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2015-11-10 "Throw it all out": Doesn't it say somewhere in the Bible that if a portion of the Bible is bad to throw it all out?
2015-11-10 Mormonism & Fallacy of the Bible: That's what the Mormons say, that some of the Bible is wrong, because, for example, it says "repented" of the evil He was going to do to the Israelites for worshipping other gods. [Exodus 32:14]
2015-11-10 Marriage & Children: Love toward wife more important than children, is that true? [Matthew 19:5-6]
2015-11-10 Healing: Why didn't God heal a baby? Not enough Faith? It's true that Jesus didn't heal everyone on the planet while He was here, but didn't He heal everyone who came to Him?
2015-11-10 1st & 2nd Resurrection: Listening to your audio on Revelation, could you clarify the 1st resurrection & no mention of a 2nd resurrection, the 2nd death but no 1st death. Can you explain that? [Revelation 20, John 5:24, Ephesians 2. Colossians 2:12-13]
2015-11-10 Dispensationalists: Where does the construct of Revelation not follow the chronological order like Dispensationalists think it does? [Revelation 11, Revelation 12, Revelation 6]
2015-11-10 Lazarus & Abraham's Bosom: Where were they when they were dead? [Luke 16:19-31]
2015-11-10 Transfiguration, Moses & Elijah: Where did Moses & Elijah come back from? How did the disciples recognize them?
2015-11-10 Lukewarmness: Who are the hot, cold & lukewarm? [Revelation 3:15-16]
2015-11-09 Lord's Pray variations: Why is the wording of Lord's prayer differ, trespasses verse sins? [Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 11:2-4]
2015-11-09 Deacon, Overseer, & Pastors: So would pastors, overseer & deacon be the same synonym? [Acts 20:28, 1 Peter 5]
2015-11-09 Looking for a church: What kind've church would you look for?
2015-11-09 Modern Day Pastors: Was there pastors in the early church like there are today?
2015-11-09 Homosexuality: What do I do about relatives who profess Christianity but live in a fornication/homosexual lifestyle? [1 Corinthians 5:11-12]
2015-11-09 Love but not Approve: Jesus loves us, & we are to love others, but He didn't, & we don't have to, approve their behavior.
2015-11-09 Witch of Endor, Saul & Samuel: Why would God permit Samuel to talk to Saul? [1 Samuel 28]
2015-11-09 Battle of Armageddon Statistics: Do you remember the call about the person who called in about the Battle of Armageddon, 200 million tanks?
2015-11-09 Dispensationalism vs Preterism: Can you say what each camp DOES say about the 200 million army, both of Dispensationalism & Preterism? [Revelation 9:15-18]
2015-11-09 Battle of Armageddon: I thought Israel was supposed to ultimately win in the end?
2015-11-09 Tree of knowledge of good & evil & Tree of life: Can you explain the 2 main trees in the Garden of Eden? [Genesis 2:9]
2015-11-06 Original Sin: Why did Adam sin if he didn't have any sin in him in the first place? Is there a difference between having a sinful nature & just being tempted, like Adam was?
2015-11-06 Eternal Security & Habitual Sin: Am I still saved if I continual fall in the same habitual sin?
2015-11-06 Genetics & Ancestry: Could there be any connections to soul, genetics & ancestry? Generational curses?
2015-11-06 Human Cloning: What if human cloning became possible? Would they have a soul? What would be the morality around it?
2015-11-06 Pastors & Non-Essential Doctrines:: Is it sort've an obligation of the pastor to share the main views of non-essential doctrines other than just their own?
2015-11-06 Conscience as a faculty: So when Adam & Eve ate the Tree of the knowledge of good & evil, is that where we got our conscience? [Genesis 3:1-11]
2015-11-06 Sexual Immorality - Homosexuality: What does it mean putting them "out of fellowship"? Does that include family members? [1 Corinthians 5:11-12]
2015-11-05 Christian Persecution: Are we supposed to help prevent persecution of Christians or just accept it as a reality of being a Christian? [Romans 8:35]
2015-11-05 Addictive Pain Killers: Resource re: the call about Addictive Pain Killers.
2015-11-05 Chuck Smith: What about Chuck Smith, would he have ever debated preterists?
2015-11-05 Hanegraaff - Hitchcock Debate: They discuss the debate Hank Hanegraaff & Mark Hitchcock had about the dating of the book of Revelation, or actually, Dispensationalism verses Preterism.
2015-11-05 Jack Hibbs Video: No fellowshipping in the Calgary Chapel if you don't agree w/ Dispensationalism. What is a hyper-dispensationalist compared to a garden variety Dispensationalist, & what would be the danger of going that direction?
2015-11-05 Abraham's Blessing to All: Would you help me understand the controversy about interpretation of the Abrahamic blessing- does it mean that, “through Abraham all will be blessed?” or does it mean that “all people will bless themselves through Abraham”? [Genesis 12:3, Galatians 3:8].
2015-11-05 Neighbors threatening violence: What should caller do regarding her neighbors which seems to escalating into violence?
2015-11-05 Hyper-Dispensationalism: Caller calls to balance comment re: a previous caller's conversation about Hyper-Dispensationalism.
2015-11-04 Jack Hibbs Video: Steve Gregg comments/announces about the Jack Hibbs video.
2015-11-04 Jack Hibbs Video: You just announced about the Jack Hibbs video, but do you have just an audio version of it?
2015-11-04 Jesus going to hell: Did Jesus go to hell when He died? [Acts 2:25-31, 1 Peter 3:18-22] (the audio skips a little bit here, but it seems to be only limited to this one & the next)
2015-11-04 Jesus being fully God & Man: One problem He has is Jesus being 100% human/man, & 100% God. How can that be possible? [Philippians 2:5-8]
2015-11-04 Trinity: My friend doesn't believe in the Trinity because it can't be found in the Bible the word itself also. [John 1] (the audio skips a little bit seems to be only limited to this Q, & the previous)
2015-11-04 Modern Bibles & exercise: The KJV seems to be downplaying the importance of physical exercise, but the modern translations seem to be making it more important than it's supposed to be. What do you think? [1 Timothy 4:8]
2015-11-04 Addictive Pain Killers: What does the Bible say about controlling pain w/ drugs, especially long-term? [Proverbs 31]
2015-11-04 Donations: Caller has a Question about donating to the ministry.
2015-11-04 Seventh Day Adventism: Are SDA's a cult or not?
2015-11-04 Suffering: What is 1 Peter 4:1 talking about as far as suffering? [1 Peter 4:1]
2015-11-04 The Origins of the Devil: I heard that you don't think Lucifer became the Devil, is that true? [Isaiah 14:12, Ezekiel 28,
2015-11-03 Getting Angry: Is getting angry a sin? Are we justified to get angry at times? [Mark 3:5, Matthew 21:12]
2015-11-03 Fear & Trembling: Faith alone, Imputed righteousness, but I also don't believe in salvation by works, but then I read verses like being holy & work out our salvation w/ fear & trembling. Can you set me straight? [1 Peter 1:16hilippians 2:12-13]
2015-11-03 The "office" of a Bishop: What about the verse of someone desiring the office of a bishop, that they are desiring a good thing? [1 Timothy 3:1]
2015-11-03 The Institutionalized Church: What would it mean to speak of a church being institutionalized & what would a non-institutionalized church mean?