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2021-7-14 Hinderance (Restraining) of the Man of Sin: In scripture, what is hindering the "Man of Sin"? [2 Thessalonians 2:3].
2021-7-14 The Church as an Assembly: If we are "the church" does that mean we do not need to attend church anymore? [Hebrews 10:25].
2021-7-14 Analogy for the Trinity: What is your favorite analogy or metaphor for the Trinity (egg, H2O, or triangle)?
2021-7-14 Mark of the Beast: Are you saying that the "Mark of the Beast" is non-literal?
2021-7-14 Not Being Able to Buy or Sell (Boycott): How would the not being able to buy or sell, if the "Mark of the Beast" is not literal?
2021-7-14 Mark of the Beast: Isn't the ash on the forehead and hands on Ash Wednesday a mark of the Catholic Church a symbol for the "Mark of the Beast"?
2021-7-13 Evidence of the Holy Spirit's Presence in One's Life: Could not the power and boldness to speak the word of God be the evidence of the Holy Spirit? [Acts 1:8].
2021-7-13 Fruit of the Spirit: Does the fruit of the spirit involve our own spirit or is it entirely produced by the Holy Spirit?
2021-7-13 Heretical Beliefs about the Trinity: Could you sort out the heretical errors doubting the trinity; Sebellianism, Monarchianism, Oneness, and Modalism? [John 10:30].
2021-7-13 Bible Reading to Connect to God: Is simply reading the Bible a way to connect to God?
2021-7-13 Doubting My Faith: If I have serious doubts about my faith, should I bother praying? [James 1:6-7].
2021-7-13 Reading Recommendations for One Losing Faith: What books of C.S. Lewis should I read? Recommended: "Mere Christianity" and others by John Lennox, Has Science Buried God", "Gunning for God."
2021-7-13 Seeing God in Nature: How can I see God in Nature? (Same caller as previous call.)
2021-7-13 Isaiah 43: Could you explain the second part of verse 3 in Isaiah 43, when he talks about them being a ransom?
2021-7-13 Women as Pastors Could you talk about women as pastors? [Mark 10:44, Mark 9:35, 3 John 1:9, I Timothy 2:12].
2021-7-13 Catholic Family & Praying to the Saints: How do I convince my Catholic family to not pray to Saint Anthony and such?
2021-7-13 Writing About Aliens: Is it wrong to write a screenplay about an alien?
2021-7-13 Second Coming Very Near: Is Paul saying that the Second Coming would be in his lifetime? [I Corinthians 7:29-31, Romans 13:11].
2021-7-12 The Dispensations of the Biblical Timeline: What "dispensations" (or ages) in the biblical timeline would you see-in contrast to the Dispensationalists?
2021-7-12 Defining "The Beginning": What is "the beginning" in Genesis and John? [Genesis 1:1, John 1:1, Job 38:7, Psalm 33:6-9].
2021-7-12 Determining if you have the Holy Spirit: How does one know if they have the Holy Spirit, or are "filled with the Holy Spirit"? [Acts 8, Acts 9:17, Acts 19:1-7, Galatians 5:22-23, Matthew 7:11, Luke 11:13].
2021-7-12 Principles from Old Testament Applicable to Us: Is there spiritual applications to the directives given to Israel in the first verses of Deuteronomy? [Deuteronomy 7:1-12, I Corinthians 10:6-11].
2021-7-12 Evil Spirit: Can an evil spirit (demon) program people?
2021-7-12 Hyper-Dispensationalism: Could you talk about the "Hyper-Dispensational" movement (Bullingerites, Ultra, Hyper-Grace) and "multiple gospels"? [Galatians 1:8, Revelation 14:6, Titus 2:12, Galatians 5:6, I Timothy 6:3-4, Acts 20:24-25].
2021-7-09 Imprecatory Psalms & Prayers: What about the cruel and vengeful (imprecatory) prayers asking for harsh judgments? [2 Timothy 4:14-16, Romans 12:19, Psalm 137].
2021-7-09 Elements of Christian Salvation: Regarding the elements of salvation, can you help distinguish reconciliation, regeneration, justification?
