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2020-3-26 Not Defending My Faith Well: Is it a cop-out to dismiss an angry atheist, if I don't think I can defend my faith well enough to take him on?
2020-3-26 Relating to an Angry Atheist: How do I converse with an extreme atheist, who is on the attack?
2020-3-25 End Times Cashless society: In light of recent government plans to make a cashless society, do you still think that it is a sign of the times according to Revelation and the U.S. is not the 2nd beast? [Revelation 13:11-13].
2020-3-25 Adam, Cro-Magnon & Neanderthal Man: What about Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man and those that preceded Adam?
2020-3-25 Doug Wilson-Calvinism Debate: What did you debate Doug Wilson about?
2020-3-25 Medical Pandemic-Coronavirus: How do you handle those in your own household that are not being careful and help reduce the threat of the pandemic threat of Coronavirus?
2020-3-25 144,000 & The Twelve Tribes of Israel-Now or Then: Were there Jews from all 12 tribes in Jerusalem in the 1st century, so that we can identify the 144,000 (from all 12 tribes) as the believing Jews at that time, rather than at the end times?
2020-3-25 Trinity Added to the Bible by the Pope: Did the trinity concept get added to the Bible by the pope? [I John 5:7].
2020-3-25 Jesus-My Friend: What about when Jesus called you friends, not servants? [John 15:12-17].
2020-3-25 Jesus' Being Impolite: What do you say to someone who finds some of Jesus' statements difficult, such as, describing one not saying "thank you" to a slave? [Luke 17:10].
2020-3-25 Book of Hebrews' Authorship & Credibility: The book of Hebrews' authorship is unknown, right? So why is it in the Bible? [Hebrews 13:23].
2020-3-25 Why No Hell in the Old Testament: Do you think the reason that "hell" is not mentioned more in the Old Testament is because God wanted His people to chose Him for Himself? [Daniel 12:2, Isaiah 66;24].
2020-3-25 Why a Sermon on Sunday: Why do we gather once a week to listen to someone give a sermon, when it would be more beneficial to have a conversation? [Acts 2].
2020-3-24 John the Baptist: What can you tell me about the life of John the Baptist, and also about his association with Elijah?
2020-3-24 John the Baptist: Do you think that we know so little about John the Baptist, because he didn't want to steal the thunder of the coming Jesus? [John 3].
2020-3-24 John the Baptist: Didn't Jesus say that there is "no one greater born of a woman", but John the Baptist, but Jesus was born of a woman, so how to you harmonize that? [Luke 7:28, Matthew 11:11].
2020-3-24 Cain's Sacrifice Not Accepted by God: Why didn't God accept Cain's sacrifice? [Hebrews 11, Romans 10:17, Luke 11:50-51, Genesis 4].
2020-3-24 Teaching Gender Identity: Can you comment on my conviction in trying to raise my future children with respect toward their gender and the differences between the sexes? [Genesis 1, I Corinthians 11, Deuteronomy 22:5].
2020-3-24 Gossip & Envy-Crimes Worthy of Death: How do you assess the list of crimes like gossip and envy, being identified as worthy of death? [Romans 1:30-32].
2020-3-24 Woman Taken in Adultery: Do you think that Jesus would have agreed that the woman taken in adultery should be stoned, if the Roman government had allowed stoning?
2020-3-24 Angel Identity and Tasks: Does Hebrews 1:14 shed any light on how to understand Daniel 11:1 and the task and identity of angels? [Daniel 1, Hebrews 1:14].
2020-3-24 Angels & Heirs of Salvation: Does Hebrews indicate that people, referred to as the "heirs of salvation",receive the ministering of angels even before they are saved? [Hebrews 1:14, Romans 8:17].
2020-3-24 Eternal Damnation in Hell: Do you believe in eternal damnation in hell? [Mark 9:43-48, Isaiah 66:24, 2 Peters 2].
