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2017-5-15 Demon Possession Story: A deemon possession story is shared.
2017-5-15 Celebrating Mother's Day: Is celebrating Mother's day in church a little bit insensitive since there are some women who can't have children?
2017-5-15 Double-fulfilled Prophecies: Double fulfillments of prophecies, or man-willed prophecy making certain prophecies happening or not happening.
2017-5-11 Asking in Jesus' name or God the Father's: When we pray, do we ask in Jesus name or in the Father's? [John 14:6 & 13, 16:23 & 26]
2017-5-11 Not Understanding Christian Essentials: Claiming to be a believer & but not getting basic stuff right, are you really a believer?
2017-5-11 Flat Earth: Wants to talk more about the Flat earth, he being a Flat Earth advocate.
2017-5-11 Hank Hangraaf Switching over to Eastern Orthodoxy: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff switching over to Eastern Orthodoxy?
2017-5-11 State of Man after Death: What is the state of man when he dies? Where does he go? Soul sleep?
2017-5-11 Married in Church or Court: Where are we supposed to get married, in the church or the courts?
2017-5-11 Not Having Grounds for Divorce: What if you don't have grounds for divorce?
2017-5-11 Abortion & Science: What happened to all the harvest videos from planned parenthood?
2017-5-11 Jesus Rising Again: What does it mean that Jesus rose again, why "again"?
2017-5-11 Israel & Christianity: Is Old Testament Israel part of Christianity or an addition to?
2017-5-10 False Teachers: Can a false prophet/teacher who's intentions are good but still false, can they still be saved? [James 3:1]
2017-5-10 Calvinism & Predestination: Regarding Calvinism & Predestination, with the Sovereignty of God, can't He choose whom He will save & whom He will not?
2017-5-10 A More Perfect Name: What was the "more excellent name", being better than the angels? [Hebrews 1:1]
2017-5-10 Everything Under the Earth: In Philippians 2, when it says, "everything under the earth", what is that referring to?
2017-5-10 The Millennial Reign: Christ & the millennial reign, if you were not with Christ, you will be thrown out into outer darkness, is this true?
2017-5-10 Romans Road to Salvation: I was reading a book by N. T. Wright, & he talks about the "Romans Road to Salvation", & just wondering if you agree w/ his stance?
2017-5-10 Adam & Eve Cursed: Were Adam & Eve cursed, or just the ground & the serpent? It was certainly more difficult for them, toiling the land & giving birth. [Genesis 3]
2017-5-10 A 3rd Temple: There's talk of a new millennial temple that is going to be built, & they say it's from Ezekiel, but I can't find anything about a temple there. Will you help me out? [Ezekiel 40-48]
2017-5-09 Against Circumcision, Yet permits it: Why did paul have timothy circumcised if he spoke so much against it? [Acts 16:3]
2017-5-09 Steve's Viewpoints of Hell: What are your view points of hell?
2017-5-09 A False Christ: Would disproving Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, & Adventists have a false Christ endanger your salvation? (The person called several times seeming to have a vendetta against SDAs.)
2017-5-09 Praying for Everyone: Can we pray for everyone?
2017-5-09 Seeing a Different Jesus in the Paradigm of Adventism: Seventh Day Adventists preach a different Christ. (follow-up)
2017-5-09 Verses that might've Surprised Steve Gregg: What are some verses that surprised you the first time you read the entire Bible through?
2017-5-09 The Flat Earth: Caller thinks there's overwhelming evidence that the earth is flat!
2017-5-08 New Covenant Proof-Text Example: When discussing the covenant, explaining we don't need to keep the sabbath, dietary laws, is this a good verse to use? [Zechariah 11:10]
2017-5-08 Mental Illness vs Demon Possession: How do we know if it's Mental Illness or Demon Possession?
2017-5-08 No Plan: God does not have a plan for us, God just allows stuff to happen, & healing is just medical, the caller heard someone say.
2017-5-08 Prophecy & Fortune Telling: How do we tell the difference between real genuine prophecy & fortune telling?
2017-5-08 Laying on Hands of the Holy Spirit by Philip: You just fielded a question about Philip not being able to lay hands on people for the Holy Spirit except when he got some of the original 12 Apostles. I'd like to explain a theory of why: That Peter has the Keys to the Kingdom. [Matthew 16:19]
2017-5-08 The Narrow Path Format: I commend you on the way you do the format of your show, not being prepared in advance.
2017-5-08 Pathway to Victory: Do you know anything about the, "Pathway to Victory" ministry?
2017-5-08 The Story of Jonah: Is the story of Jonah literal? Do you know why he was so adamant against going to Nineveh?
2017-5-05 Bad Language: Is it a sin to use inappropriate language, just as long as we don't use the Lord's name in vain? [Ephesians 4:29]
2017-5-05 Tithing: Is tithing mandated?
2017-5-05 Awesome Radio Show: Your view is out of the box! I've never heard someone like you on the radio!
2017-5-05 Philip: Was Philip one of the original 12 apostles? Why couldn't the Holy Spirit come as a result of Philip's work? Why did he have to call on some of the original 12 apostles in order for the Holy Spirit to move? [Acts 8]
2017-5-05 Never hearing of Jesus: How do we really make an impact on people who've never heard the gospel about Jesus, but really have a sense that there is something? [Romans 1:19-20]
2017-5-05 Falling Away: Can you explain to me 2 Peter 2, can Christians really fall away, reject Christ? [2 Peter 2]
2017-5-05 The Second Coming & the Rapture: Are both the 2nd coming & the rapture imminent, & what conditions must be met?
2017-5-05 Freely Giving: I'm w/ you on the not being legalistic about tithing, but we still need to exercise the practice of giving
2017-5-04 Distinction between Infant Baptism & a Dedication: What scriptures would prohibit infant baptism? I know most people don't think infant baptism is right, that they should only be dedicated, but what benefits do they get from that?
2017-5-04 Chapters & Verses a Liability: They didn't even have Chapters & Verses before, so people can take a verse out of context by not understanding its full mean, making it a little bit of a drawback.
2017-5-04 English hard to Translate: Is English is the hardest language to translate?
2017-5-04 Emergent Church: Can you give me some information about emergent or the emerging church? (he cont. after break w/out having announced it like usually does), & then talks about contemplative prayer, spirit formation, the kingdom of God, the gospel of heaven
2017-5-04 Confessing the Lord's Prayer & Saying Sinner's Prayer: Is confessing the Lord & saying the sinner's prayer enough to be saved? [Romans 10:8-11]
2017-5-04 KJV Translation of the Bible: Is the King James Version the best translation?