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2018-12-31 Lucifer: Listened to your spiritual warfare and am listening to the section about Lucifer. Could you expound on that name, where the came from?
2018-12-31 Calvinism & Arminianism: Calvinism & Arminianism, elected to being saved before someone asking God in their heart, I heard you saying is what Calvinists believe.
2018-12-31 Not Making your needs known: What do you mean by not availing, disclosing what your burdens are, to the body of Christ? [Galatians 6:2, Romans 12:15]
2018-12-31 Holy Spirit: (followup from many previous calls she has made) Does everyone have the Holy Spirit in them or not? am I saved or not?
2018-12-31 Repenting from your Sinful Ways: "Repent from your sinful ways" this caller says he heard steve Gregg say this, so wanted to know what he meant by it. Do you repent when you come to Christ or is it a sanctification process?
2018-12-31 Jesus' Name: Is Jesus' name in Hebrew named "Yeshua" or "Yahshua"?
2018-12-31 Angels Singing: Is there anywhere in the Bible where it talks about angels singing in the Bible? What about in the book of Job? [Job 38:7, Revelation 4-5, Revelation 5:9, Revelation 4:10]
2018-12-31 Pentecost a fulfillment: Was Pentecost a fulfillment of Joel 2? [Acts 2:16, Acts 2:14-18]
2018-12-28 A Self-Deceived Person: What about a self-deceived person?
2018-12-28 An Unbeliever, an Apostate & a Reprobate: Is there a difference between an unbeliever, an apostate and a reprobate?
2018-12-28 One Thinks they are Saved: What about thinking you are saved, & they really aren’t?
2018-12-28 Praying Directly to Jesus: I disagree that we can't or shouldn't pray directly to Jesus because of Stephen in Acts. Also, you say it's okay to be just baptized in Jesus' name, YET Jesus commanded to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost. [Mathew 28:18-20, Acts 7:54-60]
2018-12-28 Tithing: What would you say about someone who doesn't tithe?
2018-12-28 Unbelief in Christ: Aren't people who don't believe in Jesus technically actually persecuting Him, putting Him back on the cross? Will He forgive you if you have done this? [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2018-12-28 Guilt & Remorse: A friend thinks he ruined his life by the choices he had made & now has remorse & guilt but doesn't know what to do about it.
2018-12-28 Persecution: Listening to your lectures on wealth, but was hoping you'd expand on 2 Tim 3:12. [2 Timothy 3:12]
2018-12-28 The Book of Mormon: I had some Mormons/LDSs come to my door & said that the Bible predicts the book of Mormon coming on the scene. (eze 37)
2018-12-28 Repenting God Made Man: Someone was asking me about God grieving (repenting) for making man & trying to figure out what to say to him. [Genesis 6:6]
2018-12-28 Amplified Bibles: What do you think about the Amplified Bible?
2018-12-28 Abraham Father of Many Nations: What does it mean that Abraham would become "the father of many nations"?
2018-12-27 Soul, Spirit, & the Breath of Life: Can you define the soul, spirit & the breath of life, is there a distinction between the 3?
2018-12-27 False Doctrine: Throw people out who teach false doctrine (not saved if you don't speak in tongues)?
2018-12-27 Persecuted by the Church: The early church killed people, calvin killed people, what about luther?
2018-12-27 Praying for Non-Christians: Should you pray for NON-Christians to be alleviated of their problems?
2018-12-27 Praying on our Knees: When should we pray on our knees?
2018-12-27 Jesus' Birth: Messiah's birth the feast of tabernacles(?)
2018-12-27 Dead seeing us: Can the deceased in heaven look down & see us?
2018-12-27 Our memory on the other side of Glory: Are we going to remember our past on the other side of glory?
2018-12-27 Owe Nothing to any man: We no man ANYTHING except to love one another, what does that mean? (no debt of any kind?) [Romans 13:10]
2018-12-26 Saved w/ out Knowledge of Jesus: People who were never Christians, who have never heard of Christ, can be saved despite this verse? [Acts 17:30]
2018-12-26 Tithing: Tithing, give to Caesar what is Caesar's & give back to God what is God [Matthew 21, Matthew 23:23]
2018-12-26 One second after Death: Where do you go when you die?
2018-12-26 "Without God in the World": Can you explain a passage of Scripture for me in Ephesians? [Ephesians 2:12]
2018-12-26 The Thief: Who is the thief in John & what is Jesus talking about? [John 10:10]
2018-12-26 Purgatory: Where does the doctrine of purgatory come from?
2018-12-26 Marriage & Divorce Question: I got a divorce in my 20s, but was an unbeliever & my ex-wife got remarried, so will God honor the marriage i'm in right now?
2018-12-26 Holy Spirit: I haven't received the Spirit, or, I haven't been slain by the Spirit, so I don't think I'm saved
2018-12-26 Christmas: Should Christians celebrate Christmas?
2018-12-26 Tithing: What is your position on tithing?
2018-12-26 No Denominations: If there was no division into denominations today, what do you suppose the church would look like?
2018-12-21 Repentance after Conversion: If we repent & accept Jesus as your Lord & Saviour, do you need to continue to repent in the future?
2018-12-21 Full & Partial Preterism: What does partial preterism mean, full preterism?
2018-12-21 God Trusting People: Does God trust people?
2018-12-21 The Doctrine of the Moral Government of God: What is the "moral government doctrine of God" & do you agree w/ it?
2018-12-21 Christmas: (Weird Statements) How did the first Christmas come into being, & what do you suppose it was like?
2018-12-21 Relapsing into Sin: I keep sinning & asking Him to forgive me, just how often can I do this before I exhaust His forgiveness?
2018-12-21 Battle of Gog & Magog: I listened to your lectures about Ezekiel 38 & 39, so can you explain those chapters, the battle of Gog & Magog? [Ezekiel 38, Ezekiel 39]
2018-12-21 Humility & I don't know: I love listening to your program because sometimes you just say, "I don't know".
2018-12-21 It is Finished: What does it mean when Jesus said, "it is finished"?
2018-12-21 Antiquities & Artifacts: Biblical antiquities & artifacts, are they genuine?