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2020-3-03 Spiritual Warfare, Michael, The Restrainer: Was Michael, the Archangel, the restrainer, referred to in Daniel 10? [Daniel 10:13, 21, 12:1].
2020-3-03 Blue Ribbons, Fringe, & Black Israelites: As a particular religious sect suggests, do we still have to wear Blue Ribbons and fringe, since scripture says, "from generation to generation"? [Numbers 15:38].
2020-3-03 Choosing Salvation for our Children: Is this verse saying that the children of Christians will be saved, if we choose life for them? [Deuteronomy 30:19]
2020-3-03 Counterfeit Agape Love: Can Satan counterfeit "agape love"? [1 Corinthians 13, I John 3:9, 4:7, Matthew 16:24-25, Luke 9:23]
2020-3-03 Walking by Faith Doesn't Always Work: What about people who live by faith in the "real" world, when it doesn't really work as expected? [Psalm 37:25, Hebrew 9:27-28, Matthew 6:33]
2020-3-03 Hell & C.S. Lewis: What was C.S. Lewis' view about the Doctrine of Hell? Was he an annihilationist?
2020-3-03 Hell & Catechetical Schools of Theology: What are the historical centers of theology you were talking about in your book on hell, and where can I find more information about their views?
2020-3-03 Give us Caesar: Did the Jews break the Old Covenant when they wanted Pilate to give them Caesar as their king? [John 19:15, Matthew 21:37].
2020-3-03 Paradise or Heaven: Is Paradise the same thing as Heaven? [Luke 23:43]
2020-3-03 Good Deeds by non-Christians: Can't non-Christians still do good things, and cannot that still be from God? [Romans 6:23].
2020-3-02 Woman Healed Because of her Faith: Was the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment healed because of her conviction? [Luke 6:40-48].
2020-3-02 Making a Cake for a Same-Sex Couple: What are the considerations a believer should have about making a cake for a same-sex wedding?
2020-3-02 Mark of the Beast: If you take the mark of the beast, can you still be a Christian?
2020-3-02 Abomination of Desolation: Could you help me understand "abomination of desolation"? [Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, Mark 13:14, Luke 21:20]
2020-3-02 Image of the Beast-The Abomination of Desolation: Does Thessalonians reflect the same imagery as the "abomination of desolation"? [2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation 13]
2020-3-02 The Trinity: What religions do not believe in the trinity?
2020-3-02 The Trinity: Would you explain the "Trinity"?
2020-3-02 Alcoholic Beverages for a Church Fundraiser: Our church is considering getting a alcoholic beverages license for a fundraising event, what scripture would you use to discourage it?
2020-3-02 MK-Ultra Mind-control: Is the use of MK-Ultra Mind-control sinful?
2020-3-02 Darbyism, Dispensationalism in Denominations: Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches do not support Darbyism, correct? What do the Mormons think of Darby's view?
2020-3-02 Calvinism-Election & God's Chosen People: Could you help me sort through Calvinism and Election?
2020-2-28 Justification for Withholding Sex in Marriage: Is it justifiable to withhold sex, if the partner is not loving, using i John 4:19 to justifiable? [I John 4:19].
2020-2-28 Marriage Without Intimacy & Overt Anger: How do you handle marriage conflicts according to Matthew 18, especially when one partner is withholding intimacy or have a bad temper? [Matthew 18, I John 4:19].
2020-2-28 Fruit of the Spirit: Are these scriptures referring to "fruit of the spirit" in Timothy and Matthew? [I Timothy 1:7, Matthew 13:8,Galatians 5:22-23, Matthew 21, Isaiah 5:7, Ephesians 5].
2020-2-28 Adam, Eve & Evolution: Where do I stand before God, if I don't think that Adam & Eve were the first two people, and I believe in evolution?
2020-2-28 Defining "The Gospel" & "The Kingdom of God": What is the gospel, and why is it "the power of God unto salvation"? [Romans 1:16, Mark 1:14-15, Exodus 19:5-6, Acts 1:6, 17:7, Colossians 1:13, Matthew 28:18, 13:31-33, John 8:31, Hebrews 4:12].
