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2014-11-21 Jews Activities During Jesus' Time: Was there things Jesus didn't like that the Jews were doing when He was down here? [Matthew 5:17-19, Luke 18:10=14]
2014-11-21 Pharisees, Scribes & Sadducees: The Pharisees were the Orthodox Rabbis during Jesus' times? Was Jesus basically just trying uproot Judaism while He was down here? [Luke 9:28-36]
2014-11-21 Technical Issues: There is skipping going on in your shows, it's cutting out, can't hear everything you are saying.
2014-11-20 Baptized w/ Fire (Baptism of the Holy Spirit): What can you tell me about the Baptism of the Holy Sprit, or being baptized by Fire?
2014-11-20 Infant Baptism: What can you tell me about Infant Baptism?
2014-11-20 All Saved & Hardening of the Heart: There seems to be a contradiction that God wants everyone to be saved, but that He's also hardened people on purpose, such as Pharaoh. Why? Is this a contradiction?
2014-11-20 Sinners or Sins: Did Jesus die for our sins or did He die for us? [1 Corinthians 15:3]
2014-11-20 Dreams & Visions of Jesus to Muslims: I've heard that Muslims have been having visions & dreams about Jesus & have been accepting Him, but someone told me that God only sends dreams to believers. Is this true?
2014-11-20 God's Love & Power: It's hard to see God's love when you see all this evil around you.
2014-11-20 Marriage, No license (Spiritual Marriage): When did Marriage Certificates become a thing? Do you have to get one to get married or can you just get married spiritually? Were Joseph & Mary married before she became pregnant w/ Jesus?
2014-11-20 KJV Translators: So the KJV Translators said the King James Bible might not be perfect?
2014-11-20 Marriage & Divorce & False Accusations: Caller can't believe what is happening to her at the moment, her husband abandoning her, but not that, but falsely accusing her. What should she do?
2014-11-19 Strategies for Unity - Babylon & True Church: It's sort've hard to have unity in a church that claims all the other churches except theirs is "Babylon". The Seventh Day Adventist church even says this! We need to stay in such groups & try to tell show them why they are wrong.
2014-11-19 Peter's Vision of Unclean Animals: The vision the that Peter had about the sheet coming down from Heaven, is that metaphorical or was that God saying that all the unclean animals were clean too? [Acts 10, 11:1-18]
2014-11-19 KJV-Only Rebuttal: We don't have to depend on the scholars to translate the Greek & Hebrew correctly. For one thing, Augustine never knew Greek or Hebrew. For another, you can read a variety of Translations & get a pretty good idea of what is being said, are the opinions of the caller.
2014-11-19 Incarnation: If the Logos had not been conceived in Mary, would Jesus had just been a Man, being able to function like you & me? [1 Timothy 2:5, John 1:1-3, 1 Peter 3:18]
2014-11-19 Teaching by the Anointing: We don't need man to teach us, but to rely on the Holy Spirit for discernment, although we might be helped by a good teacher. What do you think? [1 John 26-27, 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, Romans 12:6-8}
2014-11-19 Being Jewish: I have a Jewish friend that says that because the mother is Jewish, the children are automatically Jewish. Is there anywhere in the Old Testament where it says that?
2014-11-18 Eternal Life: What is God's basis for showing grace to someone to bring them to eternal life? Everyone who is weak, humble, meek & needy, does God automatically give them that grace & saves them? (the same caller that was on for a half hour from the day before.) [Luke 8:4-21]
2014-11-18 Sabbath: Is Saturday still the Sabbath? How come we don't keep it anymore?
2014-11-18 Jesus Christ the Only Way: Only people who have accepted Jesus Christ can make it into the New Jerusalem, isn't that right?
2014-11-18 Tithing: Do we have to still tithe?
2014-11-18 Life of David: Is there a good book on the life of David, especially when he wrote the book of Psalms? [1 & 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1]
2014-11-18 Newly Published Bibles (KJV only Advocate): How can we compare new Bibles to the Greek when most people can't read Greek?
2014-11-18 Basic by Francis Chan: Have you heard of a book called, "Basic" by Francis Chan? What are some of the things you disagree with him about?
2014-11-17 Free Will & Sovereignty of God: A lengthy discussion about Free will & Sovereignty, using Samuel & Saul as an example in the beginning, but they go all over place. The discussion is 25 minutes long! [1 Samuel 9:1-27, Ephesians 2:1-2]
2014-11-17 Stoned for breaking the Law: How come the people in the Old Testament were stoned to death & didn't have a chance for forgiveness like we do under the New Covenant?
