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2016-12-30 Old Covenant/Ten Commandments: Aren't the 10 commandments part of the Old Covenant even though churches seem to rely heavily on them?
2016-12-30 Forever means Forever: Caller disagrees w/ Steve's answer of the last call, that that's not what God said, that "forever" means forever!
2016-12-30 Under Grace of Mercy: Are we under Grace of Mercy, & Jesus didn't call us Christians.
2016-12-30 Serpent in Genesis: Was this serpent literal or figurative?
2016-12-30 Circumcision: Why did Paul tell Timothy to get circumcised after he's been preaching it's not important anymore? [Acts 16:3]
2016-12-30 Christianity: The label of Christian: The name Christianity was actually a derogatory term, the caller says [1 peter 4:16]
2016-12-29 Not Inviting Relatives to Dinner: What did Jesus mean by not inviting family or friends to dinner? [luke 14:12-14]
2016-12-29 Morning program: Caller is going to miss the morning program when it's taken off at the end of the year.
2016-12-29 Mormonism: Jesus being born at Jerusalem, they say. The City of David being Jerusalem.
2016-12-29 Visions & Dreams: Do visions & dreams from God still happen? Does He speak to us through passages of Scripture?
2016-12-29 Lot, righteous or sinner: In some places it says it refers to Lot as "righteous" Lot… could that be when he did some elicit sins & lived in Sodom?
2016-12-29 Middle East in the News: How does all the stuff happening in the UN, USA, Israel & Syria fulfill prophecy?
2016-12-29 Prophecy being fulfilled: When Jesus' feet would stand on the Mt of Olives, & it would split in 2…when was that fulfilled? [Zechariah 14:4]
2016-12-29 Marriage Infidelity: Caller committed infidelity, they got divorced, she got remarried, can he remarry now himself?
2016-12-28 The Sin of Jeroboam: Churches practicing Exclusivism & Legalism
2016-12-28 Israel created in one day: Nothing in the Bible about Israel being created in one day, but someone mentioned Isaiah. [Isaiah 66L8].
2016-12-28 2 swords being enough: What did Jesus mean by this, 2 swords is enough? [Luke 22:35-38, Exodus 22:2]
2016-12-28 Prosperity Preachers: False or watered down gospel of prosperity preachers.
2016-12-28 Tigris & Euphrates Rivers: Can we be sure these were the 2 of the 4 original rivers mentioned in the Garden of Eden since the Flood changed everything?
2016-12-28 2 swords being enough: Caller Scott thinks he has some insights as to what Jesus meant.
2016-12-28 Discipleship: Does every Christian have a responsibility for Discipleship?
2016-12-28 2 Swords: Comment about the 2 Swords.
2016-12-28 "you are gods": What did Jesus mean by calling the Pharisees gods? [John 10:34, Psalm 82]
2016-12-27 Confusion of Face: What did ""confusion of face"" mean in [Daniel 9:8]?
2016-12-27 Ministers performing civil marriages:g Should Christian ministers perform civil marriages?
2016-12-27 Prophecy - Ezekiel 36: Return of Israel from the captivity of Babylon.
2016-12-27 Calvinism: Can you be a Calvinist & still have a non-traditional view of hell?
2016-12-27 Water & Blood from Jesus' body: What is the significance of the blood & the water coming out of the body of Jesus? [John 19:34]
2016-12-27 Eternal Security: Perseverance of the saints, once saved always saved. Thoughts?
2016-12-27 Replacement Theology: Caller wonders if Steve agrees w/ supersessionism, & why.
2016-12-22 Cain's wife: Where did Cain get his wife? (Genesis 5:4-5)
2016-12-22 God's Agenda: What's God's Agenda (for taking so long)?
2016-12-22 Augustine: Didn't he pretty much change our view of Christianity as we know it today?
2016-12-22 Speaking in Tongues: What is Steve's view on speaking in tongues? Did they cease? [1 Corinthians 12]
2016-12-22 Original Sin: Caller wants to disagree w/ Steve, that we are born in sin, have original sin [Romans 5:12-21].
2016-12-21 Plucking out your eye: Was Jesus talking hyperbole here? [Mark 9:47]
2016-12-21 Anointing: What is the "anointing" that is referred to in 1 John 2:20, 28? [1 John 2:20, 28]
2016-12-21 David crying out: Is this to be taken as an idiomatic term, David crying out in exasperation, or to be taken as literal fact? [Psalm 51]
2016-12-21 "Today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise": Did Jesus really go to Paradise as He told the thief since He told Mary 3 days later He hadn't ascended yet? [luke 23:43, John 20:17]
2016-12-21 Tithes & Offerings: Why do a lot of churches who don't want anything to do with the OT all of a sudden love it & use it in Malachi 3 when talking about tithing?
2016-12-21 Praying to Mother & Father God: World Mission Society Church, & they pray to Mother God & Father & wondering what Steve thought of that & how to reach them?
2016-12-21 Love without trust: Does this include loving w/ out trust? They can love, but don't have to trust them, even if they are gossiping, for example. [1 Corinthians 13]
2016-12-21 Visiting prison based on why there: When Jesus said you visited Me in Prison, is this talking about people who were convicted of serious crime or only for political/religious reasons?
2016-12-21 Eve deceived, Adam willingly: Eve partook of the fruit, it's true, but it says she was deceived, was the first one that took it, but Adam willingly took it, & he gets the credit
2016-12-20 Steve having Long Hair:: Caller's son has a problem with Steve Gregg as a Bible Teacher because he has long hair, & also can Steve explain what the verse is saying? [1 Corinthians 11:14-16]
2016-12-20 God creating mankind: Does the Bible say why God made us
2016-12-20 Witnessing to Muslims: Why is Jesus called the Son of God, & why did God need to have a Son if God is complete?
2016-12-20 Fornication: Why would Paul want someone who's already in the clutches of the devil be turned over to him? [1 Corinthians 5:5].
2016-12-19 Hindu maybe turning Christian: A Hindu friend of Michael the Buddhist to Michael that it's all about Jesus & may be converting to Christianity
2016-12-19 Homosexuals vs Sodomites:G What is the difference between Homosexuals & Sodomites since they are both in the list of sins? [1 Corinthians 6:9]