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2020-11-03 Knowing God More Deeply: Do you not think that just providing lip service to one's belief in God is not sufficient, as one must know God more deeply?
2020-11-02 Christians Against Trump: Caller criticizes Steve's comments about Christians who don't use their brains, and will support abortion and Biden. [Proverbs 6:16-19].
2020-11-02 Abortion: Caller comments on the horrible act of abortion and current political issues:
2020-11-02 Sick Family May be Cursd: What do you think about someone telling a family suffering sickness, is under some kind of curse? [I Peter 4:12].
2020-11-02 Trump's Support of Christians: Caller comments on Trump and his policies that support Christians.
2020-11-02 A Time to Die - COVID: Are all the people dying of COVID, dying when they should die, as it says in Ecclesiastes?[Ecclesiastes 3:2, Daniel 5, Hebrews 2:15].
2020-11-02 Lying Worse Than Abortion: How can anyone say that lying is worse than abortion?
2020-11-02 Caller Affirms Steve: Caller calls to affirm Steve's answer to the first caller.
2020-10-30 Democrats Support Abortiom: Did you say that all Democrats support abortion?
2020-10-30 Holiday Celebrations: Did you say that you don't support celebrating holidays?
2020-10-30 Christians Unloving to One Another: How do I handle my grief over Christians being unloving to one another and demonizing each other's denominational views? [Luke 14:26, Matthew 16:24-25].
2020-10-30 Job, son of Issachar: Is the Job, son of Issachar, the same Job as in the book of Job?
2020-10-30 Sons of Abraham: Could you talk about the sons of Abraham by Keturah (the Midianites)?
2020-10-30 The Book of Job: Why do we think that the book of Job is the oldest book of the Bible?
2020-10-30 Burning Bush: Why did God show Himself in the burning bush?
2020-10-30 Seventh Day Adventist Calls to Convert Steve: Seventh Day Adventist caller reminds Steve to recall the Old and New Covenants and come to the truth. [Hebrews 8:13].
2020-10-30 Steve Comments on Sabbath: Steve Gregg comments about people such as the previous caller trying to convert him to keep the Sabbath, & that's he's given his reasons why he doesn't follow the Old Covenant.
2020-10-30 Hating our Enemies: Is there any circumstance under which Christians should hate their enemies? [I John 3:15, Matthew 5:43-48, Luke 6:27-36].
2020-10-30 Steve Gregg's New Book: Steve talks about his two new books on "The Kingdom of God", the title being, "Empire of the Risen Son".
2020-10-30 Abortion, Choice & Voting for Democrats: What can I say to someone who is against abortion, but thinks that women should still have a choice, and plans to vote Democratic?
2020-10-30 Age of the Earth & Evolution: Could you talk about your views of the age of the earth and evolution, etc.?
2020-10-30 Caller compliments Steve: Caller compliments Steve on his stellar ministry noting him as the best contextual teacher.
2020-10-30 Pro-Choice: What do you think of the slogan, "Pro-Choice is Pro-Death".
2020-10-30 Fellowship: Will God allow me some time to get connected to other believers in fellowship? [Hebrews 10:25]
2020-10-29 AD 70 fulfilled: Where in Daniel is AD 70 fulfilled? [Matthew 24, Daniel 11-12].
2020-10-29 Feelings vs Facts: What scripture should I refer to in order to balance the idea that feelings are not as reliable as facts? [Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 16:25, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12].
2020-10-29 Pray for the Election: Caller requests prayer for the upcoming election.
2020-10-29 Sins of the Fathers: Do the sins of fathers get judged upon the children? [Ezekiel 18:2].
2020-10-29 Whole Church Lost in Revelation: Was the whole church that is said to be in a "fallen state", completely lost? [Revelation 2:5].
2020-10-29 Black Lives Matter: Black Lives Matter seems hypocritical in saying they don't like to be grouped into one represented group.
2020-10-29 Fullness of the Gentiles: How does a preterist interpret the phrase, "when the fullness of the gentiles has come in"? [Romans 11:25].
2020-10-29 Halloween: Could you comment on Ephesians 5:11, particularly in light of Halloween? [Ephesians 5:11, Galatians 4:10].
2020-10-29 Jesus is God: If someone believes that Jesus is the son of God, but fails to see that He was God, are they lost?
2020-10-29 Antifa Needs to be Stopped: Does a stand need to be made against Antifa and other violent offenders? Will the Holy Spirit guide us in this situation?
2020-10-29 Impending Civil War & Christian Involvement: What does the Bible tell us about the possible impending war, and if we, as believers have limitations or responsibilities?
2020-10-27 Seeking "The Kingdom of God": Is seeking "the Kingdom of God" the most important thing we are to do? [Matthew 6:33, Matthew 24:14].
2020-10-27 Seeking Success in a Career: If we are disciples of Christ, should we be seeking financial success in our career? [I Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Acts 3:6, Matthew 10:8, Matthew 19:23, Ephesians 4:28, 2 Thessalonians 3:10, 1 Thessalonians 4: 11, I Timothy 6:17, I Timothy 6:9, I Corinthians 12:31].
2020-10-27 Jesus as God or Just Worthy to be Worshipped: Is the essence of the Christian faith more about Jesus being worthy to be worshipped to the glory of God, rather than that He is God Himself?
2020-10-27 Trinitarian Views: Do you agree that all we have to do is look at all of the various trinitarian and unitarian views to get a good idea of what it actually is?
2020-10-27 Jesus Proved His Deity by Miracles: Was Jesus God because He did miracles? [Acts 2:22, Psalm 107:29, Psalm 77:19].
2020-10-27 Spirit, Water & Blood: What is the spirit, water, and blood mention in I John? [I John 5:7, John 12, John 19].
2020-10-27 All Scripture is Inspired: What does the verse about scripture actually say in the Greek? [2 Timothy 3:16].
2020-10-27 "Godhead" for "The Trinity": What do you think of the word, "Godhead" in describing the trinity and the relative implied authority? [Colossians 2:9, Matthew 28:18].
2020-10-27 The Trinity: Does my view of The Trinity as a board of directors, adequately represent it? [John 17:21, I Corinthians 11:3].
2020-10-27 Blessing Our Enemies: How do we love our enemies? [Matthew 5:38-46, Luke 6:27-28, Luke 15:32, Exodus 23:4-5].
2020-10-27 God Hiding From Us: Why does God hide from us? Is it to humble us? [Isaiah 50:10].
2020-10-26 Eternal Punishment in Hell: If you are familiar with the atheists called "the four horseman" (Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Harris), isn't their argument against hell and it's implied eternal torment and punishment, actually impotent in light of the various views of hell? [Genesis 2:17].
2020-10-26 Founding Fathers & Inalienable Rights: Did the founding fathers get the concept regarding our inalienable rights (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness) found in the Bible? [Acts 25:11, Philippians 4:8, Mark 12:31, 2 Corinthians 3:17, Genesis 9:6].
2020-10-26 Apostles and a Believers Baptism: Did the apostles have the another baptism, as believers, or did they just have the baptism of John? [Acts 19:5].
2020-10-26 Moses, Elijah, and the Transfiguration: How did Peter know that it was Moses and Elijah during the transfiguration event? [Matthew 17:3].