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2014-5-07 1,000 Years: You are negating the words of Jesus when you say He didn't say it was a literal 1,000 years! That's why Michael the Buddhist never hears Jesus from you, so says the caller. [Revelation 6:1-10]
2014-5-07 Impeccability of Jesus: Caller says that Steve almost sounds like an SDA, saying that Jesus could've sinned.
2014-5-07 Open Theism: What are your arguments for why you don't think Open Theism is biblical?
2014-5-06 Steve explains what happened to yesterday's show: They had technical difficulties on yesterday's show, & Steve explains exactly what electricity.
2014-5-06 Future Restoration of Israel - the Mystery of Paul: "In Christ, all things are fulfilled." That statement just seems too simplistic to me. Paul talks about it being a "mystery". He seems to think that Ethnic Israel will be re-attached. So what are your thoughts on what Paul is talking about here in this passage of Scripture? [Romans 11:11-16, 26-29] (Editor's Note: I put the exact same question from the day before because Steve was answering from the exact same question.)
2014-5-06 No Forgiveness in the Age, Nor the Next: You were recently talking about Eternal not meaning Everlasting, for eternity, all the time. What about when Jesus said, "Not Forgiven in the Age, Nor the Next"? [Matthew 12:32]
2014-5-06 Adding or Taking Away from the Book: Caller used to think this was talking about the whole Bible, but it's probably just talking about the book of Revelation, so is this just a matter of sincerity or do we need to be very careful how we interpret the book, since there's so many opinions out there? [Revelation 22:18-19]
2014-5-06 Good people not in Heaven: How come good people who just don't happen to accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior won't be saved? [John 3:16, Romans 10:13]
2014-5-06 Adding or Subtracting Words: I don't see anything about the 7 years of tribulation in the Bible from Dispensationalists, so talk about adding words to Scripture!
2014-5-05 Future Restoration of Israel: "In Christ, all things are fulfilled." That statement just seems too simplistic to me. Paul talks about it being a "mystery". Paul seems to think that Ethnic Israel will be re-attached. So what are your thoughts on what Paul is talking about here in this passage of Scripture? [[Romans 11:11-15, 26-29] (Steve got cutoff there.)
2014-5-05 Lost Internet Connection: Steve explains what happened when he was talking to the first caller. (He even got disconnected several times as he was explaining.)
2014-5-02 Homosexuality & the Church: How should the church deal with Homosexuality? Caller doesn't want to go to a church that is too conservative, who ignore or hate homosexuals.
2014-5-02 The Bible & the Church Fathers: How did the Church Fathers view the Bible, & how did we stray from that, if we did?
2014-5-02 First Fruits of the Resurrection: So you think at the Resurrection they are all raised at the same time, both the wicked & the righteous, this class & that class, but what about the firstfruit? Isn't there an order of people that are called? [1 Corinthians 15:23, 14, Revelation 14:4, Janme 1:18, 2:1]
2014-5-02 Reigning w/ Christ during the 1000 years: The rest of the dead did not reign until after the 1000 yrs, so how does a resurrection at the same time make sense? [Revelation 20:4-6]
2014-5-02 Healing & Anointing: Doesn't it say in James that if we pray for people who need to be healed, that if they are prayed over & they believe it, it will for sure happen? doesn't it say that will happen? [James 5:14]
2014-5-01 Understanding a Passage of Scripture: Can you help me understand a chapter in Zechariah? Is it talking about the end times? [Zechariah 14]
2014-5-01 The term Eternal: How can you have one definition of eternal mean really everlasting, forever, but then it not really mean eternal, everlasting in the same verse? [Matthew 25:46]
2014-5-01 3 Hours of Darkness: What caused the 3 hours of Darnkness during the crucifixion of Jesus? [Matthew 27:45-53]
2014-5-01 Jesus going to Hell: Did Jesus go to Hell during His death?
2014-5-01 Taking on the Sins of the World: Doesn't it say somewhere that Jesus took on the sins of the world? [Mark 10:45, 1 peter 2]
2014-5-01 Getting hung-up on inconsequential matters: Caller thinks people, including his pastor, get hung up on stuff that doesn't matter.
