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2016-4-19 Being Conformed to this world: How does somebody be conformed to this world? [Romans 12:2] (Caller actually asks 2 questions but Steve never gets to the second one.)
2016-4-18 Solo Communion: Can Communion be taken alone by yourself?
2016-4-18 Hell, Sheol, Hades & the Grave: Caller would like to know about Steve's view of hell & the words Hades, Grave & Sheol.
2016-4-18 Declaring Healing (Word of Faith): Ss decreeing & declaring healing from God instead of humbly asking & praying, is this a form of the Word of Faith doctrine?
2016-4-18 Calvinism: Michael the Buddhist is wondering about Calvinism & God's sovereignty, micro vs macro managing people's affairs after listening to R.C Sproul.
2016-4-18 Knowing each other in Heaven: will we know each other in Heaven? Do people know each other in Heaven right now after death?
2016-4-18 The Word "Pastor": What is the meaning of the word "pastor" & the origin of it? [Ephesians 4:11]
2016-4-18 God Removing His Protection from Eduador: What do you think when someone up front in the church says that God has removed His Hand of protection from Ecuador because of a massive earthquake they recently had?
2016-4-18 Trusting God when Bad or Good things happen: Why about people who thinks God is in control of everything that happens to you?
2016-4-18 Contradiction about Judging in Scripture: Is there scriptural contradictions about what it says about judging? [1 Corinthians 4, 1 Corinthians 2, 1 Corinthians 7, 1 Corinthians 7, 1 Corinthians 14, Mark 7:1-2, Judge 7:24-25]
2016-4-15 Jesus' Incarnation & being Omnispresent: Was Jesus omnipresent in His incarnation & can you comment on John 3:13 in relation to it? [John 3:13]
2016-4-15 Baal in 1 & 2 Samuels: Caller has been studying 1 & 2 Samuel & is trying to figure out what or who "Baal" was?
2016-4-15 Sabbath & Feast Days & being Messianic: I belong to the Messianic Denomination & believe that we need to still keep the Sabbath & feast days. What do you think about that? [Matthew 5:17-19]
2016-4-15 The First shall be Last & the Last shall be First: In the Parable of the 3 workers, what did Jesus mean by, "the first shall be last & the last shall be first"? [Matthew 20:1-16]
2016-4-15 Down Payment of the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is the down payment? [2 Corinthians 5:5]
2016-4-15 Sleep in the Bible: What is the definition of the word "sleep" when used in the Bible?
2016-4-15 Baptism Mandate: Do you have to be baptized in order to become a Christian & can you only do it once?
2016-4-15 Being Filled with the Holy Spirit: How do you get baptized in the Holy Spirit? [Acts 19]
2016-4-14 Hierarchy of the Pastor: what is the proper roles for congregation & pastor & vise versa, & is there a hierarchy?
2016-4-14 Old Testamanet saints & New Testament Saints: Is there any difference between the Old Testament saints & the New Testament saints?
2016-4-14 Jesus' Sacrifice Paying for all Sin: How could Jesus die for all sins, past, present & future?
2016-4-14 10 Commandments as an Evangelistic Tool: Nicaean council, ray comfort, said we need to use the law/10 commandments to evangelize
2016-4-14 My Yoke is Easy & Burden Light: What made the Law of Moses so hard when Jesus said to come to Him because His yoke was easy & His burden light?
2016-4-14 Steve Having the Gift of Prophecy: Does Steve Gregg think he has the Gift of prophecy? Caller wants to talk about 2 kinds of prophesying.
2016-4-14 Zeitgeist Documentary: Caller was talking to ex-Catholics, & was really hurt a video called, "Zeitgeist" & was wondering if you knew anything about it?
2016-4-13 Walking by the Spirit: What does it mean to "walk by the Spirit" & how do you do it? [Galatians 5:16-25]
2016-4-13 The Binding of Satan: As an amillennialist such as you are, what is your view about the "binding of Satan" then? [Revelation 20:2-3, Luke 11]
2016-4-13 Serpent-Seed Doctrine: what do you think about the serpent-seed doctrine? [Genesis 3:14-15]
2016-4-13 God turning His back on Jesus: Did God turn His back on Jesus on the cross when He was crying out, "eli eli lama sabachthani" & was it possbile Moses seeing the back of God symbolic of it? Did Jesus go to hell? [Matthew 27:46, Exodus 33:12-23, Psalm 22:1]
2016-4-13 Jesus being in the Heart of the Earth: What does it mean that Jesus was in the "Heart of the Earth"? [Matthew 12:40]
2016-4-13 The 6th Day & Adam & Eve & Animals: When were the animals made in relation to when Adam & Eve were created? Were they all created on the 6th day?
2016-4-13 The Firmament: What is the "firmament" referred to in Genesis? [Genesis 1-2]
2016-4-13 Jesus going to Hell: Jesus going to hell, isn't there a scripture that says He went to those held in captivity? [1 Peter 3:18-20, Ephesians 4:8]
2016-4-12 Jesus going to the flames of Hell: Did Jesus actually go to hell to be burned for a burnt offering aspect? [1 Peter 3:18-20, Leviticus 1:1-10, Matthew 22:36-38, Romans 12:1-2]
2016-4-12 Jusitified by Christ: What does "...raised again for our justification" mean in Romans? [Romans 4:25]
2016-4-12 Clarifying 2 Scriptures about Love & Discernment: Linking these 2 passages of Scriptures about love [Phillipians 1:9, John 13:34-35]
2016-4-12 Infidelity & Getting Back Together: A husband left wife to live with another woman & has a child with her, but he & wife, who never actually divorced, want to get back together again. What does Steve think he should do?
2016-4-12 Abraham saying Sarah was his Sister: Abraham & Sarah & Isaac & Rebekah & similar stories about saying that their wife was their sister; why did they do that? [Genesis 12, Genesis 26]
2016-4-12 "I am the Door": Why did Jesus use the words like “I am the door" as opposed to anything else, like, 'I am the window', 'I am the roof'? [John 10:9]
2016-4-12 Paul having the "Marks of the Christ": Paul says he “marks of the Lord” stigmata of Christ, but what exactly does he mean? [Galatians 6:17]
2016-4-12 Believing Jesus is the "I AM": Is Jesus just talking to the people in His audience at the moment or all of us? [john 8:24, John 9]
2016-4-12 44,000 Denominations: How did so many denominations come to be?
2016-4-11 Post Millennialism: I know you are an amillenialist, but what prevents you from being post millennialist because a lot of smart, intelligent teachers are?
2016-4-11 Soul & Spirit: what is the difference between the "soul" & the "spirit"?
2016-4-11 Pets going to Heaven: Are pets going to be in heaven?
2016-4-11 Elisha having Bears attack Children: Elisha cured children for calling him bald & having bears come out & attack them, why would he do this? [2 Kings 2:23-25]
2016-4-11 Moving Mountains: Can move mountains with prayer if you enough faith? Is that what that Scripture really saying? [Mark 11:22-23]
2016-4-11 Daniel 1st & 3rd Person: Daniel always seems to be speaking in the 3rd person, but in the latter part of the book, 1st person. WHy is that? [Daniel]
2016-4-11 Christians supporting secular Entertainers: Should we be supporting non-Christian or anti-Christian performers & entertainers, idolizing them?
2016-4-11 Praying in Sports: Are we allowed to pray for anything & every that concerns us, including things like sports?