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2018-5-10 Eternal Security: I heard you say yesterday that you don't believe once saved, always saved. I don't think that is accurate. Can you explain with Scripture why you don't think so?
2018-5-09 Inner Healing: Have you ever heard about Inner Healing using something called, Splankna & Sozo? It's sort've New Agey.
2018-5-09 Book of Enoch: What do you think of the Book of Enoch?
2018-5-09 Death: What happens to a Christian directly after they die? Does the Unbeliever go directly to hell? Does the Christian go directly to Heaven?
2018-5-09 Christian Music Only: A friend of mine who goes to the church I go to said that we shouldn't listen to any music that isn't Christian music, like the Beatles & so on.
2018-5-09 Pre-Millennial & Pre-Tribulation: Is there a difference between being a pre-tribulation & pre-millennium?
2018-5-09 Speaking in Tongues: Could God give you the ability to speak to someone in their tongue for Evangelism or Missionary work?
2018-5-09 Transported at a Rapid Speed: Traveling faster than normal somewhere.
2018-5-09 Adam with Eve: Where was Adam when Eve was being deceived by the serpent?
2018-5-09 Jehovah's Witnesses: Where do Jehovah's Witnesses stand w/ Jesus?
2018-5-09 Once Saved Always Saved: Can you lose your salvation?
2018-5-09 Women in Church Leadership Can women be put in church leadership, pastors, elders, teachers?
2018-5-09 Death Angel: Why was the death angel sent to Israel?
2018-5-09 Once to Die: What does it mean, "once to die & after this, judgment"? Can you explain this? [Hebrews 9:27]
2018-5-09 Heaven: Caller's opinion is that wherever Jesus is, that is where Heaven is.
2018-5-08 UN Becoming World Government: How would you relate Revelation to today, say the UN starting uniting the nations into one, & had to worship the person in charge of the UN, sort've like an anti-type of Nero?
2018-5-08 Demon-Possession: Where did demons actually come from?
2018-5-08 Suicide: I was listening to a couple callers talking about Suicide, & I think it's a little different than murder or stealing, but just a desperation move.
2018-5-08 Suicide & Euthanasia: Would you consider pulling the plug from life-support as suicide?
2018-5-08 Water during Creation: Was the earth covered w/ water from the beginning? 08 04 01 869
2018-5-08 Suicide: A person considering suicide to financially support his wife.
2018-5-08 Baptism by the Spirit: (question addressed after break) How do I get baptized/filled with the Holy Spirit?
2018-5-08 Jesus' Death: Where did Jesus go after He died? Did He go to heaven?
2018-5-08 bart ehrman & James White Debate: I enjoyed watching the debate between Bart Ehrman & James White, & I think James White won, about Textual Criticism of the Bible.
2018-5-08 The Book of Isaiah: In Isaiah 9 seems to be bouncing around a little bit, bouncing from one thought to another, especially starting in verse 6 of Isaiah 9. Why did they write like that, where it seems to go all over the place? [Isaiah 9]
2018-5-08 Sinner's Prayer & Baptism: A woman pastor said that it's a good idea to be baptized, but not necessary, but it's necessary to say the Sinner's prayer. What do you think? [Matthew 7:24-25]
2018-5-08 The Gospel: In these 2 Scriptures of the Bible, is that what the gospel is in it's entirety? [1 Corinthians 15:1-4, John 3:16]
2018-5-08 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: I'm concerned about what you said about not being baptized by the Holy Spirit. I've never had people lay hands on my to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so are you suggesting that if we don't, we can't live a full Christian life?
2018-5-07 Hebrew Language: There seems to be a limited amount of words in the Hebrew Language as compared to Greek & English.
2018-5-07 Malachi & Chronicles: Chronological order of the books of the Bible, why are they different in the jewish book vs ours?
2018-5-07 Biblical Marriage Ceremony: What is the biblical pattern of a wedding ceremony to follow?
2018-5-07 A Bloody husband to me: Why was Moses called a bloody husband by his wife? [Exodus 4:25-26]
2018-5-07 Pretrib Rapture: Where does the Pre-Tribulation Rapture idea come from?
2018-5-07 0ne Sin Too Many: If it's possible to lose your salvation, just how many sins does it take to do so?
2018-5-07 Ex-Convict Needing Strong Fellowship: Caller coming out of prison, having tough situations, needing strong fellowship. What should he do?
2018-5-07 Enoch, Elijah & Jesus Raptured: A pastor gave examples of people being translated, such as Enoch & Elijah, so doesn't that testify to a pre-trib rapture?
2018-5-07 Magic Tricks for Children's Worship: What do you think of having magic performed for children in church?
2018-5-07 Old Archives of the Radio Program: Where can I listen to past radio archives?
2018-5-07 Stumbling Blocks if No Anointing: If you haven't received an anointing you will receive road blocks?
2018-5-07 State has more power than church for Marriage: Caller thinks the State only has the authority to hold couples accountable to their marriage rather than the church.
2018-5-04 Mental Illness & Suicide: What is the bible's view about mental illness & suicide? What possible reason could someone want to commit suicide of they didn't have mental illness or demon-possessed?
2018-5-04 Tattoos: What do you think about Christians getting tattoos, especially in light of Leviticus 19:20? [Leviticus 19:20]
2018-5-04 Suicide: People think it's a way to go by jumping off the Golden State Bridge, but if you are in a major crisis that leads you to want to commit suicide, God would forgive you, wouldn't He?
2018-5-04 Sabbath: You need to read what David H. Stern's New Testament Commentary on Romans 14:5-6, because he seems to explain it pretty well.
2018-5-04 Full Preterism: Caller thinks in 70 AD the resurrection happened also. (carries back after the break as well.)
2018-5-04 The Woman at the Well: How come Jesus didn't tell the woman at the well to repent? [John 4:17-18]
2018-5-04 Spiritual Warfare: Even if you are not living up to God's standards, can Satan tell you that you're okay, & that you can still work for Him even though you are not actually okay with God?
2018-5-04 Mental Illness: What about people with Mental Illness?
2018-5-04 R.C. Sproul: What do you think about R.C. Sproul's writings?
2018-5-03 "The Wood Devoured more people": The Wood destroying more people than the sword, can you explain? [2 Samuel 18:8]