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2016-10-04 The Mighty God: The definite "the": “The mighty God”, why does “the” get added when being quoted by Pastors though it does not appear in the original text? [Isaiah 9:6] (Caller not a Trinitarian.)
2016-10-04 Bartholomew & Nathanael: Are Bartholomew & Nathanael the same person? [John 1:45-49, Acts 1:13, Luke 6:14, Mark 3:18, Matthew 10:3]
2016-10-04 Being made in God's Image: What does it mean to be made in God's image? [Genesis 1:26]
2016-10-04 Coalition to attack Israel: What countries would attack Israel, if not Russia, ISIS, China & North Korea??
2016-10-04 70th week in Daniel: What is the correct view about the 70th week? Are all the weeks consecutive? [Daniel 9]
2016-10-04 Key of David: What is the "Key of David" in Revelation 3? [Revelation 3:7, Isaiah 22:22]
2016-10-04 Mormons (Latter Day Saints): Isn't the Mormon church the true church because they exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit & are the fastest growing church? [Galatians 5:22-23]
2016-10-04 Exodus from Egypt: Some say there's no evidence that the exodus out of Egypt ever took place.
2016-10-03 Eternal Security: Can you lose your salvation after you are saved?
2016-10-03 Bible Discrepancy of Israel in Egypt: There is seems to be a discrepancy of how long Israel was actually in Egypt. Can you clarify? [Genesis 15:13-16, Exodus 12:40-41, Galatians 3:16-17]
2016-10-03 Political Idols: If one votes for a candidate because they are pro-life, aren't they becoming idols?
2016-10-03 Tongues: Is the gift of tongues an unknown, or known language? [1 Corinthians 13:1]
2016-9-30 Noah: Why didn't God just strike everybody down & spare the animals? [Genesis 6]
2016-9-30 Pharaoh & the Plagues: Why did God kill the first born of all the families when they had little to do why the Jews weren't able to leave?
2016-9-30 Promises to Abraham: The promises of Abraham were fulfilled in Christ…to which promises was Paul referring to? {Galatians 3:16, Genesis 12:1-3}
2016-9-30 Two-fold Prophecies: Some prophecies have a two-fold meaning, is that true?
2016-9-29 Making Judgment Calls: Caller has a whole bunch of specific questions re: Settling conflicts: Who should settle judgments? Who to you go to when there is a conflict? [Matthew 18:15-19, 1 Corinthians 6:1]
2016-9-29 Kent Hovind's Divorce: Caller commented on Kent Hovind's wife filing for divorce, & Kent Hovind (young earth creationist advocate) decided to remarry.
2016-9-29 The Book of Romans: Who was the Book of Romans written for, people who are already Christians or unbelievers? [Romans 6:8-14]
2016-9-29 Grieving Loss: If all things are possible, then why do you still lose your loved ones [Matthew 9:16]
2016-9-29 Cremation: Is there anything in the Bible that says we shouldn't get cremated? Is it still possible to be resurrected?
2016-9-29 Rapture: Can you not believe in the rapture & still be a Christian?
2016-9-28 Free Will not really being Free: How do we have free will if we had no choice if we were born or not?
2016-9-28 Kingdom of God here & now: Is it right for us to imagine the Kingdom of God being on earth right now?
2016-9-28 Lord's Prayer: Why did Jesus say, "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven"? [Matthew 6:10, Daniel 2:35, Revelation 21:2]
2016-9-28 The 4 Different Views of Eschatology: What are all the views of end times, besides amillennialism & partial preterism?
2016-9-28 Disagreement with Steve about how he handled Alien Encounter Call: Caller thinks Steve should have let him talk longer.
2016-9-28 Numerology: Calculating numbers, such as the number of the beast in Revelation 13? How did the wise men calculate where & when Jesus would be born? [Revelation 13:18, Matthew 2:1-2]
2016-9-27 Calling on the Name of the Lord: Confessing that the Lord is God, Adonai, Lord, Yahweh, so when it says calling upon the name of the Lord, that just means ackowleding that Jesus is Lord. What does Steve think? [Romans 10:9 & 13; Joel 2]
2016-9-27 Aliens being Demonic: Have you ever heard of aliens being demonic beings?
2016-9-27 Political disagreement about Birther Issue: Caller has an issue w/ Steve’s comments regarding the birther issue.
2016-9-27 Steve Gregg Donations: How does a person denote to Steve Gregg's personal needs?
2016-9-27 Crying out to Jesus in simple Prayer: Where's the scriptural foundation that you can just make a simple prayer such as, "Jesus, help me?" [Joel 3:32, Romans 10:13]
2016-9-27 Cursing the Fig tree: What did Jesus mean by cursing the fig tree, & that you can move mountains with a strong faith? {Matthew 21:18-22}
2016-9-27 The "Birther" Issue: The caller, as an African American himself, agrees with Steve's answers of a previous caller about the birther issue, that it has nothing to do with race.
2016-9-27 Political disagreement about Birther Issue: Caller calls to opine on why she thinks it's racist for Trump to be questioning where Obama was born.
2016-9-26 Authorities & Church Leadership: What is the Biblical foundation for obeying the authorities? {Romans 13, 1 Peter 2}
2016-9-26 Sanctification & Justification: What is the difference between sanctification & justification? What aboaut temptation or falling to temptation?
2016-9-26 70 Weeks of Daniel: Is the 70th week over, & did the sacrificial system end in the middle of the 70th week, & is the Prince Jesus Christ? [Daniel 9:20-27]
2016-9-26 Seventh Day Adventism: Can you tell me what all this means, 1844 judgment, EGW (Ellen G. White)? Are they a cult? I'm asking all these questions because i was listening to a Steve Bohr.
2016-9-26 Apostasy: Caller never really had a chance to learn about Christ in his childhood being raised a Catholic, & he lived a past life of sin & was wondering if he can return to Christ? [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2016-9-23 Choosing only good Leaders: Should we avoid evil by only electing good leaders? [James 4:7]
2016-9-23 Material Contentment: We seem pretty blessed in the USA, so are we supposed to give help 3rd world countries? [2 Corinthians 8:14]
2016-9-23 Stoning in the OT: Stoning in OT law compared to ISIS, what's the difference? Isn’t it the same thing?
2016-9-23 Satan's Reason for Being: What was Satan's purpose of? What was his role? His origins? Did God create evil? [John 8:44]
2016-9-23 Making our Society Moral: A moral society in an amoral culture? political and cultural morality in modern society
2016-9-22 Age of the Earth: What direction does Steve lean about the age of the earth, & do we have to be dogmatic about it?
2016-9-22 A Season for Everything: There's a time & season for everything that happens. Caller is concerned about murder. [Ecclesiastes 3] (Caller is all over the map of what he's trying to say, but anyway.)
2016-9-22 Grace & Restitution: A pastor told the caller that all they have to do is just accept Jesus, & just get up & start walking again. What about restitution?
2016-9-22 Fallen Angels, No Sin in Heaven & God Creating Us: How were the angels able to Fall when they were in heaven, & how do we know we aren't going to sin when we get to heaven & why didn't God make us like we are going to be in heaven, never sinning again? [Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4]