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2016-11-15 Voting for Person of Questionable Character: What about voting for someone who does not have a very reputable character? Can a Christian vote for them?
2016-11-15 Suicide: If a person who commits suicide & they were a Christian, do they still have the possibility of being saved or not?
2016-11-14 Giving: Is this verse applying to the church or the poor? [Luke 6:38]
2016-11-14 Faith: Fearful of what happening around us instead of trusting God
2016-11-14 Producing Fruit: Bringing forth fruit. [John 15:8]
2016-11-14 Getting Angry at God: Agreeing with God about what He has for you, accepting disappointments.
2016-11-14 Martyrs in Revelation: Is this an ongoing thing, happening right now? [Revelation 6:9-11]
2016-11-11 Pain Killers: Should the caller go off his medication of pain killers?
2016-11-11 Gnosticism: How should we witness to Gnostics?
2016-11-11 Time Between Daniel & Jesus: Wasn't there a prophecy that gave the amount of time between Daniel & Jesus' birth or life?
2016-11-11 Wise Men, Magi: Where did the wise men come from?
2016-11-11 Circumcision: Faith which worketh by love. [Galatians 5:6] (Follow up from day before)
2016-11-11 Drinking Alchohol: Preachers boasting about having the liberty to drink is wrong, but doing it privately, not stumbling others, is fine.
2016-11-11 Legalism & Liberty: Boating about NOT being circumcised, knowing that we HAVE liberty, can be just as bad as believing in legalism. [Galatians 5:1]
2016-11-11 Proud of Denomination or Race: Boasting about being a certain denomination or a race, doesn't that go against the Spirit of being Christ?
2016-11-11 Rod & the Staff: Caller is interested in what the Rod & the Staff in both Psalms & Revelation. [Psalms 23, Revelation 12:5]
2016-11-11 Demons: In the Bible, who or what are Demons? Where do they come from & are there still Demons today?
2016-11-11 Noises in House: Caller hears noises inside & outside her house? Are they demons?
2016-11-11 Witchcraft, Wiccan: Why does this seem so prevalent nowadays?
2016-11-11 Alleged Heresies: Callers runs by Steve a few polls taken that are considered heresies, such as we can choose for ourselves Jesus as opposed to Jesus choosing us.
2016-11-10 Faith which worketh by love": It says in Galatians "faith works by love", what does this mean? [Galatians 5:6]
2016-11-10 Petitions to God: Does God answer all prayers, just sometimes, makes us wait for awhile? [Matthew 7:7-11]
2016-11-10 Geneva Bible: What does Steve know about the Geneva Bible?
2016-11-10 KJV of the Bible: Is it true that King James said how it certain words could be translated in the King James Bible?
2016-11-10 World Wide Church of God: Is the World Wide Church of God a cult? Caller has a brother who joined it long ago, & still belongs to the side that did not reform from a cultic-like structure.
2016-11-10 Bethel church in Redding: They ran out of time last time they talked about it & caller was wondering if Steve had anything more to say about them.
2016-11-10 Drinking: We have liberty to drink alcohol, & if you don't agree with that, then you are being legalistic. [Galatians 5:1]
2016-11-09 Marrying Someone outside Faith & One becomes a Christian: What does the Bible say about marrying someone outside the faith? What if one becomes a Christian? What if one of the atheist couple becomes a Christian, is it still binding in God's eyes?
2016-11-09 Officiating the Marriage: What are the Christian rules by who you get married by, a Christian officiant?
2016-11-09 Two Atheists getting Married: If 2 atheists get married by a Christian official, is it recognized by God?
2016-11-09 Conspiracy Theories: American's follow conspiracy theories. It was a conspiracy theory that Iraq & Afghanistan were involved in 9/11. Caller thinks conspiracy theories are significant. [Isaiah 8:12]
2016-11-09 The Judgment: Why a judgment if our sins are forgiven?
2016-11-09 Politics: Political Discussion ensues a day after the election.
2016-11-09 Tourette's syndrome, Dementia: Sometimes people w/ Tourette's Syndrome, Dementia or near death all of a sudden start saying profanity who otherwise never did.
2016-11-09 Salvation by Faith or Works: Paul & James seem to be saying conflicting things about faith & works, can Steve reconcile them? [Ephesians 2:8-10]
2016-11-08 Politics, Leadership Comparison: Hillary as Jezebel, Trump as Jehu comparison on this election day.
2016-11-08 Secret Societies: Have Secret societies always been part of the program? Is the purpose of them to be in tune with the devil & do his dictates & win?
2016-11-08 Politics, Right to Life vs Pro-life: Caller can't support Trump because while he's pro-life, torturing the families of terrorists is just as bad or worse.
2016-11-08 Discipling New Converts: How do we prevent New Converts from being devoured by wolves? [Acts 20:29]
2016-11-08 Baptism: Baptism is a picture of how we should be living? [Romans 6:3-6]
2016-11-08 Hebrews Roots Debate: Caller comments on the debate Steve had just had over the weekend with a Hebrew Roots person, thinking that he did an outstadning job.
2016-11-08 Weakness of the Flesh: What is the "weakness of the flesh"? [Romans 6:19] Baptism: Baptism is a picture of how we should be living? [Romans 6:3-6]"
2016-11-08 Politics, Janet Marshal: Caller comments about C-Span, Christians or Conservatives can talk on their platforms, people
2016-11-08 New Apostolic Reformation Movement: Out of Bethel, does Steve know anything about them?
2016-11-07 Hebrews Roots: Do you think these people are motivated for the same reason as were the Jews & Pharisees, placing a hedge around the law, having a sincere heart?
2016-11-07 Rapture: What needs to take place before the Rapture happens?
2016-11-07 Being laughed at for Jesus: Caller being laughed at when talking about Jesus.
2016-11-07 Unsound Doctrine (of Pre-Rapture): Is the Pre-Tribulation rapture a Sound Doctrine?
2016-11-07 Cult-like churches: A Baptist church says that we had to be re-baptized into their church.
2016-11-07 Capital Punishment: Michael the Buddhist wants to continue talking about capital punishment which he had talked about in 2 previous shows also, pointing out David wasn't killed.