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2015-3-09 Demon Possessed People: In today's day & age, people who are crazy you might think are demon possessed but aren't, but in the Bible it seemed to be the norm that they were.
2015-3-06 Catholic Church the only way: Anyone who is not under the umbrella of the pope or in the Catholic church are not saved, caller's Catholic friend says.
2015-3-06 Sola Scriptura: What does Sola Scriptura mean, a Catholic asks a Protestant, because all the problems, divisions that the Protestants are having stems from that.
2015-3-06 Judging the 12 Tribes of Israel: After the regeneration, the 12 apostles will be judging the 12 tribes of Israel…..making a distinction between the Jews & Gentiles? [Matthew 19:28]
2015-3-06 Manasseh killed Isaiah: Is it true Manasseh killed Isaiah? [Isaiah 9:21, 2 Chronicles 33:13]
2015-3-06 Not Loving Jesus Most: Where is it in the Bible where Jesus says if people love their mother or father more than Him, they are not worthy of Him? [Matthew 10:34-38]
2015-3-06 The Book of Nehemiah & Joy: How do you apply "the Joy of Lord is my strength", we get strength from His joy? [Nehemiah 8:10]
2015-3-06 Anabaptists: Is it true there were people who disagreed with the Catholic Church before Martin Luther, such as the Anabaptists?
2015-3-06 Generational Curse: Do we inherit sinful patterns from past generations unless we break away from it?
2015-3-06 Jesus being in the Heart of the Earth: Caller wants to give a view about Matthew 12:39-40. Literal 3 days & 3 nights Jesus being in the tomb discussion. [Matthew 12:39-40]
2015-3-06 Revelation of God Through Dreams: Decision Making & the Will of God by Friesen, if it isn't expressly commanded in Scripture or forbidden by Scripture, you can't make a wrong decision.
2015-3-05 Calvinism: Would it be unjust for God to make a group of people who had no possibility of salvation, & throw them in hell? Isn't that the same think as you saying that God just created the devil to be a tempter & then God punish him for it? Isn't that the exact same thing?
2015-3-05 "You are gods": What does it mean in Psalm 82:6 "you are gods"? [Psalm 82:6, John 10:24-26]
2015-3-05 Jesus as the Son of God: Is this why the Jews were so offended when Jesus called Himself the "Son of God", they knew Psalms 82 was just poetic language calling people gods? Why did Jesus call Himself the Son of Man? He got that from Daniel 7:12, right? [Daniel 7:12]
2015-3-05 Jesus as the Son of Man: But what about Ezekiel even being called that more than Jesus?
2015-3-05 Dispensationalism: So John Darby's main thing was to convince people that the church & Israel were 2 separate things, is that right?
2015-3-05 Steve's view of Eschatology: So is Steve's view of the last days (eschatology) a mixture of several view points, & what verses does he use?
2015-3-05 "You are gods": "You are God's" in the possessive sense, is that possible? [Psalm 82:6]
2015-3-05 A good commentary: Do you know of good commentaries that you'd recommend?
2015-3-05 Hebrew language & Ezekiel: Caller wants to continue talking about the discussion of "gods" & "man", he just wanted to confirm that Steve was right.
2015-3-05 "You are gods": Another caller wanted to opine about "you are gods". [Psalm 82:6, John 10:24-26]
2015-3-05 Understanding Truth: Sayings in one language & cultures would not be understood in other languages & cultures.
2015-3-05 Sabbath: Since the Sabbath is mentioned in the 10 commandments, doesn't that make it above the ceremonial sabbaths? [Exodus 20:8-11]
2015-3-04 Bankruptcy: Does Steve have any thoughts on the Biblical perspective of Bankruptcy?
2015-3-04 Mark of the Beast & Sunday Keeping: I need some Scripture to refute that anyone who does not keep the Sabbath will be receiving the Mark of the Beast & won't go to Heaven. [Colossians 2:16-17, Romans 14:5-6]
2015-3-04 Aaron & Hur holding up Moses Arms: Is there a reason that Aaron & Hur were the ones that held Moses' arms up, were they the only ones qualified? [Exodus 17:12-14]
2015-3-04 Inspired & Authorized: How do you use the words Inspired & Authority?
2015-3-04 Humility: Does God expect us to grovel towards Him? [Matthew 15:22-28, John 21:15-17 Philippians 3:4]
2015-3-04 Ministry Workers having 9-5 Jobs: So do you people who work in the ministry have to have separate jobs?
2015-3-03 Lucifer being the Satan (or not): Caller has always been under the impression that Satan was the fallen angel Lucifer, had never heard of another view, until he heard Steve talking about it. [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, Revelation 12:3-9, Luke 10:18]
2015-3-03 Homosexuality: Are we supposed to love the sinner but hate the sin, but treat them with absolute respect & let them have their rights? [1 john 4:20]
2015-3-03 Dispute with sibling about Inheritance: Caller is having a dispute with his sister & wondering how to resolve it. [Luke 12:13-15]
2015-3-03 Pets going Heaven: Do pets go to heaven? But what about Ecclesiastes 3:21? If they do go to heaven, what do they do to go there, to get there? [Ecclesiastes 3:21]
2015-3-03 Pets in Heaven: Dogs incessantly barking in heaven, so it wouldn't be heaven, having to hear them!
2015-3-03 Women out living men: Women tend to live out men, so how about when the men were living to be 800 or 900 years old?
2015-3-02 The Book of Revelation: What is the value of the Book of Revelation for us today?
2015-3-02 Liberty Savard: Has Steve heard of Liberty Savard? He needs to get her books & read the positive side of the binding & loosing [Matthew 16 18]
2015-3-02 Falling Away: What are these passages of Scripture saying about "Falling Away"? [Hebrews 6:4-6, Hebrews 10:26-27]
2015-3-02 Michael the Buddhist calling about Michael the Buddhist: Michael the Buddhist calls back to reply to caller who called the week before about him being indecisive, & he tries to explain why he's not a Christian.
2015-3-02 Spirit of America Rising with Humble Brian The Great: Michael the Buddhist thinks Steve needs to get on the program with the Humble Brian the Great as a guest & share his beliefs.
2015-3-02 Local Church in Portland that teaches Amillennialism: Does Steve know any churches in the Portland area that teach Amillennialism?
2015-3-02 World Wide Church of God: Steve doesn't consider the World Wide Church of God a cult anymore but mainstream? What were the changes that were made?
2015-3-02 Michael the Buddhist: Michael the Buddhist is a popular fellow of late, people wondering about him (a call was about him last month also).
2015-3-02 Size of the Universe: Why did God make the universe so big? Are there possibly other planets like ours, other "experiments" God has out there?
2015-2-27 Divorce: Caller just accepted Jesus & has been learning about what Jesus said about divorce & wants makes to sure he's doing right.
2015-2-27 Angels long to look at our Salvation: What was so fascinating about our salvation that angels would be looking on at it, & why would God permit suffering & death? [1 Peter 1:10-12]
2015-2-27 1/2 Hour Silence in Heaven: What is the 1/2 hour of silence in Heaven? [Revelation 8:1-3] Has numerous questions in Revelation but different paradigms, so didn't really answer.
2015-2-27 Descending Into Hell: Did Jesus actually go to hell when He "descended to the lower parts of the earth"? [Ephesians 4:9]
2015-2-27 Love, Faith & Hope: Are we going to need faith & hope in Heaven? [1 Corinthians 13:12-13]
2015-2-27 Parables Meaning Hidden even for Today?: So are these parables that are in the gospels now supposed to be understand by everyone now or only by spiritually discerning people? [Matthew 13:13-14]