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2022-3-01 Brother Lawrence: What do you think of the book by brother Lawrence named, "Practice of the Presence of God"? Recommended books; "Imitation of Christ" by Thomas à Kempis and "Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan.
2022-3-01 Michael and Satan: What was the conversation between Michael, the archangel, and Satan? [Jude 1:9].
2022-3-01 Wager Between God and Satan: Where is the story about the wager between God and Satan? [Job].
2022-3-01 Seventh Day Adventism: Why are so many Seventh Day Adventists so inarticulate about the gospel and typically focus on the law?
2022-2-28 The Land of Israel: Was all the land promised to Israel ever possessed as promised? [Genesis 13:15, I Kings 4, Joshua 21:43-45, Romans 4:13].
2022-2-28 "Book of Life": Were our names written in the "Book of Life" from the beginning?
2022-2-28 Can the Unsaved Still be Saved?: Can all those who are unsaved now, be saved in the future?
2022-2-28 "All Imprisoned in Disobedience": What does it mean "imprisoned all in disobedience so to have mercy"? [Romans 11:32, Romans 9:14, Romans 3:23, Romans 9:6-7, Romans 9:21, Matthew 3:9, Romans 8, Romans 2:28, Galatians 3:7, Romans 2:28, Jeremiah 18:1-19:3, Isaiah 64:8 ].
2022-2-28 Angels & Sex with Sons of God: Did Angels have sex with humans and have the giant Nephilim? [Genesis 6:2, Matthew 22:30].
2022-2-28 "Great White Throne" Judgment: Do Christians have to face the "Great White Throne"?
2022-2-28 Judgments Seat(s): Is the "Great White Throne" of Judgment the same as "The Bema Seat" judgment, or are there two judgments? [2 Corinthians 5:10, Revelation 20:11, Matthew 25:31, 2 Timothy 4:1, I Peter 1:17, John 5:28-29].
2022-2-28 Needn't Preach or Evangelize if We are Predestined: Do the people who think you are predestined to be saved, still preach the gospel? [Romans 8:29-30, Ephesians 1:4-11, 2 Peter 3:9, Luke 13:34, Matthew 23:37, Acts 10].
2022-2-28 Babies Born Sinful: Could you talk a bit about whether a baby in the womb is already guilty of sin?
2022-2-25 Word of Faith (Prosperity Doctrine): Could you help me understand these verses relative to the Word of Faith movement? [Matthew 7:11, Luke 11:13, Deuteronomy 28, Ephesians 1:3, John 16:33].
2022-2-25 The Two Witnesses in Revelation: Who do you believe the two witnesses are in the book of Revelation? Recommends Verse-by-Verse lectures. [Revelation 11:3].
2022-2-25 The 8th Day for Circumcision: Is there any significance to the 8th day directive relative to circumcision?
2022-2-25 Why Circumcision?: Could you talk about why circumcision in particular was commanded? [Genesis 17, Genesis 12, Galatians 3:16, Jeremiah 4:4, Philippians 3:3 Romans 2:28-29].
2022-2-25 The Pledge of Allegiance: Is it appropriate to be uneasy about not necessarily wanting to pledge allegiance to anything but the Lord?
2022-2-25 Conceived or Dying "In Sin": Is there any connection between when David said, "I was conceived in sin" and the fact that we all die in sin? [Psalm 51:5, Romans 5:12, Psalm 58:3, Psalm 27:10].
2022-2-25 God Using Evil Nations to Judge: Does God use evil nations to judge disobedient nations? [Habakkuk 1-2].
2022-2-25 Spying on Fellow Christians: What do you think about Christians spying on other Christians-as if for God (Eyes of God)? Would they still go to heaven?
2022-2-25 The Law, Sin, Death: Would you explain Romans 5:14 about "death and sin reigned" [Romans 5:14].
2022-2-25 Who is the "Cloud of Witnesses": Who is the writer of Hebrews talking about when he mentions the cloud of witnesses? [Hebrews 11:6, Hebrews 12:1].
