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2019-9-30 Dinosaurs-Behemoth & Leviathan: Could you give insight in to Behemoth and Leviathan? [Job 40:15-24, 41:1.5].
2019-9-30 Hell-Universal Reconciliation & Conditional Immortality: What is holding you, Steve Gregg, back from fully supporting the Universal Reconciliation view of Hell? Why are you undecided? [Colossians 1:20, Matthew 25:46].
2019-9-30 Fornication (Living Together): What should one say to one's children who are living with their girl (boy) friend, and claim that it is not your business?
2019-9-30 Found a Bible: Should I return a Bible I found?
2019-9-17 Faith & Repentance-Gifts or Works: Should faith and repentance be consider gifts, or works? And which one comes first. [Acts 11:18, 2 Timothy 2:25, Romans 4:4-5, Mark 1:15, Hebrews 6:1-3, Acts 20:21, Hebrews 11:6].
2019-9-17 Saved - What Does it Mean?: What does it mean to be saved? And what are we being saved from ... hell? sin? suffering? [Matthew 1:21, Titus 2:14, Galatians 1:4, I Peter].
2019-9-17 Faith, Salvation, Grace: If faith, grace, and salvation are gifts, that doesn't support the Calvinist position, right? [Ephesians 2:8].
2019-9-17 Dake's Study Bible: What are some good study Bible recommendations (Dake's Study Bible)?
2019-9-17 The Universal Church (the denomination): What do you think about "The Universal Church"?
2019-9-17 Movie-The Gospel of John: Which Bible story movie did you really like which you mention on the air frequently?
2019-9-17 Jairus's daughter-dead or asleep: The gospels seem to say that the girl (Jairus's daughter) thought to be dead was not dead [John 11, Luke 8:40-56].
2019-9-17 Tithing-Christian Requirement?: Are Christians today required today to give a tithe to the local church? [Acts 4:32, Matthew 23:23].
2019-9-16 The Lord's Supper & Christian Censorship: In contemplating the meaning of "The Last Supper", I am reconsidering whether it should be a ritual today. [I Corinthians 11:17-33]. Also, I am finding that I am being censored somewhat in fellowships if I question some of the doctrines they hold.
2019-9-16 Preaching & Teaching: What is the difference between preaching & teaching? And what is the best way to do both? [Acts 2:42].
2019-9-16 Rape-Not Calling for Help: Would you help me better understand a verse in Deuteronomy about the raped woman not calling out for help and the ramifications of the judgment. [Deuteronomy 22:23-24].
2019-9-16 Carnal Christian-Guilt & Regret: How would you assess dating a woman who indicates that she has been a Christian for a long time, but says she has been living a carnal life? [I John 1:7,9, Romans 5:1-11].
2019-9-16 Bible Teacher's & Preacher's Fees: What do you think about these Bible teacher's and preachers who charge enormous fees? [Matthew 10:8, 21:12-13].
2019-9-16 Impossible to Renew to Repentance: Would you talk about Christians falling away and whether than can be restored to faith? [Hebrews 6:1-6, 3:12, Matthew 19:24, James 5:20].
2019-9-16 The Universal Church: What is The Universal Church? (Steve could not answer the question. Time ran out).
2019-9-13 Eating Blood: What about eating blood and the law for Christians today?
2019-9-13 Idolatry, eating food that were sacrificed, meat that was strangled: In China, one still often gets their goods given to them at the stores in little idols. Is that a concern for the Christian?
2019-9-13 Moses Followed Jesus: Was the Lord that Moses followed the same as Jesus? [John 1:1].
2019-9-13 Moses-Wholly Devoted: Did Moses wholly follow the Lord? [Numbers].
2019-9-13 Christians Defending Themselves: It seems like non-western Christians seem to not defend themselves like those in the west do. What do you think the reason is?
2019-9-13 Another Chance in Hell: Will God give people another chance once they go to hell? [Revelation 20:15].
2019-9-13 Programmed to Love or Not Love God: If God already pre-programmed me to love Him or not, then isn't it impossible for me to exercise free-will? How could then one define love? Philippians 2:4, Romans 12:10].
