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2019-2-06 Trinity: How would you explain the Trinity so a child could understand it?
2019-2-06 Santa Claus: What about parents who don't think it's time to share Christ & the Christmas story but will introduce Santa?
2019-2-06 Paul & Modern Translations: What's that verse about all Scripture being inspired? Is Paul talking about the New Testament? New Translations of the Bible? [2 Timothy 3:16]
2019-2-06 Repentance for Salvation: Isn't it a false doctrine to teach that we have to repent from our sins in order to be saved?
2019-2-06 Death: What happens to us after we die? Are we in the presence of God? Are we asleep, unconscious? Jesus told the thief on the cross that he'd be w/ Him in Paradise that day, but a verse in Ecclesiastes says the dead know not anything. [Luke 23:43, Ecclesiastes 9:5]
2019-2-05 White Privilege: Are you familiar w/ "white privilege"? What are your thoughts about it? Is there a biblical basis for it?
2019-2-05 Land of Israel: Why didn't Israel ever get the entire land? Are God's promises conditional? [Genesis 15]
2019-2-05 Sin Unto Death: There are some sins that are not unto death? [1 John 5:8]
2019-2-05 Witchcraft: Bad things are happening because of witchcraft. What should be done about it?
2019-2-05 Eating & Drinking Jesus: Is eating Jesus' flesh & drinking His blood literal or symbolic? Do people think about this because of the word, "in"? [John 6]
2019-2-05 Testimony: How do you share a testimony, my conversion experience, w/out affecting some close people to me who were involved w/ why I had the problems in the first place?
2019-2-05 Dispensationalism & taking Revelation literally: There's a lengthy discussion about it the caller takes Revelation literally or symbolically as a Dispensationalist.
2019-2-05 Eternal judgment: John Piper says that the wicked are going to be tormented eternally. [Hebrews 6:1-2, Revelation 14:10, 20:10]
2019-2-05 Essentials or Non-Essentials: Should there be a statement of faith, a list of things that are essential & non-essential that a church believes in? Is that a good idea?
2019-2-05 Eucharist: Why would Steve go against 1,500 years worth of Church Fathers saying that they were wrong about the Eucharist, not literally eating the Body & drinking the Blood of Jesus' body when you take it?
2019-2-04 Covenants: What are the parameters of a covenant? What are the different kinds of covenants? A Covenant would only end in the death of one party?
2019-2-04 Eucharist: During the Eucharist, why does it matter if the wine & the bread turn into the actual blood & body of Jesus & why do people believe that happens?
2019-2-04 70 Weeks: When does the start 70 weeks, which date do we start with? Daniel 9 & Ezra
2019-2-04 Rapture: Where does the word, "Rapture" come from? What is Greek word for rapture, "caught up"?
2019-2-04 Fellowshipping (Gathering Together): What does it mean to "assemble yourselves together"? Some pastors say if we don't meet formally we are sinning. [Hebrews 10:25]
2019-2-04 Holy Spirit: Is it true that God forgives & Jesus forgives, but the Holy Spirit doesn't, is that right? [Matthew 12:31-35]
2019-2-04 Fall of Babylon & Sun 7 Times Brigher: Are these scriptures talking about judgment? [Isaiah 13:10, Isaiah 30:26]
2019-2-04 Must Hear the Gospel: In a book by John Piper called,"Jesus: The Only Way to God", he says that people must hear the Gospel in order to be saved or they can not be saved. Is this true?
2019-2-01 International Church of Christ: Do you know anything about the International Church of Christ?
2019-2-01 "Leaving the Elementary Things": What does it mean, "leaving the elementary things behind"? [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2019-2-01 Christ's Mission - 2 Phases: Christ's mission was divided into 2 missions, but why couldn't He have just done it all in the first Advent?
2019-2-01 Book of Enoch: Why don't you think the Book of Enoch is authentic since the Dead Sea scrolls included it & didn't Jesus refer to it?
2019-2-01 Judgment: How does this verse fit into the partial preterism, 70 AD paradigm? Sodom & Gomorrah will be having a future judgment, not at 70 AD. [Matthew 10:15]
2019-2-01 Marriage: What determines when a couple is married in God's eyes or not?
2019-1-31 Jesus' Blood on the Mercy Seat: Did Jesus spread His own blood on the mercy seat in heaven right after His resurrection?
2019-1-31 Finger of God & the Kingdom of God: "But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you", what does that mean? [Luke 11:20,
2019-1-31 Calvinism, Arminianism, Dispensationalism, Preterism: Can you tell me the difference between all these terms, all this terminology?
2019-1-31 Churches in Atlanta: Do you know of any good churches in Atlanta? Are you on in any stations in Atlanta? How can I continue listening to your show?
2019-1-31 Homosexual Marriage: What does the Bible say about Homosexual Marriages? What do the Old & New Testament say about it? [Romans 1:26-27]
2019-1-31 Council of Nicaea & Trinity (Follow-up): Council of Nicaea and the Trinity Doctrine. Caller thinks the Trinity was based on one verse in 1 John. [1 John 5:7]
2019-1-31 Hasting the Day of the Lord: "Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God", what does that mean? How can we "hasten" Jesus' coming? [2 Peter 3:12]
2019-1-31 Parable of the Sheep & the Goats: Can you please explain the parable of the sheep & the goats? [Matthew 25:31-46]
2019-1-31 Church Fathers: You like to cite the church father a lot, except when it comes to the Eucharist. Why is that?
2019-1-31 Palestinians: What is your view of the Palestinians in regard to Israel?
2019-1-30 Adam & Eve & the Holy Spirit: Were Adam & Eve filled with the Holy Spirit & did it leave them after they sinned? The Holy Spirit didn't come back then until Pentecost? [Acts 1:4-5]
2019-1-30 Demons in the Pigs: What happened to the demons after they went into the pigs? Did they die? [Mark 5:10-20]
2019-1-30 King Saul: Did Saul go to heaven?
2019-1-30 Angles taking us up: When it says angels will take people to heaven, is that what occurs during the rapture, angles taking us up? [Mark 13:27]
2019-1-30 Jesus Preaching in Hell: When Christ was crucified, He supposedly went & preached to those in hell. Did He really do that? Do they get that idea from 1 Peter? [1 Peter 3:18-20]
2019-1-30 The 2 Beasts: the 2 beasts of Revelation in Revelation 13, what did you say they represent? You say they are not a man, but then at the end at chapter you say that number of the Beast was Nero's name. How can that be? [Revelation 13]
2019-1-30 Promise of the Father: (followup for earlier in the show) Is the promise made in Genesis referring to the promise in Acts? [Genesis 22:18, Acts 1:4, Galatians 3:14]
2019-1-30 Charles Fox Parham & the Gospel of Peter & Paul: (Disagreement) Have you ever heard of Charles Fox Parham? Peter & Paul seem to have taught 2 different gospels. We are saved by grace. We need to follow Paul's gospel & not Peter's, which is only directed towards the Jews.
2019-1-30 Virgin Birth a Myth: Jews say the virgin birth prophecy was invented by Christians, that the famous verse we use in Isaiah that predicts the coming of a Messiah is spoken of in the past tense, not the future. [Isaiah 9:6]
2019-1-29 Continuously Repenting: I was told that if we repent & accept Jesus, we no longer need to repent or ask for forgiveness anymore. Is this true?
2019-1-29 Unwed Children: My children not married & all are in sexual relationships w/ their partner. They were raised Christians too. What should I say to them?