-8-06 Church History Books: Does Steve know any good books on Church History?
2013-8-06 Teachers Ignoring Truth: What if someone is persuaded that a new view they are learning other than what they believed might be true, but just wants to ignore it & not research it to see if it might really be true because they are afraid of losing their job, should we still consider them a reliable teacher? Is it a sin?
2013-8-06 Jesus Showing Himself to the Skeptics: Caller misunderstood a previous call about the people Jesus appeared to after His resurrection, & he misunderstood that the caller was saying why didn't He show Himself to His Skeptics/Critics?
2013-8-06 People Retaining their Language: Discussion about the Hebrew, Greek & Aramaic languages.
2013-8-06 Pre-tribulation & Amillennial View: Why is the pre-tribulational the view most taught if it's not found in the Bible like most evangelical pastors think it is.
2013-8-05 "Deny Yourself & Take up Your Cross Daily": What did Jesus mean when He said, "Deny yourself & take up your cross daily"? Is Christ warning that this will affect our salvation? [Luke 9:23-24]
2013-8-05 Finding Fellowship with Deep Seeking People: Caller wants to find fellowship with people that really love Jesus deeply.
2013-8-05 Mark of the Beast Future: Caller wants to contest that the Book of Revelation is all future, especially the Mark of the Beast.
2013-8-05 Radio Minister Asking for Money: The caller is disappointed that there's a radio personality asking for money.
2013-8-05 Bible Difficult to Understand: Why is the Bible so hard to understand?
2013-8-05 Jesus a Reality: How do we know that Jesus really lived because a lot of people don't?
2013-8-05 Traditions & Prejudices: One reason the Bible is so tough to understand is because people have their biases, traditions & prejudices.
2013-8-05 Prophecies Fulfilled & the Kingdom of God: Hasn't the Kingdom of God been established & all the prophecies fulfilled?
2013-8-05 Bore our Griefs & Sorrows: How do you interpret the famous verse in Isaiah about boring our griefs & sorrows, or is it our pain & sicknesses? [Isaiah 53:4]
2013-8-02 Matthew Rose Guest Hosting with Steve Gregg: Matthew Rose is a guest host on the show today, but he's only added his input on a couple of answers.
2013-8-02 Sins Preceding a Person: What does this passage in scripture mean about someone's sins proceding them & some will be found out later, & someone's good works are known & some are not? [1 Timothy 5:24-25]
2013-8-02 Billy Graham & Going to Heaven without Jesus: Did Billy Graham really say in a Youtube video that people can be saved without Christ? If he did, what do you think of that idea, that major shift?
2013-8-02 R. J. Rushdoony & Christian Reconstructionism: How do yuo reconcile the Old Testament law to the New Testament law? Should we be using the Mosiac Law as the standard? [Matthew 5:17-18]
2013-8-02 "The Lord is My Shepherd I shall Not Want": Was David going without? [Psalms 23]
2013-8-02 Anointing with Oil: Do you know who I could call to have an anointing for healing?
2013-8-02 Better to Have Never Been Born: Where does it say that it is better to have never been born than be enlightened? [Mark 14:21, 2 Peter 2:21]
2013-8-02 Retinopathy Diabetes Caller requested prayer for her diabetes, not being able to control the blood pressure & a chance of going blind.
2013-8-02 Christians Consuming Alcohol: Is it okay for Christians to drink wine (alcohol)? [Ephesians 5:18, 2 Peter 4:3, 1 Corinthians 11:29]
2013-8-02 Speaking in Tongues: What are Steve's thoughts about speaking in tongues?
2013-8-02 Women Speaking in the Pulpit: Can a woman preach in a pulpit?
2013-8-01 Satan Being Bound, the Resurrection & the Millennium: If your view of Satan being bound right during this "millennium", how do you deal with the resurrection that is in Revelation 20? [Revelation 20:5-6, Acts 24:15, Matthew 5:28-29, John 5:24]
2013-8-01 Satan being Loosed: Wouldn't Satan being loosed nullify the Victory of Jesus in the end?
2013-8-01 New Man God Created: Can Steve please explain a verse in Ephesians abut the "new man"? [Ephesians 4:24]
2013-8-01 "Millstone Hanged About His Neck": Caller feels condemned about a verse in the Bible about offending a child & wants freedom. [Matthew 18:6]
2013-8-01 Incest in the Bible a Stumbling Block: Caller has a friend who is an unbeliever & wonders how Christianity deals with the fact that incest had to happen in order for the human race to begin.
2013-7-31 Dispensationalism: A long discussion from a caller trying to defend Dispensationalism. [Daniel 9:24]
2013-7-31 Millennial Reign: Why don't you believe in a literal 1000 years? [Revelation 20]
2013-7-31 Buddhist Closer to Jesus: Buddhist caller feels he's getting closer to Jesus.
2013-7-31 Materialistic Christians: is it okay to be rich as a Christian.
2013-7-31 Choosing the Jewish Race: Why did God choose the Jews? Why did He choose Abraham?
2013-7-31 Buddhist Caller May be Near Conversion: Caller is repenting what he thought about Michael the Buddhist because it almost sounds like he's coming around. He thought Steve was wasting his time talking to him.
2013-7-31 Wrath of God Did Jesus drink the cup of wrath? Is He going to spewl it out when He comes back? [Isaiah 21-23]
2013-7-30 "Spirit being given in Measure": What does Steve know about a verse in the Gospel of John where it says the Spirit will be given in measure, & who was even saying it, John the Baptist or Jesus? [John 3:34]
2013-7-30 Number of Time Jesus Comes to Earth: How many times has Jesus been here? How many second comings is He going to have?
2013-7-30 Childlikeness to Enter the Kingdom of God: Jesus says to be childlike in order to enter the Kingdom & yet Paul says that he put away his childishness. Why the contradiction? [LUke 18:16-17, 1 Corinthians 13:11]
2013-7-30 The Form by Which Jesus Returns: Are the angels saying Jesus is going to come through a womb again? [Acts 1:9-11]
2013-7-30 Blotting Out Names in the Book of Life: It doesn't say anything about your name being entered into the Book of Life when you become converted-ut only blotted out, are the namesin there before you are born. [Revelation 3:5].
2013-7-30 Ezekiel's Temple Still Future: Caller's pastor thinks there's no way Ezekiel is not talking about a future temple.
2013-7-30 Truth about the Catholic Church: Caller would like a really good source on Roman Catholicism & wants to find out if they are really Christians or not. (Steve recommends "The Gospel according to Rome" by James G. McCarthy.)
2013-7-30 "I Was Before Time": Caller wants to know where the verse is that talks about God being before time. [1 Timothy 1:9]
2013-7-29 Connecting with God: How do you "connect" with God?
2013-7-29 Worship God in Truth & Spirit: What does it mean to worship God in Truth & Spirit? [John 4:23-24] (There's a lot of dead air on this call because Steve has a poor internet connection.)
2013-7-29 Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Speaking in Tongues: Are you supposed to be able to speak in Tongues as soon as you are filled with the Holy Spirit?
2013-7-29 Wrestling with Doubt: Caller is having doubt with his faith after debating with Muslim.
2013-7-29 Teaching Revelation: Church doesn't teach from the book of Revelation & caller is concerned about that.