2021-7-09 Seven Pillars of Wisdom in Proverbs: What are the seven pillars of wisdom mentioned in Proverbs?
2021-7-09 Seven Thunders & Sealing in Revelation Could you talk about the seven thunders and the directive to seal things up in Revelation 10? [Revelation 10:3-4, Revelatioin 22:10, Daniel 12].
2021-7-09 Compliment to Steve Gregg: Caller offers a very kind compliment to Steve regarding his gift. [James 3:17].
2021-7-09 Why Were We Created: Why were we created? What was the purpose for which we were made. [2 Timothy 2:12, Revelation 2:10].
2021-7-09 Oral Sex: Is it a sin for a married couple to practice oral sex? [Genesis 38:9, Hebrews 13:4].
2021-7-09 Jesus 100% God and Man: How can Jesus be 100% God, but also 100% man?
2021-7-09 Origin of Angels: Were angelic beings made before creation of mankind?
2021-7-09 Motivations & Seeking Reward Regarding motivations and rewards, are we not to be rewarded by seeking Him? [Hebrews 11:6, Psalm 16:11, I John 4:18].
2021-7-09 Keys of the Kingdom & the House of David: Are the "keys of the kingdom" the same as the "keys of the House of David"? [Matthew 16:19, Revelation 3:7, Isaiah 22:22].
2021-7-08 Demonic Angels in Genesis: How could the "Sons of God" in Genesis 6 have carnal desires if they are demonic angels which are spirits? [Genesis 6:1-4, John 1:12, I John 3:2].
2021-7-08 "Who are My Mother and Brother"? What are the ramifications of the verse when Christ says, "Who are my mother and brother?" [Luke 8:19-21, Mark 3:31-35, Matthew 12:46-50, Ephesians 2:14].
2021-7-08 Doing Good Works with the Right Motivation: How can you be sure that the good works you do are truly for the love of Jesus and not for selfish reasons?
2021-7-08 Financial Responsibility with Perhaps Ungodly Investments: What does one do to be responsible with finances when some of the companies from which we use services, participate in purposes we oppose? [Mark 12:17, Matthew 22:15-22].
2021-7-08 Confusion About Election or "the Elect": Could you help me get less confused about "election", as I listen daily to John MacArthur? [John 3:16, John 6:37, Matthew 16:24, Matthew 11:28, Matthew 23:37, John 15].
2021-7-08 The Rapture & the "Cloud of Glory": Does the "cloud of glory" in the Old Testament parallel the description of the rapture? [1 Thessalonians 4:14-15, I Corinthians 15, Acts 28, Matthew 25:1].
2021-7-08 The Rapture & the Second Coming: So how does the rapture fit into the second coming of Christ? [John 6:39-44]. Topical Lecture Recommended: "When Shall These Things Be?"
2021-7-08 Exorcism Fails Because of Unbelief: Is it lack of faith that caused a demon to not come out, rather than lack of prayer and fasting? [Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29].
2021-7-08 Baptism in the Name of Jesus: Does one need to baptized in the name of Jesus, rather than under other titles, such as, Father, Son & Holy Spirit? [Acts 19:5. I Corinthians 10].
2021-7-07 Holy to Dogs, Pearls to Swine: Could you talk about the verse about not giving what is holy to dogs and casting pearls before swine? [Matthew 7:6, Matthew 13:45-46, 2 Thessalonians 2:11].
2021-7-07 Praying for Political Leaders: Do you pray for Joe Biden and if so, how so? [I Timothy 2:1-3].
2021-7-07 Fullness of the Gentiles: Could you clarify the meaning of "the fullness" referred to in Romans 11? [Romans 11:12]
2021-7-07 Jeremiah 31: What is God saying in Jeremiah 31:35-40? [Jeremiah 31:35-40, I Peter 2:9, Exodus 19:5-6].
2021-7-07 Taking Unfairly From Others: Could you explain what is meant by Psalm 69:4? Is it Messianic? [Psalms 69:4-9].
2021-7-07 The Interfaith Movement: What about the interfaith movement that is trying to promote that each religion has their own way to God?