2014-5-01 Heaven & no Sea: Is there anywhere in the Bible, especially Revelation, that gives insight about Heaven? What about no sea or oceans in the New Earth? Is that symbolic too? [Revelation 21:1]
2014-5-01 Loving our Brethren & protecting a believer more than an unbeliever: Do we need to have unity besides just loving one another? [john 15:12, 1 John 4:8, Galatians 6:10]
2014-5-01 Touch Me not: Why couldn't Mary touch Jesus after His resurrection? Doesn't that mean He wasn't in Heaven during those 3 days? [John 20:17]
2014-5-01 Bart Ehrman: I've been getting my information from Bart Ehrman & was told he was a scholar. What do you think of him?
2014-5-01 Jesus' Birthplace: Did I hear that there was a discrepancy of where Jesus was born?
2014-5-01 Scripture is God-breathed: I know there are 2 Scripture that says the Bible is inspired or God-breathed. Can you point me to them? [2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:19-21]
2014-5-01 Holy Spirit: I was wondering if were allowed to just say, "Holy Spirit", or if we had to say, "The Holy Spirit"? I was told that if I just say, "Holy Spirit", that it was a Mormon thing.
2014-4-30 Dispensationalism: In your lectures do you have a SPECIFIC place you learn about Dispensationalism? Do they teach more than just eschatology? Is once saved always saved pretty much Dispensational?
2014-4-30 Financial responsibility to Church Leadership: Is it the responsibility of the Body of Christ to financial support everything that goes on in the church such as the church building, the pastor's salary income, maintenance workers?
2014-4-30 Healing: Is it God's will to heal us every time we ask Him if we claim it?
2014-4-30 Praying for Healing: What is a specific kind've prayer one should pray for healing?
2014-4-30 Radio Station having problem carrying show: Caller thinks radio station he is listening to has been preempting Steve Gregg's show.
2014-4-30 A Know-it-all: What do I do about a family member that just think they know it all, are always right, & I have to bridge the gap of our relationship in the end? [Luke 17:4]
2014-4-30 Reasons to Believe - Hugh Ross What do you think of Hugh Ross & the Reasons to Believe his ministry?
2014-4-30 The Daily Bible (Chronological Bible): Have you ever heard of the chronological Bible called, "The Daily Bible"?
2014-4-29 3 literal Days: How could Jesus have been in the grave 3 literal days?
2014-4-29 Relying on Theologians: Can we get everything we need to be a Christian from the Bible, or do we need a good theologian every now & then to guide us?
2014-4-29 Vashti: Vashti was asked to where the crown & come to him & she refused, it that true? Was she an exotic dancer (dancing in the nude)?
2014-4-29 Children of Promise: So the Promise is Christ? [Galatians 4:28]
2014-4-29 Church is the Womb: The Church is the womb through which God brings forth his sons, so you remember saying that? When does it come to maturity? [Galatians 4:19]
2014-4-29 The Mystery of God is accomplished: Is the mystery of God that is accomplished, is that when the Body of Christ is mature, or fully born? [Revelation 10:7]
2014-4-29 Eschatological Differences: I skype w/ my pastor every week. Is it worthwhile to bring up eschatological things to him, things that I disagree w/ them?
2014-4-29 Early Church Beliefs: Where is the BEST source I can go to find what the Church Fathers taught?
2014-4-29 3 days & 3 nights Jesus in the Tomb: Caller wants to comment about the questions he heard about 3 days & 3 nights Jesus being in the grave, & give his theory.
2014-4-29 Israel being a special people: Someone doesn't seem to think that it was right or fair that Israel got to be elevated above everybody else.
2014-4-29 David Bercot - Will the Real Heretic stand up: A caller calls to reply to a previous caller of good resources, & David Bercot would be a good one with some of his books, but especially his encyclopedias. (
2014-4-28 Judging the 12 Tribes of Israel: What did Jesus mean by His Apostles judging the 12 tribes of Israel? [Matthew 19:28]
2014-4-28 The "Joshua" Chapter: What was being said in what is called the "Joshua" chapter in Zechariah? [Zechariah 3]