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2019-4-02 The Sabbath & the Law: Though I agree with the abolishment of the law, what about the ten commandments? What about the Sabbath? [Matt 5:17-19]
2019-4-02 Trinity: Since the word "Trinity" in not in the Bible, from where do we get the teaching?
2019-4-02 Once Saved, Always Saved: How does one lose one's salvation? How are you able to leave Jesus Christ?
2019-4-01 Mormon/LDS belief: What do I say to a Mormon who says there was a great apostasy, true Christianity was lost after the apostles died, and Joseph Smith recovered the truth?
2019-4-01 New Egypt: Is America is the new Egypt?
2019-4-01 Slave trade predicted: Is the trans-American slave trade curse predicted in [Deuteronomy 28:68]?
2019-4-01 True Israelites: Slave trade predicted: New Egypt: Are the true Israelites black Africans?
2019-4-01 God Laws: Can God change His own laws? Caller doesn't think so. [Exodus 20:20]
2019-4-01 Moses: Was God was trying to kill Moses, or trying to kill Moses' son? [Exodus 4:24-26]
2019-4-01 God's Foreknowledge: The Flood: Why would God go forward with His plans when He knows how corrupt people would still be today? God's patience. If the Flood, 4,000 years ago, didn't cure humankind of their sin, then why continue the project? [Genesis 4]
2019-4-01 Battle of Armageddon: Will anyone survive the Battle of Armageddon? [Revelation 16:16; 20:1-3]
2019-4-01 Jesus on the White Horse Return: Will Jesus actually come back on a white horse, or is that symbolic? [Revelation 19:11]
2019-4-01 Leaven: What is the leaven of the Herodians [Mark 8:15]? Who were the Herodians?
2019-4-01 Temple Sacrifices: Were temple animal sacrifices condemned by God? [Jeremiah 7:21-24]
2019-3-29 Moses & Elijah: How did the disciples know that Elijah and Moses were the people with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration? Was it revealed to them?
2019-3-29 Non-trinitarian: If someone is not trinitarian, and thinks that Jesus is a created being, among other unusual views, is that person actually saved, and should we continue to fellowship with them?
2019-3-29 Witnessing: Can you offer advice on how to witness to non-believers? How does one engage them in conversation?
2019-3-29 Location of the Crucifixion: Where was the temple and where did the events surrounding Jesus's crucifixion take place? What did Mount Moriah, and both David and Solomon's temples represent? [2 Chronicles 3].
2019-3-29 Dinosaurs: Did the dinosaurs die during the flood?
2019-3-29 Revelation: Does John measure the temple in his own body or is his spirit - or in somebody else's body? Did John actually get off of Patmos? Who do you think the two witnesses will be? [Revelation 11:1-14].
2019-3-29 Is This Sin: Is it a sin to wear clothes that have Army emblems? Is it a sin if your Bible doesn't say Holy Bible? Are Christians supposed to keep the Sabbath holy? Should Jews still follow the Ten Commandments? Did Jesus keep the Ten Commandments? Should we live like Jesus did? [Exodus 20].
2019-3-29 End Times-Imminent?: Does you believe that Jesus' return is imminent? Is there going to be a last trump as described in scripture [1 Corinthians 15:50-52] / When will the first six trumpets sound? And the last trump? [Revelation 10-11].
2019-3-29 End Times-symbolism: What do The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent [Revelation 4]? What do the four judgments represent [Ezekiel 14:21]? How will the last days be like the days of Noah-eating, drinking, buying, selling [Matthew 24;37]? What about the seals [Revelation 6:1-8]?
2019-3-28 Reprobate Mind: Can those with a reprobate mind, still be saved [Romans 1:28, 2 Corinthians 13, 1 Corinthians 9]?
2019-3-28 Trinity: What convinces you that the Holy Spirit is indeed part of the Godhead? How can He be a "Person"?
2019-3-28 Cremation: Is it biblical to be cremated?
2019-3-28 Babylon: Is the church Babylon, actually Iraq, or Rome [1 Peter 5:13]?
2019-3-28 Masturbation: Is masturbation a sin?
2019-3-28 Oneness Theology: Is it heretical to not believe in the Trinity? Is Oneness Theology heresy?
2019-3-28 Why Jesus: What is the greatest question of ALL time? Who is Jesus? Why?
2019-3-28 Origen: Did the church father, Origen, have access to the New Testament scriptures? What would you recommend of his books?
2019-3-28 Heaven: When we get to heaven are we going to be able recognize our friends and relatives, and be able to hug them?
2019-3-27 Law Fulfilled: If "not one jot or tittle until all is fulfilled", how can part of it be fulfilled? [Matthew 5:17-19]
2019-3-27 Dress for Church: How should you dress when you go to church?
2019-3-27 Ten Virgins Parable: What does the parable of the 10 virgins mean? And the oil?
2019-3-27 Walking in the Spirit: What does it mean to "walk in the Spirit"?
2019-3-27 Day (literal or symbolic): Is the word for "day", literal or symbolic?
2019-3-27 Rapture of the Wicked: What about The Rapture and the possibility of the wicked going away first, rather than the righteous [I Timothy 5:6, Mathew 13:24f]? Raising of the dead will first be whom? [1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, 2 Thessalonians 1:8].
2019-3-27 Mentally Ill: Will the mentally ill go to heaven?
2019-3-27 Lineage of Jesus: How does Jesus by-pass the curse of original sin? What about the genealogy [Luke 3, Matthew 1]? Can you clarify the lineage of Zerubbabel, the descendant of Jehoiakim & Jeconiah?
2019-3-26 Church: What prevents the modern day church being like the early church? Why there much church discipline anymore?
2019-3-26 Millennium: Can you clarify what the millennium is and its various terms associated with it (1000 yr. millennium, realized millennialism, Amillennial, inaugurated millennium? [Revelation 20:1-10].
2019-3-26 Determinate Counsel: What does this mean; "... the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God"? [Acts 2:23, 25].
2019-3-26 Ten Commandments: Since Jesus indicated that there were only two comprehensive commandments, how then do we know which laws were abolished with the New Covenant? How do we know which are ceremonial and which are ritual laws?
2019-3-26 Moses & Zipporah: What was the conflict with Moses and Zipporah, and why was God trying to kill Moses? [Exodus 4].
2019-3-26 Adam & Eve's Banishment: If Jesus said, “its not what goes into a man that defiles a man” [Matthew 15: 11, 17-20], why were Adam & Eve banned from the garden for eating? Considering the test in the garden.[Genesis 2].
2019-3-26 Church Conflict: What should I do if my daughter is asked not to return to her youth group, when it was not her that was the bully?
2019-3-26 Noahide Laws: What should be done to help people who had an outreach helping Mormons come out of their church, but have themselves gone into Judaism & Noahide laws?
2019-3-26 Egypt-post Exodus: If Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, who was left behind?
2019-3-25 African Jews: Do you know of any proof that the Hebrews (Jews/Israelites) fled to Africa during the 70 AD siege? Does the name "Jew" refer to only the tribe of Judah or all of Israel?