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2015-6-30 Dietary Laws: A friend of the caller thinks we need to still follow the Dietary Laws in order to obey God since we love Him.
2015-6-30 Age of the Universe in Relation to Light: Did God create the Universe & the Earth in its full maturity?
2015-6-30 Same-Sex Marriage: Secular people saying Homosexuality is okay, but CHRISTIANS thinking it's okay, the caller has a problem w/ that!
2015-6-30 Reading the Bible Out Loud: Would Steve ever consider reading the entire Bible for audio?
2015-6-30 Speaking the Truth (in love): John the Elder, the loved Disciple of Christ, is not loving because of the negative things he said about the anti-Christ.
2015-6-29 Same-Sex Marriage: Can Steve please comment on the recent Supreme Court ruling on Same-Sex Marriages? Do Christians need to be concerned about this?
2015-6-29 College Education: Caller think it's sad that people think you have to have a 4 year college background to be Missionaries.
2015-6-29 Being in the Faith: Determining if people are really in the faith or not but you aren't supposed judge someone's heart.
2015-6-29 Martin Luther & the 95 Thesis: Was he intended on just trying to Reform the Catholic Church or protest & eventually leave?
2015-6-29 College Education: Wanted to comment about College Education.
2015-6-29 Identifying the antichrist: How will we ever know who the antichrist is because it seems everyone has been wrong up to this point?
2015-6-29 Losing Their Salvation: Parents getting divorced, or God not healing people, can make people lose their salvation.
2015-6-29 By Faith & Through Faith: "By Faith & Through Faith", are those synonymous? [Romans 3:30]
2015-6-29 Religious Activist against Same-Sex Marriage Caller just wanted to chime in about the recent same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court.
2015-6-26 Head of the Household: Caller just got married & wants to know how to be a good husband, the head of the household like the Bible says, & wants Steve's advice of how to do that.
2015-6-26 Seek ye First the Kingdom of God: It says in the Bible to seek ye first the Kingdom of God & HIS righteousness & all these things will be added unto you. Hod do you do that? [Matthew 6:33]
2015-6-26 Prepping Kids for their Future: Should kids go to college? What should they do to get ready for their working career?
2015-6-26 Fornication: Fornication means ANY sexual relationship that is not between a man & a woman that are married, so isn't a fallacy to say that Jesus never spoke about homosexuality, incest, bestiality? [Matthew 15:18-20, Mark 7:20-23]
2015-6-26 Appreciates Steve's Program: Caller was wondering if Steve was still going to be in Hawaii when he got there, & wanted to say he appreciates Steve's show.
2015-6-26 Statue of Daniel 2: "They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men", what does that mean? [Daniel 2:43]
2015-6-26 Witch of Endor, Saul & Samuel: Did Saul actually contact the spirit of Samuel? [1 Samuel 28]
2015-6-26 The book of Revelation & the Second Coming: The caller said that she heard Steve say the book of Revelation is NOT about the Second Coming of Christ. She thought that it was!
2015-6-26 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: He was the person that was put the same women, & want to know if he has to remain unmarried for the rest of his life. [1 Corinthians 7:11]
2015-6-26 The Book of Revelation: What was the point of John even writing the Book of Revelation if everything was already fulfilled before it was written?
2015-6-26 Hell: How come Steve never discussed in his book, the 3 views of Hell, that the body goes back into the earth? [Ecclesiastes 9:5]
2015-6-25 Adam & Eve Eating Forbidden Fruit: How did Adam & Eve know it was a sin to eat the tree of knowledge of good & evil if they didn't have knowledge to know what was right or wrong? [gen 2:9]
2015-6-25 Light before Sun & Moon: What was the Light for the 3 days before Sun & Moon were created? [Genesis 1:3]
2015-6-25 1 & 2 Maccabees: Did the Maccabees books used to be in the Bible & they took them out & if they did, why did they take them out? Was the time period for the Maccabees about the abomination of desolation in Daniel?
2015-6-25 KJV Only People: How do KJV only people deal w/ the fact that the Maccabees books used to be in the KJV? There were several different versions of the KJV!
2015-6-25 Cessationists: Who are Cessationists?
2015-6-25 Creation of God: Who created God?
2015-6-25 Mystery, Babylon: Is Mystery Babylon referring to America? [Revelation 17:5]
2015-6-25 The Rapture: Caller wants to explain HIS theory about the Rapture, that the Church is going OUT (in the Wilderness) & not UP, 2 groups, 10 Virgins, & Wood, Hay & Stubble & Silver & precious stones, [Matthew 25, 1 Corinthians 3:9-15]
2015-6-25 Ahithophel: Did Ahithophel turn against David because of the relationship he had w/ Bathsheba?
2015-6-25 120 years: What is the 120 years being referred to in [Genesis 6:3]?
2015-6-25 Obeying God: How do we obey God?
2015-6-25 Discipleship: People always say they are will to DIE for Jesus, but they need to LIVE for Jesus more than anything else!
2015-6-12 Homosexuality: A friend of the listener trying justify homosexuality by reinterpreting Scripture that talks about Homosexuality. [Romans 1:26-28]
2015-6-12 Casting of Lots: Isn't that Pagan, casting lots? It sort've bothers the caller. [Acts 1:26, Proverbs 16:33]
2015-6-12 Forgiveness of ISIS: How do we forgive ISIS after they just keep on beheading people & raping women?
2015-6-12 Falling Away: Can you Fall Away? Are [Hebrews 10:25, 6:4-6] referring to the caller?
2015-6-12 Meaning of "so" in 2 Thessalonians: Caller is reading the NLT, & wants to know what "so" denotes, is talking about? [2 Thessalonians 2:11]
2015-6-12 Sending Deception: What if a person doesn't want the truth today but wants it tomorrow, but it's too late because God sent you a Delusion that same day, are you toast?
2015-6-12 Son of Perdition: Is the Son of Perdition a one time occurrence?
2015-6-12 Ekklesia/Ecclesia in the Septuagint: Caller was listening to a debate Steve had w/ Tommy Bertoli, & wondered if Steve studied the word Ekklesia in the Septuagint. Were they deliberately using this word that applied to Israel before?
2015-6-12 Dementia: Is it possible the caller's sister is still there, in the spirit, even though she has dementia? He's hoping she started going in God's direction before she started having dementia.
2015-6-12 Freemasonry & Christianity: Can Freemasonry & Christianity co-exist w/ each other?
2015-6-11 Hyper Preterism: Is full Preterism a Heresy?
2015-6-11 "Sons of God": In Genesis 6 it says "Sons of God" plural, but there's only One Jesus, so why plural? [Genesis 6:1-2]
2015-6-11 Landmark Forum (Education): Caller was invited by a neighbor to go a Landmark Forum seminar & he looked into it before he went, & he thinks it's just a rehash of Werner Erhard's Est, & would like to know if Steve knows anything about it.