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2017-8-08 The Rich Man & Lazarus: Is Lazarus & the rich man a real story or parable? At the time of your lectures you said you didn't know if there was related rabbincal stories. Is there a literal lake of fire?
2017-8-07 Not Preaching the Gospel: What did he mean, woe is me if I don't preach the gospel? [1 Corinthians 9:16]
2017-8-07 Paul not Holding Anything Back: What did it mean when Paul said he didn't hold back anything, shared everything from the Council? [Acts 20, 1 Crinthians 9:16]
2017-8-07 Paul Running the Race: What did Paul mean by "run the race"? [Acts 20:4]
2017-8-07 Lord's Prayer & God Being our Father: In the Lord's Prayer when it says, "our Father", is Christianity the only religion that call God Father?
2017-8-07 Called to be a Minister: How can someone know if they are being called to the ministry?
2017-8-07 Forgiving Satan: How come God doesn't just forgive Satan & reinstate him to Heaven?
2017-8-07 Prerequisite to Being a Chaplin: I want to be a chaplain, but am living w/ my boyfriend, although we aren't not having intimate relations, but should I move out anyway? [1 Thessalonians 5:22]
2017-8-07 Power to Become the Sons of God: What does "become" mean it says that "we have the power to become the Sons of God"? [John 1:14]
2017-8-07 Marriage Problems: The caller & his wife are separating for the time being, & have been to a mental hospital, & he just seeks prayer from Steve Gregg.
2017-8-07 Sun Shall Be Darkened, Stars Falling: IMMEDIATELY after the tribulation the sun shall be darkened, moon not give her light, stars falling, what does it mean? What does the verses in Revelation about Jesus second coming mean? [Matthew 24:29-30, Revelation 1:7]
2017-8-04 Disagreement or Unity Among Brethren: Can there be disagreement among believers & still be saved? What is the purpose of life, is it just to escape hell?
2017-8-04 Purpose of Life: What is the purpose of life? Is it just to escape hell?
2017-8-04 Bill Hybels: I'm wondering what you think of Bill Hybels, his philosophy of making the church as big as you can?
2017-8-04 Types & Shadows: Can you talk about any type of "type & shadow", foreshadow & so forth?
2017-8-04 Timeline of the New Testament: Do you know a detailed reference timeline for the New Testament?
2017-8-04 This Generation Will Not Pass Away Until: This generation shall not pass away until all these things shall be fulfilled, what did that mean? [Luke 21:32]
2017-8-04 Steve Needs to Change his Eschatological Views: I have a word from the Lord that you need change your eschatological views.
2017-8-03 Unholy Desires: This verse frightens me because I have unholy desires & afraid I'm going to be told this. [Matthew 7:23-24]
2017-8-03 No Redemption Message in EO or RC: I'm wondering how we should feel w/ the Eastern Orthodox & Roman Catholic church since they have no message of redemption?
2017-8-03 Anathema Because of Proselytizing Jews: Should I be considered am I consider anathema for trying to proselytizing Jews, even though they don't believe in Jesus & need to be converted?
2017-8-03 Catholicism a Different Gospel: Shouldn't the Roman Catholic church be considered teaching another gospel? I was watching the movie called, "Silence", which came out in 2016, with my son & it brought a lot of discussion between us. [Galatians 1:8-9]
2017-8-03 Offenses: What does this mean, "It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!" [Luke 17:1]
2017-8-03 Johann Blumhardt: Discussion about Johann Blumhardt & the exorcism he performed of a girl who was demon-possessed.
2017-8-03 Matthew 24 Being Fulfilled: Is reading a book by john l bray called, Matthew 24 fulfilled beneficial? Isn't he a full preterist?
2017-8-03 No One knows the Day nor Hour: It's true that no one knows the "day or the hour" of when Jesus is coming, but could we know the month & the year? [Matthew 24:36]
2017-8-02 Loving Ourselves: Where does it say in the Bible besides Matthew that we should love ourselves? [Matthew 22:37-39]
2017-8-02 Original Sin or Sin Nature: Could you help me your understanding of this passage of scripture, did we inherit Adam's sin nature? [Romans 5:12-21]
2017-8-02 Steve Gregg Joining the EO Church: What is so special about the Eastern Orthodox church as to why you switched over to it?
2017-8-02 Capital Punishment (Death Penalty): Are we dishonoring God if we don't support the death penalty? [Matthew 15]
2017-8-02 Prideful in Church Attendance: Being prideful in church attendance, is it okay to have that kind of pride? [Matthew 7:1-2, Hebrews 10:25]
2017-8-02 Dishonoring My Father: Father thinks I exposed him by calling a Christian show & saying he's divorced & moved in w/ girlfriend, & he didn't like it too much, afraid that he may lose his church position.
2017-8-02 Living together, Unwed: My son & his girlfriend are living together, so will you please share to him that that isn't a good so he knows it's not only coming from us?
2017-8-01 No Afterlife mentioned in the OT: People of the OT didn't believe in life after death?
2017-8-01 After Death: Where do you go after you die?
2017-8-01 Dismembering a Body: Why did the husband dismember one of his concubines body & send it to different places after she was gang-raped & killed? [Judges 19:24]
2017-8-01 Calvinism: I always hear you talking negatively about calvinism, but is there anything good about it?
2017-8-01 John Calvin: Can you tell me a little bit about John Calvin?
2017-8-01 Prophesying over an Unbeliever: Could God prophesy over an unbeliever? [1 Corinthians 14:3]
2017-8-01 Prophets Accuracy of Predictions: Do the prophecies of a claimed prophet always have to come true?
2017-8-01 Twenty Years Old & Upward Accountable: Was I wrong to give this verse to some grieving parents who's teenager had just died? Some said that I was. [Numbers 14:29]
2017-7-31 The ISV: Have you ever heard of the ISV, international standard version? If you haven't, you should check it out. I'll give 2 examples of how accurate it is. [Ephesians 5:18, Matthew 16:19]
2017-7-31 Prosperity & Blessing in OT, Suffering & Persecution in NT: In the Old Testament there seems to be an emphasis that if you live a righteous life, you will prosper, be blessed, but in the New Testament, just the opposite seems to be true, that we'll be suffering more than being blessed.
2017-7-31 Good Works Secret: Don't let one hand what the other hand is doing, so we are supposed to keep our good deeds a secret? [Matthew 6:3]
2017-7-31 Joyce Meyer Adherent: I'm dating a girl who listens to Joyce Meyer so should that be a red flag?
2017-7-31 153 Fish Significance: Was there any significance to the number "153", the number fish that were caught? [John 21:11]
2017-7-31 Flat Earth Conspiracy: Flat earth conspiracy inquiry [Isaiah 40:22]
2017-7-31 Yoke is Easy & Burden Light, but is Hard Contradiction: My yoke is easy, My burden is light, but in other places He seems to make it hard, so which is it [Luke 14, Matthew 11]
2017-7-31 Christ' Blood Different than Ours: With the life being in the blood, was Jesus' blood different than ours?
2017-7-31 The Light Before the Sun: What is the light in the 3rd verse of Genesis since the sun wasn't made until the 4th day? [Genesis 1:3 & 16]