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2017-6-23 2 Ways of Salvation: Only one way of salvation, but some say 2 different ways, saved by grace according to Paul or the kingdom of God. [Acts 15:11]
2017-6-23 Reconciling Scripture of Losing Gifts: There are 3 passages of scripture seem to go against what Romans 11:29 about not losing gifts, which says, "For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance". How do you reconcile them, like having the lampstand taking away, the talents taken away, the Kingdom of God taken away? [Romans 11:29, Revelation 2:5, Matthew 25:14-30, Matthew 21:33-43]
2017-6-23 Inheritance in Today's World: How do you divvy out inheritance in today's society (first born double portion for example)
2017-6-23 Adultery Acceptable: I have a friend who thinks it's okay to have sex w/ married women as long as they are 2 consenting adults.
2017-6-23 Baptism: Getting re-baptized if you didn't know what you are doing, & should you wait until they DO know what they are doing?
2017-6-23 Birthright went to Joseph Birthright went to Joseph, not to Judah like Steve said, the caller is calling to disagree.
2017-6-23 Marriage Symbolic: Is marriage is symbolic of the church to Christ? How can you convey that to a non-believer? [Ephesians 5:31, Genesis 2:24]?
2017-6-23 Eating Meat, Killing Animals: Aren't you killing animals when you eat meat so shouldn't we all become vegetarians?
2017-6-09 Adam & Eve continuing to eat from the Tree of Life-Part II: Why didn't just forgive Adam & Even in the garden, & Steve shares Willy Wonka movie analogy, (followup, 6/6, last Q)
2017-6-09 Parenting: Shouldn't parents correct their child? What about parents who don't care about disciplining their children? [Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 23:13-14]
2017-6-09 Cain's Fear: If there was such a small population when Cain was told to leave, who was he afraid of? [Genesis 4:13]
2017-6-09 God's Sovereignty: Accessing Facebook Page & i'd like to take about God's Sovereignty & our free choice.
2017-6-09 Unwed Couple Advice: More advice to on couple who the g/f is pregnant & he doesn't want to get married necessarily, there's always adoption.
2017-6-09 Word of Faith Mentality: Word of faith people think that we are lacking faith that our child is going to have challenges when born.
2017-6-09 You Will be with Me in Paradise: Jesus told the thief on the cross, "I'm telling you TODAY, you will be w/ Me in paradise", as Adventists like to point out, Jesus was just telling him TODAY that he would eventually be with Him in Paradise.
2017-6-08 Unwed Couple: A couple living together, got pregnant, do they have an obligation to tie the knot for the sake of the child? The mom is threatening to abort baby if not married in a week.
2017-6-08 Hindu Worships gods & Jesus: I've been talking to a Hindu who believes in worshipping many gods, & also claim that he worships Jesus, could that be true?
2017-6-08 Reformed Welfare: I disagree w/ you w/ what you said about welfare, as it has completely changed.
2017-6-08 Jesus Attending a Gay Wedding: If Jesus had a brother who was gay, would He attend their wedding? should caller attend his brother's wedding?
2017-6-08 Buddhism & Christianity: Buddhist compares his faith/belief system & Christianity.
2017-6-08 Work for Welfare Reform: Refutes caller about welfare reform. [1 Thessalonians 3:10]
2017-6-08 Jesus didn't Himself Ascend to Heaven until 40 days later: Jesus told the thief on the cross that he'd be w/ Him in paradise, but Jesus Himself didn't go until 40 days later, so how was this true?
2017-6-08 Unwed Couple: Suggestions on what to do about the pregnant girl friend.
2017-6-07 JW's & Michael the Archangel: Doesn't this verse prove that Jesus isn't Michael the Archangel is the Jehovah's Witnesses contend? [1 Thessalonians 4:16
2017-6-07 More Suggestions of Good Evolution Books for Young Children: The grandfather asking for good books for his grandson, i have a godo one, a book by a dr walter brown, "In the Beginning - Compelling Evidence for Creation".
2017-6-07 God Creating Evil: Why did God create evil? It seems to say that in Isaiah. [Isaiah 45:7]
2017-6-07 Gog & Magog in OT & NT: When it's describing Ezekiel's temple in Ezekiel, it talks about gog & magog, so doesn't that translate that another temple really is going to be built since it also talks about Gog & Magog? [Ezekiel 38-49, Revelation 20:7-8]
2017-6-07 Slaves & Servants: Is there a difference between Slaves & Servants? Were they really any slaves in jesus' time?
2017-6-07 Parables Not Understandable for Some: Why did Jesus speak in parables? Why did He want to make it hard for them to understand? [Mark 4:34]
2017-6-07 Book on Evolution: Douglas Acts' book, "Undeniable", "", I highly recommend.
2017-6-07 Rituals in Old Testament down to the Minute Detail: All these small tiny rituals that had to be done that seem so petty, why were they necessary so exact? [Exodus & Leviticus]
2017-6-06 Multiple Fulfillment of Prophecy: Are there times prophecy can be fulfilled more than once?
2017-6-06 Newspaper Eschatology: People studying end times by using "newspaper eschatology" or "newspaper exegesis", such as, Israel becoming a Nation in 1948. 2nd fulfillment in prophecies
2017-6-06 All things are Yours: When Paul gets done talking about the Wisdom of God & the foolish of man, he concludes by saying, "all are yours". What does that mean? [1cor 3:21-22,
2017-6-06 Bright & Morning Star: Who is the bright & morning star? Is it Jesus or David? [Revelation 22:16]
2017-6-06 People who Commit Suicide: Can't God forgive people for suicide?
2017-6-06 Wicked cutoff from the Land: In Proverbs where it says the wicked cut off from the land, is this talking about end time events? [Proverbs 2:21-22]
2017-6-06 Testament & Covenant: Are "testament" & "covenant" interchangeable? [Natthew 26:28, Luke 22:8, 1 Corinthians 11, Hebrews 8]
2017-6-06 Matthias a Fulfillment of Scripture: In Acts 1 it says that Matthias was a fulfillment of scripture but I looked at those verses & it just seems to be talking in general terms. [Luke 24:45]
2017-6-06 God's Work Beginning from End: "No one can know the works of God from the beginning to the end", what does this mean? [Ecclesiastes 3:11]
2017-6-06 The Term, Christian: I've heard that the name "Christian" has a pagan origin
2017-6-06 Tabernacle Decorum: Could the women come anywhere into the outer courtyard of the Temple/tabernacle?
2017-6-06 This Generation Shall Not Pass: Was Jesus mistaken when He said, "this generation shall not pass until all these things shall come to pass"? [Matthew 24:34-36]
2017-6-06 Stars Falling out of the Sky: In Matthew 24:29, it says stars will fall out of the sky, what does this mean? [Matthew 24:29]
2017-6-06 Adam & Eve continuing to eat from the Tree of Life: after adam & eve sinned, they were banished from eating the tree of life, why weren't they just forgiven so they could continue?
2017-6-05 Elihu: In the Book of Job, who is Elihu? [Job 32]
2017-6-05 Church Fracturing over Homosexuality: Our church is splitting because of people's view of sin, homosexuality, to accept them or not accept them.
2017-6-05 Valuables in Coffin: Is there anything wrong w/ putting a watch (or anything else) in the grave w/ you?
2017-6-05 Binding & Loosing: The "Binding & Loosing" term seems to be different in different translations of the Bible, & what IS Jesus saying there anyway?
2017-6-05 Christ's Genealogy through Joseph: Why include Joseph's genealogy when he's not even blood related to Jesus? [Matthew 1]