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2020-12-17 One's Desire or One's Calling to Ministry: If scripture indicates that when it is one's desire to be a pastor, it is a good thing, then how is that contrasted to one who is called to it? [I Timothy 3:1, Titus 1].
2020-12-17 Peter's Denial of Christ: Why did Jesus tell Peter to deny him three times?
2020-12-17 Alien Life Forms: If there are intelligent alien life forms that have a spirit, how would it upset the Christian faith?
2020-12-17 Aramaic Translation of a Psalm: Do you think that the Peshitta (Aramaic translation) might have a better translation of it as, "repent, and know God"? [Psalm 46:10].
2020-12-17 Be Still & Know That I Am God: What is your view of the meaning of the Psalm, 'Be still, and know that I am God?' [Psalm 46:10].
2020-12-17 Jews Not Needing to be Saved by Jesus: Do Jews need to become Christians in order to be saved? [Hebrews 8:13, Jeremiah 31, Romans 7:1-4],
2020-12-17 Nephilim in Genesis: Is there room for the Nephilim or giants, to be the mighty men of old? [Genesis 6].
2020-12-16 Ministry to Eldercare: Why is it so hard to get people to care for and visit the elderly as part of their ministry? [I Timothy 5:4, Matthew 25:36, Luke 6:31].
2020-12-16 Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24) & A.D.70: Could you help me understand how some of the verses in Matthew 24 fit into the A.D. 70 scenario instead of end times? [Matthew 24:29-34, Matthew 24:3, Isaiah 19:1].
2020-12-16 Kingdom of God: Is it important to understand the Kingdom of God?
2020-12-16 Enormity of God's Forgiveness & Universal Reconciliation: Caller comments on the enormity of some people's ability to forgive, thus, it supports the idea of God's love and Universal Reconciliation.
2020-12-16 From the Devil or the Flesh: How does one tell what is actually of the devil, rather than one's own selfishness or flesh? [John 8:44, I Peter 5:8].
2020-12-16 Joseph's Kingly Line: Was Joseph of the kingly line, and therefore would have been king? [Matthew 1, Matthew 2:2].
2020-12-16 Separation of Church & State: What does the Bible say about the separation of church and state?
2020-12-16 Satan's Purpose: If Satan was a created being, and not a fallen angel, then why was he created? [James 1:12-18].
2020-12-15 God's Emotion: Is God emotional and is He capable of lashing out? [Exodus 33:3].
2020-12-15 Jesus Supporting His Mother, Mary: Was Jesus supporting his mother, Mary? And why him instead of his brothers? [Luke 8].
2020-12-15 Pharisees Wanting to be Baptized by John: Why would Pharisees want to get baptized by John the Baptist?
2020-12-15 COVID Patient: Listener calls to affirm that he, Rueben and his friend, Joe, has recovered from COVID.
2020-12-15 Rich Young Ruler: How does repentance fit into the story of the rich young ruler? [Matthew 19:16-30, Matthew 7:21-23].
2020-12-15 Celebrate Christian Holidays & Celebrate Pentecost: Why don't we celebrate Pentecost?
2020-12-15 Bob Dylan's Christian Influence: Do you know what happened to Bob Dylan and his walk after he made his Christian albums?
2020-12-15 Charity Financial Responsibility: Caller suggests a site called "Charity Navigator" for checking organization's finances? (Compassion International, World Vision, Open Doors USA, Mercy Ships, etc.).
2020-12-15 Praying with Those that Disagree: Is it wrong for a Christian to pray with those of Eastern Orthodoxy, who don't think they should pray with you?
2020-12-15 The Trinity Option: Are there scriptures that substantiate that belief in the trinity is not necessary to follow Jesus and be saved? [Luke 10:20, John 5:24, John 14:9, John 16:3, I John 2:22, Romans 10:9].
2020-12-15 Satan Lucifer: Is Satan the Lucifer, and was he an archangel? [2 Peter 1:19].
2020-12-15 The Predestined & The Elect: Could you help me understand "the predestined" and "the elect"? [John 15, Luke 19:10].
