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2015-9-03 Steve makes an interjectory announcement about getting together w/ like-minded people: Steve's offers his effort/availability to try to get people of like-minded who are in the same area in touch w/ each other so they can fellowship with each other.
2015-9-03 Moving in & out of the Spirit: Is it possible to have the Spirit in you one day & then out the next, in & out, in & out, in & out?
2015-9-03 Spirit & Truth: We have to worship God in Spirit & in Truth, so what does that mean? Was He changing how it was done right then because how could they do that up to that point since there were no regenerated Christians yet? [John 14:23-24]
2015-9-03 Eternal Security: Some people believe in conditional security & some believe in once saved, always saved. What does Steve believe & what scripture evidence does he use?
2015-9-03 Satan a Fallen Angel or the Tempter: If Satan was created at the Tempter, we'd have to attribute evil to God because Satan would have no culpability? Why would God judge Satan? You couldn't really say Satan was evil then.
2015-9-02 Men & Women Equality: There's a lot of talk of Men & Women having equality, but Paul says Man was made for the glory of God, & that women were made for the glory of man, What does Steve think about that? [1 Corinthians 11:7, Genesis 1:26-27; 2]
2015-9-02 Long-Term Missionary Work vs Short-Term Missions: Caller wants to make a distinction between short terms Missions & long-term Missionary Work. He wants to recommend 2 good books on the subject: "Giving Wisely- Killing with Kindness or Empowering Lasting Transformation?" by Jonathan Martin, & "When Helping Hurts" by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert.
2015-9-02 Worship Songs in Church: Caller thinks there's too much vain repetition in worship songs we sing in church nowadays & it's too loud.
2015-9-02 God Killing Innocent People: Caller has some friends who went from Christian to Atheist & want to know why did God kill innocent life when Israel came out of Egypt to take over the land of Canaan if He doesn't want people to go to hell?
2015-9-02 Dispensationalism vs Partial Preterism: Why is there such a newfound interest in partial preterism nowadays? Couldn't there be a balance of Dispensationalism & Partial Preterism, a middle ground?
2015-9-01 Playing Cards: What is your view about playing cards? (that's the original Q, but Steve talks about Alcohol & Gambling more than the actual playing of cards.)
2015-9-01 Chastised by the Lord or Being Attacked by Enemy: How can we know if we are being chastening by the Lord or being attacked by the Devil? [Hebrews 12]
2015-9-01 The person Job Getting a New Wife: Did Job get a new wife at the end of his latter days?
2015-9-01 Sin Unto Death: What is the Sin unto Death? [1 john 5:16-17]
2015-9-01 Missions Work: Is modern-day Mission Work Biblical? It seems a little bit different than what happened in the 1st century church.
2015-9-01 Forgiving & Loving Your Brothers & Sisters: It's sort've hard to go to church if they are having a hard time forgiving & loving a particular member of the church.
2015-9-01 "Revelation, Four Views, A Parallel Commentary": Do you have any ideas on the best way to read your book on the 4 views of Revelation?
2015-9-01 God's War on Terror: Islam...: Would the view that Islam being the antichrist make more sense to you that it coming from a European Country?
2015-8-31 Marriage & Salvation: Caller is concerned about his Marriage, & also wonders if he has had such a true conversion experience since he's having so much trouble w/ his marriage.
2015-8-31 Psychology: Is it a religion? What should we know about it?
2015-8-31 Pressing Issue in Christianity: What is the most Pressing Issue in Christianity. (Lordship of Jesus)
2015-8-31 Steve's Favorite subject: What is Steve's favorite subject to teach on?
2015-8-31 New Home Church: Look for a New Home Church & wondering about Calvary Chapel, but there seems to be some lack of Church Discipline, &, there's a Moses Model church hierarchy there, where ONE person is in charge, & can't be held accountable by anyone else.
2015-8-31 The Book of Ezekiel: Why is there so much repetition in the book of Ezekiel, especially in the last 9 chapters about the Temple & the Land?
