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2017-8-04 Purpose of Life: What is the purpose of life? Is it just to escape hell?
2017-8-04 Bill Hybels: I'm wondering what you think of Bill Hybels, his philosophy of making the church as big as you can?
2017-8-04 Types & Shadows: Can you talk about any type of "type & shadow", foreshadow & so forth?
2017-8-04 Timeline of the New Testament: Do you know a detailed reference timeline for the New Testament?
2017-8-04 This Generation Will Not Pass Away Until: This generation shall not pass away until all these things shall be fulfilled, what did that mean? [Luke 21:32]
2017-8-04 Steve Needs to Change his Eschatological Views: I have a word from the Lord that you need change your eschatological views.
2017-8-03 Unholy Desires: This verse frightens me because I have unholy desires & afraid I'm going to be told this. [Matthew 7:23-24]
2017-8-03 No Redemption Message in EO or RC: I'm wondering how we should feel w/ the Eastern Orthodox & Roman Catholic church since they have no message of redemption?
2017-8-03 Anathema Because of Proselytizing Jews: Should I be considered am I consider anathema for trying to proselytizing Jews, even though they don't believe in Jesus & need to be converted?
2017-8-03 Catholicism a Different Gospel: Shouldn't the Roman Catholic church be considered teaching another gospel? I was watching the movie called, "Silence", which came out in 2016, with my son & it brought a lot of discussion between us. [Galatians 1:8-9]
2017-8-03 Offenses: What does this mean, "It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!" [Luke 17:1]
2017-8-03 Johann Blumhardt: Discussion about Johann Blumhardt & the exorcism he performed of a girl who was demon-possessed.
2017-8-03 Matthew 24 Being Fulfilled: Is reading a book by john l bray called, Matthew 24 fulfilled beneficial? Isn't he a full preterist?
2017-8-03 No One knows the Day nor Hour: It's true that no one knows the "day or the hour" of when Jesus is coming, but could we know the month & the year? [Matthew 24:36]
2017-8-02 Loving Ourselves: Where does it say in the Bible besides Matthew that we should love ourselves? [Matthew 22:37-39]
2017-8-02 Original Sin or Sin Nature: Could you help me your understanding of this passage of scripture, did we inherit Adam's sin nature? [Romans 5:12-21]
2017-8-02 Steve Gregg Joining the EO Church: What is so special about the Eastern Orthodox church as to why you switched over to it?
2017-8-02 Capital Punishment (Death Penalty): Are we dishonoring God if we don't support the death penalty? [Matthew 15]
2017-8-02 Prideful in Church Attendance: Being prideful in church attendance, is it okay to have that kind of pride? [Matthew 7:1-2, Hebrews 10:25]
2017-8-02 Dishonoring My Father: Father thinks I exposed him by calling a Christian show & saying he's divorced & moved in w/ girlfriend, & he didn't like it too much, afraid that he may lose his church position.
2017-8-02 Living together, Unwed: My son & his girlfriend are living together, so will you please share to him that that isn't a good so he knows it's not only coming from us?
2017-8-01 No Afterlife mentioned in the OT: People of the OT didn't believe in life after death?
2017-8-01 After Death: Where do you go after you die?
2017-8-01 Dismembering a Body: Why did the husband dismember one of his concubines body & send it to different places after she was gang-raped & killed? [Judges 19:24]
2017-8-01 Calvinism: I always hear you talking negatively about calvinism, but is there anything good about it?
2017-8-01 John Calvin: Can you tell me a little bit about John Calvin?
2017-8-01 Prophesying over an Unbeliever: Could God prophesy over an unbeliever? [1 Corinthians 14:3]
2017-8-01 Prophets Accuracy of Predictions: Do the prophecies of a claimed prophet always have to come true?
2017-8-01 Twenty Years Old & Upward Accountable: Was I wrong to give this verse to some grieving parents who's teenager had just died? Some said that I was. [Numbers 14:29]
2017-7-31 The ISV: Have you ever heard of the ISV, international standard version? If you haven't, you should check it out. I'll give 2 examples of how accurate it is. [Ephesians 5:18, Matthew 16:19]
2017-7-31 Prosperity & Blessing in OT, Suffering & Persecution in NT: In the Old Testament there seems to be an emphasis that if you live a righteous life, you will prosper, be blessed, but in the New Testament, just the opposite seems to be true, that we'll be suffering more than being blessed.
2017-7-31 Good Works Secret: Don't let one hand what the other hand is doing, so we are supposed to keep our good deeds a secret? [Matthew 6:3]
2017-7-31 Joyce Meyer Adherent: I'm dating a girl who listens to Joyce Meyer so should that be a red flag?
2017-7-31 153 Fish Significance: Was there any significance to the number "153", the number fish that were caught? [John 21:11]
2017-7-31 Flat Earth Conspiracy: Flat earth conspiracy inquiry [Isaiah 40:22]
2017-7-31 Yoke is Easy & Burden Light, but is Hard Contradiction: My yoke is easy, My burden is light, but in other places He seems to make it hard, so which is it [Luke 14, Matthew 11]
2017-7-31 Christ' Blood Different than Ours: With the life being in the blood, was Jesus' blood different than ours?
2017-7-31 The Light Before the Sun: What is the light in the 3rd verse of Genesis since the sun wasn't made until the 4th day? [Genesis 1:3 & 16]
2017-7-28 God being a Male & Female: Someone I know thinks God is male & female. Can you tell me about these verses related to that? [Psalm 19:5, Galatians 4:26]
2017-7-28 Esau, in his Heart: What does this mean that " his heart" he thought of this plot, it confuses me. [Genesis 27:40-42]
2017-7-28 Indwelling of the Holy Spirit: Can you explain the difference between the new & old covenant regarding the Holy Spirit?
2017-7-28 Denominations: Are denominations just possibly being an immaturity of people who choose to be divided in certain things. Is there examples of that happening the early church?
2017-7-27 NLT Bible: The NLT translates it's different, "For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die." but he's not able to finish his thought. [Romans 5:7]
2017-7-27 Definition of Sin: What is sin? [1 John 3:4, Romans 7:15]
2017-7-27 Masoretic & Septuagint Text: The ages of people's lives seem different in the Septuagint vs the Masoretic text. Do you know anything about that, & why it would be? [Genesis 5]
2017-7-27 For Sake of Fornication: For the sake of fornication, especially if a person gets pregnant, should they get married anyway?
2017-7-27 Calvinism & Election: Michael the Buddhist asks about Calvinism & the term "elect"
2017-7-27 A Day as a 1000 years: Is it possible each "day" in prophecy an actual 1,000 years like it seems to indicate in the Bible? [Psalm 90:4, 2 Peter 3:8]
2017-7-26 Interpretation of 2 Parables: I'd like your interpretation of Matthew 13:44-46 talking about 2 Parables. [Matthew 13:44:46]
2017-7-26 Bible Interpretation in Luke: I was listening to your lectures on luke, & you seemed to have skipped verses luke 19:26-27, what do they mean?