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2017-7-17 Israel's History: 490 yrs disobedience, 70 years captivity, & another 490 yrs divided into 3 sections, do you think there's any credibility to all this timeline of Israel?
2017-7-17 Sound Doctrine: How much should we be concerned about sound doctrine?
2017-7-17 Oneness Pentecostal & Reformed Church Differences: What is the difference between Oneness Pentecostals & the Reformed Church involving the Trinity?
2017-7-17 Good because it's Naturally Good or God commanded it Good: William Lane Craig, is something good because God commanded to do it or is it good because it's naturally good?
2017-7-17 Anti-Christ being in the 3rd Temple: Rebuilding the 3rd temple, the anti-Christ is going to be IN the temple, so how can he be in the temple if it doesn't exist?
2017-7-17 Jewish Calendar for Prophetic Reckoning: David Hawkins thinks the Jewish Calendar has to be used when calculating Prophecies in Daniel.
2017-7-17 The Way International: We met some people who belong to The Way international, & they started saying we shouldn't study the Gospels because they've already been fulfilled, & we should only study books written by Paul. What do you think about that?
2017-7-14 Ezekiel's Temple: I need you to please reconsider your position about Ezekiel's temple. [Ezekiel 40-48]
2017-7-14 Judging the Angels: When & why are we going to be judging angels? [1 Corinthians 6:3-5]
2017-7-14 Christian Living a Sinful Life: If a Christian continues living an unrighteous life, is he under the law of Moses?
2017-7-14 Lectures about Calvinism about Once Saved Always Saved: You were talking about Calvinism & Once Saved, Always Saved, & you referred them to some lectures on your website. Can you tell me the name of that lecture again?
2017-7-14 Appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Program: I REALLY appreciate your program, & I just want you to know that!
2017-7-14 None of Them are Lost: I'm teaching on once saved always saved, so what do you say about this verse? [John 17:12]
2017-7-14 Abraham Lincoln Humor: Abraham Lincoln asked a witness once, "If we call a cow's tail a leg, how many legs does a cow have?".
2017-7-14 State Micro-Managing Over People's Lives: The state seems to be involving itself in the transgender business, promoting it.
2017-7-14 Pentecostal View of Baptism of Holy Spirit: Being baptized in the Holy Spirit, & if you've never spoken in tongues, are you saved?
2017-7-14 Baptism of Holy Spirit: Being baptized in the Holy Spirit (follow up)
2017-7-13 God's Anger: When God is upset with us, can we actually feel His anger?
2017-7-13 Never having heard the Gospel: What about those that have never heard the gospel? [Romans 2:12-14, 1 Corinthians 1:30]
2017-7-13 Calvinism's Limited Atonement: Considering Calvinism's unlimited or limited atonement, did Christ die for the whole world or not?
2017-7-13 Mystery of Godliness: "Mystery of Godliness" what does this mean, God becaming Man? Caller gives a couple of his idea of what it might mean [1 Timothy 3:16]
2017-7-13 Hebrew Roots Movement: Can you please tell me about the Jewish or Hebrew Roots?
2017-7-13 Jesus' Temptation: God says He tempts no man, but the Jesus had to go through the temptation, so how do these reconcile w/ each other? [James 1:13]
2017-7-13 Moses Law Instituted: When was Moses law instituted? [1 Peter 2:13]
2017-7-12 Faith, Choice & Belief: distinguish between faith, choice & belief, is faith a gift of God? [Ephesians 2:8-9]
2017-7-12 The Word of God: Is the Bible really the Word of God?
2017-7-12 Dislike of the Modern Translations of the Bible: "Man shall not eat by bread alone", the modern translations seem to be different that what it says.
2017-7-12 Jesus' Ministry only 3 Years: Why did God only have jesus' ministry last 3 1/2 years?
2017-7-12 Women Pastors: Can women pastors be in ministry? Feminism seems to be taking over.
2017-7-12 Illness for God's Glory: Does God cause illness for His glory? (followup #3)
2017-7-12 Cain's Sacrifice not Accepted: Why was Cain's sacrifice not accepted?
2017-7-12 Not Accepting Gifts from God: Caller thinks you can't refuse gifts from God, especially gifts of healing,
2017-7-11 Churches Authorizing Marriages: How would the church regulate secular marriages since they would have nothing to do with them, yet you saying churches need to be in charge of marriages instead of the state?
2017-7-11 Slaves being Elders: Were slaves or could slaves be elders? does our culture like slavery? (A very long, drawn out conversation.)
2017-7-11 Addictions: Can someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit still have trouble trying to overcome addictions?
2017-7-11 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Wfhat is the proof of being baptized by the Holy Spirit?
2017-7-11 God's Jealousy in His Glory: God being a jealous God in His glory. [Exodus 33:18]
2017-7-11 Jews coming out of Egypt: When the Israelites came out of Egypt, isn't that sort've representative of spiritual Israel now where we have are struggling for obedience to God? [1 Corinthians 10:1-11]
2017-7-11 Satan Being Omnipresent: How can people be pestered by satan at the same time on the earth if he's not omnipresent?
2017-7-11 Suffering for God's Glory: Continuing from the last call of previous show, God causes bad things for the purpose of His glory?
2017-7-10 Slavery Good or Bad: Was slavery good or bad in the Bible? Caller discusses again her view about how bad she feels slavery is. (follow up)
2017-7-10 Fulness of the Gentiles: "until the fulness of the gentiles be come in", olive tree, so all of Isreal will eventually be saved.
2017-7-10 Jesus' Ransom (Atonement) Involving the Atonement, who was Jesus paying the ransom to? I heard the early church thought Satan.
2017-7-10 Eastern Orthodoxy & Theosis: The Eastern Orthodox church thinks Theosis, that we can become God, we are part of the divine nature, the nature God imparted to us. What do you think about that?
2017-7-10 Best of Programs: Caller really likes the "Best Of" programs, because they really are the best of the questions!
2017-7-10 Immortality of Soul: Most people believe in the inherent immortality of the soul, so what scriptures are there for only having a mortal soul?
2017-7-10 Jesus' Ransom (Atonement): ransom being paid by Jesus. (I can't quite follower her either.)
2017-7-07 Pearl before Swine: Should we vigorously attempt to witness our hope? [1 Peter 3:15]
2017-7-07 Unequally Yoked Potential: A Christian friend is contemplating becoming involved w/ a non-Christian, but he fears she may just feign Christianity to win his heart, & then leave Christianity.
2017-7-07 Denying Yourself: "Deny yourself, take up your cross & follow Me", does that mean we have to be ashamed of ourselves? John MacArthur says we have to be! [Mark 8:34]