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2014-3-13 Abomination of Desolation: So what was the Abomination of Desolation? [Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21:20]
2014-3-13 Transition between Jesus' death & 70 AD: If we are saying the temple system became kaput & obsolete when Jesus died & rose again, & therefore there's no use for it in the future, premillennialists will say, "well, if that's true, there was no use for it between the time Jesus died & the time it was destroyed in 70 AD then either". [1 Corinthians 9:19-22]
2014-3-13 Gambling: Why is Gambling considered a sin, & where is the Scripture that says that it is?
2014-3-13 Instructions from Proverbs: When do we know the Bible is giving promises or principles?
2014-3-13 Passion of the Christ: What were thoughts on "The Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson?
2014-3-13 Preparing for Disasters - Tribulation: What are your thoughts on preparing for troubled times ahead? [Matthew 6:25-34]
2014-3-12 Dispensationalism & Calvinism: Is there a connection between Dispensationalism & Calvinism? Is there any danger in believing in Dispensationalism?
2014-3-12 "Son of God" movie & Pharisees & Chief Priests: Were the Pharisees against Jesus? They talk about Caiaphas being the main villain in the movie. and discussion about, "Passion of the Christ", but good movies also, "The Jesus Movie", "The Gospel of Matthew", "The Gospel of John", & "the Book of Acts".
2014-3-12 Tyndale Commentaries & D.A. Carson: What do you think about the Tyndale Commentaries? How about D.A. Carson & his commentaries called, "Understanding the Times: New Testament Studies in the 21st Century"?
2014-3-12 Church of Christ: The Church of Christ believes in instant baptism after conversion, that's one thing that's good about their belief system.
2014-3-12 Jesus' Disciples Baptizing: What was the purpose of Jesus' Disciples' Baptism, or, how was it different than John the Baptist's disciples' baptisms? [John 3:22-24, John 4:1-4]
2014-3-12 Hell: Discussion on the differing views of hell, especially the problems w/ annihilationism. [Romans 6:7]
2014-3-11 Legion (Demons in a possessed man): Why did the demons ask Jesus to permit them to go to into pigs & why did He comply? Couldn't He have just sent to them to hell? Do demons find it necessary for their survival to possess living creatures or can they roam alone? What do you think happened to the demons after they jumped off the cliff? Did they die a second time & go to hell? Couldn't Jesus have just sent them directly to hell?
2014-3-11 the Book mentioned in Acts: The author of Acts mentions a book, do you know what book he was talking about? [Acts 1, Luke 1]
2014-3-11 Traditional eternal view of Hellfire: So since you think Satan was created in the state he is in right now, doesn't it stand to reason God would also create an eternal hell even though it SEEMS against His nature? [Revelation 20:10]
2014-3-11 Legalism & Pharisees (followup): In that case, what about the Pharisees in Jesus' day? Even though they were legalistic & Jesus had a lot to say to them negatively, could they still be saved?
2014-3-11 Mormons & Salvation: Do you say that even Mormons might be genuine followers of Jesus even though mistaken in what they believe?
2014-3-11 Dispensationalism: Discussion about why Dispensationalism is being talked about in Romans 11. [Romans 11:7,25-27]
2014-3-11 Pharisees: They believe 2 laws, the written Law of Moses & Oracles of God, so it's more than just being legalistic.
2014-3-11 Fellowshipping w/ Muslims: Do you have any points I should make w/ some Muslims friends when I go to their home to fellowship?
2014-3-11 The Lost Tribes of Israel: What do you suppose happened to the lost tribes of Judah?
2014-3-11 Though an Angel from Heaven: Regarding the Quaran & Muslims, doesn't Paul mention about not even listening to ANGELS that come w/ a different gospel? [Galatians 1:8-9]
2014-3-11 Loving our Neighbors: We need to love our neighbor more than ourselves, so the woman who's going to dialogue w/ Muslims, that's great!
2014-3-10 Evolution: Adam & Eve were fully grown mature adults when they created.
2014-3-10 Wider Hope Theory: I was reading in your book on 3 views of hell, & you were talking about the Wide Hope Theory. Can you expound on it?
2014-3-10 Recognizing each other in Heaven: Will we be able to recognize each other in Heaven?
2014-3-10 Adam & Eve Sinning: Why did Adam follow along w/ Eve of eating the forbidden fruit since he wasn't deceived like she was? [Genesis 3:6, 1 Timothy 2:14]
2014-3-10 Age of the Earth by the Speed of Light: Determining the Age of the Earth by the Speed of Light thoughts.
2014-3-10 Israel being saved: Why hasn't Israel been saved, according to Dispensationalists?
2014-3-10 Romans: Dealing in Romans 11:25-26, would you deal w/ the meaning of these verses as different since the gospel hadn't been preached yet in all Israel, even though it had after we have read it?
2014-3-10 Age of the Earth: What do you think the Age of the Earth is?
2014-3-10 Never hearing the Gospel: What about the people who have never heard the gospel? What's going to happen with them?
2014-3-10 Unsaved loved ones & friends: What's our memory going to be like of people who did not make it, lost loved ones & friends?
2014-3-10 Old Earth New Earth: Do you think it's possible that Moses just wrote Genesis 1 as a teaching device or that it's poetry, that it's not really to be taken literal, such as literal days:
2014-3-10 Gap Theory: Could what already existed in Genesis 1:1 have been a starting point from where God started, & so that's what it makes it's seem old? [Genesis 1:1-2, Exodus 20:11]
2014-3-10 Least of these Commandments: Are the "Least of the Commandments" talking about the Law & the Prophets, the law of Moses, or is it talking about Jesus' instructions in the Sermon on the Mount? [Matthew 5:17-20]
2014-3-07 Seal up the Book: Did you say John was told to seal up the Scroll in Revelation? [Revelation 10]?
2014-3-07 The Wise Men - Magi: Why did the wise men go in the first place? Did God direct them? It was a miraculous star? Why astrologers? Did it have something to do w/ the prophecy in Numbers? [Genesis 1:14,Numbers 24:17]
2014-3-07 Spiritualizing Scritpure: What does it mean that we shouldn't "spiritualize" Scripture?
2014-3-07 Chapters & Verses: How & when did the chapters & verses develop? How come the verse numbers are always so consistent, no matter what translation you go with?
2014-3-07 Christian Music: There's a lot of good Christian music out there.
2014-3-07 Dispensationalism: Is there anything wrong w/ listening to preachers who believe in Dispensationalism?
2014-3-07 Apostles' Deaths: Why did most of the original Apostles have to die such horrible deaths?
2014-3-07 Imminency & Israel: How could the 2nd Coming of Christ be "imminent" for the first 1,900 years, if Israel hadn't formed into a nation before 1948?
2014-3-06 Evolution: Caller believes the evolution debate is really not that big of a deal, & does Steve think God used evolution as a means of creation? [Genesis 1]
2014-3-06 God Creating man from Dust: Man might've existed in a physical form but not a spiritual form.
2014-3-06 Using Correct Terminology: The Bible needs to be a little more precise in the words it uses to indicate if God literally created in 7 days or it was a long process.
2014-3-06 Hell - 3 Views (4 perhaps?): What is the 4th view of Hell that some of the books you cited mentioned? Are Annihiliationism & Universalism connected? Is it possible that some people will be annihilated & some will be resurrected?
2014-3-06 Christians at Liberty: Are Christians allowed to enjoy themselves? or do we have to give everything up, "forsaking" ourselves?
2014-3-06 Civil law & Persecution: What is our duty about obeying the "law of the land" but not wanting to be persecuted or not wanting to obey some questionable laws?