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2015-5-11 Kingdom Taken From the Jews: Why was the Kingdom of God taken from the Jews, because they were not experiencing Justice, Peace & Joy? [Matthew 21:43, Romans 14:17]
2015-5-11 Watching Movies (Mel Brooks): Are Movies supposed to be watched in the privacy of your own home? Are you allowed to watch questionable movies?
2015-5-11 Predestination: Caller wants to why so people are so confused about the word of Predestination. There's a difference between being "saved" & being "called according to His purpose". Romans 8:28-29
2015-5-11 Age of the Earth, Prehistoric Age: The Age of the Stars & other things don't seem to match up w/ the Creation Account, so how do we deal w/ that? [Genesis 1 & 2, Romans 1:19-20]
2015-5-11 The Book, "Pagan Christianity" Does Steve know about the book called, "Pagan Christianity", has he read it, & what does he think about it?
2015-5-11 Salvation Being Conditional: If Salvation is Conditional, how do escape the suggestion that you have made salvation a matter of works?
2015-5-11 Christians who are in Sin: How do we deal in a Christ-like matter those who claim Christianity but who are living in sin? [Galatians 6:1, Matthew 18:15-20]
2015-5-08 Bible Authority, Biblical Interpretation: You need to use Biblical Hermeneutics or exegetical method of interpreting the Bible, a followup from Tom the Catholic.
2015-5-08 Promises to the Jews fulfilled: Did you say that all the Promises of God to the Jews have been fulfilled? What about the 7 year period right before He comes back?
2015-5-08 Races Starting at Tower of Babel: Caller responding to the caller of the previous show talking about races. He wants to know, what about at the Tower of Babel?
2015-5-08 Church Membership: Pastor thinks that if they are going to participate in leadership roles of groups of missions, that they need actually join the church membership, & to do this, they want these people to go through a 2 month membership course instead of going to the regular church service.
2015-5-08 New Apostolic Reformation & Spiritual Mapping: What can Steve say about the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) & the New Apostolic Reformation, because they linked YWAM w/ them, and wondering about Spiritual Mapping.
2015-5-08 Missing Bible Verses: Why is [Acts 8:37] missing out of the Modern Translations of the Bible?
2015-5-07 Swear Words: Does God care about people using Swear Words? Are they harmful or immoral?
2015-5-07 God of the OT in contrast w/ Jesus of the NT: People think there's a complete contrast between the God of the OT & the God of the NT, having character trait differences.
2015-5-07 Dead Sea Scrolls - Esther: Is it true that when they found the Dead Sea Scrolls, that all the books were included except for the book of Esther?
2015-5-07 Adam - Father of all Mankind: Are Adam & Eve really the first parents of the human race, or did God create humans before them, & THEN Adam? [Romans 5:12-21, Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2]
2015-5-07 Archeologist find - Book of Barnabas: Has Steve ever heard of them finding the book Barnabas?
2015-5-07 Armageddon: Is Armageddon the Final Battle of the End of the World?
2015-5-07 David & His Enemies: It says in the Psalms that he prayed for destruction of his enemies. Is that a NT thing to do?
2015-5-07 Creation being Millions of Years: She thinks there was a destruction of the "earth" before God created it again during the creation. She gives a litany of Bible references but they turn out to not be the ones she intended.
2015-5-07 Different Races Created: Caller thinks the caller about Adam & different created beings is on to something, she agreeing w/ him & not Steve.
2015-5-07 Disembodied Souls Before Creation: Caller also thinks there were disembodied souls before Creation.
2015-5-06 Baptism: Were people baptized in the Old Testament? Why was John the Baptist baptizing people? What is the reason WE get baptized, to identify w/ the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ?
2015-5-06 Passover, Jesus' Death & Resurrection: How do we get 3 literal days & nights in Jesus' Death to His Resurrection? Does it have something to do w/ the Passover?
2015-5-06 Spirit & Soul: Is there a distinction between the Spirit & the Soul? How does that relate to the Holy Spirt?
2015-5-06 Jesus Abolishing the Sabbath: Wasn't Jesus just trying to break all the legalism of Pharisees centered around the Sabbath & not the actual Sabbath at all? [Genesis 2:2-3, Exodus 20:8-11, Romans 14:5-6]
2015-5-06 Apostles: I thought an Apostle was only somebody who had walked w/ Jesus...including Paul.
2015-5-05 Catholicism: Is Catholicism Biblical Christianity? Why is or isn't it? What is their view on the Gospel of Christ?
2015-5-05 The Millennial Reign: Will it be governed by the Mosaic Law or by the Law of non-aggression? How would Jesus reign on David's Throne? what about wild animals eating straw, mingling w/ the Lamb & the children? Where can I learn more about this?
2015-5-05 Disagrees, but Love's the Narrow Path: The caller disagrees w/ Steve Gregg, especially the regarding the last days, when it comes to eschatology. She wants to make sure he stays on the air.
2015-5-05 The Impeccability of Jesus: Was Jesus sinless because He couldn't sin or because He chose not to sin?
2015-5-05 Devil Coming Has Short Time: What is this short season that Satan has or will have? When does it start & end? Are they both talking about the same event? [Revelation 12:9-12, 20:3]
2015-5-05 Ahinoam: Was Ahinoam both King David's AND King Saul's wife....was this the same person?
2015-5-05 Wars - Modern & Old Testament: What's Steve's perspectives on war in this day & age as opposed to the wars in the OT?
2015-5-04 Gift of Prophecy: A member of the caller's church is a lady who claims to have the gift of prophecy. How accurate does she have to be to be considered having the gift of prophecy?
2015-5-04 The Torah & Talmudism: Isn't Judaism & Talmudism the same thing? How can you practice one w/ out the other?
2015-5-04 Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage: When a divorcee gets divorced for non-biblical reasons, if they sincerely repent, they are fine, right?
2015-5-04 The Torah & the Talmud: You could sort've compare the Torah & the Talmud to the Word of God, & the "tradition", exactly like the Catholic Church.
2015-5-04 2 Countries Consecrated to God: So there were only 2 countries that were consecrated to God. Shouldn't other countries do the same?
2015-5-04 Mountains, literal or figurative: Is this a literal mountain or figurative, the mountains of your life, obstacles, where it says we can move mountains? [mark 11:23-24}
2015-5-04 The Old Man & the New Man: What is the Old Man & the New Man & how are we to put off the Old Man? [Ephesians 4:20, Romans 6:6]
2015-5-01 Mark of the Beast: What does Steve think the Mark of the Beast is?
2015-5-01 The Spiritual vs the Physical: What is the difference between the Spirit & the Physical?
2015-5-01 The Transfiguration: What were the Apostles seeing when they saw Moses & Elijah? Were they in their glorified bodies, in their spirits?
2015-5-01 God Speaking To Us: Can God speak to us besides just the Bible? (Another convoluted question)
2015-5-01 Sabbath & the 10 Commandments: Caller has a member of a small Bible study group that insists that we have to keep the Sabbath on the Sabbath day. Are we still under the 10 Commandments?
2015-5-01 Celebrating Christmas: Are we not supposed to celebrate Christmas? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]
2015-5-01 List of Essential Doctrines: Do you have a list of all the Essential Doctrines we must all agree on?
2015-5-01 Sabbath & the 10 Commandments: We have to keep the Commandments of God & have the testimony of Jesus. [Revelation 12:17]