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2016-6-07 Explaining Trinity to The Jw: What is the best way to explain the Trinity doctrine to Jehovah's Witnesses who don't believe Jesus is the Son of God?
2016-6-07 Salvation by Works: Mohammed Ali’s died recently, & there was inference about earning one’s way to heaven, salvation by works. Can you talk about this?
2016-6-07 Moses & Aaron During Persution as Babies: How did Aaron miss the execution that Moses faced as a baby?
2016-6-07 Hyperbole & Literal Interpretation: How are we supposed to learn Hyperbole verses literal interpretation of the Bible, when to apply it, & should we learn Koine Greek. (I don't really understand the question.)
2016-6-07 Charging for Ministry in Contrast to Raising Money: What about raising money to support a ministry as opposed to charging for ministry.
2016-6-07 Marriage Vows: Don't Marriage vows need to have audience in order to be real, verified, genuine?
2016-6-07 Impending Doom in Zephaniah: What can you tell me about the impending doom, that is talked about in Zephaniah & then having a chance for repentance? [Zephaniah] (Babylon Exile)
2016-6-07 Jerusalem originally Salem: Was Jerusalem originally called Salem or is it just short of Jerusalem? [Hebrews 7:1-2]
2016-6-07 Best Translation: What is the best translation, the Septuagint or the Hebrew Bible? [Luke 24:45]
2016-6-07 Misquoting from the Septuagint: Did any of the New Testament writers misquote from the Septuagint?
2016-6-06 Calvinism-Not Agreeing: What should our response be when Christians oppose our viewpoints?
2016-6-06 Homosexuality: Why would homosexuality get a pass when so many other sins do not?
2016-6-06 Being Born: If babies go to heaven, why be born or live at all?
2016-6-06 Jesus' Name: The Messianic Movement thinks they have to say Jesus' name correctly.
2016-6-06 Messianic Movmement (Hebrew Roots): I have a friend who's been pressuring his family members in the the Messianic Movement & wondering what they should do?
2016-6-06 Impossible to Sin: So when we become Christians, we can't sin anymore or be held accountable for it anymore? [1 john 3:9]
2016-6-06 The Government & Kingdom Of God Variance: It says in Isaiah that "the government shall be on His shoulders", so in light of that verse, how much are we supposed to pay attention the government & politics? [Isaiah 9:6-7]
2016-6-03 All or Parts of Bible Inspired: How we know if all of the Bible is inspired or only parts?
2016-6-03 Bible Written by God or Man: was the bible written by God or only by people who had a relationship w/ God? Pastor cites different creation accounts?
2016-6-03 Mosaic Law Harshness: Do we have to believe in the harness of mosaic law, all the capital punishment & so on? did they end when Jesus died on the cross then because we don't do those things anymore.
2016-6-03 Giants (sons) of God: So these were holy men, but I thought only noah & his family were holy during the Flood?
2016-6-03 Men of Renoun & Nephilim: Are the people of the Nephilim & the men of renoun the same or different people? {Genesis 6]
2016-6-03 The Flood: Why did God bring the flood? Did He overreact? [Genesis 6-8]
2016-6-03 One Spouse became Saved: I try to talk to my wife about Christ, but she tells me to quit talking to her about it, so what am I to do?
2016-6-03 Learning How to Pray: How do you teach someone to pray? [Luke 11]
2016-6-03 Women Submission & Angels: Can you please talk about women submission of covering their heads & the angels? [1 Corinthians 11]
2016-6-03 Elijah & John the Baptist: Trying to figure out the connection between Elijah & John the Baptist? [Matthew 17:10-13]
2016-6-02 Lucifer becoming Satan: I was told by a friend of mine telling me that Lucifer turned into Satan after being cast down from heaven with a 3rd of the angels, They all being punished by being sent to earth. [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28]
2016-6-02 Jews Abolishing the Sacrificial System: Why did the Jews stop sacrificing animals after Jesus died? (She asked 2 questions, but Steve couldn't remember the second, & answers it later in the show: Why does there need to be a gate & wall in the New Jerusalem?)
2016-6-02 God changing His Mind: God changed His mind, & what do Calvinists say about that? [Amos 7]
2016-6-02 Walls & Gates in the New Jerusalem: Why does there need to be a gate & wall in the New Jerusalem?
2016-6-02 God Hating People: How can a God of Love actually hate people?
2016-6-02 Cutoff Analogy: Caller makes a humorous analogy about the word "cutoff" that was talked about in the previous show.
2016-6-02 Grace-Favor or a Power: What is grace? Is it unmerited favour or is it a power we are given?
2016-6-02 Doctrine of Imminency: Jesus coming back 40 years after the Nation of Israel was created, teaching His coming is imminent, Doctrine of Imminency. What does Steve think?
2016-6-02 Marriage & Divorce pre-Christian: Marriage questions about getting mzarried & divorced before becoming a Christian & now becoming a Christian, what about restitution?
2016-6-02 People Resurrected During Jesus' Resurrection: Can you explain Matthew 27:51-52 to me? [Matthew 27:51-53]f
2016-6-01 Day of the Lord: What does the "Day of the Lord" refer to? [Malachi 4:5, Joel 2, Acts 2, Acts 5, 1 Thessalonians 5:2, 2 Peter 3:10]
2016-6-01 Magi (Wise Men) Calculating Jesus' Birth: Using Daniel 2 & 9, how were the magi able use it or know about Jesus being born?
2016-6-01 God's Law: Caller is interested in talking about keeping God's commandments, His law, because he thinks most denominations don't care about the law. [Romans 7:1-4]
2016-6-01 Authors of Genesis: How many authors do you think there were of Genesis?
2016-6-01 Forgive them for they know not what they do: When Jesus said on the cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do", do you think they were actually forgiven right then?
2016-6-01 Fulness of the Gentiles Come in: What does, "wWhen the fulness of the gentile be come in" mean? [Romans 11:25]
2016-6-01 Being Cutoff: What did Abraham mean by both the righteous & the wicked being cut off? [ezekiel 21:4]
2016-6-01 God's Law & Commandments: Caller who has called many times in previous shows, & has already called once in this show, wants to talk more about God's commandments & law, that we need to keep them. [Matthew 5:17-19] (Caller asked to not call back anymore.)
2016-6-01 Doubting the Inerrancy of God: Can a person who doubts the inerrancy of the Bible be a true Christian?
2016-6-01 Time, Earth & Creation: Shouldn't we just know that God created everything by His word instead of trying to determine the age of the earth & looking for dinosaurs & loosing the sight of Jesus?
2016-6-01 Eternal Security: once saved always saved is not really true, you can turn away from Jesus, but is the covenant you made with God broken every time you sin?
2016-5-31 The Sin Nature: Michael the buddhist wants to talk about the sin nature, that it's all from perspective/perception.
2016-5-31 Jesus & Melchizedek: Is Jesus Melchizedek in Hebrews 7?