2015-8-31 The Nephilim & Sons of God: What are the views about the Nephilim & the Sons of God? Caller knows that the weirder view is that the Angels came down & mated w/ women, [Genesis 6]
2015-8-31 The Bible Study Fellowship: Caller thinks the best church to go to when people ask about where is the best church to go to is, The Bible Study Fellowship.
2015-8-31 Hell: Only temporary torment for the view of conditional immortality & so what are the verses that support this, that the punishment will be proportionate? Gnashing & Weeping of teeth seem to be supporting the traditional view. [Luke 12:47-48, Matthew 11:22]
2015-8-31 Pre-Millennial View: What is the Pre-Millennial View?
2015-8-28 Buddhist Attending a Bible Study: Buddhist attending a Bible study in a Calvary Chapel has no plan on changing his beliefs, so should he continue going?
2015-8-28 Hebrew Roots Movement: Doesn't Dispensationalism feed into the Hebrew Roots Movement?
2015-8-28 New Testament Books Written after 70 AD: Were ANY books of the Bible written after 70 AD?
2015-8-28 Old Testament Prophets: Steve believes that all the OT prophets wrote in a prophetic/symbolic/poetic language, but which ones wrote in the LEAST amount of poetic language?
2015-8-28 Adding a station on the FM Band: He just wanted to share, though, that they have their station on an FM station, potentially DOUBLING Steve's audience in the area.
2015-8-28 Hebrew Roots: Comments from a radio station manager caller.
2015-8-28 Millennium & 2nd Coming: Isn't the Millennium Literal? How come Steve doesn't believe a passage in Zechariah is talking about the 2nd Coming of Christ? [Zechariah 12-14]
2015-8-28 Dispensational Views: What would it take for Steve to change his mind that he's wrong about Dispensationalism? Like seeing the Man of Sin in a 3rd temple?
2015-8-27 Sacred Names Movement (Hebrews Roots): Does Steve know anything about the Sacred Names Movement? (His actual question gives more information than Steve's answers.)
2015-8-27 Day of a Christian in the Early Church: What were the daily concerns of the body of Christ at that time? What would be the daily life of a Christian during the Apostolic times be?
2015-8-27 Doing the Will of God: How do we know what God we are doing God's will so we aren't guilty of not doing it when He says that people who say Lord Lord were ever doing His will? [Matthew 7:21]
2015-8-27 My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?: Since dying on the cross was God's plan all along, why did Jesus cry to God the Father, "My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?" [Psalm 22:1]
2015-8-27 The Blind Man: Caller is concerned about the meaning of the application of the "blind" man. Is it a Parable or a real, literal Miracle? [Mark 10:51]
2015-8-27 The Will of God: Caller says that the only will of God is just believe on Jesus, the Person God sent. [John 6:29]
2015-8-27 Faith & Works (Saved By): God's work & our work, but we are saved by God's work, but maintain our salvation by our works, caller thinks. [Philippians 2:12]
2015-8-27 Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me: God was just looking away for a minute sort've like when your own child might be seriously injured, you just sort've want to look away even though you love the child very much. [Matthew 27:46]
2015-8-27 Jeremiah: Jeremiah doesn't seem to be in chronological order.
2015-8-26 Eschatology - the word Zao in Revelation: You say Zao appears 3 times in the Bible (Revelation), but Zoe 148 times in the Bible.
2015-8-26 Abaddon - Hades - Sheol: Caller would like to know the difference between Abaddon, Hades, Sheol.
2015-8-26 Aroma When Praying: Is it a biblical phenomenon of smelling stuff as a result of you praying? [2 Corinthians 2:14-17]
2015-8-26 Alcoholic Consumption: People tell the caller that Jesus only made UN-fermented wine when He did the miracle at the wedding. They suggest that Jesus would not sin by drinking alcohol. But caller thinks it might be just about not getting drunk.
2015-8-26 Lord's Prayer - ON earth vs IN earth: Caller thinks in the Lord's Prayer, the IN earth is way more important than the way they've been changing it to "on" earth.