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2018-5-04 Suicide: People think it's a way to go by jumping off the Golden State Bridge, but if you are in a major crisis that leads you to want to commit suicide, God would forgive you, wouldn't He?
2018-5-04 Sabbath: You need to read what David H. Stern's New Testament Commentary on Romans 14:5-6, because he seems to explain it pretty well.
2018-5-04 Full Preterism: Caller thinks in 70 AD the resurrection happened also. (carries back after the break as well.)
2018-5-04 The Woman at the Well: How come Jesus didn't tell the woman at the well to repent? [John 4:17-18]
2018-5-04 Spiritual Warfare: Even if you are not living up to God's standards, can Satan tell you that you're okay, & that you can still work for Him even though you are not actually okay with God?
2018-5-04 Mental Illness: What about people with Mental Illness?
2018-5-04 R.C. Sproul: What do you think about R.C. Sproul's writings?
2018-5-03 "The Wood Devoured more people": The Wood destroying more people than the sword, can you explain? [2 Samuel 18:8]
2018-5-03 Virtual Marriages: I hear people are getting marriage certificates online, getting married right there online. Are you familiar with that?
2018-5-03 Unity Among Christian Brethren: Andy Stanley, Charles Stanley's son, says that unity is more important than doctrine. Nicolaus Zinzendorf came up with the Menorah Rules, & they also came up with the Moravian Covenant for Christian Living. How can Christians create this type of unity like he seemed to, & just agree to disagree on things we aren't going to agree on?
2018-5-03 Mormonism: Do Mormons ever try to use Psalms & John on you about why we can become gods? [Psalms 82, John 10:34-38]
2018-5-03 Dispensationalists & Christian Zionists: How far do the Christian Zionist shift the goal post of what an Israelite is? Is it all the descendants of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, or what? How Jewish?
2018-5-03 Cremation: Is Cremation acceptable?
2018-5-03 24 Elders from the Calvary Chapel Viewpoint: Caller thinks Steve should take the pre-trib rapture from the Calvary's Chapel's Viewpoint, that he thinks it makes way more sense than an amillennialism.
2018-5-03 24 Elders: Who are the 24 elders in Revelation? [Revelation 4, Revelation 5:8-10]?
2018-5-03 Unity: We need to be united in Jesus' Doctrines, not Man's Doctrines, that how we can be united, following the real church of Christ.
2018-5-03 Mighty Men of God (& women): Does it say anywhere about might men or women of God? [Judges 6:12]
2018-5-02 John the Apostle's Mom & Mary, & John the Baptist's Mother Cousins: Elizabeth & John the Apostle's Mother & Mary are all cousins. How do we deduce this because I can't seem to find it in the Bible?
2018-5-02 America in Prophecy In the Book of Revelation, is mystery, babylon talking about America?
2018-5-02 Modalism: Isn't it pretty important to believe Jesus is God? [John 8:58, John 18:23-24, Exodus 3:14]
2018-5-02 Being Filled with Holy Spirit: "Will you please pray that I be filled w/ the Holy Spirit?" caller asked a pastor, & the pastor just said he'd know when he was.
2018-5-02 Jesus' Temptation: During the temptation of Jesus, didn't Jesus already have the kingdoms of the world that the devil was offering anyway? [Matthew 4:1-11]
2018-5-02 Passion for Your Pre-married Spouse: Paul says it's okay to have passion for each other & NOT be sinning, but to get married, so isn't he basically saying sex before marriage is okay? [1 Corinthians 7:36]
2018-5-02 Hating People according to David: We are supposed to love our enemies, yes, but those who hate God we are supposed to also hate accordin g to ? [Psalms 139:21]
2018-5-02 Sabbath: What is Steve's view about the Sabbath?
2018-5-01 False Prophets: What about so-called prophets that are wrong, do we need to give credence to them anymore? Even Chuck Smith said that Jesus was going to come back at a specific time. [Deuteronomy 18:22]
2018-5-01 Evangelical Inclusivism: What do you think about the idea that people can be saved through Jesus even though they hadn't heard of Him while on the earth?
2018-5-01 Cremation: Is cremation acceptable?
2018-5-01 Breaking Chains: Where does it talk in the Bible about breaking chains & becoming free from sin such as addictions?
2018-5-01 John Calvin's Persecutions: Where can I find about the persecutions that John Calvin handed down back in his day?
2018-5-01 RFID Chip & the Mark of The Beast: What do you think of these RFID chips & the Mark of the Beast?
2018-5-01 Inclusivism: Caller is weighing in about inclusivism, that God will save who He will save.
2018-5-01 New Covenant: Doesn't really say in the New Covenant that Christ is required? My Jewish friend is telling me that Jesus wasn't even mentioned in the New Covenant, so how Could the Messiah be the New Covenant?[Jeremiah 31:31]
2018-5-01 Calvinism & Arminianism Is which one you believe, Calvinism & Arminianism, a Salvation issue? Does it really matter what you believe? Will it affect the way you view God?
2018-5-01 Hillsong-Emergent Church: Caller was watching the Pastor a the Emergent Hillsong Church & observed that he was not able to answer tough questions, like is abortion sin?
2018-4-30 Christians who are pro-choice & who have no problem w/ Infidelity: I'm having a hard time dealing w/ Christians who claim to be Christians but have no problem with being unfaithful to their spouse, or remarrying or who are pro-choice. What should I do?
2018-4-30 Eternity taught in the OT: What did the Jews know about eternity from the Old Testament?
2018-4-30 1000 year reign-the Millennium: Can you explain the 1000 yr reign/millennium? [Revelation 20]
2018-4-30 Judging People who get Abortions: Should we judge or not judge people for getting an abortion, support them or not support them?
2018-4-30 Women's Ordination verses self-appointed So can a woman be a lead Pastor as long as she was appointed by the church & not self-ordained? Isn't that what it's actually saying in the Bible? How do I not become critical of the church not following the Biblical standard then?
2018-4-30 JWs, Mormons & the Trinity: You just explained that Christians believe the Trinity differently, but yet the JWs & Mormons are called a cult because they believe it differently. Why?
2018-4-30 Unitarian vs Trinitarian: Does Father equal Holy Spirit? Why is it important to believe that Jesus was actually the Son of God Incarnate? The Old Testament people didn't know that! Why isn't the Holy Spirit the Father since it was He overshadowing Mary instead of the Father?
2018-4-30 Moral Lesson from Acts 25: I'm going to be teaching on Acts 25, but I was wondering if you knew, because I don't, what is the main moral lesson of Acts 25 that we can draw from? [Acts 25]
2018-4-26 Church of Christ & Presbyterian: What is the difference between the Church of Christ & Presbyterianism?
2018-4-26 Testimonial on Stage 4 Cancer Survivor: Caller calls to testify that they were cured of stage 4 cancer.
2018-4-26 KJV of the Bible: Do you know what some of the transition errors in the KJV? What do you think of KJV only people who say only the KJV of the Bible is from God?
2018-4-26 Disintegrated in Hell: I'm confused about hell, because I just heard that we are just disintegrated in hell, but then he said there was a lake of fire.
2018-4-26 The Cross is an Offense: The cross is offensive to a friend who is jewish, & he moves my Bible out of his sight whenever he visits.
2018-4-26 "Only-Begotten" How come "only-begotten" is only in the KJV of the Bible & not any of the modern translations?
2018-4-26 Wife's affection for husband in the OT: It says a wife should have affection for her husband in the Old Testament. Where is that in the Bible? [Ezekiel 16 & 23]