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2022-3-09 "Fallen Angel" Doctrines: How long have "fallen angel" (DNA mixing with humans) doctrines been around? [Genesis 6, Jude 6, Job 1-2].
2022-3-09 Fallen Angels with Extra Digits: Could you clarify the doctrines about those offspring from fallen angels having six fingers and toes?
2022-3-09 Calvinism & Postmillennial Reconstructionism: What can you tell me about those Calvinists that think that we are in the millennium now and eventually the whole world will be converted before Christ's return?
2022-3-09 Enoch & The False Teachers in Jude: Who are the men in Jude that are being prophecied against? [Jude 1:14, 2 Peter 2].
2022-3-09 God's Sovereignty & Importance of Prayer: Why is prayer so important if we are to rest in our faith, believe in His sovereignty, and He is going to work everything out His way anyway? [James 4:2-3].
2022-3-09 The Missing Conscience of the Wicked (Hard Hearts): If God has given us all a conscience, where is the conscience of the wicked, such as Russia and Putin? [I Timothy 4:2].
2022-3-09 Churches Should be More Political: What is your opinion of Charlie Kirk and his view that the church should become more political? [Colossians 3:17].
2022-3-09 God Attempting to Kill Moses: Could you give me insight into the story where God is seeking to kill Moses? [Exodus 4].
2022-3-08 Defining Amillennialism: Do you agree with this definition of "Amillennialism"? [Revelation 5:6, Psalm 90:4, Revelation 20].
2022-3-08 COVID Vaccine Requirement: How should I handle the request from my doctor that I get a COVID vaccine when I don't want to get one?
2022-3-08 Heaven in the Old Testament: Where do we first see the promise of heaven in the Old Testament? [Daniel 12:2, 2 Samuel 12:23].
2022-3-08 No Heaven or Hell: Would you still serve God without any promise of heaven or hell?
2022-3-08 "Book of Remembrance": Could you talk about the "Book of Remembrance" in Malachi? [Malachi 3:16, Malachi 3:1, Luke 10:20, Genesis 8:1, Jeremiah 23:20].
2022-3-08 More Knowledge in the Last Days: Is there anything in scripture that suggests that new or more knowledge will develop in the last days?
2022-3-08 "Mansions" Prepared for us: Does the word "mansions" literally mean mansions in the verse about God preparing mansions for us in heaven? [John 14:2, John 2:16, John 14:23, Hebrews 3:6, I Timothy 3:15, Ephesians 2:21-22, I Peter 2:5, Acts 7:48].
2022-3-08 Healing, Word of Faith, and Refusing Help From Doctors Relative to the Word of Faith movement, atonement and healing-what do you think about refusing medical care? [Isaiah 53:5, I Peter 2:24].
2022-3-08 Word of Faith Movement & the Power of Prayer: What do you think about the relationship between faith and prayer and if prayer is not a force, what is the alternate?
2022-3-07 Masterbation, Withdrawal, Onan & Judah?: What is the verse about it is better to ejaculate in the belly of a whore than on to the ground? {Genesis 38:9].
2022-3-07 Companionship in Heaven: Do we rule out companionship entirely in the resurrection, or is it that we just do not marry? [Genesis 2, Mark 12].
2022-3-07 Caller recommends a charitable organization.
2022-3-07 Living by Will Rather Than Emotions: Are we to live out our Christian lives by our will, rather than our emotions?
2022-3-07 Scribes: Would you explain the passage about the scribes being trained for the Kingdom of Heaven? [Matthew 13:51:52].
2022-3-07 Ezekiel's Visions; Gog & Magog: Has Ezekiel's visions in chapters 37-39 been fulfilled already?
2022-3-07 David as Murderer & Adulterer: Did David lose the spirit when he committed the crimes of murder and adultery?
2022-3-07 Qualifications for Evangelism: Are there any biblical qualifications for being an evangelist? [I Timothy 3, Titus 1, Ephesians 4:11].
2022-3-07 Malachi and End Times: Is Malachi 3 and the "Book of Remembrance" about end times? [Malachi 3-4, Luke 10].