2014-11-17 Coming means Believing (Irresistible Grace): Caller thinks the word for coming means believing...Irresistible grace. (The whole call is so convoluted!)
2014-11-17 Regeneration & Reconciliation: Does Regeneration mean that we are being Reconciled?
2014-11-17 Spiritually Dead: Does it say anywhere that the spirit dies? People actually think their spirit is dead. Isn't that metaphor wrong? Paul say that we are "dead in trespasses & sins". [James 2;28, Ephesians 1:1-2, Romans 7:9]
2014-11-14 Parable of the 10 Virgins & Universal Reconciliationism: Doesn't the Parable of the 10 Virgins do away w/ the notion of the possibility of Universal Reconciliationism?
2014-11-14 501c3's: People w/ 501c3's seem to become a corporation & listen to whatever the state tells them to say or not say. Why do people need a receipt to be able write off the taxes you paid to God? Isn't a 501c3 another gospel? What about homosexuals that come into your church & want to get "married", & you say no, aren't you violating the conditions of the 501c3 that the government gave you?
2014-11-14 Extend Your Mantle over me: What was Ruth saying or doing to Boaz when she was asking Boaz to extend his mantle over her? [Ruth 3:7-18]
2014-11-14 Person Caught up in the 3rd Heaven: Who was the person caught up on the 3rd Heaven? [2 Corinthians 12:2-4]
2014-11-14 Other Fallen Worlds: There's mention of worlds in the Bible, so are there other worlds, & are we the only Fallen world?
2014-11-14 Last Trump of God: You don't find anything about the "last trump" & the resurrection in Revelation. Why not?
2014-11-14 Prophecies in the Book of Revelation: I just don't understand the book, but as far as what I believe, things just seem to be falling in place. (A lengthy discussion about things in Revelation, especially of the Millennium.)
2014-11-14 Watching for Signs: Don't we need to watch for signs, especially after the gospel has been preached around the world?
2014-11-13 Satan's (Lucifer's) Pride: If Satan wasn't originally Lucifer like the traditional thought is, why did Paul warn about new converts becoming elders, lest they get pride in their heart & fall like Satan did? (1 Timothy 3:6) [1 Timothy 3:6-7, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28]
2014-11-13 New Thought - Metaphysical: (Call is very garbled) Have you ever heard of Emmit Fox & his book on the Olivet Discourse, which is about New Thought, Metaphysical?
2014-11-13 Jesus' Brothers & Sisters: When there was reference to Jesus' brothers & sisters, it could refer to anyone in the town, not just His flesh relatives. Is that true? Where did this idea come from?
2014-11-13 Man & Angels: Are we higher or lower than Angels? [Psalm 8:4-9, Hebrews 1:14, 2:6-9]
2014-11-13 Revelation 11 & Daniel 12: Trampling of the courts, the outside court, & caller thinks there's going to be a restoration of the temple. [Revelation 11, Daniel 12, Isaiah 1] [Editor's note: I have NO idea what the caller is saying.]
2014-11-13 Styles of Preachers: Some Pastors seem to have a different demeanor, temperament, attitude than others, some more positive than others. Your thoughts?
2014-11-13 Feeding of the 4,000 & the 5,000: What was the purpose of having 2 events of feeding the multitudes?
2014-11-13 One Bride for Seven Brothers: Sadducees were trying to set up Jesus & tell him how flawed the Resurrection was, asking Him what they thought was a complicated question about a bride having 7 husbands.
2014-11-13 Soul Mate for Each Person: Does the Bible teach that there's supposed to be someone to marry for each person? [1 Corinthians 7:8]
2014-11-12 Dispensationalism: According to what Dispensationalists believe, what is supposed to happen to the Jews between the coming of Christ & the Rapture of the Church because don't they think the Jews will be hardened? [2 Corinthians 3:13]
2014-11-12 Body & Spirit: Is the spirit of a person who is dead, w/ out the body, still alive? Isn't by saying the soul survives after death suggesting that it has immortality? Caller is concerned about Spiritualism being prevalent in the Church in these last days. [Luke 16:19-31, Genesis 3:4]
2014-11-12 God's Punishment to Eve: Why would God extend the pain of child-birth to all women since it was only Eve that sinned? Did He choose that punishment for a reason? Is it okay to use drugs to dull the pain during childbirth? [Genesis 3:16]