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2014-11-06 Remarriage: If you get remarried (for any reason), are you going to hell?
2014-11-06 Adam & Eve to Mt Siani: How was life before the law was given to Moses? How did the people live from Adam to Moses w/out the 10 commandments?
2014-11-06 Clean Slate in Marriage: What if I got married & divorced before I became a Christian? Is it like having a clean slate then? [1 Corinthians 7]
2014-11-06 Jews & Jesus: Will Jews ever believe Jesus to be the Savior the way He's purported to save people, will they ever believe that? (Asked by Michael the Buddhist...hence the word, "purported".)
2014-11-06 Old Testament Predictions of Jesus: What are some of the verses in the Old Testament that were fulfilled by Jesus of the New Testament?
2014-11-06 Why hast thou forsaken Me: Was this Jesus' human side, crying out, "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?" [Matthew 27:46]
2014-11-06 666 & the Mark of the Beast: What does 666 mean? What is the Mark of the Beast?
2014-11-06 Arnold Murray & Shepherd's Chapel: Caller thinks the previous caller needs to listen to Arnold Murray from a ministry called Shepherd's Chapel.
2014-11-06 Rejoicing in Temptation/Tests: Should we be embracing what we are struggling w/ life, having temptations? We should just be rejoicing in them? [James 1]
2014-11-06 Declaration of the Messiah: (Disagreement call) Jesus said that He was Messiah.
2014-11-05 Calvinism & a Date Rape Drug: Steve compared Calvinism to something like a date rape drug, & back peddles a little bit.
2014-11-05 Glory of God: What is God's glory? Moses asks God to see His "glory", & said He'll let His glory pass in front of him, & we fall short of His "glory", & we are to do everything for His "glory", How do all these compare with each other? Are there different kinds of glory? [Exodus 33, Isaiah 43, 1 Corinthians 10:31]
2014-11-05 Rich Man & Lazarus: If you are transitioning your belief of Eternal Torment in Hell to Annihilationism, what do you do with the story of the Rich Man & Lazarus? [Luke 16:19-31]
2014-11-05 Remember Lot's Wife: Lot's wife was "taken" but she wasn't really taken, but remained, even though she eventually turned into a pillar of salt, so isn't there basically 3 categories of what happens to people, one to the righteous, & 2 for the wicked? [Luke 17:32-37, Genesis 19:17,26]
2014-11-05 Universal Reconciliationism: Who do you think the people are that we are going to reign over? Is it possible that this doctrine about hell is not so well know because God didn't want people to think they could do it?
2014-11-05 Free Mason: Can a Free Mason be a Christian at the same time?
2014-11-05 Paul's Conversion: Was Paul converted against his will? [Acts 16]
2014-11-04 Calvinism's 5 points: I think you can blend the two, it doesn't have to be a either-or proposition, does it?
2014-11-04 John Noe: Do you know anything about John Noe? He's a Full Preterist. He almost sounds like you. Do you & him believe the same?
2014-11-04 Replacement Theology (Superssetionism): What is Replacement Theology? What are your views about it? Is it a defensible position?
2014-11-04 God's Love & Hell: How can someone so loving & forgiving torture someone for eternity?
2014-11-04 Being Gay: A James Cook likes being Gay & is proud of it, boasts about it.
2014-11-04 Calvinism: A date rape Drug?
2014-11-04 Dispensationalism: Caller thinks Dispensationalism is unfolding to the letter right before her eyes.
2014-11-04 Heaping Coals on their Head: What does that phrase mean, "heaping coals on their head"? [Romans 12:20, Proverbs 25:22]
2014-11-03 Curds & Honey: What does this mean, that the Messiah would eat Curds & Honey? He was also talking to Judah right then & there, but who is this talking about? [Isaiah 7:13-25]
2014-11-03 Waters of Shiloah: Who refused the waters of Shiloah, & who's rejoicing over what will happen to the kings? [Isaiah 8:1-6]
2014-11-03 Generational Curses/Sin: Word of Faith people seem to believe in Generational Curses, but is there any other places that talk about Generational Sin/Curses besides in the 10 Commandments? [Exodus 20:5, Ezekiel 18:20]
2014-11-03 God's Favoritism: Does God show Favoritism? [1 Samuel 2:30, Proverbs 3:34, James 4:6,1 Peter 5:5]
2014-11-03 Mormonism: What is your opinion about Mormonism? Are they a cult? Are they not going to make it to Heaven? What do you think about Joseph Smith's writings?
2014-11-03 Praying in Jesus' name: What does it mean to pray in Jesus' name, and, do we have to say that phrase every time we end a prayer? [Colossian 3:17]
2014-10-31 Holy Spirit: You have to ask for the Holy Spirit, even after you are born-again, is that right? [Luke 11:13]
2014-10-31 Appreciate of Steve Gregg: Caller is appreciative of Steve Gregg.
2014-10-31 Trials that caller had: Caller says how he's been much better after going a period of suffering.
2014-10-31 Sozo Salvation: Sozo is all about Inner Healing, Soul ties, Generational Curses, just wanted to tell you that since you had a call about it yesterday.
2014-10-31 5 Crowns: Can you say what the 5 Crowns are that we might get when we cross over to glory?
2014-10-31 Caller appreciates the show: Another caller really appreciates the show.
2014-10-31 Sozo: The Sozo Movement performs these things, inner healings, praying for you, for you to receive the Holy Spiri, how to break Generational Curses, if you pay a "nominal fee" of $150.
2014-10-31 persecution happening: Pakistan is going through a lot of persecution. Sufferings is real. Caller loves Steve's radio show to edify the believers because there is no radio in Pakistan.
2014-10-31 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Why do you use the term, "baptize" when referring to the Holy Spirit entering somebody?
2014-10-31 crowns: Tbe 24 crowns of the elders, & explains a Crowns.
2014-10-30 Total Depravity: So a lot of people, according to Calvinism, are already doomed, can't be saved, no matter what, is that right?
2014-10-30 Calvinism & Arminianism: God knows who's going to eventually come to Him, so w/ His foreknowledge, can He just "zap" them into obedience, such as Paul on the way to Damascus?
2014-10-30 Sozo (Salvation): What does Steve know about Sozo classes?
2014-10-30 Sin: Caller has a few comments about recent callers, but his question is, What is sin?
2014-10-30 Death Penalty: When did we stop stoning people for breaking the commandments?
2014-10-30 Old Covenant vs New Covenant: Is it safe to say that God gave the Mosaic law to show us our fallible heart & our sin, to show us that even though His stone in written in stone, that we're flawed & that's why we needed a Savior?
2014-10-30 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: There are so many Bibles out there, how do we know which Bible is correct when comparing them w/ the KJV of the Bible? [2 Timothy 2:15]
2014-10-30 Old Covenant becoming Obsolete: If the Old Covenant is obsolete, how could the curses still be binding for the Jew?
2014-10-29 Jesus having the Holy Spirit: Did Jesus really need to get baptized to receive the Holy Spirit because wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that He had the Holy Spirit in Him all the time, especially since it says John the Baptist had the Holy Spirit in him from birth? [Luke 1:15, Matthew 3:16]