2019-9-13 Sabbath Keeping: Is there a solid case for observing the Sabbath? [Luke 14:33, Romans 8:3-4, 14:5, Matthew 5:18].
2019-9-13 Age of the Earth: Do the geneaolgy records missing in the Bible have any relationship to the age of the earth and the arguments surrounding the debate? [Genesis 5, 11, Matthew 1].
2019-9-13 Humility: Does a humble people know they are humble?
2019-9-13 Incense Recipe: Does the incense in Exodus 30 have any significance to us today?
2019-9-12 The Date of 9/11: What do you think about my friend's thought that the date of 9/11 is cursed? [Romans 8:28].
2019-9-12 Eternal Life: What does it mean to say our "sins are blotted out" and it's relationship to our gain of eternal life? [John 5:24, John 11:25-26].
2019-9-12 Contrasting Views of Christian Unity: Could you give me some insight about the variance in the way the Reformed denominations (Calvinist) think of unity, as contrasted to the way non-Calvinists do? [I Corinthians 3:1-4, Matthew 11:29-30].
2019-9-12 (No Audio) All Things Through Christ: When Paul says that he "can do all things through Christ" specifically related to the previous verses and Paul's trials? [Philippians 4:13, Romans 8:35-38].
2019-9-11 Baptism Required For Remission of Sins: Is baptism what actually decides whether you are truly saved with your sins forgiven, as possibly implied by scripture? [Acts 2:38, 3:19].
2019-9-11 Sins Forgiven-Past, Present & Future: Does the fact that Jesus died for all our sins past, present, and future, mean we are automatically eternally secure? [I John 1:7,9].
2019-9-11 Jesus Coming Soon: Is not the world crisis with increasing wars and threats today necessarily indicating that Jesus' coming is near? [Matthew 24:6].
2019-9-11 Steve Gregg-Elder in the New Jerusalem: Would you be seated with the elders and included in the special city council in the New Jerusalem?
2019-9-11 Knowing God's Will for Your Path: How does one know what God's choice may be, regarding the path one is to take? [Titus 2:14, Ephesians 2:8-10, I Corinthians 7:39, Acts 16:6].
2019-9-11 Saved by Grace-Judged by Works: If we are not saved by our works, why will we be judged by our works? How is this contrasted and can this be harmonized? [Galatians 5:6, James 2:19].
2019-9-11 Bride of Christ & The Church: Is there a difference between the bride of Christ and the church? [I Corinthians 12:13, Matthew 7, Ephesians 5:22-33]
2019-9-11 Unrepentant Sin: If a believer accidentally kills someone, and they don't repent, will they go to heaven?
2019-9-11 Word of Faith: If my grandmother believes in the "Word of Faith" doctrine, how can I be sure she is actually saved and sincere? [Acts 17:30].
2019-9-10 Jesus on David's Throne: In Luke 1:13, did this take place at the resurrection, and when will Jesus sit on the throne of David? Is this throne literal? [Luke 1:13, Acts 13:30, Isaiah 55:3].
2019-9-10 Jesus to Sit on David's Throne: Does scripture indicate that Jesus will literally sit on David's throne? [Luke 1:32].
2019-9-10 Triumphal Entry & David's Throne: Does what the people said at the triumphal entry in Luke 1:32 also relate to the idea of Jesus sitting on David's throne? [Luke 1:32, 19:38, Mark 11:10].
2019-9-10 Bible Verse Numbering & Significance: Is the numbering of the verses in John 6:66 miraculous, because it seems so relevant to The Beast's number, 666? [Revelation 13:18, John 6:66].
2019-9-10 Evangelism: Does Romans 10:9-10 describe an defense for "the sinner's prayer" as a formula for evangelism? [Romans 10:9-10].
2019-9-10 Bible's Reliability: Can you talk a little about the trend for many believers to take the Bible as simply stories for the sake of illustration, not necessarily reliable accounts?
2019-9-10 Believers Don't Sin: How do we harmonize that fact that the believer still sins, and yet verses in I John, indicate real believers don't sin? [I John 5:17-18, 2:1, Galatians 5:17].