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2014-9-09 Eternal Security & Dispensationalism: Where do you get the idea that all Dispensationalists believe in "once saved, always saved"?
2014-9-09 License to Sin: No one in any denomination really says that you have a license to sin as much as you want even though they believe in once saved always saved.
2014-9-09 Once Saved, Always Saved & Calvinism: Is once saved, always saved a Calvinist position or is it a doctrine unto itself? Is it an actual doctrinal position of church creeds?
2014-9-09 Jesus' Locations: When you go to Israel, Jerusalem, can you still see physical places Jesus actually was at?
2014-9-09 Peter & Rome: Was Peter ever physically in Rome because I've heard that he was neve actually there.
2014-9-09 Visiting Sites Paul Traveled: Can we still visit places where Paul was?
2014-9-09 Martin Luther: Like John Calvin did, did Martin Luther write out a systematic system to what he believed?
2014-9-08 A Prophetic Word: Could familiar spirits have a prophetic word for someone? The familiar spirit told the pastor that was trying to cast them out that he needed to tell somebody's husband that he needed to have forgiveness in his heart or he was going to fall for the woman of his dreams.
2014-9-08 Conversing w/ Demons & Multiple Personalities: What do you think of preachers conversing w/ demons as they try to cast them out of people & are people w/ multiple personalities demon-possessed?
2014-9-08 Forgiveness: The Pastor of the caller told him that you can't hastily forgive someone, that your emotions have to be in check. What does Steve think? [Mark 11:25]
2014-9-08 Jehovah's Witnesses: How do we explain certain key verses JW's like to twist? I was having a discussion with one about what a cult was.
2014-9-08 Creation: What is Steve's view of creation, the young earth & old earth? They've found dinosaurs bones.
2014-9-08 Forgiving a Debt: So following up on your answer about forgiving a loan, say you forgave them, & they came a week later & wanted to borrow another $1,000, if you don't let them, does that mean you're still holding the other debt against them & haven't really forgiven them or just being cautious?
2014-9-08 Adam & Eve & the Tree of Life: If the Tree of Life is a representative of Jesus, how come they weren't permitted to eat of it anymore? The Jews before the cross were allowed to partake of His body & blood, weren't they?
2014-9-08 Eating & Drinking Jesus: People were "eating & drinking" Jesus body & blood before He was even crucified, so how can people think they are actually NOW eating His body & blood in the Eucharist? [John 6:50-58]
2014-9-05 God changing Laws: Can God change His own laws? Can He all of a sudden say stealing is good & not evil? Do you believe in a personal God?
2014-9-05 Contentment & Responsibility: Where do we balance contentment w/ responsibility?[1 Corinthians 7:32]
2014-9-05 Disembodied Souls: Caller shares a paranormal ghost type story.
2014-9-05 Self-Defense: What if an invader entered your house, & wanted to do harm, would you try to stop them?
2014-9-05 Michael the Buddhist: Caller wants to tell Michael the Buddhist to ask God to reveal Himself know to Michael the Buddhist? People should pray for him.
2014-9-05 Non-Christian Associates: I'm in a band, & most of the people that are in it or around me are not Christians & are sort've hostile towards Christianity, & i don't know how to respond to some of their comments.
2014-9-05 Trivial Callers: Caller is concerned about trivial calls, people who just want to voice their platform, such as Michael the Buddhist.
2014-9-04 Phil Robertson & the Kingdom of God & the God of Man: Caller is concerned about Phil Robertson's theology, not understanding that the Kingdom of God & the Kingdom of Man are 2 different things.
2014-9-04 The Land of Israel: When did the Jews actually possess all this land that is mentioned in Joshua? Is it their land right now? Will they ever own it again? [Joshua 1:4]
2014-9-04 Worm dies not: Can you tell me about the Worm that never dies? [Mark 9:47, Isaiah 66:24]
2014-9-04 Calvinism verses Arminianism: Was Jacobus Arminius just out of lunch or an evil person?
2014-9-04 Gospel into all the world: The gospel was just about to have been fully preached in the world in 15 years, but then there's things that might stop us, such as people backsliding, plagues, & so on.
2014-9-04 Christianity came from Africa: A professor at a college said where some relatives went to said that the Christian story was just a bogus story from Africa. What are your thoughts?
2014-9-04 Melissa Scott: Do you know anything about Melissa Scott?
2014-9-04 Discipling Others: What if we just simply don't have the Gift of Discipling others?
2014-9-04 Universal Reconciliationism: The caller's dad thinks there's no such thing as hell. What does Steve say?
2014-9-03 Catholic Church as opposed to real Cults: The Catholic church or Catholic Christians are not that different than other Christians. They aren't cultic like say Mormons, JWs, Christian Scientists.
2014-9-03 Descending to Hell: Did Jesus go to hell during His death? [Ephesians 4:8-10, 1 Peter 3:18-20]
2014-9-03 Paul's suffering & glorying over it: What is Paul saying when he said people would be able to glory in suffering? [Ephesians 3:13]
2014-9-03 Sign of Jonah: [Matthew 16:4, 12:39-40]
2014-9-03 Being Charismatic: What are Steve Gregg's personal experiences in genuine Charismatic Gifts?
2014-9-03 Charisma: Is God just not performing as many as He did in the early church?
2014-9-03 Non-Charismatic Churches: Is it possible that a lot of Churches aren't seeing some of the Charismatic Gifts that happened in the early church simply because churches aren't looking for them anymore?
2014-9-03 Home Church as Opposed to Organized Church: Is there a Scripture that says it's wrong to leave organized church to go back to a grass-roots home church?
2014-9-03 Jesus' Feet touching the Mt. of Olives: We were having a discussion in out Bible Study about whether Jesus' feet actually touched the Mount of Olives or not. Can you shed some light on this? [Zachariah 14, Ezekiel 11:23]
2014-9-03 Institutional Churches Caller believes isolation is one Satan's greatest tools, so leaving the Institutional church might not be a good idea. [Hebrews 10:25]
2014-9-02 Hyper-Grace, the Gospel & the Kingdom of God: What is the gospel as we are in the Kingdom of God? [[Matthew 5, 1 Corinthians 15:1-3, Romans 10:9, Acts 20:23-25]
2014-9-02 Jesus Breaking the Law & Uncleanness: How come Jesus was allowed to break the law by touching people who were unclean? How come it didn't make Him unclean? What are the ramifications for us as believers now that we've been made clean?
2014-9-02 Full Preterists & the Last Day: What do full Preterists say the "Last Day" was?
2014-9-02 Wicked staying or going: i know you think that wicked are the ones that are "taken away" & the righteous are the ones that remain on the earth, but then in Revelation, when talking about the 2 witnesses, it says that the wicked remain as they are watching the righteous go up. How do you harmonize these? [Luke 17:34-37, Revelation 11]
2014-9-02 Parable of the Soils We need to implement this, & figure out our spiritual gifts, but what do the rock & seeds mean, growing deeper & deeper in your Christian walk? [Luke 8:4-21]
2014-9-02 Races coming from Noah's family: How is possible for all the races to come from Noah's family (or Adam & Eve for that matter)?
2014-8-28 "Slain for the Word of God": Can you explain who the souls are that are crying out that were slain for the word & testimony of God? [Revelation 6:9-11]
2014-8-28 Activity in Heaven in Contrast to the New Earth: What is everyone doing in Heaven when they die? I know some things we are doing on the New Earth, but what are we doing in Heaven?
2014-8-28 Abomination of Desolation & Man of Lawlessness: Do you think the Abomination of Desolation is the Papacy? What about the Man of Lawlessness then?