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2017-5-31 Grandson becoming Atheist: My grandson has decided that he is going to be an atheist & be a "man of science" because of the influence of a teacher, do you know where I can find some good books to refute evolution?
2017-5-31 Questions on the Book of Romans: I've been listening to your lectures on Romans. So in Romans 3, who is he talking to jew or gentile? What does he mean "not under law"? [Romabs 3:9, Romans 6:14]
2017-5-31 Sealed by the Holy Spirit: I believe in Predestination, that people are sealed by the Holy Spirit, that you can't lose your salvation. [Ephesians 1:13]
2017-5-31 Fornication & Diet: I've never heard anything on this passage, would you have anything in your archives? [1 Corinthians 6:12-20]
2017-5-31 Good Books on Evolution for a 12 year Old: (followup) Caller is responding to caller who wanted good on Evolution for a child: 1) The Bible & Science Made Easy by Mark Water 2) The Right Questions, Truth, Meaning & Public Debate by Phillip Johnson 3) Deliver Us From Evil: Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture by Ravi Zacharias 4) Evidence for Creation,Intelligent Answer for Open Minds by Tom DeRosa
2017-5-31 More Suggestions to Combat Evolution for a 12 year old: Also for the guy who wanted good books on science, but being in harmony w/ the Bible: Website,
2017-5-31 Former Lesbian: A former lesbian left the lifestyle.
2017-5-31 Jesus Going to Hell upon Death: Can you explain about Jesus going to the prison in hell (1peter 3:19-21)?
2017-5-30 Jesus & God in comparison to the Bible, The Bible is not a complete, some claim, not the same as just believing in God.
2017-5-30 Romans 1 & 2: Is Romans 1 & 2 written to Jews, Jewish Christians or Gentiles?
2017-5-30 Steve a Heretic-part 2: Catholics considering Steve a heretic
2017-5-30 Drinking Alcohol: Is it wrong to drink alcohol?
2017-5-30 Treasure in Heaven: How do you lay up treasure in Heaven? [Matthew 6:20, Matthew 19:21]
2017-5-30 Mormons Want to take Children: I need legal counsel/advice on what to do about Mormon officials trying to take my children.
2017-5-30 Once saved, Always Saved & Calvinism: What is Hebrews 10:26-27 talking about, how do Calvinists deal w/ this scripture & what is the proper way to interpret it? Basically how to Calvinists deal with the whole book of Hebrews?! [Hebrews 10:26-27]
2017-5-30 Falling Away: Can someone return to Christ if they indeed have "fallen away"?
2017-5-26 Steve a Heretic: You do know that the Catholic Church would consider you a heretic, right?
2017-5-26 Current Event Story & Coptic Christianity: A news story that happened that day, bombing of busses & Coptic Christianity.
2017-5-26 Family Symbolic of Trinity: Would the family be a good explanation, analogy, for the Trinity?
2017-5-26 Jews First, Gentiles Secondary: Jesus really went to the Jews first & then the Gentiles?
2017-5-26 Forgiveness: My cousin, who is very well-versed in the Bible, says forgiveness can not really happen unless there is repentance by the offender. I say we have to forgive them if they ask or not. What do you think? [Luke 15]
2017-5-26 Thou Fool: Calling people a fool makes you in danger of hell fire, what does that mean? [Matthew 5:22]
2017-5-26 Thou Fool followup: About being a fool follow-up. [Psalm 53:1]
2017-5-25 Measure of Faith: "According to the measure of faith", what does this mean? [Ephesians 4:7-8, Romans 12:6]
2017-5-25 Angel of the Lord: who was the first person to such that "Angel of the Lord" was actually the pre-incarnate Jesus? Only one rapture, OT examples
2017-5-25 More than one Rapture: Caller thinks there's a possibility of more than one Rapture because Enoch was raptured right before the Flood, Elijah was raptured & other examples in the Old Testamant.
2017-5-25 His Righteousness: "His righteousness, & all the things shall be added unto you", can you please interpret that for me? [Matthew 6:33]
2017-5-25 Tithing & Malachi: What is it saying in Malachi 3:10 about tithing?
2017-5-25 Effectiveness of Prayer: Have you ever reviewed the effectiveness in prayer in medical publications?
2017-5-25 Hell: Can you tell me about hell? I'm just getting to the point that I just want everyone saved!
2017-5-25 Wife Wants a Divorce: My wife doesn't love me anymore, & I admit that it's been a bad marriage but not grounds for divorce. Can you help me?
2017-5-24 Nebuchadnezzar's Image in Daniel: Nebuchadnezzar's dream about the image, what does the clay represent? [Daniel 2]
2017-5-24 Buddhism & Christianity Parallels: I'm trying to show you that there are parallels between the Christian faith & buddhism! (regular Buddhist caller, Mike the Buddhist)
2017-5-24 Offspring of the Wicked: "offspring of the wicked shall be cutoff", what does that mean? [Psalm 37:28 & 38]
2017-5-24 Jesus finding Faith on Earth When He Returns: "Will the Son of Man find faith on earth?", what did He mean by asking that? [Luke 18:8]
2017-5-24 Catholic Relatives: My parents are in the catholic church & so are concerned about some siblings who died who weren't in it are lost, but they believed you have to do the rosary & so on.
2017-5-24 Besetting Sins: I have besetting sins, doing the same sin over & over & over, struggling, & don't know how to stop.
2017-5-24 Catholic Church & Confession: Catholic church claims this verse mandates confession. What do you say? [Matthew 18:18]
2017-5-23 Adventists, Sabbath Keeping & other Rituals: Can you discuss Sabbath keeping & the New Covenant & Rituals?
2017-5-23 Water Veith (Adventist Minister): Have you ever heard of Walter Veith, who is an Adventist minister?
2017-5-23 Wife not being a Wife: When can, should someone move on if his wife is not being a wife?
2017-5-23 Book of Genesis Author: Who wrote the book of Genesis?
2017-5-23 Calvinism & Original Sin: Talking to some Calvinists, they like to talk about original sin, all having sinned. [Romans 5:12-21, Romans 3:23, Psalm 51:5]
2017-5-23 End Times Signs: Signs of the heavens actually aligning the stars & planets right now proving we are in the end times. [Revelation 12]
2017-5-23 Obey Better than Sacrifice: "Better to obey than sacrifice", what does this mean? any relevance for today? [1 Samuel 15:22]
2017-5-22 Hebrew Roots Movement: In order for the Hebrew Roots people to believe what they believe, don't they have to do away with Paul's writings?
2017-5-22 Italicized Words in the Bible: Are the italicized words in the Bible inspired?
2017-5-22 Creation Week Literal Days: Were the actual creation days literal 24 hr days because what does it mean 1000 yrs is as a day, a day as a 1000 yrs? [Genesis 1, Genesis 2, 2 Peter 3:8, Psalm 90:4]
2017-5-22 Appreciating Lectures: Being a bond servant of Christ, just listening to some of your lectures, & just letting you know I appreciated that point
2017-5-22 Dead Sea Scrolls: I heard that the Dead Sea scrolls were missing Esther, is that true? when it says to love your wife is that talking about "agape" love?