2020-3-24 Demons as Offspring of the Nephilim: Do you think that demons are the offspring of the "Sons of Men" or Nephilim?
2020-3-24 Fallen Angels & Demons: Is there a difference between demons and fallen angels?
2020-3-24 Identity of the Rich Young Ruler: Do you think that "the rich young ruler" was Saul (Paul)?
2020-3-24 Peter & The Holy Spirit: Peter could not have possessed the Holy Spirit at the time of his denying of Christ, because the Holy Spirit had not yet come at Pentacost, right? [John 7:39].
2020-3-24 Cain's Sacrifice Unacceptable to God: Do you think that it is possible that the reason Cain's sacrifice was unacceptable to God was because he had a wicked heart as it says in Proverbs? [Proverbs 15:8].
2020-3-24 Signs of the Time: Are there any current "signs of the times" we should be acknowledging?
2020-3-24 Catholic Church Influenced King James Version: Did Catholic influence on the KJV obscure the fact that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday? {Mark 6:9, Matthew 28:1].
2020-3-24 Tribes of Israel: How could the 144,000 refer to Christians in Jerusalem if they referred to the tribes in the northern kingdom?
2020-3-23 Christian Universalism: Could you comment on the Christian Universalism view? Did not God pay for 100% of mankind? [John 3:16-17, I Peters 3:20].
2020-3-23 Jews the Only Worshippers of God: Why were the Jews the only ones to have a relationship with God? [Hebrews 11].
2020-3-23 God Communicating Through Coronavirus: Do you think that God is trying to get something across to us using the Coronavirus? If so, what?
2020-3-23 Distancing Oneself from the Church: What do you think about my wife, a good Christian woman, who has distanced herself from the corporate church? [Hebrews 10:25-31].
2020-3-23 Christians Universalism & Reconciliation: How can one consider Universalism or Universal Reconciliation, when it is not possible for everyone to be saved and justify it scripturally? [Matthew 26:24, Hebrews 9:27].
2020-3-23 Recommendation of Steve's Book on Hell: Caller highly recommends Steve's book on Hell.
2020-3-23 Signs for the Coming of Christ? Could you talk about the signs for the second coming of Christ, particularly in the second half of Matthew 24? [Matthew 24:34-44, I Thessalonians 5:1-5].
2020-3-23 Demons: Can demons be something more broad, like a worldview, or attitude, or something similar? [John 8:31-32].
2020-3-23 Love One Another to Unarm Demons: If we just love one another, would that sufficiently render demons ineffective? [John 8:31-32].
2020-3-23 Calvinism vs Arminianism: Is there one place, or book, that would martial all the arguments for and against Calvinism?
2020-3-23 No Longer Death Penalty for Some Things as in Old Testament: Where does scripture tell us that we no longer are to levy Old Testament punishments on people today? [Romans 13].
2020-3-23 Journey to Heaven or Hell: Where does scripture teach us that we take a journey to some place after we die, like heaven or hell? [Isaiah 14, Luke 16:19-31, Philippians 1, 2 Corinthians 5:6].
2020-3-20 Doug Batchelor: If you are still in touch with Doug Batchelor, you should correct him about being a false teacher?
2020-3-20 Beast Into Hell in Revelation: How do you explain the verses about the beast and false prophet cast into hell if this is about 70AD? [Revelation 19].
2020-3-20 Revelation about End Times: What parts of Revelation do you apply to 70 AD?
2020-3-20 Soften Heart: Can you give me some examples of where God softened someone's heart? [Ezekiel 36:26, Acts 16:14].
2020-3-20 The Watchers in the Bible: What do you know about "the watchers" in scripture? [Daniel 4:13].
2020-3-20 Crispus and Sosthenes: Were the rulers Crispus and Sosthenes the same man in the passage in Acts where Paul was beaten? [Acts 18:18].
2020-3-20 The Gospel in Mark: What does Mark mean when he refers to the gospel in his writings? [Mark 1:15, Isaiah 52:7].