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2015-10-20 Tithing: What is the practice of tithing is supposed to be? To only the local church or other ministries? [Malachi 3:9:-10, 2 Corinthians 8]
2015-10-19 Rapture: When Christ returns, the UNgodly will be taken out, Godly will be left, but all the evil will just be taken out, & the earth will be dissolved. What do you think about this? [Luke 17:34, Matthew 24:40]
2015-10-19 Allah: Does the name "Allah" mean, "submission"?
2015-10-19 Single Pastor Structure: What does Steve about the sole Pastor model of the church structure?
2015-10-19 God Being for Us: If God is for us, who can be against us? What does that mean? We seem to be up against a lot of foes. [Romans 8:31-36]
2015-10-19 Matthew Henry & the Nation of Israel: Matthew Henry believed that Israel would come back to God as a country even before Dispensationalists started teaching it, going by [Romans 11:25-27]
2015-10-19 Allah: Caller comments on the name "Allah", that it applied to God. For a long time Allah was a name for God, Theos, but now it is used as the Arabic name for God. But the English word for God is pagan, which means, "pouring out libations".
2015-10-19 Taking up your Cross daily: Trying to explain the analogy of plucking out your eye & cutting off your arm, taking up your cross daily just means the spiritual issues are the most important to do, to follow the narrow path daily. But doesn't "entering into life" mean entering into it now? [Matthew 16:24, 18:8-9]
2015-10-19 The Remnant: Only a Remnant will be saved, not an ethnic group, including Israel.
2015-10-19 Jesus verses Paul - Calling Somebody a Fool: Should we ignore Paul & his letters since he seems to be going against what Jesus said about calling people fools? [Matthew 5:21-22, 1 Corinthians 3:18, 15:36 2 Corinthians 11:16, 11:23, 12:6, 11, Galatians 3:1-3, Titus 3:3]
2015-10-16 7 Dispensations of Time: Can you please talk about the "7 Dispensations of Time" that the Dispensationalists believe in?
2015-10-16 Temple Institute - Rebuilding the Temple: Would it be a sin or offense against Christ to financially support the building of the 3rd Temple in Israel?
2015-10-16 Impending Armageddon: A woman was at work & was crippled w/ fear about an Impending Armageddon. What would you say to her?
2015-10-16 Lucifer Not Being Satan: Why does everyone think Lucifer is the name for the Devil? [Isaiah 14]
2015-10-16 Son of God: How would you explain the "Son of God" to a Muslim?
2015-10-16 Fire Meaning in the Bible: What is the meaning of "fire" is, especially in the book of Acts? Fire is a form of judgment, but it also says fire came on the people at Pentecost. [Matthew 3:10-12, 1 Peter 1:7, Acts 2:3, Isaiah 4:5]
2015-10-16 Zechariah 13: "striking the shepard the sheep will scatter." Caller wants to dialogue w/ Steve for about the 5th time about Zechariah & the Shepard being stricken, that it is talking about the end times. [Zechariah 13:7-9, Mark 14:27 27 Matthew 26:31 31]
2015-10-16 Prayer: Are we allowed to pray directly to Jesus or the Holy Spirit? [Luke 11:1-4]
2015-10-16 Reading & Understanding the Bible: What is the best way to read the Bible?
2015-10-15 The Olivet Discourse & the Book of Revelation: Why would the Holy Spirit need to give John a very cryptic, apocalyptic book about the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD if Jesus had already explained it to Jews in Jerusalem while He was still here? It'd just seem to be counterintuitive. [Matthew 24 & 25, Mark 13, Luke 21, Revelation 1-20]
2015-10-15 Mark of the Beast: What is the Mark of the Beast & 666, & so on?
2015-10-15 Obadiah & House of Esau:: It says in Obadiah that no survivors were in the House of Esau. Who's the modern day Esau & what time period are we talking about? [Obadiah 1:18]
2015-10-15 Son of Perdition & Judas: What do you think about Jesus calling Judas Iscariot the Son of Perdition? [john 6:70, Acts 1:25, 2 Thessalonians 2:3]
2015-10-15 Holy Spirit: How do you know if you really have the Holy Spirit or not? [Romans 5:5, Galatians 5:22, John 13:34-35]
2015-10-15 Microchips: So what if you were required to get a microchip? Would you get one?
2015-10-15 Anti-Christ: Does it say anywhere in the Bible where the anti-Christ is going to come from?
2015-10-15 Lucifer & the Cherubim: Lucifer was the anointed cherubim? [Ezekiel 28]
2015-10-15 Lucifer being a Fallen Angel: Was he the most powerful angel, even more powerful than Gabriel & Michael, or were they all on the same plane? [Ezekiel 28:12-19, Isaiah 14:12]
2015-10-15 Christians, Sinner or Saint: Even though we are Christians, should we still be considered sinners or saints?
2015-10-14 Chronicles of Narnia: What do you think of the C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, fantasy & fiction, verses reality, especially since they have witches in them & such?
2015-10-14 Leviathan: How literal should we take Leviathan?
2015-10-14 Mental Illness: Caller is concerned about what Steve teaches about Mental Illness on his website.
2015-10-14 The Existence of the Devil & Evil: If Christ is all knowing, why did He create the Devil & evil?
2015-10-14 Four-headed Beast in Ezekiel: Four Faces of the Cherubim in Ezekiel is briefly talked about it. [Ezekiel 10:14]
2015-10-14 Drugs & Mental Illness: Caller is concerned about what Steve just said about drugs involving mental illness.
2015-10-13 Follow-up to Zechariah Lectures: Steve comments on the Zechariah lectures they had talked about the day before, that they are up on the website.
2015-10-13 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Situation: A preacher told the caller that he can't remarry unless his ex-wife is dead. Is this true? [Caller shares his story.]
2015-10-13 Porneia - Fornication: Pastor sent him an article that the greek word, "Porneia", is only talking about the betrothing period or of a harlot.
2015-10-13 Street Preacher: The preacher telling the caller all this is actually railing on him because he had been in this situation himself.
2015-10-13 Street Preachers Follow-up: Paul didn't hold anything back when he was publicly speaking. [Acts 20:20]
2015-10-13 Strong-holds & Foot-holds: What is the difference between a strong-hold & a foot-hold? (Steve, however, gets interrupted in his answer.)s
2015-10-13 Jacob's Trouble: How is it that the children of Israel experienced Jacob's trouble & are saved out of it, but how were they experiencing distress of it if they left before 70 AD? [Jeremiah 37]
2015-10-13 Strong-hold & Foot-hold follow-up:: What are they again, since Steve didn't get a chance to answer the first time?
2015-10-13 Chosen People: Who ARE the chosen people now, Christians?
2015-10-12 Dating of the Book of Revelation: So you use both external & internal evidence, & one of those categories gives more evidence for a late date, but the other one gives more evidence for an early date, is that right?
2015-10-12 Preterism, Church Fathers & John at Patmos: Eusebius says that John the Revelator was exiled at Patmos in 95 AD, so wouldn't that put a damper in the book of Revelation being written before 70 AD? [Revelation 1:9]
2015-10-12 Steve's Mom, A. Wetherell Johnson & Bible Study Fellowship (BSF): So Steve's mom learned under A Wetherell Johnson's teaching in BSF?
2015-10-12 Dispensationalism: If Dispensationalism is false, doesn't that give people false hope for a 2nd chance where there is none?
2015-10-12 Full Preterism: Do you consider Full Preterism to be heretical?
2015-10-12 Previous Eschatological Views: When you believed your former positions in Eschatology, did you actually teach them or just believe them at that point?