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2020-3-25 Trinity Added to the Bible by the Pope: Did the trinity concept get added to the Bible by the pope? [I John 5:7].
2020-3-25 Jesus-My Friend: What about when Jesus called you friends, not servants? [John 15:12-17].
2020-3-25 Jesus' Being Impolite: What do you say to someone who finds some of Jesus' statements difficult, such as, describing one not saying "thank you" to a slave? [Luke 17:10].
2020-3-25 Book of Hebrews' Authorship & Credibility: The book of Hebrews' authorship is unknown, right? So why is it in the Bible? [Hebrews 13:23].
2020-3-25 Why No Hell in the Old Testament: Do you think the reason that "hell" is not mentioned more in the Old Testament is because God wanted His people to chose Him for Himself? [Daniel 12:2, Isaiah 66;24].
2020-3-25 Why a Sermon on Sunday: Why do we gather once a week to listen to someone give a sermon, when it would be more beneficial to have a conversation? [Acts 2].
2020-3-24 John the Baptist: What can you tell me about the life of John the Baptist, and also about his association with Elijah?
2020-3-24 John the Baptist: Do you think that we know so little about John the Baptist, because he didn't want to steal the thunder of the coming Jesus? [John 3].
2020-3-24 John the Baptist: Didn't Jesus say that there is "no one greater born of a woman", but John the Baptist, but Jesus was born of a woman, so how to you harmonize that? [Luke 7:28, Matthew 11:11].
2020-3-24 Cain's Sacrifice Not Accepted by God: Why didn't God accept Cain's sacrifice? [Hebrews 11, Romans 10:17, Luke 11:50-51, Genesis 4].
2020-3-24 Teaching Gender Identity: Can you comment on my conviction in trying to raise my future children with respect toward their gender and the differences between the sexes? [Genesis 1, I Corinthians 11, Deuteronomy 22:5].
2020-3-24 Gossip & Envy-Crimes Worthy of Death: How do you assess the list of crimes like gossip and envy, being identified as worthy of death? [Romans 1:30-32].
2020-3-24 Woman Taken in Adultery: Do you think that Jesus would have agreed that the woman taken in adultery should be stoned, if the Roman government had allowed stoning?
2020-3-24 Angel Identity and Tasks: Does Hebrews 1:14 shed any light on how to understand Daniel 11:1 and the task and identity of angels? [Daniel 1, Hebrews 1:14].
2020-3-24 Angels & Heirs of Salvation: Does Hebrews indicate that people, referred to as the "heirs of salvation",receive the ministering of angels even before they are saved? [Hebrews 1:14, Romans 8:17].
2020-3-24 Eternal Damnation in Hell: Do you believe in eternal damnation in hell? [Mark 9:43-48, Isaiah 66:24, 2 Peters 2].
2020-3-24 Demons as Offspring of the Nephilim: Do you think that demons are the offspring of the "Sons of Men" or Nephilim?
2020-3-24 Fallen Angels & Demons: Is there a difference between demons and fallen angels?
2020-3-24 Identity of the Rich Young Ruler: Do you think that "the rich young ruler" was Saul (Paul)?
2020-3-24 Peter & The Holy Spirit: Peter could not have possessed the Holy Spirit at the time of his denying of Christ, because the Holy Spirit had not yet come at Pentacost, right? [John 7:39].
2020-3-24 Cain's Sacrifice Unacceptable to God: Do you think that it is possible that the reason Cain's sacrifice was unacceptable to God was because he had a wicked heart as it says in Proverbs? [Proverbs 15:8].
2020-3-24 Signs of the Time: Are there any current "signs of the times" we should be acknowledging?
2020-3-24 Catholic Church Influenced King James Version: Did Catholic influence on the KJV obscure the fact that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday? {Mark 6:9, Matthew 28:1].
2020-3-24 Tribes of Israel: How could the 144,000 refer to Christians in Jerusalem if they referred to the tribes in the northern kingdom?
2020-3-23 Christian Universalism: Could you comment on the Christian Universalism view? Did not God pay for 100% of mankind? [John 3:16-17, I Peters 3:20].
2020-3-23 Jews the Only Worshippers of God: Why were the Jews the only ones to have a relationship with God? [Hebrews 11].
2020-3-23 God Communicating Through Coronavirus: Do you think that God is trying to get something across to us using the Coronavirus? If so, what?
2020-3-23 Distancing Oneself from the Church: What do you think about my wife, a good Christian woman, who has distanced herself from the corporate church? [Hebrews 10:25-31].
2020-3-23 Christians Universalism & Reconciliation: How can one consider Universalism or Universal Reconciliation, when it is not possible for everyone to be saved and justify it scripturally? [Matthew 26:24, Hebrews 9:27].
2020-3-23 Recommendation of Steve's Book on Hell: Caller highly recommends Steve's book on Hell.
2020-3-23 Signs for the Coming of Christ? Could you talk about the signs for the second coming of Christ, particularly in the second half of Matthew 24? [Matthew 24:34-44, I Thessalonians 5:1-5].
2020-3-23 Demons: Can demons be something more broad, like a worldview, or attitude, or something similar? [John 8:31-32].
2020-3-23 Love One Another to Unarm Demons: If we just love one another, would that sufficiently render demons ineffective? [John 8:31-32].
2020-3-23 Calvinism vs Arminianism: Is there one place, or book, that would martial all the arguments for and against Calvinism?
2020-3-23 No Longer Death Penalty for Some Things as in Old Testament: Where does scripture tell us that we no longer are to levy Old Testament punishments on people today? [Romans 13].
2020-3-23 Journey to Heaven or Hell: Where does scripture teach us that we take a journey to some place after we die, like heaven or hell? [Isaiah 14, Luke 16:19-31, Philippians 1, 2 Corinthians 5:6].
2020-3-20 Doug Batchelor: If you are still in touch with Doug Batchelor, you should correct him about being a false teacher?
2020-3-20 Beast Into Hell in Revelation: How do you explain the verses about the beast and false prophet cast into hell if this is about 70AD? [Revelation 19].
2020-3-20 Revelation about End Times: What parts of Revelation do you apply to 70 AD?
2020-3-20 Soften Heart: Can you give me some examples of where God softened someone's heart? [Ezekiel 36:26, Acts 16:14].
2020-3-20 The Watchers in the Bible: What do you know about "the watchers" in scripture? [Daniel 4:13].
2020-3-20 Crispus and Sosthenes: Were the rulers Crispus and Sosthenes the same man in the passage in Acts where Paul was beaten? [Acts 18:18].
2020-3-20 The Gospel in Mark: What does Mark mean when he refers to the gospel in his writings? [Mark 1:15, Isaiah 52:7].
2020-3-20 Cremation: What doe the Bible say about cremation?
2020-3-20 Curtain Torn in the Temple: Why does only the book of Matthew record the curtain being torn in the temple? [Matthew 27:51].
2020-3-20 Can One Lose Their Salvation: Do you think someone can lose their salvation? [2 Thessalonians 2, Hebrews 3:1, 12, I John 5:11, Luke 15].
2020-3-20 Coronavirus: What do you think about the Coronavirus and its ramifications?
2020-3-20 Beasts in Revelation: I just want to point out the two beasts in Revelation and their identity and how it is connected to the papacy and Catholic church. [Revelation 13].
2020-3-20 Call failed: Call failed.
2020-3-20 Calvinist Views of Election & Predestination: Could you talk about the Calvinist views of election, being chosen, and predestination held by some of the leading Calvinists, such as Calvin and Sproul? [Romans 8-9].