2020-2-28 Homosexuality: How do your resolve God's love for the Homosexual and His view of the sin of practicing homosexual acts as an abomination?
2020-2-28 Life on Other Planets: Don't you think it impossible that there is life on other planets, because their redemption would require that Jesus die again, and scripture says He died once for all?
2020-2-28 Proof of God's Existence: How do I know that God exists?
2020-2-28 Call Incomplete-The Pope: Repeat caller about trying to indicate that the beast is the pope. Steve ends the call.
2020-2-28 Science vs Scripture: Your earlier caller that doubts that Adam and Eve were not the first two people, would that not require Jesus to correct Genesis? Are we not to listen to scripture rather than scientists? [Genesis 1:1, Matthew 17:5, James 4:17].
2020-2-27 Bible-Prove to be True: If you were to pick one point to prove that the Bible is the inspired word of God? [Isaiah 44:7].
2020-2-27 Book-Before Dispensationalism: Are you familiar with the book, "Dispensationalism Before Darby" by William C Watson?
2020-2-27 Origin of Satan: If Satan was created to be a tester, then why would God send him to be tormented forever in the lake of fire, just for doing that for which he was created? [Revelation 20:10].
2020-2-27 Lighting Candles: Is the practice of lighting candles for spiritual reasons toying with witchcraft?
2020-2-27 Praying for the Dead: I told my daughter to not pray for my dead sister. Can you help me support that decision with scripture? [I John 5:16].
2020-2-27 Paul's Age: Do you have any idea how old Paul was when he was writing? [Acts 7].
2020-2-27 Prophecies in Timothy: I can't find the prophecies regarding Timothy discussed in I Timothy, can you help me? [I Timothy 1:16].
2020-2-27 Sin-Eternal Offense to God: Regarding hell, does sin rack up an eternal offense, therefore must require eternal punishment from God?
2020-2-27 Sin's Annihilation-God Wins: If people live in hell eternally, then doesn't it mean that sin is never really done away with and God never really annihilates sin?
2020-2-27 Revelation: Locust Are Helicopters: Are the locust in Revelation 9 really referring to helicopters used in the war in the 90s? [Revelation 9:1-12].
2020-2-27 Divorce-God's Will: Do you think that God would cause a marriage to fail in order to get a woman to take her family off a pedestal and focus more on God?
2020-2-27 Bible Translation Problem: Can you resolve the very unrelated wording in Hebrews and Psalm 40, where the words used for "opening an ear" are to equate to "body prepared", seemingly meant to come from the same text? How can that be? [Hebrews 10:5, Psalm 40:2].
2020-2-27 Eternal Fire of Hell: What do you think about the words "eternal fire" in Matthew [Matthew 25:41].
2020-2-26 Calvinists-Sodom & Gomorrah's Repentance: Would not the passage about Sodom & Gomorrah repenting had they seen the miracles in Jesus' ministry, a good argument against Calvinists position about the elect? [Matthew 11:21-23, 13:10-17, Romans 9:18].
2020-2-26 Antichrist & the Papacy: Contesting Steve's position on the Antichrist not being a specifc man, but maintains that it is the pope [I John 2:22, 2 John 7, Daniel 7].
2020-2-26 Sin-Before or After Satan: Was sin made before Satan? [I John 3:8].
2020-2-26 God Wanting to Kill Moses: Why did God want to kill Moses? Why was all resolved once his wife circumcised their son. [Exodus 4].
2020-2-26 A True Disciple of Christ: After listening to your lecture, "Toward a Radically Christian Counterculture", I am feeling convicted about whether I am a real Christian-a true disciple of Christ-and am wondering that if my previous walk has been weak and compromised, where does that leave me? [Titus 2:10].
2020-2-26 Soul vs Spirit: What is the difference between your soul and your spirit? [I Corinthians 14, Romans 8].