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2018-1-03 Keys of the Kingdom & Binding and Loosing: Can you explain the keys of the kingdom and binding and loosing? [Matthew 16:19 & 18:18]
2018-1-02 Calvinism: Calvinism does not appear to be in the bible.
2018-1-02 Sabbath Keeping: Didn't Jesus do away with the law including the keeping of the Sabbath?
2018-1-02 Jesus Secretive about His Ministry: In the book of Mark, why does Jesus want his miracles to be so secretive?
2018-1-02 Mark's Use of Immediately: Why does Mark use the word “immediately” so frequently?
2018-1-02 Limiting Sizes of Care Groups at Church: What do you think about church care group size limitations.
2018-1-02 Jesus Claims to be God: Do all the gospels indicate that Jesus was God?
2018-1-02 Antichrist: Who comes first, Jesus or antiChrist?
2018-1-02 Mary's Genealogy: What is Mary's genealogy? [Luke 3:23-38]
2018-1-02 Middle Eastern Oral Tradition: (Followup to 4th question) Oral tradition in the Middle Eastern culture.
2018-1-02 Flat Earth: What does the bible say about the shape of the earth?
2018-1-02 Testing Audio: Comparing audio!
2018-1-01 Vocational or NonVocational Pastors: Should pastors have a 9-5 job in addition to their pastoral duties?
2018-1-01 Hell in the Old Testament: What does the Old Testament say about hell and judgment?
2018-1-01 Cults: A Korean group is teaching that Jesus has a wife and came back in 1948.
2018-1-01 Revelation 144,000 What is the 144,000 in Revelation talking about?
2018-1-01 Views of Atonement: What are the Christus Victor and Penal Substitution views of atonement?
2018-1-01 Laws/Commands from Jesus: What laws has Jesus given us in the New Testament? Are the old laws done away with?
2017-12-29 Very Choppy Audio: [Editor's Note: I'm just adding this track to say that this show's audio is very choppy. Steve Gregg must've had a bad internet connection because audio would skip AND at the later part of the show, there was a major delay, showing that it was something to do with the internet.]
2017-12-29 The Talmud: How did Jesus view the Talmud? and then you have the Tanakh, & the Midlash. Can you speak on all these Jewish writings?
2017-12-29 The Kingdom of God: The Kingdom of God taken from the Jews & given to a nation that will bear fruit with it? [Matthew 21:43] (audio chops in & out.)
2017-12-29 Generational Curse/Abrahamic Curse: Sins transmitted from one generation to another, why didn't Jesus have an earthly father instead of God.
2017-12-29 Homeless Christians Oxymoron: Does this verse mean there are no homeless Christians since God provides for all one's needs? [Matthew 6:33]
2017-12-29 Marriage & Divorce: Marriage & Divorce, equally yoked if someone is (not) divorced & marries again, is this what this is about?
2017-12-29 Church Membership: Church membership, way to restrict the use of the facility to appropriate parties & activities, trying to avoid legal issues (cont break)
2017-12-29 Judaism: how should we relate to Jews? Book of life, God knows already who's going to make it or not!
2017-12-29 Palestinians: Are the Palestinian people ever referred to in the Bible; If people think the Koran is holy, but call themselves Christian & hates Jews, are they really saved?
2017-12-28 Husband/Father not Involved with Family: Husband doesn't engage with the family but is attached to computer, phone & TV, & it's just as if it's not a real marriage & wondering what to do.
2017-12-28 Restoration of Israel: There seems to be a lot of talk about modern Israel & it talks about the restoration of Israel, so is it part of prophecy what's happening now?
2017-12-28 Human Pawns to God: Are we simply pawns being arranged by God? Are we being tested just to see if worthy opponents? Isn't that a little bit unfair? [Ephesians 2:6-7, Ephesians 3:10]
2017-12-28 Alpha & Omega: How can God be the end? How does He know what's happening in the end? What happened to eternity? [Revelation 22:13]
2017-12-28 Spiritualizing Scripture: Dispensationalists try to say we shouldn't spiritualize Scripture, & we should take it literally, but they don't themselves!
2017-12-28 Modern Israel: Caller disagrees with Steve that the prophecies of Israel have been fulfilled & that you have to believe in the literalness interpretation of Revelation.
2017-12-28 Cults Helping: If wrong religious groups & cults have helped people leave a bad life style, why would God use them this way if they are wrong, if they were so bad?
2017-12-28 Sermon on the Mount & James: You say that James gets a lot of his information from the Sermon on the Mount. Do you know what the connections are to James' writings?
2017-12-28 The Tongue: What is this about James referring to the tongue as dangerous? [James 3:2-12]
2017-12-27 Sinner's Prayer: Is the sinner's prayer found in the bible? [Romans 10:9]
2017-12-27 Trinity, Modalism & Fundamentalism Do you have to believe in Trinity? Modalism & clarifying fundamentalism.
2017-12-27 Women Pastors: Women Pastors.
2017-12-27 Sanctification: "work out your own salvation", "to do his good pleasure", salvation an on-going process? are we being saved?
2017-12-27 Satan-Lucifer: Who is Satan?
2017-12-27 Sin, Transgression, Iniquity: Is there different definitions degrees of sin? ? is this how we should pray?
2017-12-27 Satan an Angel: Was Satan an angel? Satan argued with God about Job, Jesus saw him falling out of heaven, so can you just explain about Satan?
2017-12-27 Calvinism: Calvinism & he shares how he is no longer thinks as strict about it, but you don't have to be a Calvinist to recognize that God always knows the future.
2017-12-27 Peter given Keys to the Kingdom: Peter was given the keys of the kingdom, so were the keys what he said in Acts about repenting & being baptized, and you'll be given the Spirit of God? [Acts 2:38, Matthew 16]
2017-12-27 Moses & Aaron Entering the Promised Land: Why couldn't Moses & Aaron enter the promised land? Why didn't they make it themselves?
2017-12-27 The Rich Man & Lazarus Parable: So the Parable about the Rich Man & Lazarus is not really talking about Hell but Hades & Death & people's intermediate state? [Luke 16:19-31]
2017-12-22 Christmas not Actual Jesus' Birthday: Caller challenging the idea that it is NOT Christ's birthday.
2017-12-22 Jesus & Mary Magdalene: Did Mary Magdalene & Jesus have a romantic relationship?
2017-12-22 Jesus' Social Life: Could Jesus have married & had sex or would that have been too unholy for Him?