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2016-9-28 The 4 Different Views of Eschatology: What are all the views of end times, besides amillennialism & partial preterism?
2016-9-28 Disagreement with Steve about how he handled Alien Encounter Call: Caller thinks Steve should have let him talk longer.
2016-9-28 Numerology: Calculating numbers, such as the number of the beast in Revelation 13? How did the wise men calculate where & when Jesus would be born? [Revelation 13:18, Matthew 2:1-2]
2016-9-27 Calling on the Name of the Lord: Confessing that the Lord is God, Adonai, Lord, Yahweh, so when it says calling upon the name of the Lord, that just means ackowleding that Jesus is Lord. What does Steve think? [Romans 10:9 & 13; Joel 2]
2016-9-27 Aliens being Demonic: Have you ever heard of aliens being demonic beings?
2016-9-27 Political disagreement about Birther Issue: Caller has an issue w/ Steve’s comments regarding the birther issue.
2016-9-27 Steve Gregg Donations: How does a person denote to Steve Gregg's personal needs?
2016-9-27 Crying out to Jesus in simple Prayer: Where's the scriptural foundation that you can just make a simple prayer such as, "Jesus, help me?" [Joel 3:32, Romans 10:13]
2016-9-27 Cursing the Fig tree: What did Jesus mean by cursing the fig tree, & that you can move mountains with a strong faith? {Matthew 21:18-22}
2016-9-27 The "Birther" Issue: The caller, as an African American himself, agrees with Steve's answers of a previous caller about the birther issue, that it has nothing to do with race.
2016-9-27 Political disagreement about Birther Issue: Caller calls to opine on why she thinks it's racist for Trump to be questioning where Obama was born.
2016-9-26 Authorities & Church Leadership: What is the Biblical foundation for obeying the authorities? {Romans 13, 1 Peter 2}
2016-9-26 Sanctification & Justification: What is the difference between sanctification & justification? What aboaut temptation or falling to temptation?
2016-9-26 70 Weeks of Daniel: Is the 70th week over, & did the sacrificial system end in the middle of the 70th week, & is the Prince Jesus Christ? [Daniel 9:20-27]
2016-9-26 Seventh Day Adventism: Can you tell me what all this means, 1844 judgment, EGW (Ellen G. White)? Are they a cult? I'm asking all these questions because i was listening to a Steve Bohr.
2016-9-26 Apostasy: Caller never really had a chance to learn about Christ in his childhood being raised a Catholic, & he lived a past life of sin & was wondering if he can return to Christ? [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2016-9-23 Choosing only good Leaders: Should we avoid evil by only electing good leaders? [James 4:7]
2016-9-23 Material Contentment: We seem pretty blessed in the USA, so are we supposed to give help 3rd world countries? [2 Corinthians 8:14]
2016-9-23 Stoning in the OT: Stoning in OT law compared to ISIS, what's the difference? Isn’t it the same thing?
2016-9-23 Satan's Reason for Being: What was Satan's purpose of? What was his role? His origins? Did God create evil? [John 8:44]
2016-9-23 Making our Society Moral: A moral society in an amoral culture? political and cultural morality in modern society
2016-9-22 Age of the Earth: What direction does Steve lean about the age of the earth, & do we have to be dogmatic about it?
2016-9-22 A Season for Everything: There's a time & season for everything that happens. Caller is concerned about murder. [Ecclesiastes 3] (Caller is all over the map of what he's trying to say, but anyway.)
2016-9-22 Grace & Restitution: A pastor told the caller that all they have to do is just accept Jesus, & just get up & start walking again. What about restitution?
2016-9-22 Fallen Angels, No Sin in Heaven & God Creating Us: How were the angels able to Fall when they were in heaven, & how do we know we aren't going to sin when we get to heaven & why didn't God make us like we are going to be in heaven, never sinning again? [Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4]
2016-9-22 Politics: How do Christians know who to vote for & who would Jesus vote for?
2016-9-22 The New Earth & Leaves for the Healing of Nations: Why will we need the leaves for the healing of the nations if everything is going to be perfect? [Revelation 22:2]
2016-9-22 Impossible Things for God: Could God do things that are impossible for Him to do, such as making a rock that is too heavy to move?
2016-9-22 Mark on Cain: If there was only 3 people on the planet after Abel was killed, who was Cain afraid of that would kill him? [Genesus 4:9:15]
2016-9-22 Homosexuality & Abraham Lincoln: Abraham had a witness on the stand, & he asked him, "If we say that a cow's tail is leg, how many legs does he have?" & the witness says, "5", & he says, "He has 4 legs & a tail. Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg!"
2016-9-21 Besetting Sin of Homosexuality & Masturbation: Listener struggles with the homosexuality & masturbation temptation.
2016-9-21 Doing Greater Works than Jesus: How can we do greater "works" than Jesus like He said here? [John 14:12]
2016-9-21 Never Hearing the Gospel: What about all the people who have not heard about Jesus or ever read a Bible?
2016-9-21 Baptism: A friend of the caller has become a Christian after having been baptized as an infant, but doesn't believe baptism is necessary for salvation.
2016-9-21 Glorifying God: You didn't become a Christian to save yourself but to glorify God.
2016-9-21 Streets preachers: Aren't Street Preachers shouting to repent or receive hell fire hurting their own cause in sharing the gospel?
2016-9-21 Spiritual Warfare: Caller has friends dealing with anxiety, depression & other mental issues. Does Gregg have any lectures that deals with this kind've thing?
2016-9-21 Holy Spirit: How do we know if the Holy Spirit is really telling someone to do or not do something?
2016-9-21 Miracles: Caller thinks eople are too loose with the word "miracle" in contrast to "providence".
2016-9-20 Kingdom of God "at this time": "…at this time...", when did that mean? He didn't directly answer them, so it seems He didn't necessarily agree w/ what they were asking. [Acts 1:6]
2016-9-20 Resurrection & Adan & Jesus' Atonement:: the 1st Adam & the last Adam, was Adam created in flesh & blood & was the coming of Christ THE plan or was it Plan B? [1 Corinthians 15]
2016-9-20 The 4 Hebrews of Daniel: what caused Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego to be in captivity in the first place? Is it related to Nehemiah when he was restoring the wall? Who was the remnant he was talking about?
2016-9-20 Qualified to Baptize: Is there way to determine/know who can baptize?
2016-9-20 Taking Communion, Lord's Supper: Can you take communion before you are baptized or not?
2016-9-20 Jesus only Sinless Person Born: Was Jesus the only sinless Person born? What about infants who don't know they are sinning even though they are? What about "age of accountability"? [Romans 3:23, Hebrews 4:15]
2016-9-20 Restoration of Israel: Caller disagrees with Steve about the Kingdom of God being restored right now, but that it's talking about ethnic Israel in the future. [Acts 1:6]
2016-9-19 Michael the Archangel & Satan Disputing: Is it POSSIBLE that instead of disputing over Moses specifically they are disputing over Israel? [Jude 9, 1 Corinthians 10:2]
2016-9-19 Sin Unto Death: What does this verse mean, "sinning unto death"? [1 John 5:16]
2016-9-19 Promise Keepers Men's Movement: There was a men's movement that just seemed to disappear, what it was called? (Promise Keepers)
2016-9-19 God Creating Suffering: How can any thinking & compassionate person think God is good if He created a world full of suffering?