2022-2-24 China & Russia in End Times: Does China and Russian figure into eschatology? [Ezekiel 39, Revelation 16, Revelation 8, I Thessalonians 5:3].
2022-2-24 Rewards in the New Jerusalem: When we are caught up and are in the New Jerusalem, are some of us going to be rewarded with different positions? [Matthew 25, Luke 19, 2 Corinthians 5:10, Mark 10:44, Matthew 20:27].
2022-2-24 Gene & Melissa Scott: What do you think of Melissa Scott (Gene Scott's wife)?
2022-2-24 Greek & Hebrew Scholars: Who would you recommend that teaches from the Greek and Hebrew translations?
2022-2-24 The New Covenant's Teachings: Where would you find what needs to be kept in the New Covenant? Recommendation; verse-by-verse lectures.
2022-2-24 Judas Iscariot's Free Will: Did Judas have his free will to betray Jesus? Was he condemned from birth? [Psalms 41:9].
2022-2-24 Not Sharing One's Faith: What are the consequences of not sharing one's faith?
2022-2-24 Unity and Justice: Could you talk about the Sermon on the Mount and the importance of unity ? [Matthew 5:25-29, Romans 12:1, Mark 12:31, Luke 17:3-4].
2022-2-24 Babylon as the Internet: What do you think about Babylon being the internet?
2022-2-24 Meat from the Sacrifices: In the Old Testament, what did that do with all that meat after the animal sacrifices?
2022-2-24 Bible as the Word of God: What is the difference between believing that the Bible "being" the Word of God, or it "contains" the Word of God?
2022-2-24 Evangelizing: Are we not commanded to preach Jesus and evangelize the world? [Acts 2:42, Acts 4].
2022-2-23 "Word of Faith" or the "Prosperity Doctrine": Since the Bible says "ask and you will receive" without qualification, so why should we not take it at face value? [Matthew 7:7-11, Luke 11:9, Psalm 84:11].
2022-2-23 Jesus to Increase Their Faith: Did Jesus' response help to increase their faith in Luke 17? [Luke 17:5-10].
2022-2-23 Things to be Done in Secret: What are the 3 things we are to do in secret? [Matthew 6:1-18].
2022-2-23 Unprofitable Servant Parable: Why do you favor the passage about the servant? [Luke 17:7-10].
2022-2-23 Symbolism in Scripture: How does one recognize when something depicted in scripture means something more symbolically? [I Corinthians 10:4, John 3:14, Matthew 12:40, I Corinthians 9:9, I Timothy 5:18, Deuteronomy 25:4].
2022-2-23 Sin in Word, Thought & Deed Every Day: How do you talk about those that routinely sin and backslide (often excusing it) regarding obedience and salvation? [Galatians 5:16, Titus 2:1-5, James 3:2, I John 2, Romans 6:1, John 15:5].
2022-2-23 Lilith: Could you talk about the first woman created, Lilith? [Isaiah 34:14].
2022-2-23 Satan Challenges God: Do you think that God had to prove His righteousness because of Satan's challenge in Job? [Job 2:4, Romans 3:24-26].
2022-2-23 Jewish View of Plural Pronoun in Genesis: How would the Jews interpret the plural pronoun if they believed in a singular God? [Genesis 1:26-28].
2022-2-23 Baptism: What do you believe about baptism?
2022-2-22 False Teachers: What do you think of those teachers that focus on other ministries that they think are in error and are false teachers? [Galatians 6:1, 2 Timothy 2:24-26].
2022-2-22 Best Bible Translation: What is the best Bible translation? New American Standard and New King James are among those mentioned.
2022-2-22 God's Invisible Attributes: What are the invisible attributes of God? [Romans 1:20].
2022-2-22 Jesus and the Kosher Diet: Where did Jesus address the issue of food and diet making all food acceptable? [Mark 7:15, Matthew 15:11, Leviticus 11:13].
2022-2-22 Jews Offended by Jesus: Was the dismissal of the Kosher diet one of the reasons that the Jews were so offended by Jesus?