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2018-5-30 Mormon Caller: Mormon caller disagrees with these things Steve has said in an anti-Mormon literature & tries to debunk it with his own facts.
2018-5-30 Bad Eschatology gives bad Ethics: Bad eschatology brings bad ethics, is that true?
2018-5-30 Barren Women in the Bible: Women in the Bible that were absolutely barren.
2018-5-30 Tithing: If you miss your tithe last month you have to place catch up & pay 20% this month, plus the 10%, is this true?
2018-5-30 Paul's Conversion: When was Paul saved, on the road to Damascus or not until Ananias came to him?
2018-5-30 Preterism timeline: What is the timeline of a preterist? You still believe in the Second Coming of Jesus & the resurrection?
2018-5-29 Dead Sea Scrolls: Do the Dead Sea Scrolls help better translate the Bible as we know it, especially the Book of Isaiah?
2018-5-29 Praying God's Will: Sometimes prayers are not answered because they are not God's will, but what if you pray that you really want to be saved, & other people are praying for that same person, does He answer that?
2018-5-29 God Killing People: Does God Kill people? Like what about
2018-5-29 Esau & being Profane (Unable to Repent): Concerned about Esau losing his inheritance, does that apply to us because of sin, or what was it saying about Esau?
2018-5-29 Differing Accounts of Jesus' Resurrections: How do you harmonize the differing accounts of the gospels' accounts of the resurrection?
2018-5-29 Paul telling us to keep the Feast Days: Paul seems to contradict himself when he says in one verse to keep the Feast days spiritually, but then in the very next verse to literally keep them or something like that. [1 Corinthians 5:7-8]
2018-5-29 Triquetra on the Bible: I was wondering what you thought about the Triquetra being on a Bible. I did some research on it, & it is associated with the Wiccans.
2018-5-29 Jesus Resurrection: Jesus' Resurrection happened on a Wednesday & rose on Saturday night, according to this caller.
2018-5-25 David Hocking What is the difference between you & David Hocking?
2018-5-25 Free Will & Determinism: Can you help me understand the difference between Free will & Determinism?
2018-5-25 Gifts of the Spirit: God gives some of us abundant gifts, others not so much, so we need to take advantage of whatever God gives us.
2018-5-25 7 Literal Days: Does Genesis leave room for old earth, more than 24 hrs in a days, or is it 24 literal days?
2018-5-25 Pastor Neglecting His Duties: My pastor doesn't seem to really be doing his job. He travels a lot, not caring about his parishioner that much.
2018-5-25 The Book of Revelation: DO you think most of the things in Revelation has been fulfilled or not fulfilled, is it symbolic or literal?
2018-5-25 King Asa: It says Asa was pleasing to the Lord all the days of his life, but he did a few things in his life where he wasn't pleasing to the Lord. [2 Chronicles 16:12]
2018-5-25 Literal Creation Week: I believe in the perfect, literal 6 day creation week.
2018-5-25 NIV Corrupted: It says it way different in the KJV compared to the NIV about the Rider of the White Horse. [Revelation 6:2]
2018-5-25 Types of Christ in the Old Testament: It's true that in the New Testament there are specific examples the inspired writers use of people as examples of types of Christs in the Old Testament, but can we use other examples that weren't brought out by the NT writers?
2018-5-25 Allegiance: War is about to break out, some are inevitably going to die, so who do you give your allegiance to first? Family, Country or your Faith?
2018-5-25 Adam & Eve: Was there another set of humans besides Adam & Eve?
2018-5-25 3 Literal Days in the Tomb: Was Jesus really 3 literal days in the tomb?
2018-5-24 Replacement Theology Video: Did you ever debate w/ anyone from Cavalry Chapel, or did anyone ever accept your invitation to debate?
2018-5-24 Videos on Website: Do you not have any videos on your website besides Youtube?
2018-5-24 Losing our Salvation: So convoluted, Why did God give us a precarious paradigm to lose our salvation since we are so carnally imperfect?
2018-5-24 Remember Not but Remembering every Idle Word: It says in the Bible that God won't remember our sins, that they are as far as east is from the west, yet He will remember every idle word we ever said at judgment. How is that not a contradiction? [Matthew 12:36-40, Psalm 103:12-14]
2018-5-24 Book of Life or Tree of Life: In Revelation 22, does say names won't be in the Book of Life or won't eat from the Tree of Life? [Revelation 22:19]
2018-5-24 Lady Caught in Adultery: So was the story about the lady caught in adultery supposed to be there or not? [John 7:53-8:11]
2018-5-24 Book of Remembrance: What is the "book of remembrance"? [Malachi 3:16-18]
2018-5-24 The He-Goat & the Ram in Daniel: The war between the America & Iraq is what is being talked about in Daniel 8 the caller feels.
2018-5-24 The First Coming the Rapture: Is the first coming of Christ the rapture of the church, is that right?
2018-5-24 Forgiving Oneself: Is it biblical forgive yourself?
2018-5-24 Apostles Catholics: All the apostles were Catholics? [Genesis 15:6, Galatians 3:8, Romans 4:3]
2018-5-24 The Church: Is the Church the Body of Christ or the Bride of Christ?
2018-5-24 Salvation & Baptism: My Church of Christ says we are not saved until we are water baptized. Is that true? [Acts 2:38]
2018-5-23 Mountain where Abraham & Isaac & Jesus were: Was the mountain, Mt Moriah, where Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac, where Jesus was crucified?
2018-5-23 Continuing to Sin: John says that if we are Christians we no longer sin. I find myself still sinning, [1 John 2]
2018-5-23 Speaking in Tongues: I know there's many kinds of different speaking in tongues, privately or in an assembly of believers, but when you start speaking in tongues, does it just take you over?
2018-5-23 Abomination of Desolation: Who is the man that went into the temple? [Daniel 9:27, Daniel 11:31, Daniel 12:11, Mat 24:15, Mark 13:14]
2018-5-23 Eternal Torment in Hell: You don't seem to believe that people are going to be thrown into the lake of fire & burn eternally. Can you explain this?
2018-5-23 Speaking in Tongues: Everybody should be able to hear in their own language, not gibberish that you don't know what is being said.
2018-5-23 Avoiding People, but not Forgiving Them: Why does Paul say in 1 Timothy to avoid people but Jesus says to also forgive people? How do you reconcile the 2? [2 Timothy 3:5, 1 Timothy 6:20, Matthew 5:43-48]
2018-5-23 Celestial or Terrestrial Bodies: Celestial or Terrestrial bodies, what is Paul talking about? [1 Corinthians 15:40]
2018-5-23 Clean & Unclean Animals: Can you explain to me about clean & unclean foods, especially the vision Peter had regarding them? [Acts 10, Acts 11]
2018-5-22 Stones of Fire: What is the meaning of "stones of fire" in Ezekiel in 28? [Ezekiel (28:14-16]