2020-12-14 Blessed are the Meek, They Shall Inherit: What is your take on "blessed are the meek" from the beatitudes? [Matthew 5:5, Psalm 37:11, Psalm 2:8, Psalm 115:16, Revelation 5:10].
2020-12-14 Genesis Bible School: Are you familiar with Genesis Bible School out of Santa Rosa, California?
2020-12-14 Government Interference with Church Gathering: What do you think about the government not allowing us to gather so that we can love on each other?
2020-12-14 Vaccine: What do you think about taking the vaccine, as I am afraid I might not be able to work if I don't take it?
2020-12-14 Falling into Sin: Is it a lack of faith if someone keeps falling into sin and allows himself a pass on the error of his ways?
2020-12-14 Recommended Charities: Can you recommend some good charities that you trust? [Shepherd's Heart International, The Salvation Army, Mercy Ships, The Narrow Path, Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors USA, Food for the Poor].
2020-12-14 Bodies Seen in Heaven in Revelation: Were the people seen in heaven in Revelation in a physical or disembodied state? [Revelation 7, Revelation 19:1, Revelation 6:9, Revelation 19:11-12, Revelation 20:11-12].
2020-12-14 Recognizing Each Other in Heaven: How will we be able to recognize one another in heavens, since we all die at different ages and come from different generations? [John 21]
2020-12-14 Jesus's Rule Over the Rest of the Universe: Is it possible that Jesus does not have preeminence over the rest of the universe, even if he does have control over the earth?
2020-12-11 Care for Unwanted Children: Comment about the church stepping up to care for unwanted children (in foster care).
2020-12-11 Celebrating Hanukkah: Should Christians be celebrating the same holidays as Jesus did, like Hanukkah? [John 10:22].
2020-12-11 Bearing Fruit for God: Would you talk about John 15, the vine, and bearing fruit for God? [Isaiah 5:7, John 15, Matthew 21].
2020-12-11 No More Sacrifice for Sin & Returning to Judaism? Could you talk about Hebrews 10:44, in reference to returning to Judaism and no more sacrifice for sin? [Hebrews 10:26, Hebrews 10:44, Hebrews 10:18, Jeremiah 31].
2020-12-11 Healthy Church: Have you heard of the Philadelphia Church in Seattle? What is your idea of a healthy church?
2020-12-11 Steve Gregg & Hanukkah: Grand accolades from a Jewish Radio personality to Steve Gregg & The Narrow Path ministry. They discuss the show & Hanukkah.
2020-12-11 Giving to the Poor: Could you talk about giving to the poor and sorting out who to give to in good conscience?
2020-12-11 Healing: Where is the healing that charismatics claim exists?
2020-12-11 Gifts of the Spirit & Cessationism Would you make an argument against cessationism (the ceasing of the spiritual gifts)? [Romans 12, I Corinthians 12, I Corinthians 1:7].
2020-12-10 Giving Up Our Rights to Speak Against Evil: What do you think about a pastor who says we should be willing to give up our own right to speak against some of the evil things that are happening in our culture? [Luke 3, Micah 6:8, Acts 1:7, Isaiah 42:1-4, Matthew 12:18-21, Luke 19:1-13, Matthew 13:24-30].
2020-12-10 Valley of Hinnom, Gehenna & Hell: If Valley of Hinnom and Gehenna mean hell, then what Jesus meant when he used the term Gehenna in Matthew 10:28? [Matthew 10:27-28, Jeremiah 19:2, Jeremiah 31:40, Isaiah 10:18].
2020-12-10 The Seven Years in Revelation: Do you believe that the reference to the seven years in Revelation doesn't have to be literal, and just means a long time? [Daniel 9].
2020-12-10 Religious Rules & Offenses: Would you comment on the idea that Christopher Hitchens promoted "religion poisons everything"? [I John 4:7-21].
2020-12-10 Jesus & His Disciple's Relationship: Do you think that James, John, Andrews & Peter had the time to get to know Jesus before they were actually called as disciples? [John 1].