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2014-12-22 Jesus' Baptism & Resurrection When Jesus received the Holy Spirit in His baptism, is that when was able to perform miracles? Did He have to have the Holy Spirit in order to perform miracles? And then after His Resurrection, He even had more power?
2014-12-22 NLT of the Bible: I personally like the NLT of the Bible. What do you think about that version?
2014-12-22 Christmas Trees: What is Jeremiah saying about Christmas Trees? [Jeremiah 10:1-5]
2014-12-22 Traditions of Man: Jesus was mad at the Pharisees for putting aside the Word of God for their traditions. {Mark 7:6-9}
2014-12-19 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: Wife isn't there emotionally or physically for him, & so he just feels trapped. What should he do?
2014-12-19 Drawing back unto Perdition: It God's faith, but not our faith, so we can't lose our salvation, can't really full time fall back into perdition. What are your thoughts? [Hebrews 10:39, Habakkuk 2:4, Romans 10:17, Mark 9:24, 1 Corinthians 5:1-5]
2014-12-19 Jesus at Right of Hand of God: Since God the Father is a Spirit, & Jesus is in physical form, where is Jesus right now?
2014-12-19 People's Voice don't change: I have no idea what this caller is talking about.
2014-12-19 Dying in middle of sin: what if you die right in the middle of a sin? Are you doomed?
2014-12-19 Understanding Scripture: What does this passage of Scripture mean in Ezekiel? [Ezekiel 3:17-21
2014-12-19 Unique Questions on the Show: Do you ever still get a question on your show you've never answered anymore, that is unique, or have they all been answered before?
2014-12-19 Concerned about Deceased Wife's Salvation: Is there a chance my wife had a chance to reconcile herself with God? We found out she had been living in sin, stealing from a family.
2014-12-19 Physical State of Jesus: Followup comment to call about the state of Jesus while He's on the Right hand of God.
2014-12-18 Sin of Omission: There was a call (which we don't have access to) of a story about a guy who didn't share the gospel in time to someone before they died. And what about not being a whistleblower soon enough & something bad happens, do you have an obligation to do something like that, tell people about something that needs to be taken care of?
2014-12-18 The Story Bible: Some friends are very excited about a new non-denominational church, but they are using the "Story Bible". Concerned about the Church if they use such a Bible.
2014-12-18 Appointed to Stumble: I don't believe in Calvinism either, like you, but this verse seems to agree with their position, that people were appointed to stumble & be disobedient. [1 peter 2:8-9]
2014-12-18 Church is Christ-centered (the Story Bible): A previous caller was concerned about a church using the "Bible Story", but I can assure you that the Church is legit, that they are mainstream & just use that Bible as an outreach.
2014-12-18 Daniel prayed 3 times a day: Was that normal for the Jew to pray 3 times a day? Or was that just what Daniel did? [Daniel 6:10-28, Psalm 119:164]
2014-12-18 Disobeying the Government: What if the government ever made such a decree here? Would we have to obey the government? Or should we do what Daniel did? [Matthew 6:6, Romans 13:1-4]
2014-12-18 Mandatory Vaccinations: What if good conscience I refuse to take vaccinations? This Ebola thing is all about mandatory vaccinations.
2014-12-18 Cremation: How is possible for God to put us back together if we get cremated?
2014-12-18 The Wise Men & Jesus: How old was Jesus when the Wise men actually caught up with Him?
2014-12-18 Eternal Security: I don't believe you can really lose your salvation because once you start drinking from the living water, you will "never thirst" again. Doesn't that mean you'd never be leaving Christ, never thirst again? [John 4:14]
2014-12-17 Resurrection & the Rapture: What is "this day" in Acts referring to? Who is the Man Child in Revelation? (This call was so convoluted, I have NO idea what the guy was talking about!) [Acts 13:33, Revelation 12:5]
2014-12-17 Jesus' Appearance in Revelation: What does Steve make of Jesus' appearance in Revelation? [Revelation 1:12-16]
2014-12-17 Santa Claus: What about teaching children about a Santa Claus?
2014-12-17 Unequally Yoked: What does the word "sanctified" mean in the famous unequally yoked verse? That the spouse & children of a spouse that is saved are automatically saved? [1 Corinthians 7:13=16]
2014-12-17 Dispensationalism: Was Dispensationalism invented by Satan?
2014-12-17 Heretical Groups & Cults: Are Heretical groups & cults by any chance a judgment of God to weed out the Wheat & the chaff?
2014-12-17 Jimmy Swaggert: What do you think of Jimmy Swaggert?
2014-12-17 Jews & Gentiles in Romans: I think Paul is talking to the Gentiles in the book of Romans, but you think only the Jews? [Romans 1:13,18, 2:17]
2014-12-17 Santa Claus: I'm just going to teach the truth about Santa Claus to my children.
2014-12-16 Pagan Roots for Christmas: Is it wrong for Christians to decorate a Christmas Tree, & share gifts? What about Santa Claus & stockings? Is there any Biblical evidence to suggest these things are wrong because of their pagan roots? [Jeremiah 10:1-5]
2014-12-16 Jews & The Son of God: What about the Jews who never recognize Jesus as the Son of God?
2014-12-16 Dead in Sins & Trespasses: Caller contends that only the act of God can make a sinner become alive & not spiritually dead in their trespasses, but Steve contends that ANYONE can repent & come to God & become alive. [Ephesians 2:1, Genesis 20, Luke 15:11-32]
2014-12-16 Paganism, Christmas & a lone ranger: A person is going solo during Christmas w/ out his family gathering because he refuses to celebrate anything pagan involving the holiday.
2014-12-16 Kingdom of Heaven & the Wedding Feast: What was the purpose of the Wedding Feast parable & one guy coming w/ out wedding attire? [Matthew 22:1-14]
2014-12-16 Lottery - Gambling: Is it a sin to play the Lottery or Gamble?
2014-12-16 Death: What happens to us as soon we die? Do we go immediately to Heaven?
2014-12-16 Judgment Day & the Christian: As a Christian, do we need to have any fear of the judgment on Judgment Day even though we were washed in the Blood of Christ? [1 Peter 1:2, 17-19]
2014-12-15 "Be aware of the Doctrine of the Pharisees": "Do as they say, but don't do as they do". Why did He say that? [Matthew 23:3, 16:12]
2014-12-15 Final State of the Lost: What is the Final State of the Lost?
2014-12-15 Build My Rock upon this Church: What did Jesus mean by, "I will build My Rock upon this Church"? [Matthew 16:17-19]
2014-12-15 My Father has revealed this: Jesus told Peter he was blessed because the Father had revealed it to him that Jesus was the Son of God, so could a person who is a Calvin say things have to be revealed to you before you can believe or have faith? [Matthew 16:17]
2014-12-15 Indwelling of the Holy Spirit: When someone gets indwelt with the Holy Spirit, does that ever make them haughty?
2014-12-15 Calvinism: Did I hear you say that you are a Calvinist? Why do so many Christians become Calvinists?
2014-12-15 Come Out Among Them & Be Separate: What does it mean to "Come out from among them & be separate?" [2 Corinthians 6:17]
2014-12-15 Fear & Trembling: What does it mean to "work out your Salvation w/ Fear & Trembling"? [Philippians 2:12]
2014-12-15 The Narrow Path Radio Show: What do you hope for as God's will to accomplish with this show? What do you pray for when you pray for your program?
2014-12-15 Spiritual Fornication: I need a biblical definition for spiritual fornication. Some groups feel that if you go to another group, you are committing spiritual fornication.