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2014-12-18 The Wise Men & Jesus: How old was Jesus when the Wise men actually caught up with Him?
2014-12-18 Eternal Security: I don't believe you can really lose your salvation because once you start drinking from the living water, you will "never thirst" again. Doesn't that mean you'd never be leaving Christ, never thirst again? [John 4:14]
2014-12-17 Resurrection & the Rapture: What is "this day" in Acts referring to? Who is the Man Child in Revelation? (This call was so convoluted, I have NO idea what the guy was talking about!) [Acts 13:33, Revelation 12:5]
2014-12-17 Jesus' Appearance in Revelation: What does Steve make of Jesus' appearance in Revelation? [Revelation 1:12-16]
2014-12-17 Santa Claus: What about teaching children about a Santa Claus?
2014-12-17 Unequally Yoked: What does the word "sanctified" mean in the famous unequally yoked verse? That the spouse & children of a spouse that is saved are automatically saved? [1 Corinthians 7:13=16]
2014-12-17 Dispensationalism: Was Dispensationalism invented by Satan?
2014-12-17 Heretical Groups & Cults: Are Heretical groups & cults by any chance a judgment of God to weed out the Wheat & the chaff?
2014-12-17 Jimmy Swaggert: What do you think of Jimmy Swaggert?
2014-12-17 Jews & Gentiles in Romans: I think Paul is talking to the Gentiles in the book of Romans, but you think only the Jews? [Romans 1:13,18, 2:17]
2014-12-17 Santa Claus: I'm just going to teach the truth about Santa Claus to my children.
2014-12-16 Pagan Roots for Christmas: Is it wrong for Christians to decorate a Christmas Tree, & share gifts? What about Santa Claus & stockings? Is there any Biblical evidence to suggest these things are wrong because of their pagan roots? [Jeremiah 10:1-5]
2014-12-16 Jews & The Son of God: What about the Jews who never recognize Jesus as the Son of God?
2014-12-16 Dead in Sins & Trespasses: Caller contends that only the act of God can make a sinner become alive & not spiritually dead in their trespasses, but Steve contends that ANYONE can repent & come to God & become alive. [Ephesians 2:1, Genesis 20, Luke 15:11-32]
2014-12-16 Paganism, Christmas & a lone ranger: A person is going solo during Christmas w/ out his family gathering because he refuses to celebrate anything pagan involving the holiday.
2014-12-16 Kingdom of Heaven & the Wedding Feast: What was the purpose of the Wedding Feast parable & one guy coming w/ out wedding attire? [Matthew 22:1-14]
2014-12-16 Lottery - Gambling: Is it a sin to play the Lottery or Gamble?
2014-12-16 Death: What happens to us as soon we die? Do we go immediately to Heaven?
2014-12-16 Judgment Day & the Christian: As a Christian, do we need to have any fear of the judgment on Judgment Day even though we were washed in the Blood of Christ? [1 Peter 1:2, 17-19]
2014-12-15 "Be aware of the Doctrine of the Pharisees": "Do as they say, but don't do as they do". Why did He say that? [Matthew 23:3, 16:12]
2014-12-15 Final State of the Lost: What is the Final State of the Lost?
2014-12-15 Build My Rock upon this Church: What did Jesus mean by, "I will build My Rock upon this Church"? [Matthew 16:17-19]
2014-12-15 My Father has revealed this: Jesus told Peter he was blessed because the Father had revealed it to him that Jesus was the Son of God, so could a person who is a Calvin say things have to be revealed to you before you can believe or have faith? [Matthew 16:17]
2014-12-15 Indwelling of the Holy Spirit: When someone gets indwelt with the Holy Spirit, does that ever make them haughty?
2014-12-15 Calvinism: Did I hear you say that you are a Calvinist? Why do so many Christians become Calvinists?
2014-12-15 Come Out Among Them & Be Separate: What does it mean to "Come out from among them & be separate?" [2 Corinthians 6:17]
2014-12-15 Fear & Trembling: What does it mean to "work out your Salvation w/ Fear & Trembling"? [Philippians 2:12]
2014-12-15 The Narrow Path Radio Show: What do you hope for as God's will to accomplish with this show? What do you pray for when you pray for your program?
2014-12-15 Spiritual Fornication: I need a biblical definition for spiritual fornication. Some groups feel that if you go to another group, you are committing spiritual fornication.
2014-12-12 Fasting: What's commanded or expected of us in the New Testament when it comes to Fasting? Is there a certain amount of time we should fast? Should we be listening for the prompting of the Holy Spirit? What are we to fast? The new fad is to fast from internet, computers, tv. Is that acceptable?
2014-12-12 Mental Lust Grounds for Divorce: Is lust which happens in the heart grounds for divorce or only actual physical adultery, fornication?
2014-12-12 "In Essentials, Unity, in Non-Essentials, Liberty, in all things, Charity": Who coined that phrase? What are the essentials? Can they boiled down to the fact that they are the Word of God & the Truth?
2014-12-12 Lust thoughts crossing your mind (Sin & Temptation): What if a lustful thought crosses your mind, but you'd never act on it? When is it sin or just temptation?
2014-12-12 Faith & Suffering: Suffering & Faith are both gifts from God.
2014-12-12 Yoke is Easy & Burden is Light: Why did Jesus say His Yoke is easy when it seems to be anything but? [Matthew 11:30]
2014-12-11 Steve Gregg's Understanding & Teaching: You have a good method of teaching, but in some things we are just going to have to agree to disagree, but hoping that you come around to the correct truth (state of the dead). You are very tough on people who hold Calvinism, but make a pass on what happens to you after death.
2014-12-11 Contradiction in Romans: Paul seems to be saying 2 different things: "Obeying the law makes us right in His sight", & then "we can not be made right by the law". What are your thoughts? [Romans 2:13, 3:20]
2014-12-11 Marriage & Steve's Ex-Wives: You seem to bring up marriage & divorce a lot, & your stance on them, & you keep hashing out stuff about your former wives. How does you current wife put up with it all the time?
2014-12-11 Cremation: What does the Bible say about Cremation?
2014-12-11 Mediterranean Sea & Jesus' Ministry: Did Jesus ever do anything at the Mediterranean Sea? Did any Biblical character for that matter?
2014-12-11 Profanity: What does the BIble say about profanity/cursing?
2014-12-11 Church Leadership & Being Single: Is it acceptable to be in Church Leadership, & not be married & no children?
2014-12-11 Guilt & Shame: The Christian message is pure, meaningful, that when it tells you to repent, it makes no bones about it, you need to repent & change your mind.
2014-12-10 Animal Sacrifices: It tells us in Hebrews that animal sacrifices can never take away sin, so why do verses in the Old Testament seem to say just the opposite, that they can & will? [Hebrews 10]
2014-12-10 Nero Caesar: You say the name, "Caesar Nero" adds up to 666, but was that in Greek or Hebrew that you said it did that?
2014-12-10 Death unto Life & Gave He power: Are these statements a little bit contradictory? So to become Sons of God, all we have to do is believe, & repent & become born-again? [John 5:24, John 1:12, 1 Peter 1, 1 John 3:2]
2014-12-10 American Slavery & Slavery in th Bible: Discussion about slavery, both the American version & the slavery of the Bible.
2014-12-10 Christian Zionism: What is the view of Christian Zionism & getting a remnant of Israel back together?
2014-12-10 Genocide to Canaan: What about the genocide the Jews did to the Canaanites?
2014-12-10 Daughter of Zion: Tribes of Judah are coming out. (a very crazy call.)