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2017-2-07 Reformation of the Holy Spirit: Do you think the Reformation was under the guidance of the Holy Spirit?
2017-2-07 God's Love: Is God's love unconditional? [John 3:16]
2017-2-07 Fasting & Interpretation of Scripture: What do verses 16 & 17 have to do w/ anything? [Matthew 19:14-17]
2017-2-07 Calvinism & Universal Reconciliation Calvinism & universal reconciliation [1 Corinthians 15:22, Romans 5:18]
2017-2-06 Euthanasia of Pets: How do you feel about the euthanasia of animals & pets?
2017-2-06 Sanctuary Cities: I disagree about your view about sanctuary cities, I think they are good, the American way; being in military; protests
2017-2-06 Illegal Immigration: Even though I have a Mexican immigrant as a wife, they need to obey the laws of the land
2017-2-06 Taking an Oath in the Military: Taking an oath in the Military.....a previous caller misrepresented the facts.
2017-2-06 Military Life: Caller also wanted to respond to the second caller about the military. (followup to caller #2)
2017-2-06 Steve Gregg commenting about that day's show's calls: Steve says commentary about politics dominating the show that day.
2017-2-06 Apologetics: I'd like some good books on apologetics.
2017-2-06 Baptism for Salvation: Do you have to be baptized, because isn't it just symbolic of our inner life?
2017-2-06 Christ never Failing for Health: I want to trust God in my major health crisis, so can I trust that Jesus WON't fail me?
2017-2-03 Christian in Politics & other government positions: What about Christians being in politics, holding protests, being in the military, enforcing the law?
2017-2-03 True Christianity: What is the true way to be a Christian, because Buddhists seemed more Christ-like than Christians?
2017-2-03 Hacksaw Ridge Movie: Wondering if you saw the movie, "Hacksaw Ridge" & what you thought of it?
2017-2-03 Man before Adam & Eve: Jimmy Swaggert suggested that man was made before Adam & Eve, what do you think?
2017-2-03 Hebrew Language in Revelation: There seems to be Hebrew Language in Revelation, so was it written for them, who would understand it & all its symbolism?
2017-2-03 Timing of Patmos: When was john the revelator banished to Patmos because that would determine the date of Revelation?
2017-2-03 Nephilim & Sons of God: Can you explain all the terms surrounding the Nephilim & Sons of God in Genesis 6? [Genesis 6]
2017-2-03 Christians in the Military: Christians going in the military followup.
2017-2-03 Jesus having a sinful nature: Jesus had a sinful Nature.
2017-2-03 Vendetta against the SDA Church: SDAs/Adventists suggest that you shouldn't PRAY for people who drink coffee or tea.
2017-2-02 Ananias' & Sapphira's Judgment: That was too harsh judgment for Ananias & Sapphira just for not giving all their proceeds from their property, don't you think? [Acts 5:1-11]
2017-2-02 Elders being Single: How can you qualify to be a bishop if you aren't married? [Matthew 5:34, 1 Timothy 3:1-7, 1 Timothy 3:2, Titus 1:5-9]
2017-2-02 Taking Oaths: What do you think about taking oaths?
2017-2-02 3rd Temple Built: Will there be a 3rd temple built in Israel?
2017-2-02 Ark of the Covenant: Will the ark of the covenant be there? Is it the same ark that is seen in heaven?
2017-2-02 Sanctuary Cities & Cities of Refuge: Is there any correlation to these supposed "sanctuary cities" compared to the cities of refuge that we read about in the Bible? [Joshua 20]
2017-2-02 Lucifer & Satan: Is lucifer Satan?
2017-2-02 Number of the Beast: Where do we get the number of the beast, 666?
2017-2-02 Pastor Wanting more & more Money: Concerning giving money, she is concerned that her pastor wants her to give more
2017-2-02 Deity of Jesus: Someone doesn't believe the Deity of Jesus
2017-2-01 Disciples being called Christians: Were the disciples first called "Christians" at Antioch? [Acts 11:26]
2017-2-01 Charging for ministry: Charging for healing ministries?
2017-2-01 First Fruits: How does the Old Testament & New Testament differentiate between "first fruits"?
2017-2-01 Holy Spirit control verses Carnal Nature: I am concerned that I'm not letting the Holy Spirit lead me as much as I should? how much control does the He need to have?
2017-2-01 Contradiction about Tongues: There seems to be a contradiction about what Tongues are for, the believer or unbeliever. Can you harmonize it? [1 Corinthians 14:22]
2017-2-01 Hypnotism: What does the Bible have to say about hypnotism?
2017-1-31 The Notorious Heresy: Notorious heresy discussion, Mary the mother of Jesus/God, & Jesus having 2 natures
2017-1-31 Israel today: Does God still support Israel? Do we still need to support it?
2017-1-31 Building again the things Paul Destroyed: "For if I build again the things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor", what does this mean? [Galatians 2:18]
2017-1-31 Church Leadership: A church wants me to become part of the leadership/eldership of the church but wondering if I should because I don't really feel called.
2017-1-31 Speaking in Tongues at Pentecost: Speaking in tongues discussion, interpretation gift [Acts 2]
2017-1-31 God's love for Mankind: Does He really love EVERYBODY or only Israel? [John 3:16]
2017-1-31 Kneeling to Pray: kneeling in the Catholic church, why don't the Protestants kneel?
2017-1-30 Claiming Jesus' Power: Bill Johnson, in his book, "When Heaven Invades Earth", says that Jesus performed the miracles by being in right communion w/ God, not because He WAS God, & since there's no cancer in heaven we can say no cancer down here as well, & what does it mean that He emptied Himself? [Philippians 2:5-8]
2017-1-30 Good People Who Aren't Christians: What about people who are considered really good people but who don't believe in Jesus? [Romans 2:6-10]
2017-1-30 Our Spirit & the Holy Spirit: Do we have a spirit of our own that the Holy Spirit wants to commune with? [rom 8:16]
2017-1-30 Good people who aren't Christians: Caller says people are condemned no matter what for not believing in Jesus. [John 3:18-21, Romans 8:1]