2022-3-07 Parables About End Times: Regarding the parables of the dragnet and the wheat and the tares, is this "end of age" about end times? [Matthew 13:40-50].
2022-3-07 "Signs of the Times": Are we being warned to look for signs of the times relative to the Kingdom age, even though this passages is likely about 70 AD? [Luke 12:54-56].
2022-3-04 Adam & Eve: Did brothers and sisters marry after Adam & Eve?
2022-3-04 The Prophets-"The Word of the Lord": How is the "Word of the Lord" being spread through the Old Testament prophets? [Isaiah 7].
2022-3-04 Warning Against Adultery: Is the warning against adultery about committing adultery in one's heart specifically directed only to men, and does that still apply today? [Matthew 5:28].
2022-3-04 Warning Against Lust in the Heart: Is there an overall principle against malevolence in the teaching of looking upon a woman with lust in the Sermon on the Mount? [Matthew 5:28, I John 3:15].
2022-3-04 The Value of the Protestant Reformation: As Evangelical Protestants, how much do we owe to the Protestant Reformation and would we not all still be Historicist and Catholic?
2022-3-04 Jesus' Legal Proceedings & Evidence of His Resurrection: Considering the Jews who remarked that Pilate should not let Jesus go at His trial, how does that parallel to the idea that we must find evidence to substantiate Jesus' resurrection? [John 19:12, I Corinthians 15:6].
2022-3-04 The Books of the Maccabees: Could you tell me why the Books of the Maccabees was taken out of the Bible?
2022-3-04 First Manifestation of the Kingdom of God: Where did the Kingdom of God first manifest on earth? [Act 1:6, Revelation 5:9-10, Exodus 19:5-6].
2022-3-04 Missionaries Taking Children & Wives with Them: Where in church history did missionaries start taking their wives and children into dangerous areas? [I Corinthians 9:5, Matthew 19:29, Mark 10:29].
2022-3-03 Born Again: Why does it say " begotten us again" in I Peter [I Peter 1:3].
2022-3-03 Heaven Now, Rapture & Resurrection Later: If we go to heaven when we die, how is it that we will be raised later, as in I Thessalonians? [John 5, 2 Cor 5, James 2:26, I Thessalonians 4:16-17],
2022-3-03 The Lost in Hell Now: Are those that are not right with the Lord that have died in hell already? [Luke 16, Revelation 20].
2022-3-03 Chloe and Church Contentions in Corinith: Who was Chloe and what was the contention about-leadership or baptism? [I Corinthians 1:11-13, I Corinthians 7:1, I Corinthians 10:2].
2022-3-03 All Has Already Happened in Revelation : What about someone who thinks that all of Revelation has already happened? [Matthew 24:34].
2022-3-03 Millennium & Israel: What does one do about the opposing views with excellent people and on either side of the Millennial and Israel controversy? [Matthew 28:20, I Corinthians 13:9].
2022-3-03 Post Millennial View & Future Israel: Could you help me sort out the value of these books about ; "Paradise Restored" by David Chilton, and the book "Future Israel" by Barry Horner? [I John 2:22].
2022-3-03 Confused About God & Jesus & the Trinity: Could you help me understand some of this confusing teaching about Jesus raising Himself and sitting by His own side? Recommended topical lectures; "Knowing God-The Trinity". [John 20:31, Mark 10:18, Luke 22:42, I John 2:18-22].
2022-3-03 Baptism by Elder or Not?: Should there be an elder present, or can anyone baptized another?
2022-3-02 Pastor Closing Doors During COVID: Should I go to my pastor and apologize for my anger about the church remaining closed when they should have opened?
2022-3-02 "Kingdom of God" & "Eternal Life" Synonymous: Is the "Kingdom of God" and "Eternal Life" synonymous in scripture? [Mark 9:43-47, Mark 10:17].
2022-3-02 "Vexed" Not Very Christian-like: It doesn't seem like someone should be "vexed" if they have the Holy Spirit in them? [Mark 3:4-5, 2 Peter, 1 Samuel 11].
2022-3-02 The Essenes: Why do the gospels not mention the Essenes?