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2020-8-27 God Knows Past, Present & Future: If God knows all things, the beginning and the end, then, how can He regret the choices people make? [Isaiah 46:10, Genesis 3:9, Genesis 4:9, Genesis 18:16-33, Genesis 22:12].
2020-8-27 God's Preordaining Everything: Does God not knowing some things throw a monkey wrench into the concept of God preordaining everything (Calvinism)?
2020-8-27 Making a Donation: Do you have a phone number to make donations to? How do you spell Temecula?
2020-8-27 Giving Away One of Your Two Tunics: When John the Baptist directs that we give away one of our two garments, is that literal and applicable to us today? [Luke 3:11].
2020-8-27 Investing and Saving Money: What about investing and saving money?
2020-8-27 Double Fulfillment in Joel 2: Do you think that the verbage in Joel 2 indicates a double fulfillment? [Isaiah 66:23-24, Joel 2:28].
2020-8-27 Isaiah Talking about Modern or Ancient Times: How can these verses in Isaiah be about ancient times? [Isaiah 66:23-24, Joel 2:28, Matthew 11:28-30, Luke 3:6, Mark 9:48, Isaiah 60-66, Isaiah 40:3-6].
2020-8-27 Defining Love: Can you help me understand the full definition of love? [John 14:15, John 15:13]
2020-8-27 God Made us Flawed: Caller suggest that God made us with flaws:
2020-8-27 God's Omniscience & Grief: Caller comments on previous and indicates that God is grieved clearly grieved over His children.
2020-8-27 Giving to Animal Care Rather Than a Church: Am I wrong to give money to organizations that care for pets rather than to the church? [2 Peter 3:9].
2020-8-27 From God's Child to Broken Branch: How does a person go from being a child of God to one that is a branch broken off? [Romans 11:17-24, John 15:1-6].
2020-8-27 Led By the Spirit & Attached to the Olive Tree: Do we have to be led by the spirit in order to not be broken off from God?
2020-8-26 Adam & Eve Needing to Eat of the Tree of Life: If Adam & Eve had to eat of the tree regularly, why did they only have to eat of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil once to be forever cursed with death? [I Timothy 6:16, Revelation 22:3].
2020-8-26 Remaining in Christ: Do you think this verse indicates that "remaining" in Jesus affirms Pelagius' ideas about free will, grace, and choice? [John 15:5, James 1:17].
2020-8-26 Jesus Didn't Inherit Mary's : How could Jesus not inherit Mary's sinful human nature, since she was just human? [Genesis 3, Psalm 51:5, Romans 5:12, Romans 8:4, Galatians 5:16].
2020-8-26 Steve Gregg's New Book on the Kingdom: When is your new book coming out and will it deal with Dispensational views?
2020-8-26 Feeling the Holy Spirit: Is it possible to be filled with the Holy Spirit and not feel anything? [Romans 8:16].
2020-8-26 Secular Friends: What do you think about having secular friends?
2020-8-26 Time of Great Trouble (Tribulation): Does these two verses about a time of great trouble relate to each other? [Matthew 24:21, Daniel 12:1-4, Exodus 9, Joel 2, Daniel 10-12, Revelation 22:10].
2020-8-26 Levitical Laws to Demonstrate Our Need for Grace: Do you think that laws in Leviticus was just an example of a goal, to show us our inefficiency, and need for grace?
2020-8-26 The Pyramids: Is there a legitimate Christian view of how they built the pyramids?
2020-8-26 Bound to One's Spouse for Life: Is not marriage binding for life, even if one has grounds for divorce? [I Corinthians 7:12-15, Matthew 5:32].
2020-8-25 Giving to a Political Candidate: Do you think that giving to a political candidate is considered legitimate giving as Jesus directed?
2020-8-25 The Name, Israel: Could you flesh out the name "Israel", and what does it means to strive with God, and then prevail? [Genesis 32:28].
2020-8-25 Captial City of Modern Jerusalem Pleasing to God: What is your opinion as to whether or not the capital of Israel being Jerusalem, and the Jewish people generally, pleasing to God? [Luke 19:44, Matthew 23:38, Genesis 12:3, Numbers 24:9].
2020-8-25 Signs of Being Filled with the Holy Spirit: What is the initial sign of being filled with the Holy Spirit [Galatians 5:22-23, Romans 5:2].
2020-8-25 Tongues and Being Filled with the Holy Spirit: Do you think that speaking in tongues accompanies the filling of the Holy Spirit?
2020-8-25 You Whole Household Will be Saved: What do you think about Christians believing their whole household will be saved? [Acts 16:31].
2020-8-25 Where to Attend Church: Where do you recommend one attends church, specifically after a megachurch has absorbed ours?
2020-8-25 The Ten Commandments: Caller states that The Ten Commandments were in place before Moses' time.
2020-8-25 Translation Differences in Habakkuk 2: Could you help me with a translation difference in Habakkuk 2 [Habakkuk 2:1].
2020-8-25 God's Chief Values: What can I look up to learn about what God wants us to value? [Micah 6:8, Matthew 23:23].
2020-8-25 God's Idea of "Justice": Could you talk to me more about God's idea of "justice"?
2020-8-24 Praying to Mary and the Saints: Is there any scriptures that tells us not to pray to Mary and the saints?
2020-8-24 Uriah in Bible History: What kind of role do you think that Uriah played in the development of Biblical history? [2 Samuel, I Kings 15:5].
2020-8-24 The Names of the Land Called Israel: Why are there different names for the real estate called Israel?
2020-8-24 Law Not for the Unrighteous: What does Paul mean when he says that the law is not for the righteous and how does one use the law, lawfully? [I Timothy 1:8-9, Romans 8:4, 2 Corinthians 6:14].
2020-8-24 Ten Commandments for Witnessing: Do you think it is a good way to use "The Ten Commandments" to help people see their sinfulness when witnessing? [Romans 7:7].
2020-8-24 "The Called" & "The Elect": Is there a difference between "the called" and "the elect"? I Corinthians 1:24, Romans 8:28, Matthew 22:14].
2020-8-24 The Ten Commandments for Today: Caller indicates that "The Ten Commandments", is the law of God for today. [John 12:48, Matthew 28:20, 1 Corinthians 9:21, Jeremiah 31, 2 Corinthians 3:3].
2020-8-24 Daniel's Prophesy Sealed: Could you help me understand the limiting to that generation and the sealing of that book? [Daniel 12:4, I Peter 1, Daniel 10-12].
2020-8-24 Supersessionism: If you are you supersessionist, would you exegete Jeremiah 33? [Jeremiah 33:14-16, Luke 1:68-73].
2020-8-24 Old Testament Law Wise to Follow: Do you not think that much of the Old Testament law was wisely written for the good of mankind, therefore is not acceptable for us to follow whichever laws we wish to follow?
2020-8-24 Keeping the Sabbath or Holy Days: What is your take on the keeping of the Sabbath or Holy Days?
2020-8-24 Sabbath Keeping: Caller comments that we, as Christians, are never told to keep the Sabbath and that the apostles actually commented on what the gentile's obligations were, and keeping the Sabbath is not mentioned. [Acts 15:28-29].
2020-8-24 The Two Witnesses: Who do you think the two witnesses are in the book of Revelation? [Revelation 11].
2020-8-21 Christians Drinking Alcohol: What do you think about a believer drinking alcohol?
2020-8-21 God Divorced: Does it seem that God was divorced in Jeremiah? [Jeremiah 3].
2020-8-21 Idolatry and Adultery in the Old Testament: Is idolatry and adultery virtually the same thing in the Old Testament? [Jeremiah 3]