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2019-2-05 Witchcraft: Bad things are happening because of witchcraft. What should be done about it?
2019-2-05 Eating & Drinking Jesus: Is eating Jesus' flesh & drinking His blood literal or symbolic? Do people think about this because of the word, "in"? [John 6]
2019-2-05 Testimony: How do you share a testimony, my conversion experience, w/out affecting some close people to me who were involved w/ why I had the problems in the first place?
2019-2-05 Dispensationalism & taking Revelation literally: There's a lengthy discussion about it the caller takes Revelation literally or symbolically as a Dispensationalist.
2019-2-05 Eternal judgment: John Piper says that the wicked are going to be tormented eternally. [Hebrews 6:1-2, Revelation 14:10, 20:10]
2019-2-05 Essentials or Non-Essentials: Should there be a statement of faith, a list of things that are essential & non-essential that a church believes in? Is that a good idea?
2019-2-05 Eucharist: Why would Steve go against 1,500 years worth of Church Fathers saying that they were wrong about the Eucharist, not literally eating the Body & drinking the Blood of Jesus' body when you take it?
2019-2-04 Covenants: What are the parameters of a covenant? What are the different kinds of covenants? A Covenant would only end in the death of one party?
2019-2-04 Eucharist: During the Eucharist, why does it matter if the wine & the bread turn into the actual blood & body of Jesus & why do people believe that happens?
2019-2-04 70 Weeks: When does the start 70 weeks, which date do we start with? Daniel 9 & Ezra
2019-2-04 Rapture: Where does the word, "Rapture" come from? What is Greek word for rapture, "caught up"?
2019-2-04 Fellowshipping (Gathering Together): What does it mean to "assemble yourselves together"? Some pastors say if we don't meet formally we are sinning. [Hebrews 10:25]
2019-2-04 Holy Spirit: Is it true that God forgives & Jesus forgives, but the Holy Spirit doesn't, is that right? [Matthew 12:31-35]
2019-2-04 Fall of Babylon & Sun 7 Times Brigher: Are these scriptures talking about judgment? [Isaiah 13:10, Isaiah 30:26]
2019-2-04 Must Hear the Gospel: In a book by John Piper called,"Jesus: The Only Way to God", he says that people must hear the Gospel in order to be saved or they can not be saved. Is this true?
2019-2-01 International Church of Christ: Do you know anything about the International Church of Christ?
2019-2-01 "Leaving the Elementary Things": What does it mean, "leaving the elementary things behind"? [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2019-2-01 Christ's Mission - 2 Phases: Christ's mission was divided into 2 missions, but why couldn't He have just done it all in the first Advent?
2019-2-01 Book of Enoch: Why don't you think the Book of Enoch is authentic since the Dead Sea scrolls included it & didn't Jesus refer to it?
2019-2-01 Judgment: How does this verse fit into the partial preterism, 70 AD paradigm? Sodom & Gomorrah will be having a future judgment, not at 70 AD. [Matthew 10:15]
2019-2-01 Marriage: What determines when a couple is married in God's eyes or not?
2019-1-31 Jesus' Blood on the Mercy Seat: Did Jesus spread His own blood on the mercy seat in heaven right after His resurrection?
2019-1-31 Finger of God & the Kingdom of God: "But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you", what does that mean? [Luke 11:20,
2019-1-31 Calvinism, Arminianism, Dispensationalism, Preterism: Can you tell me the difference between all these terms, all this terminology?
2019-1-31 Churches in Atlanta: Do you know of any good churches in Atlanta? Are you on in any stations in Atlanta? How can I continue listening to your show?
2019-1-31 Homosexual Marriage: What does the Bible say about Homosexual Marriages? What do the Old & New Testament say about it? [Romans 1:26-27]
2019-1-31 Council of Nicaea & Trinity (Follow-up): Council of Nicaea and the Trinity Doctrine. Caller thinks the Trinity was based on one verse in 1 John. [1 John 5:7]
2019-1-31 Hasting the Day of the Lord: "Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God", what does that mean? How can we "hasten" Jesus' coming? [2 Peter 3:12]
2019-1-31 Parable of the Sheep & the Goats: Can you please explain the parable of the sheep & the goats? [Matthew 25:31-46]
2019-1-31 Church Fathers: You like to cite the church father a lot, except when it comes to the Eucharist. Why is that?
2019-1-31 Palestinians: What is your view of the Palestinians in regard to Israel?
2019-1-30 Adam & Eve & the Holy Spirit: Were Adam & Eve filled with the Holy Spirit & did it leave them after they sinned? The Holy Spirit didn't come back then until Pentecost? [Acts 1:4-5]
2019-1-30 Demons in the Pigs: What happened to the demons after they went into the pigs? Did they die? [Mark 5:10-20]
2019-1-30 King Saul: Did Saul go to heaven?
2019-1-30 Angles taking us up: When it says angels will take people to heaven, is that what occurs during the rapture, angles taking us up? [Mark 13:27]
2019-1-30 Jesus Preaching in Hell: When Christ was crucified, He supposedly went & preached to those in hell. Did He really do that? Do they get that idea from 1 Peter? [1 Peter 3:18-20]
2019-1-30 The 2 Beasts: the 2 beasts of Revelation in Revelation 13, what did you say they represent? You say they are not a man, but then at the end at chapter you say that number of the Beast was Nero's name. How can that be? [Revelation 13]
2019-1-30 Promise of the Father: (followup for earlier in the show) Is the promise made in Genesis referring to the promise in Acts? [Genesis 22:18, Acts 1:4, Galatians 3:14]
2019-1-30 Charles Fox Parham & the Gospel of Peter & Paul: (Disagreement) Have you ever heard of Charles Fox Parham? Peter & Paul seem to have taught 2 different gospels. We are saved by grace. We need to follow Paul's gospel & not Peter's, which is only directed towards the Jews.
2019-1-30 Virgin Birth a Myth: Jews say the virgin birth prophecy was invented by Christians, that the famous verse we use in Isaiah that predicts the coming of a Messiah is spoken of in the past tense, not the future. [Isaiah 9:6]
2019-1-29 Continuously Repenting: I was told that if we repent & accept Jesus, we no longer need to repent or ask for forgiveness anymore. Is this true?
2019-1-29 Unwed Children: My children not married & all are in sexual relationships w/ their partner. They were raised Christians too. What should I say to them?
2019-1-29 "They know not what they do": What did Jesus mean when he said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!"? A lot of people don't know what they are doing, but are still guilty of sinning! [Luke 23:34]
2019-1-29 Jealousy: Is it wrong for a Christian to be jealous of their spouse?
2019-1-29 Claiming Healing: if I have faith in the power & name of Jesus, can I know that He will heal me? [Acts 3:16]
2019-1-29 John Vernon McGee: What do you think of John Vernon Mcgee? He says we are going to rapture up before the tribulation, but before we are raptured, we have to hear the trumpet sound. What do you say? [Revelation 1:10
2019-1-29 Samson What sin did Samson commit? Was it that he wanted to go with Delilah? Was he forgiven when he took down temple of the Philistines? [Judges 16]
2019-1-29 Olivet Discourse: The disciples seem to ask 3 different questions. When did He answer the other 2? [Matthew 24:2-3]
2019-1-28 Calvinism & Arminianism: Can you please explain Calvinism, Arminianism, Pelagianism, predestination, election, free will, God choosing some people & not choosing others?
2019-1-28 Blessing Israel: How are we supposed to bless Israel if they are not part of Israel yet? [Acts 3:25, ]