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2019-4-12 Angels: Were angels created to worship God? Why did God choose to make people?
2019-4-12 Taking up Your Cross: What does "taking up your cross" look like for us? Is it "dying to self"? Should I feel a little bit guilty if I am happy and comfortable? How do I learn surrender and contentment [Philippians 1:21, 4:11, Luke 9:23, Matthew 16:24]
2019-4-12 Mary: Did Mary become a queen when she gave birth to Jesus? Was Mary ever venerated in the Biblical days? [Acts 1]
2019-4-12 Tithing: When giving and tithing is difficult, should we expect it to be easier? [Malachi 3:10f, Philippians 4:19, Luke 6:38].
2019-4-11 Once Saved, Always Saved: What do you mean when you say that one can lose their salvation? [I Timothy 4:1, John 15:6, 1 Corinthians 15-2, Hebrews 3:12].
2019-4-11 Apostles Today: How does Steve define an "apostle"? Are there apostles in the church today?
2019-4-11 Trial of Bitter Waters: In the story "Ordeal of Jealously" or "Trial of Bitter Waters", can you explain the jealous man's wife having to drink a mixture of dust from the tabernacle floor? Is the Hebrew word for "thigh" really a euphemism for the womb? [Numbers 5:11-31].
2019-4-11 Divorce & Remarriage: Would you clarify the stipulations and extenuation circumstances surrounding divorce & remarriage?
2019-4-11 Flat Earth: What does the Bible say about the shape and design of the earth? Does the Bible teach that the earth is flat and has a solid dome?
2019-4-11 Hating God's Enemies Should we hate God's enemies?
2019-4-10 Church Autonomy (church government): Is it unscriptural for a church to remain autonomous? Should churches be accountable to an authority? How does apostolic authority fit in? [Romans 14:5]
2019-4-10 Denominations: Why are there so many? Is it a result our inability to unify in Christ?
2019-4-10 Calvinism: From a Calvinist point of view, does it make sense to pray for unbelievers?
2019-4-10 The Gospel: Did Jesus & His apostles actually preach "the gospel"? Since Jesus had not yet died, nor resurrected, did the disciples even know what the gospel was? [Mark 16:20, I Cor 15:1-4] The Kingdom of God=the gospel [Mark 1:4 & 15] Is Paul reducing the gospel to only the death & resurrection of Christ?
2019-4-10 Knowledge of Scripture: How did you gain such knowledge of the Bible? Is there a method that might help others learn it so well? [Psalm 1:2].
2019-4-10 Repentance and Restitution: If one has hurt others in their past, how should one handle trying to make it up to them and make restitution?
2019-4-10 Gospel in the Stars: Is there anything related to the subjects of the constellations and Zodiac at the website [topical lectures; Psalm 19]?
2019-4-10 Jesus' Arrest: John MacArthur said that 600 people came to arrest Jesus, is there anything to substantiate that?
2019-4-10 Prayer: Does God not hear or answer our prayers if we don't say "in Jesus name"?
2019-4-10 Parable of the Wedding Feast: How do I apply the parable of the wedding feast? How does one come to God on His terms, rather than on one's own? [Matt 22:13]
2019-4-09 Church Discipline: How long does someone have to be disciplined ("marked", or disfellowshipped), before they are reinstated?
2019-4-09 Church Leadership: What should be done when it may be that the leadership needs discipline, rather than the attendees?
2019-4-09 Suffering: When I have to live in chronic pain, am I sharing in His suffering [Philippians 3:10-11]?
2019-4-09 Lead not into Temptation: What does it mean in The Lord's Prayer, when it says, "lead us NOT into temptation"? Understanding the concept of the "limited negative."[Luke 4:1, Matthew 6:13, I Corinthians 10:13]
2019-4-09 Atheists: How can atheists be offended about Nativity scenes & God-centered things, if they don't believe God exists? If they are true atheists, it shouldn't matter to them! Why would they care and then want to delete God from other's lives?
2019-4-09 Salvation: Am I really saved? I am still struggling with sin in my life. If I am truly converted, why am I still having to do continue to struggle?
2019-4-09 Christian Music: Is the Christian music industry entirely secular now?
2019-4-09 Government Control: When one has a 501c3, does the government limit what you can say, especially regarding homosexuality or endorsing candidates?
2019-4-08 Fellowshipping with Unbelievers: What is meant by not fellowshipping with unbelievers [Ephesians 5:11]?
2019-4-08 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: What is meant by "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" [Matt 12:32]?
2019-4-08 Repentance: Is there scripture to support post-mortem forgiveness? Many scriptures noted in Steve's book on Hell.
2019-4-08 Politics: Two people were running for office, one a Muslim & the other a born-again Christian, but I like the Muslim's platform better, what would you do in that situation?
2019-4-08 Jesus' Ministry Timeline: How is the length of Jesus' ministry (39 days) calculated?
2019-4-08 Remitting Other's Sin: What does this scripture mean; "Whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted to them; and whosoever sins ye retain, they are retained.” [ John 20:23, John 20:22]?
2019-4-08 Communion (Lord's Supper): How often should we take communion? Who is qualified to take it?
2019-4-08 Day for the Church Meeting: Is Saturday night OK to gather for church?
2019-4-08 Eternity (Heaven, New Earth): Where will we spend eternity? Where does the soul go when one dies? Where will Jesus be? Do we still get to go to heaven, even though there will be a new earth?
2019-4-08 Divisions in the Church: Why so much division within the Christian body? [Romans 14, 1 Corinthians 3]
2019-4-08 The Rapture: Will there be two raptures? What about "The Last Day" & the resurrection of the dead? [I Thessalonians 4:16-17, John 6:49]
2019-4-05 Women in Ministry: Should women be pastors or in leadership within the church? [1 Timothy 2:8-15, 1 Corinthians 14:34-40]
2019-4-05 Baptism: Who has the authority to baptize? What about when a church does not recognize another denomination's baptism?
2019-4-05 Replacement Theology (Supersessionism): Why do some use the term as a pejorative? What do they mean by it? So how does it fit in with the New Covenant vs Old Covenant [Hebrews 8:13]?
2019-4-05 Resurrection of Unbelievers: Is there a physical resurrection of unbelievers? [John 5:28-29, Revelation 20, Acts 24:12-15]
2019-4-05 Word of Faith: What is your opinion about Joyce Meyer? Is the Word of Faith movement occultic?
2019-4-05 Seventh Day Adventism: What is your perspective on the Seventh Day Adventist denomination? And "investigative judgment"?
2019-4-05 Abomination of Desolation: What do you think "the abomination of desolation" is referring to [Daniel 11 & 12, Matthew 24:15, Luke 21:20]?
2019-4-05 Seventh Day Adventist: Will there be a devil on earth during the millennium? What about Ellen G. White's plagiarism?
2019-4-05 Food restrictions: Where are people getting the idea that you can't eat pork anymore? Is the Torah still binding today? Are we under "the law" or under the Lord?
2019-4-05 Take up your Cross: What does it mean to take up your cross? Is Jesus alluding to His own crucifixion? What did the disciples think he meant? [Luke 14:25-27]
2019-4-04 Angels: Do angels still defend us today? Are they keeping us from the wicked one [Daniel 2, John 17:15, Psalms 34:8, 91:11-12?, I John 5:18, ] Cosmic battle, Satan cast down at the cross [ Revelation 12 ], Jesus indicated that He could call on legions of angels to serve as protectors [Matt 26:53]